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  ''978-0-87981-002-3Edwin M YamauchiThe Stones and the Scriptures (Evangelical Perspectives)
  ''978-0-87981-003-0Raymond F SurburgHow dependable is the Bible? (Evangelical perspectives)
  ''978-0-87981-004-7Jeanette StruchenZapped by Jesus
1971978-0-87981-005-4David FrostBilly Graham talks with David Frost
1972978-0-87981-006-1H. S VigevenoLetters to saints and other sinners
  ''978-0-87981-007-8Harold Lawrence MyraRock, Bach & superschlock
1972978-0-87981-009-2David O MobergThe great reversal;: Evangelism versus social concern (Evangelical perspectives)
  ''978-0-87981-010-8David M HowardHow come, God?: Reflections from Job about God and puzzled man
1973978-0-87981-011-5Nelson B BakerYou can understand the Bible by its unifying themes
1982978-0-87981-013-9David Allan HubbardHow to Face Your Fears
1972978-0-87981-015-3A.J. Holman CompanyEvery day; Bible readings for each day of the year
  ''978-0-87981-016-0David Allan HubbardHow To Face Your Fears
1973978-0-87981-017-7Denis AlexanderBeyond science
  ''978-0-87981-019-1Holman Bible PublishersHolman Topical Concordance: An Index to the Bible Arranged by Subjects in Alphabetical Order
  ''978-0-87981-020-7Carl F. HenryThe Biblical Expositor: The Living Theme of the Great Book
1973978-0-87981-021-4John T. Galloway Jr.The Gospel According to Superman
1976978-0-87981-022-1Editor-Arthur and Nancy DeMossThe Family Album
1973978-0-87981-023-8Kenneth Nathaniel TaylorThe Living Bible, Paraphrased
  ''978-0-87981-024-5Jim Irwin · William A. Emerson Jr.To Rule the Night: The Discovery Voyage of Astronaut Jim Irwin
1974978-0-87981-025-2James Leonard JohnsonA Piece of the Moon is Missing (Raymond Sebastian)
1957978-0-87981-026-9George M. LamsaThe Holy Bible: From Ancient Eastern Manuscripts (Containing the Old and New Testaments Translated from the Peshitta, The Authorized Bible of the Church of the East)
1959978-0-87981-028-3A. Dana Adams4000 Questions and Answers on The Bible
1984978-0-87981-029-0Other Contributor-A. D. Adams4000 Questions and Answers on the Bible: Including Helps to Bible Study and New
1974978-0-87981-030-6David Allan HubbardThey met Jesus
  ''978-0-87981-031-3James C HefleyGod's tribesman;: The Rochunga Pudaite story
  ''978-0-87981-032-0Thomas HowardOnce upon a time, God
1979978-0-87981-033-7William SmithSmith's Bible Dictionary
1955978-0-87981-035-1William SmithSmith's Bible Dictionary
1974978-0-87981-036-8Jenny RobertsonThe encyclopedia of Bible stories
  ''978-0-87981-037-5Phyllis HobeTapestries of life
1974978-0-87981-038-2Pat WilliamsThe gingerbread man: Pat Williams--then and now,
1967978-0-87981-042-9George M. LamsaGospel Light: Comments on the Teachings of Jesus from Aramaic and Unchanged Eastern Customs
1975978-0-87981-043-6Frank Dell'IsolaThe good news about Jesus: The New Testament in Today's English version
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  ''978-0-87981-046-7Eugene B. McDaniel · James L. JohnsonBefore honor
1976978-0-87981-047-4Cornelia WallaceC'nelia
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1976978-0-87981-051-1Gail MagruderA gift of love
  ''978-0-87981-052-8Frank S. MeadTalking With God: Prayers for Today
1969978-0-87981-053-5Anna B. MowSo Who's Afraid of Birthdays: Eighteen or Eighty, Be Ready for the Best That's Yet to Be
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1968978-0-87981-055-9Just As I Am
1974978-0-87981-057-3David Allan HubbardThey Met Jesus
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1976978-0-87981-060-3Thomas HowardDialogue with a Skeptic
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1976978-0-87981-062-7Eugenia PriceLearning to Live
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  ''978-0-87981-067-2H. S VigevenoI'm in love with a married man
1973978-0-87981-068-9H. L. Ellison · Canon J. Stafford Wright · Derek Kidner · I. Howard Marshall · David F. PayneDaily Bible Commentary Genesis - Job
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1974978-0-87981-071-9Arthur E. CundallDaily Devotional Bible Commentary: Romans - Revelation (Volume 4)
1977978-0-87981-072-6Denis AlexanderBeyond science
  ''978-0-87981-073-3David O MobergThe great reversal: Evangelism and social concern
1972978-0-87981-075-7David M. HowardHow Come God ? Reflections from Job About God and Puzzled Man
1977978-0-87981-076-4FRANKNDELL'ISOLAThe Good News About Jesus
1977978-0-87981-077-1David Allan HubbardStrange Heroes: The Astonishing Truth About the Bible's Most Famous Names, From Abraham to Zerubbabel (Trumpet books)
  ''978-0-87981-078-8June Filkin TaylorBut for Our Grief: How Comfort Comes
  ''978-0-87981-080-1E. M BlaiklockCommentary on the Psalms
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1977978-0-87981-083-2Rabindranath R MaharajDeath of a guru
1982978-0-87981-084-9George M. LamsaHoly Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts
1968978-0-87981-085-6   ''The New Testament according to the Eastern Text translated from Original Aramaic Sources
1977978-0-87981-086-3Nancy DeMoss · Arthur DeMossThe Gold Star Family Album
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1980978-0-87981-090-0UnknownHoly Bible: New American Standard/4913Rl/Brown
1979978-0-87981-093-1Holman AuthorsHolman Bible concordance: 3,000 key words from the KJV Bible with references to the passages where they occur
1978978-0-87981-095-5George Mamishisho LamsaIdioms in the Bible Explained: A Key to the Holy Scriptures
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1989978-0-87981-120-4BibleNew American Standard Bible
