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1973978-0-87961-004-3Sun BearAt Home in the Wilderness
  ''978-0-87961-005-0Mary HillDiving and Digging for Gold (Prospecting and Treasure Hunting)
  ''978-0-87961-012-8Wilma Roberts JamesKnow Your Poisonous Plants
1975978-0-87961-036-4Donald R. KirkWild Edible Plants of Western North America
1976978-0-87961-046-3Muriel SweetCommon Edible Useful Plants of the West (Outdoor and Nature)
1977978-0-87961-062-3Peter M. KnudtsonWintun Indians of California and Their Neighbors (American Indian Map-book Series)
1971978-0-87961-070-8Marie PottsNorthern Maidu
1981978-0-87961-095-1Walt GullettEveryone's Guide to Food Self-Sufficiency
  ''978-0-87961-120-0Feathers & bones: Ten poets of the Irish earth
1983978-0-87961-122-4David VillasenorIndian Designs (Native American (Paperback))
1982978-0-87961-129-3Rosemary HolsingerShasta Indian Tales
  ''978-0-87961-131-6Stella Walthal PattersonDear Mad'm (Women of the West)
1984978-0-87961-137-8Howard A. Miller · Samuel LambOaks of North America
1984978-0-87961-147-7Virginia DouglasRoadrunner and His Cuckoo Cousins
2012978-0-87961-151-4Evelyn McConnaugheySea Vegetables, Harvesting Guide
1985978-0-87961-153-8Lorie K. HarrisTlingit Tales, Potlatch and Totem Pole
1988978-0-87961-167-5Violet L. StageRock Sculpture: The Joy of Stone Carving for Beginners (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones)
1987978-0-87961-169-9Robert M. LiebertOsage Life and Legends
  ''978-0-87961-177-4Hermit of the Crystal MountainThe Legend of Altazar: A fragment of the true history of planet earth
1988978-0-87961-187-3Richard BurrillRiver of Sorrows: Life History of the Maidu-Nisenan Indians
1990978-0-87961-191-0Michael W. SimpsonMaking Native American Pottery
1989978-0-87961-195-8William SearsRun to Glory!
1991978-0-87961-209-2Maureen BellKaruk: The Upriver People
1990978-0-87961-217-7Vinson BrownExploring Pacific Coast Tidepools (Outdoor and Nature)
1992978-0-87961-221-4Elizabeth RenfroThe Shasta Indians of California and Their Neighbors
1993978-0-87961-223-8Barbara BlackBarns of Yesteryears
1985978-0-87961-229-0Bob GrayForests, Fires, and Wild Things
1995978-0-87961-240-5Tony ShearerLord of the Dawn: Quetzalcoatl and the Tree of Life
1996978-0-87961-242-9Vicki May · C. V. RodbergMedicine Wheel Ceremonies: Ancient Philosophies for Use in Modern Day Life (Native American (Paperback))
1997978-0-87961-246-7Sam MullerMaking a Clock-Accurate Sundial Customized to Your Location (for the Northern Hemisphere)
1999978-0-87961-250-4Lionel Little Eagle PinnGreengrass Pipe Dancers: Crazy Horse's Pipe Bag and a Search for Healing (Native American (Paperback))
  ''978-0-87961-251-1Charlotte Christiansen BassQuilting & Applique With Southwest Indian Designs (Beadwork Books)
2001978-0-87961-257-3Hap GillilandAlone in the Wilderness: The Story of a Present Day Native American High School Student Who Is Challenged to Spend Three Month Alone in the Beartooth Wilderness Area of Montana
  ''978-0-87961-259-7Reva CoonRecipe for Longevity
2003978-0-87961-267-2Alex GottdankPreparing for Christ's New Name
2004978-0-87961-268-9Tony ShearerThe Praying Flute: Song of the Earth Mother
  ''978-0-87961-271-9Henry R. HermannEnjoying The Native American-style Flute
2006978-0-87961-274-0Alfred PietroforteYokuts and Paiute Songs and Culture [With CD]
2008978-0-87961-275-7Cheewa JamesModoc: The Tribe That Wouldn't Die