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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1987978-0-87875-339-0Donald GutierrezThe Dark and Light Gods: Essays on the Self in Modern Literature
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1988978-0-87875-354-3Bibhu PadhiD. H. Lawrence: Modes of Fictional Style
  ''978-0-87875-358-1Bettina L. KnappThe Reign of the Theatrical Director: French Theatre, 1887-1924
1992978-0-87875-417-5American Humanities Index for 1991
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2004978-0-87875-539-4John Jay Osborn JrThe Paper Chase
  ''978-0-87875-551-6Bill HellerSaratoga Tales
2005978-0-87875-552-3Jay GallagherThe Politics of Decline
  ''978-0-87875-553-0American Humanities Index For 2004
2006978-0-87875-559-2Dan Lynch · Paul RutherfordInto the Dragon's Teeth: Warriors' Tales of The Battle of The Bulge
  ''978-0-87875-567-7Bill HellerSaratoga Tales