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2008978-0-87808-002-1Phyllis KilbournShaping The Future Girls and Our Destiny
2012978-0-87808-005-2Robert J. PriestEffective Engagement in Short-term Missions: Doing It Right!
2013978-0-87808-012-0Katherine H. Lee AhnAwakening the Hermit Kingdom: Pioneer American Women Misionaries in Korea.
2011978-0-87808-036-6J. Dudley WoodberryFrom Seed To Fruit: Global Trends, Fruitful Practices, and Emerging Issues among Muslims
2013978-0-87808-102-8WINTER RALPHUnbelievable Years
1973978-0-87808-105-9Alan Richard TippettVerdict Theology in Missionary Theory
1971978-0-87808-109-7   ''Bibliography for cross-cultural workers
1978978-0-87808-119-6Marjorie CollinsManual for Missionaries on Furlough
1972978-0-87808-121-9Raymond B BukerThe world directory of mission-related educational institutions
1973978-0-87808-125-7Ralph D WinterThe evangelical response to Bangkok,
1978978-0-87808-129-5Ralph D. Winter · Roberta H WinterThe Word Study New Testament: Containing the numbering system to the Word Study Concordance and the key number index to standard reference works: based on the Authorized Version of the Holy Bible
2000978-0-87808-137-0William McElwee MillerThe Baha'i Faith: Its History and Teachings
1983978-0-87808-139-4William A. SmalleyManual of Articulatory Phonetics
1974978-0-87808-143-1Alvin MartinThe means of world evangelization: missiological education at the Fuller School of World Mission,
1979978-0-87808-156-1Christ and Caesar in Christian missions
1977978-0-87808-160-8William J RichardsonSocial action vs. evangelism: An essay on the contemporary crisis
1978978-0-87808-165-3Marjorie A CollinsManual for accepted missionary candidates
1979978-0-87808-169-1Wade T. CogginsChrist and Caesar in Christian Missions
1981978-0-87808-176-9Merle H MasonPiano parts and their functions: Illustrated
1980978-0-87808-178-3Ben CoeChristian Churches at the Crossroads
1981978-0-87808-182-0Francis Rue SteeleNot in Vain: The Story of North Africa Mission
  ''978-0-87808-187-5Ralph D. Winter · Steven C. HawthornePerspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader
1983978-0-87808-193-6Betty Jo KennyMissionary Family
1985978-0-87808-198-1C. John BuffamLife and Times of an Mk (Mission candidate aid series)
2013978-0-87808-206-3TIPPET ALANIntroduction To Missiology
1989978-0-87808-214-8William McElwee MillerMy Persian Pilgrimage
1988978-0-87808-217-9Kelly S. O'DonnellHelping Missionaries Grow: Readings in Mental Health and Missions
2012978-0-87808-219-3Maust JohnNew Song In The Andes: f
1989978-0-87808-224-7Pam EcherdUnderstanding and Nurturing the Missionary Family: Compendium of the International Conference on Missionary Kids Quito Ecuador January 4-8, 1987
  ''978-0-87808-226-1   ''Planning for Mk Nurture: Compendium of the International Conference on Missionary Kids Quito Ecuador January 4-8, 1987
2013978-0-87808-231-5Donald C. PalmerManaging Conflict Creatively*: A Guide for Missionaries and Christian Workers
  ''978-0-87808-233-9ODONNELL KELMissionary Care
1999978-0-87808-236-0Edgar J. EllistonHome Grown Leaders
2013978-0-87808-241-4JABBOUR NABEEThe Rumbling Volcano: Islamic Fundamentalism in Egypt
1993978-0-87808-242-1Viggo Sogaard · Viggo SgaardMedia in Church and Mission: Communicating the Gospel
2003978-0-87808-255-1Thomas HaleOn Being a Missionary
2013978-0-87808-262-9FERRIS DR ROEstablishing Ministry Training (World Evangelical Fellowship Ser.; Vol 4)
1996978-0-87808-265-0Clayton L. Berg · Paul E. PretizSpontaneous Combustion: Grass-Roots Christianity, Latin American Style
2013978-0-87808-268-1Paul Asbury SeamanFar Above The Plain: Private Profiles and Admissible Evidence from the First Forty Years of Murree Christian School, Pakistan, 1956-1996
  ''978-0-87808-271-1SOGAARD VIGGOResearch In Church & Mission
2013978-0-87808-277-3TAYLOR WILLIAMToo Valuable To Lose*: Exploring the Causes and Cures of Missionary Attrition (Globalization of Mission Series)
  ''978-0-87808-288-9RICHARD H LFollowing Jesus In The Hindu
1999978-0-87808-289-6Ralph D. WinterPerspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader
  ''978-0-87808-290-2Ralph D. Winter · Steven C. HawthornePerspectives on the World Christian Movement: Study Guide 99
2012978-0-87808-292-6KAISER WALTERChristian & The Old Testament*
2013978-0-87808-293-3Helga Bender HenryCameroon on a Clear Day: A Pioneer Missionary in Colonial Africa
