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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-87938-001-4Shōtarō KobayashiPorsche (Motorbooks library marque series)
  ''978-0-87938-005-2Tad BurnessAmerican car spotter's guide, 1940-1965
1974978-0-87938-020-5Charles T PearsonThe indomitable Tin Goose;: The true story of Preston Tucker and his car
1975978-0-87938-026-7Tad BurnessAmerican Car Spotter's Guide: 1920-1939
1990978-0-87938-036-6William C WilliamsMotoring Mascots of the World (English and French Edition)
1977978-0-87938-042-7Jerry HeasleyThe Production Figure Book for U.S. Cars
  ''978-0-87938-049-6Niki LaudaThe Art and Science of Grand Prix Driving
1978978-0-87938-057-1Tad BurnessAmerican Car Spotter's Guide: 1940-1965
1979978-0-87938-058-8Richard M LangworthStudebaker: The postwar years (Marques of America)
1978978-0-87938-059-5Niki LaudaMy Years With Ferrari
1980978-0-87938-065-6James Wieland · Edward ForceTootsie Toys: World's First Diecast Models (Tootsietoys)
  ''978-0-87938-068-7G. Marshall NaulThe specification book for U.S. cars, 1930-1969: Includes Canadian automobiles
1978978-0-87938-071-7Carroll SmithTune to Win: The art and science of race car development and tuning
1981978-0-87938-102-8Tad BurnessAmerican Car Spotter's Guide 1966-1980
1984978-0-87938-124-0Anthony YoungMighty Mopars 1960-1974
1982978-0-87938-156-1Tad BurnessPickup and van spotter's guide, 1945-1982
1986978-0-87938-162-2Lee GohlikeIllustrated Mercedes-Benz buyer's guide
1984978-0-87938-177-6Charles A MendenhallWildcats & Hellcats: Gallant Grummans in World War II
  ''978-0-87938-179-0Niki LaudaThe new Formula One: A turbo age
1984978-0-87938-185-1James EickmanFord Y-Block: How to Repair and Rebuild the 1954-62 Ford OHV V-8
1985978-0-87938-186-8Carroll SmithEngineer to Win (Motorbooks Workshop)
  ''978-0-87938-194-3Jim SchildRestorer's Model A Shop Manual (Motorbooks Workshop)
  ''978-0-87938-198-1Tad BurnessAmerican Truck & Bus Spotter's Guide, 1920-1985
1986978-0-87938-210-0Paul R WoudenbergIllustrated Aston Martin buyer's guide
  ''978-0-87938-211-7Art TrantafelloMustang Interior Restoration Guide, 1964½ - 1970
  ''978-0-87938-215-5John GunnellIllustrated Firebird buyer's guide
1986978-0-87938-218-6Niki Lauda · Herbert VolkerNiki Lauda Meine Story
  ''978-0-87938-222-3Henry RasmussenCaterpillar: Great American Legend
  ''978-0-87938-223-0Tad BurnessMonstrous American Car Spotter's Guide 1920-1980
  ''978-0-87938-236-0MotorbooksCorvette, 1966-1982: Shop Manual (Motorbooks Workshop)
  ''978-0-87938-239-1Dean BatchelorIllustrated Porsche buyer's guide
1987978-0-87938-244-5Henry RasmussenMack: Bulldog of American Highways
1987978-0-87938-248-3Henry RasmussenFire Trucks: American Fire Fighters on the Street
  ''978-0-87938-257-5Wallace A. WyssShelby's Wildlife: The Cobras, Mustangs and Dodges
  ''978-0-87938-263-6Philip D. ChinneryDesert Boneyard: Davis Monthan A.F.B. Arizona
  ''978-0-87938-266-7Gary M. ValantVintage Aircraft Nose Art: Over 1000 Photographs of Pin-Up Paintings on USA Military Aircraft in World War 2 and Korea
  ''978-0-87938-267-4Ron SessionsHow to Work with and Modify the Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 Transmission (Motorbooks Workshop)
