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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1998978-0-87901-136-9A. LehningerPrinciples of Biochemistry
1987978-0-87901-245-8Ian RobertsonSociology
1985978-0-87901-259-5M. A. Munem · James P. YizzeStudy Guide T/A Precalculus: Subj
1986978-0-87901-311-0David G. MyersPsychology
1989978-0-87901-312-7Richard O StraubDiscovering psychology: A guide to active study to accompany Psychology, second edition, David G. Myers
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  ''978-0-87901-318-9Peter H. Raven · Susan Eichhorn · Ray F. EvertLab Topics in Botany T/A 4/E B: Subj
1989978-0-87901-394-3Helena Curtis · N. Sue BarnesBiology
  ''978-0-87901-395-0Helena CurtisStudy Guide to Biology, Fifth Edition
  ''978-0-87901-400-1David G. Myers · D. MyersPsychology
  ''978-0-87901-415-5Ian RobertsonSociety: A Brief Introduction/Study Guide
1990978-0-87901-420-9Milton H SpencerContemporary economics
1991978-0-87901-432-2Paul A. TiplerPhysics for Scientists and Engineers/Extended Version, Volumes 1-42 (Chapters 1-42)
1989978-0-87901-436-0Helena Curtis · N. Sue BarnesBiology of Organisms, 5th Edition (Biology, Part 2)
1990978-0-87901-443-8Richard O. StraubStudy Guide to Exploring Psychology
1991978-0-87901-477-3Kathleen Stassen BergerDeveloping Person Through Childhood and Adolescence/Study Guide
1991978-0-87901-480-3Peter O. GrayPsychology
1992978-0-87901-506-0David G. MyersPsychology
1989978-0-87901-548-0Ian RobertsonSociety: A Brief Introduction
1992978-0-87901-569-5Paul A. TiplerElementary Modern Physics
1993978-0-87901-594-7Kathleen S. BergerDeveloping Person Through the Life Span
  ''978-0-87901-616-6Milton H. SpencerContemporary Microeconomics
  ''978-0-87901-638-8Eric Blankmeyer · John W. MogabContemporary Microeconomics
1995978-0-87901-644-9David G. MyersPsychology
  ''978-0-87901-645-6   ''Study Guide to Accompany David G. Myers Psychology
1994978-0-87901-679-1Helena Curtis · N. Sue BarnesInvitation to Biology
  ''978-0-87901-685-2   ''Study Guide to Accompany Invitation to Biology
1993978-0-87901-711-8Albert L. Lehninger · David L. Nelson · Michael M. CoxPrinciples of Biochemistry: With an Extended Discussion of Oxygen-Binding Proteins