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1983978-0-87939-049-5IFSTAEssentials of fire fighting
1984978-0-87939-051-8Gene P. CarlsonIncident Command System/With Portable Field Operations Guide (Ics-420-1)
1987978-0-87939-069-3Fire Protection Publications Oklahoma State UniversityForcible Entry/35289
1988978-0-87939-075-4Gene P. CarlsonHose Practices/35335
1994978-0-87939-109-6Carl Goodson · Barbara AdamsFire Service Ventilation
2001978-0-87939-110-2Carol M. Smith · Michael Wieder · Cynthia BrakhagePrivate Fire Protection and Detection IFSTA #35703
1995978-0-87939-111-9Gregory G. Noll · James YvorraHazardous Materials: Managing the Incident
1994978-0-87939-112-6Ifsta CommitteeHazardous Materials for First Responders/35700
1996978-0-87939-127-0Alan V. BrunaciniEssentials of Fire Department Customer Service
  ''978-0-87939-130-0Final Report: Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Bombing April 19, 1995
1997978-0-87939-135-5Pam Powell · Lynne C. Murnane · Marsha Sneed · Richard Hall · International Fire Service Training AssociationFire & Life Safety Educator
1998978-0-87939-146-1Marsha SneedStudy Guide for Fourth Edition of Essentials of Fire Fighting
  ''978-0-87939-149-2Ifsta Committee · International Fire Service Training AssociationEssentials of Fire Fighting
  ''978-0-87939-150-8Michael Wieder · Carol SmithFire Inspection and Code Enforcement
1999978-0-87939-159-1John D Joerschke · Gene P. Carlson · Robert P. FleischnerStudy Guide for Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement
1998978-0-87939-161-4International Fire Service Training AssociationFire Department Company Officer
  ''978-0-87939-162-1Gene P. CarlsonBuilding Construction Related to the Fire Service
1999978-0-87939-167-6Gloria Bizjak · Barbara AdamsFire and Emergency Services Instructor
1999978-0-87939-168-3John JoerschkeFire Department Company Officer: Study Guide
  ''978-0-87939-169-0   ''Study Guide for the First Edition of Pumping Apparatus Driver/Operator Handbook
2000978-0-87939-176-8Carl GoodsonPrinciples of Vehicle Extrication
  ''978-0-87939-177-5Barbara Adams · David Merk · John F. LewisMarine Fire Fighting
2005978-0-87939-180-5Carol M. Smith · International Fire Service Training AssociationAerial Apparatus Driver / Operator Handbook
2000978-0-87939-182-9Jon JonesFire Investigator
  ''978-0-87939-183-6National Fire Service Incident Management System Consortium (U. S.) modModel Procedures Guide for Structural Firefighting
  ''978-0-87939-186-7John JoerschkeStudy guide for the second edition of Building construction related to the fire service
2001978-0-87939-192-8Robert Lindstrom · William Duncan Patterson StewartAircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (4th Ed)
2001978-0-87939-194-2Greg Jakubowski · Mike Morton · John JoerschkeRapid Intervention Teams
2002978-0-87939-199-7Robert Murgallis · Burton W. PhelpsCommand and Control: Ics, Strategy Development, and Tactical Selections
2005978-0-87939-203-1Carl GoodsonFireground Support Operations
2003978-0-87939-213-0Fred StowellPrinciples Of Foam Fire Fighting
  ''978-0-87939-214-7Carl GoodsonWildland Fire Fighting for Structural Fire Fighters
2004978-0-87939-232-1Jeff Fortney · Lynne Murnane · International Fire Service Training AssociationFire Service Orientation and Terminology
  ''978-0-87939-238-3Barbara Adams · Thomas P. RuaneFire Hose Practices
  ''978-0-87939-239-0Michael A. WiederFire Service Hydraulics and Water Supply
2004978-0-87939-242-0Frederick M. StowellChief Officer, 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-87939-244-4Ifsta CommitteeHazardous Materials for First Responders
978-0-87939-246-8CD-ROM Study Guide for Chief Officer, 2nd Ed.