1987978-0-87938-269-8Bruce AndersonPorsche 911 Performance Handbook: How to Choose, Install, Tune and Maintain Performance Equipment for Your 911-All Models, 1965 on Including Turpo, Sp
1988978-0-87938-277-3Pete SesslerIllustrated Jeep Buyers Guide: The World's Workhorse: Military to Civilian (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
  ''978-0-87938-282-7John GunnellChevrolet Pickups, 1946-1972: How to Identify, Select and Restore Chevrolet Collector Light Trucks (Motorbooks Workshop)
  ''978-0-87938-283-4Michael BargoTruck and Tractor Pulling: Motorsports Heavyweight Powerhouses
  ''978-0-87938-298-8Jack DooThe Front-Wheel Driving High-Performance Advantage
  ''978-0-87938-300-8Edrie J. MarquezAmazing Amc Muscle: Complete Development and Racing History of the Cars from American Motors
1988978-0-87938-323-7John Martin LeeCustom Auto Upholstery: How to Design and Create Custom or Repro Interiors
1989978-0-87938-331-2Jerry H HatfieldIllustrated Indian motorcycle buyer's guide: All the iron redskins from 1901
  ''978-0-87938-339-8Gino RancatiFerrari: A Memory (English and Italian Edition)
  ''978-0-87938-342-8Godfrey EatonThe complete Ferrari
  ''978-0-87938-357-2David LewisChevrolet Small Block V-8 Interchange Manual (Motorbooks Workshop)
  ''978-0-87938-358-9Michael O'Leary · Eric SchulzingerBlack Magic: America's Spyplanes: Sr-71 and U-2
1989978-0-87938-365-7Roger HuntingtonThompson Trophy Racers: The Pilots and Planes of America's Air Racing Glory Days 1929-49
  ''978-0-87938-377-0Stephen WrightAmerican Racer, 1940-1980
1991978-0-87938-379-4Curtis K. Stringfellow · Peter M. BowersLockheed Constellation: Design, Development, and Service History of all Civil and Military Constellations, Super Constellations, and Starliners
1999978-0-87938-382-4Dave FriedmanCorvette Grand Sport 1962-67
1989978-0-87938-386-2Frank Hawley · Mark SmithDrag Racing: Drive to Win
1990978-0-87938-394-7Nelson Aregood · Wayne Oakley · Joe UmphenourChevrolet '57 restorer's technical guide
  ''978-0-87938-398-5Skip ReadioHow to Do Electrical Systems: Most Everything About Auto Electrics
  ''978-0-87938-406-7Carroll SmithCarroll Smith's Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners and Plumbing Handbook (Motorbooks Workshop)
  ''978-0-87938-408-1Dave ArnoldCase Tractors: Steam to Diesel
1990978-0-87938-409-8Allan GirdlerAmerican Road Race Specials, 1934-70: Glory Days of Homebuilt Racers
1992978-0-87938-427-2Richard M. LangworthIllustrated Packard Buyer's Guide: All Packard Cars and Commercial Vehicles, 1899 to 1958 (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
1990978-0-87938-429-6Michael DregniInside Ferrari
  ''978-0-87938-435-7Dean BatchelorIllustrated Porsche Buyer's Guide (Motorbooks International Illustrated Buyer's Guide Series)
  ''978-0-87938-438-8Derek Nelson · Dave ParsonsHell-Bent for Leather: The Saga of the A-2 and G-1 Flight Jackets
1992978-0-87938-442-5Dave Parsons · Derek NelsonFighter Country: The F-14 Tomcats of Nas Oceana
1987978-0-87938-467-8Gary WitzenburgFiero: Pontiac's Potent Mid Engine Sports Car
