Desert Pubns

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1984978-0-87947-013-5Donald B. McLeanM1 Carbine Owners Manual: M1, M2 & M3 .30 Caliber Carbines
1971978-0-87947-028-9Konrad F SchreierGuide to United States machine guns, (The Combat bookshelf)
1973978-0-87947-043-2Donald B. McLeanHandbook of the Hotchkiss machine gun, model of 1914 (The Combat bookshelf)
1990978-0-87947-059-3David A. Howard · Eliezer FloresThe Survival Chemist (#C-562)
2013978-0-87947-061-6Desert PublicationsFull Auto, Volume 1: AR-15 Modification Manual (The Combat bookshelf)
1991978-0-87947-064-7Duncan LongHk Assault Rifle Systems
1992978-0-87947-067-8Theodore RooseveltThe Rough Riders
1994978-0-87947-090-6Us GovernmentM14 / M14A1 Rifles and Rifle Marksmanship (FM 23-8) (Clinical Medical Ethics Series)
1995978-0-87947-093-7U. S. Army Infantry SchoolMap Reading and Land Navigation
1989978-0-87947-094-4Us Government · USMC Development Education Command StaffU.S. Marine Corps Scout/Sniper Training Manual
1975978-0-87947-105-7Peter R. Senich · Howard KyleTechniques of Safe and Vault Manipulation (The Combat bookshelf)
1966978-0-87947-125-5Donald B. McLeanBrowning High Power Pistols (Combat Bookshelf)
1982978-0-87947-126-2David J. McFarlandThe P-08 Parabellum Luger Automatic Pistol
1975978-0-87947-127-9George C. NonteWalther P-38 Pistol Manual (Combat bookshelf)
1981978-0-87947-133-0Duncan LongFn-Fal Auto Rifles
1996978-0-87947-149-1Lyle WhitneyThe Black Book of Boobytraps
  ''978-0-87947-153-8Duncan LongHeckler and Koch's Handguns
1985978-0-87947-157-6Desert · Eliezer FloresHow to Make Disposable Silencers Vol. II (The Combat bookshelf)
1993978-0-87947-160-6Vito QuattrocchiThe Sicilian Blade
1984978-0-87947-163-7Eliezer FloresHow to Make Disposable Silencers
1994978-0-87947-165-1Keith AndersonHow to Build Practical Firearms Suppressors
1996978-0-87947-179-8Robert K SpearMilitary Knife Fighting
1997978-0-87947-180-4Duncan LongBuild Your Own Ar-15
1998978-0-87947-182-8George B. DmitrieffHow to Build Flash / Stun Grenades
1997978-0-87947-183-5Lyle WhitneyBlack Book of Arson
1998978-0-87947-186-6Duncan LongFn-Fal Rifle
1999978-0-87947-188-0Loren W. ChristensenThe Mental Edge, Revised
2003978-0-87947-195-8Keith AndersonHow to Build Military Grade Suppressors
1978978-0-87947-204-7Us GovernmentImprovised Munitions Black Book Vol. 1
1981978-0-87947-205-4   ''Improvised Munitions Black Book Volume 2
1982978-0-87947-225-2DesertImprovised Munitions Black Book: 3
1992978-0-87947-226-9Kurt SaxonPoor Man's James Bond: 2
1985978-0-87947-229-0Wayne ThornbrughSelect Fire 10/22
1991978-0-87947-230-6Kurt SaxonThe Poor Man's James Bond (vol. 1)
1993978-0-87947-231-3David HarberAssorted Nasties
1986978-0-87947-241-2Franklin J. CamperMercenary Operations Manual
1996978-0-87947-257-3Doug RichmondHow to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found
1980978-0-87947-304-4Dale Holm · Herb Seto · Cathy TravagliniChemistry of Corn into Alcohol
1981978-0-87947-307-5Michael Halsey BrownSuppressed Inventions and How They Work
1983978-0-87947-308-2Chuck TaylorThe fighting rifle: the complete study of the rifle in combat
1981978-0-87947-388-4Bill KaysingWe Never Went to the Moon: America's 30 Billion Dollar Swindle
1992978-0-87947-410-2Desert PublicationsEmergency War Surgery
1989978-0-87947-412-6Louis AwerbuckThe Defensive Shotgun
1978978-0-87947-418-8Everett MooreNuclear survival (The Combat bookshelf)
  ''978-0-87947-424-9Harold J. Jenks · Michael H. BrownPrison's Bloody Iron: Deadly Knife Fighting Tactics Revealed
1981978-0-87947-436-2Charles RobinsonConstruction of Secret Hiding Places
1980978-0-87947-552-9Everett MooreAunt Bessies Wood Stove Cookbook