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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1974978-0-87968-091-6Edward Burnett TylorPrimitive culture: researches into the development of mythology, philosophy, religion, art, and custom
  ''978-0-87968-111-1Aleister CrowleyClouds without water
  ''978-0-87968-130-2Aleister CrowleyThe works of Aleister Crowley
  ''978-0-87968-168-5John Gneisenau NeihardtThe divine enchantment: A mystical poem
  ''978-0-87968-174-6Friedrich NeitzschEarly Greek Philosophy & Other Essays (The complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche ; v. 2) (English and German Edition)
1974978-0-87968-175-3Aleister CrowleyThe star and the garter
  ''978-0-87968-176-0   ''Orpheus: A lyrical legend
  ''978-0-87968-177-7   ''The soul of Osiris: Comprising The temple of the Holy Ghost and The mother's tragedy
1975978-0-87968-183-8Frances Elizabeth WillardA woman of the century: Fourteen hundred-seventy biographical sketches accompanied by portraits of leading American women in all walks of life
1974978-0-87968-201-9Friedrich Wilhelm NietzscheThoughts out of season (The complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche ; v. 4-5)
  ''978-0-87968-208-8Friedrich NietzscheThe Genealogy of Morals (Complete Works of Nietzsche, Volume 13)
  ''978-0-87968-215-6Aleister CrowleyTannhäuser: A story of all time
1974978-0-87968-216-3Aleister CrowleyJezebel, and other tragic poems
  ''978-0-87968-217-0   ''Jephthah
  ''978-0-87968-219-4   ''Aceldama, a place to bury strangers in
1974978-0-87968-220-0Aleister CrowleySongs of the spirit
  ''978-0-87968-221-7   ''Ahab, and other poems
  ''978-0-87968-222-4   ''The Argonauts
  ''978-0-87968-223-1   ''The sword of song: Called by Christians, The book of the beast
  ''978-0-87968-224-8   ''Gargoyles: Being strangely wrought images of life and death
1975978-0-87968-241-5Jerry WaldThe best pictures, 1939-1940, and the year book of motion pictures in America
1975978-0-87968-308-5Joseph McCarthyMajor speeches and debates of Senator Joe McCarthy delivered in the United States Senate, 1950-1951: Reprint from the Congressional Record
1977978-0-87968-313-9Harold Vincent MilliganStephen Collins Foster: A biography of America's folk-song composer
1976978-0-87968-379-5Charles Homer HaskinsThe Rise of Universities
1975978-0-87968-461-7Robert ClackThe Herd boy and the weaver maid: A collection of Chinese love songs translated into English verse
1976978-0-87968-463-1René de Nebesky-WojkowitzOracles and demons of Tibet: The cult and iconography of the Tibetan protective deities
1977978-0-87968-469-3G. A StuartChinese materia medica: Vegetable kingdom