1990978-0-87938-471-5Robert N. Pripps · Andrew MorlandFord Tractors: N-Series, Fordson, Ford and Ferguson, 1914-1954 (Farm Tractor Color History)
1991978-0-87938-473-9Jeffrey L. Ethell · Robert T. SandFighter Command: American Fighters in Original WWII Color
1990978-0-87938-475-3John SweetmanThe Dambusters Raid
  ''978-0-87938-481-4Dave Friedman · John ChristyCarroll Shelby's Racing Cobra
  ''978-0-87938-487-6Robbie ShawF-5: Warplane for the World
1991978-0-87938-491-3Don Bunn · Tom BrownellDodge Pickups: History and Restoration Guide, 1918-1971
1991978-0-87938-493-7John F. ForsythHell Divers: Navy Dive Bombers at War
1990978-0-87938-495-1Roger Anthony Freeman · Alan Crouchman · Vic MaslenThe Mighty Eighth War Diary
1992978-0-87938-498-2Yefim Gordon · Bill SweetmanSoviet X-Planes
1991978-0-87938-499-9Preston LernerScarab: Race Log of the All-American Specials 1957-1965
  ''978-0-87938-500-2Tom BrownellHow to Restore Your Chevrolet Pickup
  ''978-0-87938-501-9Peter SesslerChevrolet SS Muscle Car Red Book
  ''978-0-87938-505-7Bill SweetmanYF-22 and YF-23: Advanced Tactical Fighters: Stealth, Speed and Agility for Air Superiority
  ''978-0-87938-506-4Robert F. DorrDesert Shield: The Build-Up: The Complete Story (Power Series)
1991978-0-87938-509-5Garry R. Pape · John M. Campbell · Donna CampbellNorthrop P-61 Black Widow: The Complete History and Combat Record
  ''978-0-87938-513-2Roger Anthony FreemanMighty Eighth War Manual
  ''978-0-87938-514-9David JacobsHow to Repair and Restore Bodywork (Motorbooks Workshop)
  ''978-0-87938-518-7Motorbooks International · Car & Parts MagazineCatalog of American Car I.D. Numbers 1970-79 (CARS & PARTS MAGAZINE MATCHING NUMBERS SERIES)
  ''978-0-87938-520-0George HallTop Gun: The Navy's Fighter Weapons School (The Power Series)
1991978-0-87938-522-4Hajo HerrmannEagle's Wings: The Autobiography of a Luftwaffe Pilot
  ''978-0-87938-523-1David H., Jr. JacobsHow to Paint Your Car
  ''978-0-87938-531-6Joe NoahGeorge Preddy: Top Mustang Ace
  ''978-0-87938-537-8Anthony YoungHemi (Muscle Car Color History)
1992978-0-87938-538-5Paul ZazarineBarracuda and Challenger (Muscle Car Color History)
1991978-0-87938-539-2Paul ZazarineGTO, 1964-1967 (Muscle Car Color History)
  ''978-0-87938-540-8Steve PaceX-Fighters: Experimental and Prototype USAF Jet Fighters, XP-59 to YF-23
1992978-0-87938-543-9Michael O'LearyDC-3 and C-47 Gooney Birds: Includes the DC-2, DC-3, C-47, B-18 Bolo, B-23 Dragon, the Basler turboprop Goonies, and many more
1991978-0-87938-547-7David VizardHow to Build and Modify Chevrolet Small-Block V-8 Cylinder Heads (Motorbooks Workshop)
1991978-0-87938-563-7John K. MortonFaded Glory: Airline Colour Schemes of the Past
1992978-0-87938-568-2Peter C. SesslerFirebird Red Book (Motorbooks International Red Book)
  ''978-0-87938-569-9Paul HerdChevelle SS Restoration Guide (Motorbooks Workshop)
  ''978-0-87938-570-5B WatsonHow to Tune and Modify Bosch Fuel Injection (Motorbooks Workshop)
  ''978-0-87938-574-3Gregory Von DareCorvette Racers: Race History of America's Sports Car and the Drivers Who Pushed It to the Limit on Tracks from Sebring to Le Mans
  ''978-0-87938-593-4Robert N. PrippsHow to Restore Your Farm Tractor
