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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1967978-0-87980-017-8Fred Reinfeld101 Chess Problems for Beginners
1976978-0-87980-018-5Fred ReinfeldChess Secrets Revealed
  ''978-0-87980-019-2   ''Chess Tactics for Beginners (Chess Lovers' Library)
1970978-0-87980-022-2Burton Hobson · Fred ReinfeldCoin Collecting for Beginners
1985978-0-87980-023-9M. SadhuConcentration a Guide to Mental Mastery
1971978-0-87980-025-3Nicholas CulpeperCulpeper's Herbal Remedies
1980978-0-87980-031-4Melvin PowersDynamic Thinking: Techniques of Achieving Self-Confidence and Success
1978978-0-87980-038-3Ben SweetlandGrow Rich While You Sleep
1975978-0-87980-042-0Albert Ellis · Robert A. HarperA Guide to Rational Living
1967978-0-87980-044-4Albert EllisA Guide to Successful Marriage
1970978-0-87980-048-2Margaret Darst CorbettHelp Yourself to Better Sight
1959978-0-87980-054-3Albert CarrHow to Attract Good Luck
1977978-0-87980-068-0Fred ReinfeldHow to Win at Checkers
1978978-0-87980-072-7Les GiblinHow You Can Have Confidence and Power in Dealing With People
  ''978-0-87980-078-9Ralph WinnHypnotism Made Easy
1960978-0-87980-083-3Ben SweetlandI Will
1979978-0-87980-089-5U. S. AndersenThe Magic in Your Mind
1940978-0-87980-093-2Walter M. GermainMagic Power of Your Mind
1971978-0-87980-096-3Mouni SadhuMeditation
1982978-0-87980-103-8Sydney OmarrMy World of Astrology
1981978-0-87980-108-3Bernard C. GindesNew Concepts of Hypnosis: Theories, Techniques and Practical Applications
1971978-0-87980-110-6Fred Reinfeld1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate (Chess lovers' library)
1969978-0-87980-111-3   ''1001 Winning Chess Sacrifices and Combinations
1970978-0-87980-119-9Arnold FurstPost Hypnotic Instructions
1967978-0-87980-127-4Maxwell MaltzPsycho-Cybernetics
1960978-0-87980-128-1Nadya OlyanovaThe Psychology of Handwriting: Secrets of Handwriting Analysis
1970978-0-87980-132-8Dawson TaylorThe Secret of Bowling Strikes
  ''978-0-87980-134-2Uell S. AndersenThe Secret of Secrets: Your Key to Subconscious Power
1974978-0-87980-135-9Sydney Van PeltSecrets of Hypnotism
1970978-0-87980-155-7Uell AndersenSuccess Cybernetics
1982978-0-87980-158-8PapusTarot of the Bohemians
1966978-0-87980-163-2Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich
1977978-0-87980-165-6U. S. AndersenThree Magic Words: The Key to Power, Peace and Plenty
1972978-0-87980-166-3Robert St. JohnTongue of the Prophets
1973978-0-87980-174-8Justine GlassWitchcraft the Sixth Sense
1957978-0-87980-178-6Charles M. SimmonsYour Subconscious Power
1971978-0-87980-187-8Henry WynmalenDressage: A Study of the Fine Points of Riding
1979978-0-87980-188-5Jean FroissardEquitation: Learning and Teaching
1969978-0-87980-194-6Sue Henderson CoenHorseback Riding Made Easy and Fun
1940978-0-87980-196-0Jeanne MellinIllustrated Horseback Riding for Beginners
1977978-0-87980-197-7Jean FroissardJumping: Learning and Teaching
1980978-0-87980-208-0Albert EllisHow to Raise an Emotionally Healthy, Happy Child
1990978-0-87980-211-0Joyce McKinnelVegetarian Gourmet Cookbook
1969978-0-87980-212-7W. E. ButlerThe Magician: His Training and Work
1972978-0-87980-215-8Fred ReinfeldBeginner's Guide to Winning Chess (Chess Lovers' Library)
  ''978-0-87980-218-9ZornIllustrated Yoga
1988978-0-87980-221-9Fred ReinfeldExperts Guide to Chess Strategy
1981978-0-87980-231-8Louis TaylorBits Their History Use & Misuse
1967978-0-87980-235-6Alois PodhajskyComplete Training of Horse and Rider: In the Principles of Classical Horsemanship
1973978-0-87980-239-4United States Office of Chief of Cavalry War DepartmentPractical Guide to Horseshoeing
1971978-0-87980-242-4Sallie WalrondA Guide to Driving Horses (Horse Lovers' Library)
1940978-0-87980-244-8Sam LewinHow to Win at the Races: Education of a Horseplayer
1962978-0-87980-248-6Mouni SadhuWays to Self Realization: A Modern Evaluation of Occultism & Spiritual Paths
1974978-0-87980-260-8BlackstoneBlackstone's Secrets of Magic
1974978-0-87980-261-5James WestmanThe Secret Why Fish Bite and Why They Don't
1975978-0-87980-264-6Albert EllisGrowth Through Reason: Verbatim Cases in Rational-Emotive Therapy
1980978-0-87980-265-3Les ConklinBetting Horses to Win (Horse Players' Winning Guides)
  ''978-0-87980-266-0Bob McKnightHow to Pick Winning Horses