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1979978-0-87981-134-1HolmanHolman the Key Study Bible KJV
1973978-0-87981-137-2Jr. John T. GallowayThe Gospel According to Superman
1980978-0-87981-139-6Margaret TrouttGeneral Was a Lady: The Story of Evangeline Booth
1979978-0-87981-140-2Arthur De MossFamily Album, 1980 Edition
1980978-0-87981-141-9Margaret TrouttThe general was a lady: The story of Evangeline Booth
1992978-0-87981-189-1Holman Bible PublishersThe Four Gospels Psalms
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1987978-0-87981-288-1Research & Education AssociationThe Biology of the Universe and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life
978-0-87981-413-7Nas Christian Day School/Pew
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  ''978-0-87981-460-1Holman Bible StaffKJV Gift & Award Bible, Black Imitation Leather
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1989978-0-87981-462-5Holy Bible KJV Gift and Award (Bi-N722d)
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1977978-0-87981-465-6Soul Winner's New Testament
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1989978-0-87981-523-3King James Version Deluxe Gift and Award Bible Imitation Black Leather
1989978-0-87981-524-0Bi-KJV B7304lc Gift Blue Imita
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  ''978-0-87981-557-8AnonymousHoly Bible: Giant Print Reference Edition, King James Version (Black Imitation Leather)
1987978-0-87981-558-5B-KJ-HLM Blu 4636-10 Rl:
1990978-0-87981-560-8Not AvailableGiant Print King James Version Burgundy Imitation Leather Reference/463614
1989978-0-87981-562-2King James Version Giant Print Verse Reference Bonded Black Leather
1992978-0-87981-564-6Giant Print Verse Reference Bible: King James Version/Burgundy Bonded Leather
1980978-0-87981-567-7Holy Bible Revised Standard Version (FLUSH CUT)
1989978-0-87981-570-7Revised Standard Version Gift and Award Imitation Black Leather
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1982978-0-87981-595-0Children's Bible - Revised Standard Version
1982978-0-87981-600-1Holman Bible StaffKJV Drill Bible, Blue Hardcover (KING JAMES VERSION)
1988978-0-87981-604-9Presentation Bible
978-0-87981-607-0Bible Kjv Presentation Red
1982978-0-87981-609-4Orville J. NaveNaves Topical Bible: A Complete Analysis of the Bible by Subject
1987978-0-87981-610-0B-KJ-HLM Blk 4636-09 Rl in:
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1982978-0-87981-614-8Washburn College BibleHoly Bible: Giant Print Reference Edition/King James Version/Black Genuine Leather/Indexed/No. 4636-25
1940978-0-87981-626-1James StrongStrong's Exhaustive Concordance (Complete and Unabridged)
978-0-87981-628-5Nas Master Study Bible Burg in: Imitation Leather
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1977978-0-87981-638-4GodChildren's Bible Illustrated New American Standard
1990978-0-87981-640-7King James Version Master Study Bible/Blue/4636-42
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1937978-0-87981-650-6Charles B. WilliamsThe New Testament: In the Language of the People (50th Anniversary Edition)
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1983978-0-87981-657-5W. Murray SeverancePronouncing Bible Names
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1987978-0-87981-689-6Compact Bible
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1989978-0-87981-697-1King James Version Deluxe Gift Bonded White Leather
978-0-87981-702-2Jacob HoldtAmerican Pictures Signed
1984978-0-87981-704-6Bible: New American Standard Bible
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1977978-0-87981-721-3New American StandardThe Great Commission New Testament (New American Standard)
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1984978-0-87981-729-9B-KJ-HLM Blk 4636-87 Rl in:
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1989978-0-87981-734-3King James Version Hand Size Giant Print Reference Black Leather
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1986978-0-87981-748-0Holy Bible: New American Standard/New Testament/Pocket Size/0908L/ Black Bonded Leather
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1985978-0-87981-761-9King James Version Crown Reference Bible, Burgundy Bonded Leather-Indexed
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1990978-0-87981-769-5Crown Reference Bible/Black/4614-78
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1985978-0-87981-794-7Good News Bible Tev No. 4680-10
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1985978-0-87981-802-9Holman BibleThe Great Commission New Testament
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1989978-0-87981-819-7BibleHoly Bible New International Version Holman Ultrathin Reference
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1996978-0-87981-912-5Nasb Ultrathin Reference Bible (American Standard Bible)
1996978-0-87981-915-6Nasb Ultrathin Reference Bible (American Standard Bible)
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1989978-0-87981-942-2New International Version Youth Encounter Bible Black
1987978-0-87981-944-6Holman BiblesThe Encounter Bible, A Devotional Bible for Youth - NIV Green Cover
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1988978-0-87981-960-6Holman Bible StaffBroadman & Holman Ultrathin Reference Bible (King James Version)
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1996978-0-87981-972-9BibleNasb Ultrathin Reference Bible (American Standard Bible)
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