1992978-0-87938-594-1Michael Karl WitzelThe American Gas Station
  ''978-0-87938-595-8David VizardHow to Build and Modify Chevrolet Small-Block V-8 Camshafts and Valves (Motorbooks Workshop)
  ''978-0-87938-599-6Bill SweetmanNorthrop B-2 Stealth Bomber: The Complete History, Technology, and Operational Development of the Stealth Bomber (Mil-Tech Series)
  ''978-0-87938-603-0Allan Girdler · Ron HusseyHarley-Davidson: The American Motorcycle: The Milestone Motorcycles That Made the Legend
  ''978-0-87938-604-7Jay Lamm · Nick NicaiseIllustrated Shelby Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
1992978-0-87938-606-1A & F LandauAirborne Rangers (Power)
  ''978-0-87938-607-8Richard Falconer · Doug NyeChaparral
  ''978-0-87938-608-5Steve PaceLockheed F-104 Starfighter
  ''978-0-87938-609-2James GoodallAmerica's Stealth Fighters and Bombers: B-2, F-117, YF-22 and YF-23
1993978-0-87938-614-6Peter M. Bowers · Ernest R. McDowellTriplanes: A Pictorial History of the World's Triplanes and Multiplanes
1992978-0-87938-615-3Terry GriswoldDelta Force: America's Elite Counterterrorist Force (Power)
1993978-0-87938-616-0R. S. HirschSchneider Trophy Racers
1992978-0-87938-618-4C. H. WendelMassey Tractors (Motorbooks International Farm Tractor Color History)
  ''978-0-87938-620-7Tom CorcoranShelby Mustang (Muscle Car Color History)
1992978-0-87938-621-4Ben WatsonHow to Tune and Modify Ford Fuel Injection
  ''978-0-87938-622-1William N. HessZemke's Wolfpack: The 56th Fighter Group in World War II
1993978-0-87938-623-8Dave Parsons · Derek NelsonBandits!: Pictorial History of American Adversarial Aircraft
1992978-0-87938-626-9Timothy RemusBoyd Coddington's How to Build Hot Rod Chassis
1993978-0-87938-628-3C. H. Wendel · Andrew MorlandAllis-Chalmers Tractors (Farm Tractor Color History)
1994978-0-87938-630-6Tom CorcoranMustang 1964 1/2-1968 (Muscle Car Color History)
1992978-0-87938-632-0Steve PaceLockheed Skunk Works
  ''978-0-87938-633-7Joe BensonIllustrated Alfa Romeo Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
  ''978-0-87938-638-2Roger Anthony FreemanThe Mighty Eighth (A History of the Units, Men and Machines of the Us 8th Air Force)
  ''978-0-87938-644-3Donald F. WoodChevrolet El Camino, 1959-82 (Classic Motorbooks Photofacts)
1992978-0-87938-646-7Chris WolfeBuick Riviera, 1963-1973 (Classic Motorbooks Photofacts)
  ''978-0-87938-649-8Jerry H. MagayneFord Fairlane 500 Skyliner, 1957-1959 (Classic Motorbooks Photofacts)
  ''978-0-87938-650-4Ivan BergThe Guinness Current Car Index
  ''978-0-87938-658-0James C. GoodallSr-71 Pilot's Manual: The Official Us Air Force Sr-71a Flight Manual/Declassified
  ''978-0-87938-669-6Colin AddisonClassic Propliners
1992978-0-87938-676-4Walter M. P. McCall80 Years of Cadillac Lasalle (Crestline Series)
  ''978-0-87938-677-1Dennis CasteeleThe Cars of Oldsmobile (Crestline Series)
  ''978-0-87938-679-5C. H. WendelEncyclopedia of American Farm Tractors (Crestline Series)
1993978-0-87938-682-5George H. Dammann90 Years of Ford (Crestline Series)
1992978-0-87938-692-4George H. Dammann75 Years of Chevrolet (Crestline Series)
  ''978-0-87938-697-9Thomas A. McPhersonThe Dodge Story (Crestline Series)