2007978-0-87939-248-2Ifsta CommitteeStudy Guide for Third Edition of Hazardous Materials for First Responders
2005978-0-87939-252-9Ifsta Committee · International Fire Service Training AssociationIntroduction to Fire Origin and Cause
  ''978-0-87939-255-0IFSTAFire Service Search and Rescue
  ''978-0-87939-257-4Brett LaceyFire Prevention Applications
978-0-87939-258-13D Fire Fighting: Training, Techniques, and Tactics First Edition
2005978-0-87939-259-8Riley Harvill James M. GastonFire Officer Coaching
  ''978-0-87939-260-4IfstaStudy Guide for Second Edition Awareness Level Training for Hazardous Materials
2005978-0-87939-267-3Ted BoothroydFire Detection and Suppression Systems
2006978-0-87939-271-0Frederick M. StowellFire and Emergency Services Instructor
  ''978-0-87939-272-7Melissa Noakes · Patrice BarnettStudy Guide for the 7th Edition of Fire and Emergency Services Instructor
  ''978-0-87939-278-9Michael A. Wieder · Carol Smith · Cynthia S. Brakhage · International Fire Service Training AssociationPumping Apparatus: Driver Operator's Handbook
  ''978-0-87939-280-2Beth Ann Fulgenzi · Patrice BarnettStudy Guide for the Second Edition of Pumping Apparatus: Driver/ Operator Handbook
2007978-0-87939-281-9Frederick M. StowellFire and Emergency Services Company Officer
  ''978-0-87939-283-3Melissa NoakesStudy Guide for the Fourth Edition of Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer
1900978-0-87939-287-1IFTSAEssentials of Fire Fighting, Study Guide
2008978-0-87939-288-8ifstaEssentials of Fire Fighting, Student Workbook
978-0-87939-290-1CD-ROM Study Guide for Essentials of Fire Fighting, 5th Ed.
978-0-87939-299-4CD-ROM Study Guide for Fire and Emergency Services Company Officer, 4th Ed.
2007978-0-87939-305-2National Incident Management System Consortium NIMSIncident Command Systems (ICS) / Model Procedures Guide for Incidents Involving Structural Fire Fighting, High-Rise, Multi-Casualty, Highway, and Managing Large-Scale Incidents Using NIMS-ICS, Book 1
2008978-0-87939-323-6IFSTAAircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting
2009978-0-87939-348-9Lynne Murnane · Fred StowellFire Inspection and Code Enforcement
2009978-0-87939-349-6IFSTAFIRE INSPECTION AND CODE...-ST
  ''978-0-87939-353-3   ''Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement Student Workbook
  ''978-0-87939-359-5   ''Aerial Apparatus Driver / Operator Handbook
2010978-0-87939-360-1   ''Aerial Apparatus Driver-oper.h
978-0-87939-362-5CD-ROM Study Guide for Aerial Apparatus Driver/Operator 2nd Ed.
978-0-87939-363-2Aerial Appar Driver/Operator 2nd Clip Art CD
2010978-0-87939-371-7International Fire Service Training AssoBuilding Construction Related to the Fire Service
2009978-0-87939-372-4IFSTABuilding Construction Related to the Fire Service, 3rd Edition, Self-study Guide
2010978-0-87939-383-0IFSTAFire Investigator, 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-87939-385-4Dennis ComptonProgressive Leadership Principles, Concepts, and Tools
  ''978-0-87939-387-8FPPStructural Fire Fighting: Truck Company Skills and Tactics
  ''978-0-87939-389-2International Fire Service Training AssoHazardous Materials for First Responders
  ''978-0-87939-395-3IFSTAStructural Fire Fighting Initial Response Strategy and Tactics
2011978-0-87939-396-0Cynthia BrakhageFire and Life Safety Educator
2011978-0-87939-398-4International Fire Service Training AssoFire Detection & Suppression Systems, 4th Edition
2012978-0-87939-414-1Michael A. WiederFire Service Hydraulics and Water Supply
2010978-0-87939-416-5National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation · Fire Protection PublicationsUnderstanding and Implementing the 16 Firefighter Life Safety Initiatives
2013978-0-87939-509-4International Fire Service Training AssociationEssentials of Fire Fighting
2014978-0-87939-568-1IFSTAChief Officer 3E
2015978-0-87939-580-3   ''Fire Service Technical Search and Rescue