1986978-0-87980-267-7Jack KavanaghHow You Can Beat the Races (Horse Players' Winning Guides)
1974978-0-87980-268-4David BarrMaking Money at the Races
  ''978-0-87980-269-1Les ConklinPayday at the Races
  ''978-0-87980-270-7William BaumanSmart Handicapping Made Easy
1984978-0-87980-272-1Doris GantonBreaking and Training the Driving Horse: A Detailed and Comprehensive Study
1974978-0-87980-273-8Susan Norton JonesArt of Western Riding
1983978-0-87980-286-8Edwin B. KantarTest Your Bridge Play: 100 Declarer-Play Problems Designed to Improve Your Card Playing Techniques (Melvin Powers Self-Improvement Library)
1974978-0-87980-287-5Edwin KantarDefensive Bridge Play Complete (Melvin Powers self-improvement library)
1975978-0-87980-308-7James R. RooneyLame-Horse Causes, Symptoms and Treatments
1978978-0-87980-312-4Ben SweetlandI Can the Key to Life's Golden Secrets
1979978-0-87980-319-3Bob McKnightEliminate the Losers
  ''978-0-87980-320-9Barry MeadowSuccess at the Harness Races
1968978-0-87980-322-3Edwin B. KantarIntroduction to Defender's Play
1977978-0-87980-325-4Skip FreyHow To Win At Dice Games
1977978-0-87980-328-5John ArcherThe Archer Method of Winning at 21
1940978-0-87980-333-9Ed C. ConnellReinsman of the West-Bridles and Bits
1977978-0-87980-337-7Helen Gurley BrownCosmopolitan's New Etiquette Guide
1973978-0-87980-339-1U. S. AndersenThe Greatest Power in the Universe
1977978-0-87980-343-8Uell S. AndersenThe Secret Power of the Pyramids
  ''978-0-87980-348-3Dorothy H. Truscott · Dorothy Hayden TruscottWinning Declarer Play
1965978-0-87980-351-3Chester Wander · Cy RiceWinning at Gin
1977978-0-87980-355-1Helen Gurley BrownCosmopolitan's Love Book: A Guide to Ecstasy in Bed
1980978-0-87980-371-1Jack Scagnetti · Lynda LyngheimBee Pollen
  ''978-0-87980-373-5Melvin PowersHow to Get Rich in Mail Order
  ''978-0-87980-374-2Steve Lubarsky · Sander Kaufman · Jack ScagnettiHow to Improve Your Racquetball
1979978-0-87980-376-6W. MykianNumerology Made Easy (Melvin Powers Self-Improvement Library)
1981978-0-87980-390-2Edwin KantarTest Your Bridge Play, Vol. 2
1982978-0-87980-395-7Albert EllisA Guide to Personal Happiness
  ''978-0-87980-397-1Victor O SchwabHow to Write a Good Advertisement: A Short Course in Copywriting
1983978-0-87980-400-8Edwin B. KantarKantar for the Defense
1990978-0-87980-401-5Edwin KantarIntroduction to Declarers Play
1975978-0-87980-404-6Albert Ellis Ph.DHow To Live With a "Neurotic" at Home and at Work
1984978-0-87980-406-0Melvin PowersHow to Self-Publish Your Book & Have the Fun & Excitement of Being a Best-Selling Author: An Expert's Step-By-Step Guide to Marketing Your Book Succ
1984978-0-87980-409-1Edwin B. KantarKantar for the Defense
1986978-0-87980-418-3Marcia GradCharisma: How To Get "That Special Magic"
1987978-0-87980-420-6David Joseph SchwartzMagic of Thinking Success
  ''978-0-87980-421-3Robert FisherThe Knight in Rusty Armor
1989978-0-87980-423-7Charles ClarkBrainstorming: How to Create Successful Ideas
  ''978-0-87980-424-4Rose Oliver Ph.DCoping with Alzheimer's: A Caregiver's Emotional Survival Guide
  ''978-0-87980-425-1Robert Orben2400 Jokes to Brighten Your Speeches
1991978-0-87980-430-5Brian AdamsGrow Rich With Your Million Dollar Mind
1992978-0-87980-431-2John ScarneScarne on Dice
1993978-0-87980-433-6Walter Doyle StaplesThink Like a Winner!
1995978-0-87980-435-0Melvin PowersMaking Money With Classified Ads
  ''978-0-87980-436-7Marcia GradThe Princess Who Believed in Fairy Tales: A Story for Modern Times
1996978-0-87980-437-4Morton CooperStop Committing Voice Suicide
1996978-0-87980-441-1Morton CooperChange Your Voice: Change Your Life: A Quick, Simple Plan for Finding & Using Your Natural Dynamic Voice
  ''978-0-87980-442-8   ''Winning with Your Voice
1999978-0-87980-444-2Napoleon HillThink and Grow Rich
2000978-0-87980-445-9Albert Ellis · Marcia Grad PowersThe Secret of Overcoming Verbal Abuse: Getting Off the Emotional Roller Coaster and Regaining Control of Your Life
  ''978-0-87980-447-3Napoleon HillThe Law of Success In Sixteen Lessons (2 Volume Set)
2003978-0-87980-450-3Marcia PowersThe Dragon Slayer With a Heavy Heart: A Powerful Story About Finding Happiness and Serenity...Even When You Really, Really Wish Some Things Were Different
2007978-0-87980-456-5David J. SchwartzThe Magic of Getting What You Want