  ''978-0-87938-701-3Don ButlerAuburn, Cord, Duesenberg
1993978-0-87938-704-4Dean BatchelorFerrari: The Gran Turismo & Competition Berlinettas
1993978-0-87938-707-5Jerry SlonigerPorsche, the 4-cylinder, 4-cam sports & racing cars
  ''978-0-87938-710-5Randy LeffingwellPorsche Legends: Inside History of the Epic Cars
  ''978-0-87938-713-6John MatrasIllustrated Volvo Buyer's Guide: All European and American Model Volvos, 1927-Current Model Histories, Engine and Transmission Listings, Options, Specs (Motorbooks International Buyer's Guide Series)
  ''978-0-87938-715-0Samuel M. KatzIsraeli Special Forces (Power Series)
1992978-0-87938-719-8Dal McGuirkAfrikakorps: Self Portrait
1993978-0-87938-720-4George FortyTank Commanders: Knights of the Modern Age
  ''978-0-87938-726-6Tom BrownellHow to Restore Your Ford Pick-Up (Motorbooks Workshop)
1993978-0-87938-727-3Jan P. Norbye · Jim DunneBuick 1946-1978: The Classic Postwar Years
  ''978-0-87938-728-0Richard M. LangworthChrysler & Imperial 1946-1975: The Classic Postwar Years
  ''978-0-87938-729-7   ''Hudson 1946-1957: The Classic Postwar Years
  ''978-0-87938-736-5Jerry HatfieldIndian Motorcycle Photographic History
  ''978-0-87938-741-9Josh B. MalksIllustrated Duesenberg Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
1993978-0-87938-743-3Jeff HartmanFuel Injection: Installation, Performance Tuning, Modification (Motorbooks International Powerpro)
  ''978-0-87938-748-8Robert F. DorrF-86 Sabre (Warbird History)
  ''978-0-87938-752-5Frank Hawley · Mark SmithDrag Racing: How to Get Started
1994978-0-87938-754-9Ken GrossIllustrated BMW Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
1993978-0-87938-755-6Randy LeffingwellJohn Deere Farm Tractors: A History of the John Deere Tractor
1994978-0-87938-757-0Dave FriedmanShelby Cobra: The Shelby American Original Color Archives 1962-1965
1993978-0-87938-758-7Frederick A. JohnsenB-24 Liberator (Warbird History)
  ''978-0-87938-759-4Michael Skinner · George HallRed Flag: Air Combat for the 1990s (Power Series)
  ''978-0-87938-761-7Mike MuellerChevelle, 1964-1972 (Muscle Car Color History)
1993978-0-87938-762-4Ben WatsonHow to Rebuild Your Engine (Motorbooks Internationa Powerpro)
  ''978-0-87938-763-1Robert N. Pripps · Andrew MorlandFarmall Tractors (Motorbooks International Farm Tractor Color History)
  ''978-0-87938-765-5Timothy Remus · Jack ChisenhallHow to Air Condition Your Car
  ''978-0-87938-768-6Tom Murphy · Hans HalberstadtIllustrated Cessna Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
  ''978-0-87938-774-7Dave MannHarley-Davidson Performance Parts Directory
1993978-0-87938-776-1George A. AndersonWinning: A Race Drivers Handbook
  ''978-0-87938-780-8Bill SweetmanAurora: The Pentagon's Secret Hypersonic Spyplane (Mil-Tech Series)
  ''978-0-87938-781-5Hans HalberstadtU. S. Navy SEALs (Power)
1996978-0-87938-785-3Chester MarshallB-29 Superfortress (Warbird History)
1993978-0-87938-786-0Tom Murphy · Hans HalberstadtIllustrated Piper Buyers Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
1994978-0-87938-788-4Mike MuellerCorvette Sting Ray, 1963-1967: The Glory Years of America's Sports Car (Sports Car Color History)
1993978-0-87938-791-4Michael Dregni · Eric DregniIllustrated Motorscooter Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
  ''978-0-87938-795-2Dean Batchelor · Albert R. BochrochCunningham: The Life and Cars of Briggs Swift Cunningham
1994978-0-87938-796-9Mick WalkerIllustrated Ducati Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
1993978-0-87938-799-0Bill Holder · Phillip KunzFirebird & Trans Am 1967-1994 (Motorbooks International Muscle Car Color History)
  ''978-0-87938-801-0Rupert ButlerAn Illustrated History of the Gestapo
1993978-0-87938-811-9Donald F. WoodCommercial Trucks (Motorbooks International Crestline)
  ''978-0-87938-814-0Griffith BorgesonMiller
  ''978-0-87938-815-7Mike MuellerFord Muscle Cars (Enthusiast Color Series)
  ''978-0-87938-816-4   ''Chevrolet, 1955-1957 (Enthusiast Color)
  ''978-0-87938-817-1   ''Chrysler Muscle Cars (Enthusiast Color)
1993978-0-87938-818-8Jeffrey L. EthellP-51 Mustang in Color Photos from World War II and Korea (Enthusiast Color Series)
  ''978-0-87938-819-5   ''World War II Nose Art in Color (Enthusiast Color Series)
  ''978-0-87938-820-1Delmar BenjaminGee Bee (Enthusiast Color Series)
  ''978-0-87938-821-8Clinton GrovesJetliners: The World's Great Jetliners, 1950s to Today (Enthusiast Color Series)
  ''978-0-87938-827-0Buzz KanterIndian Motorcycles (Enthusiast Color Series)
1993978-0-87938-829-4Walter P. McCallAmerican Fire Engines Since 1900
  ''978-0-87938-831-7Colin BallantineRussian Propliners & Jetliners
  ''978-0-87938-832-4Richard Winrow · Tim HawkinsThe World War II GI: US Army Uniforms 1941-45 in Color Photographs
1994978-0-87938-841-6Tom CurraoHow to Rebuild Your Gm V6 60 Degree Engine (Motorbooks International Powerpro)
  ''978-0-87938-842-3John MatrasIllustrated Mazda Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
  ''978-0-87938-844-7Paul Herd · Mike MuellerCharger, Road Runner and Super Bee (Muscle Car Color History)
1994978-0-87938-845-4Donald L. CaldwellJg 26: Photographic History of the Luftwaffe's Top Guns
  ''978-0-87938-849-2Vic ElfordPorsche High-Performance Driving Handbook: Porsche Rear-Engine 911, 930, 959, 356, 914, Front-Engine 924, 944, 928, 968, and 917!
  ''978-0-87938-854-6Nicholas A. Veronico · John M. Campbell · Donna CampbellF4U Corsair (Motorbooks International Warbird History)
  ''978-0-87938-856-0Vera S. WilliamsWasps: Women Airforce Service Pilots of World War II
  ''978-0-87938-862-1Robert F. Dorr · Warren ThompsonThe Korean Air War
1994978-0-87938-863-8Mike MuellerPontiac Muscle Cars (Enthusiast Color)
1994978-0-87938-864-5Mike MuellerChevy Muscle Cars (Enthusiast Color)
  ''978-0-87938-865-2Randy LeffingwellClassic John Deere Tractors (Enthusiast Color)
  ''978-0-87938-866-9Clinton GrovesPropliners: A Half-Century of the World's Great Propeller-Driven Airliners (Enthusiast Color Series)
  ''978-0-87938-868-3Jeffery L. EthellP-38 Lightning in World War II Color (Enthusiast Color Series)
  ''978-0-87938-873-7Mark A. BandoThe 101st Airborne at Normandy
1994978-0-87938-874-4Tony SakkisAnatomy and Development of the Indy Race Car
  ''978-0-87938-876-8Tom BrownellChevrolet Pickup Color History (Truck Color History)
  ''978-0-87938-877-5Hans HalberstadtSwat Team: Police Special Weapons and Tactics (Power Series)
  ''978-0-87938-879-9James W. Howell · Jeanna Swanson HowellCadillac Eldorado (American Classics)
  ''978-0-87938-881-2William N. HessB-17 Flying Fortress (Warbird History)
1994978-0-87938-882-9Dennis AdlerMercedes-Benz 300Sl
1996978-0-87938-883-6Gordon Eliot White · Kenneth WaltonOffenhauser
1994978-0-87938-884-3James H. MaloneyStudebaker Cars (Crestline Series)
  ''978-0-87938-885-0Grace BrighamThe Serial Number Book for U.S. Cars 1900-1975
  ''978-0-87938-889-8Paul HerdCharger, Road Runner and Super Bee Restoration Guide (Motorbooks Workshop)
  ''978-0-87938-891-1Larry G. MitchellIllustrated Amc Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
  ''978-0-87938-892-8Robert GenatModern Police Cars (Enthusiast Color Series)
1994978-0-87938-893-5Robin Neillands · Roderick De NormannD-Day, 1944: Voices from Normandy
  ''978-0-87938-895-9Michael AntonickIllustrated Camaro Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
  ''978-0-87938-898-0John Albert CraftVintage & Historic Stock Cars (Enthusiast Color Series)
  ''978-0-87938-899-7William N. HessP-47 Thunderbolt (Warbird History)
  ''978-0-87938-901-7Aram GesarNew York's Airports: John F. Kennedy, Newark, Laguardia
1994978-0-87938-902-4Frank BarrettIllustrated Mercedes-Benz Buyer's Guide (Illustrated Buyer's Guide)
  ''978-0-87938-903-1John K. MortonFlying Colours: Airline Colour Schemes of the 1990s
  ''978-0-87938-905-5Gordon WilliamsonThe SS: Hitler's Instrument of Terror: The Full Story From Street Fighters to the Waffen-SS
  ''978-0-87938-906-2James K. WagnerFord Trucks Since 1905 (Crestline Series)
  ''978-0-87938-907-9Fred CrismonU.S. Military Wheeled Vehicles (Crestline Series)
1994978-0-87938-908-6C. H. WendelAmerican Gasoline Engines Since 1872 (Crestline Series)
  ''978-0-87938-909-3Gordon Thomas · Max Morgan-WittsVoyage of the Damned
  ''978-0-87938-912-3Robert Pripps · Andrew MorlandFarm Crawlers (Farm Tractor Color History)
  ''978-0-87938-914-7Sven PruettHow to Build and Modify Ford 60 Degrees V-6 Engines (Motorbooks International Powerpro)
  ''978-0-87938-915-4Robert MikeshZero: Combat and Development History of Japan's Legendary Mitsubishi A6M Zero Fighter (Motorbooks International Warbird History)
1994978-0-87938-917-8Richard NewtonIllustrated Triumph Buyer's Guide [Revised Edition]
  ''978-0-87938-919-2Michael Karl WitzelThe American Drive-In: History and Folklore of the Drive-in Restaurant in American Car Culture
  ''978-0-87938-920-8Jeffrey L. EthellBomber Command
  ''978-0-87938-921-5Randy LeffingwellCaterpillar: Farm Tractors, Bulldozers & Heavy Machinery
  ''978-0-87938-922-2Mark MarselliClassic Harley-Davidson Big Twins (Enthusiast Color Series)
1994978-0-87938-924-6Mike MuellerFifties American Cars (Enthusiast Color)
  ''978-0-87938-928-4Jeffrey L. EthellP-40 Warhawk in World War II Color (Enthusiast Color Series)
  ''978-0-87938-929-1Todd H. ThrogmortonRoller Coasters of America
  ''978-0-87938-930-7Thomas BerndtAmerican Tanks of WWII (Enthusiast Color)
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