1999978-0-87808-294-0Steve Hoke · Bill TaylorSend Me! Your Journey to the Nations
1974978-0-87808-309-1Clifton L. HollandThe Religious Dimension in Hispanic Los Angeles: A Protestant Case Study
1976978-0-87808-314-5Gailyn VanrhenenChurch Planting in Uganda: Comparative Study
  ''978-0-87808-318-3Marlin L NelsonThe how and why of third world missions: An Asian case study
  ''978-0-87808-319-0Marlin L. NelsonReadings in Third World Missions: A Collection of Essential Documents
1980978-0-87808-330-5Rodger C. BasshamMission Theology, 1948-1975: Years of Worldwide Creative Tension--Ecumenical, Evangelical and Roman Catholic
1985978-0-87808-336-7Paul A BealsA people for His name: A church-based missions strategy
2013978-0-87808-338-1LOVE /ECKHEAMinistry To Muslim Women
2013978-0-87808-340-4ROEMBKE LIANNBuilding Credible Mulicultural
  ''978-0-87808-342-8ZDERO RADGlobal House Church Movement
  ''978-0-87808-343-5Gene DanielsSearching For The Indigenous Church*: A Missionary Pilgrimage
2003978-0-87808-351-0Paul HattawayOperation China: Introducing All the People of China
  ''978-0-87808-355-8David J. Evans · Ronald J. Vos · Keith P. WrightBiblical Holism and Agriculture: Cultivating Our Roots
2013978-0-87808-357-2DOW PHILSchool In The Clouds
  ''978-0-87808-361-9HATTAWAY PAULPeoples of the Buddhist World
2004978-0-87808-364-0David ClaydonA New Vision A New Heart A Renewed Call - Volume Two
2013978-0-87808-370-1Cynthia A. Strong · Meg PageA Worldview Approach to Ministry Among Muslim Women
1994978-0-87808-375-6David HesselgraveScripture and Strategy (EMS1)*: The Use of the Bible in Postmodern Church and Mission (Evangelical Missiological Society)
2012978-0-87808-376-3ROMMEN /NETLChristianity & The Religions* (Evangelical Missiological Society)
1995978-0-87808-377-0Edward RommenSpiritual Power and Missions (EMS 3)*: Raising the Issues (Evangelical Missiological Society Series)
2013978-0-87808-378-7ROMMEN EDWARDMissiology and the Social Sciences: Contributions, Cautions and Conclusions (Evangelical Missiological Society Series)
2012978-0-87808-380-0WOODBERRY JReaching The Resistant* (Evangelical Missiological Society Series)
2013978-0-87808-382-4CORWIN /MULHWorking Together With God To (Proceedings Series)
2013978-0-87808-387-9Gailyn Van RheenenContextualization & Syncretism
2006978-0-87808-388-6Tom A. Steffen · Mike BarnettBusiness As Mission: From Impoverished to Empowered (Evangelical Missiological Society)
2013978-0-87808-390-9Ralph D. Winter · Steven C. HawthornePerspectives on the World Christian Movement: A Reader (Perspectives)
2009978-0-87808-391-6Steven C. HawthornePerspectives on the World Christian Movement Study Guide
1982978-0-87808-421-0Phillip E. GobleEverything You Need to Grow a Messianic Synagogue
1975978-0-87808-423-4Tetsunao and Charles R. Taber (eds) YamamoriChristopaganism or indigenous Christianity?
2013978-0-87808-426-5MELLIS CHARLESCommitted Communities
1981978-0-87808-433-3Larry G. LenningBlessing in Mosque and Mission
2013978-0-87808-443-2Rick LoveMuslims, Magic and the Kingdom of God*
  ''978-0-87808-444-9Herbert HoeferChurchless Christianity
  ''978-0-87808-446-3Kelly O'DonnellDoing Member Care Well*: Perspectives and Practices From Around the World (Globalization of Mission Series)
  ''978-0-87808-451-7RICHARD TIPLADYOne World Or Many*: The Impact of Globalisation on Mission (Globalization of Mission)
2012978-0-87808-455-5Weyeneth SandWriting Exceptional Missionary: f
2013978-0-87808-457-9Robert Brynjolfson · Jonathan LewisIntegral Ministry Training
  ''978-0-87808-506-4LIN /SPAULDISharing Jesus in the Buddhist
2013978-0-87808-509-5David Lim · Steve Spaulding · Paul De NeuiSharing Jesus Effectively
2011978-0-87808-512-5H.L. RichardRethinking Hindu Ministry: Papers from the Rethinking Forum
2013978-0-87808-515-6HAY ROBWorth Keeping (Globalizatin of Mission)
2011978-0-87808-532-3Rose DowsettGlobal Mission*: Reflections and Case Studies in Local Theology for the Whole Church (Globalization of Mission)
2013978-0-87808-604-7FOLTZ DR HOWFor Such A Time As This
  ''978-0-87808-608-5BARRETT /JOHWorld Christian Trends
2003978-0-87808-609-2Vaughn J. Walston · Robert J. StevensAfrican-American Experience in World Mission: A Call Beyond Community
2013978-0-87808-611-5Swami Dayanand BharatiLiving Water And Indian Bowl: An Analysis Of Christian Failings In Communicating Christ To Hindus, With Suggestions Toward Improvements
  ''978-0-87808-702-0MCGAVRAN DONAChurch Growth Bulletin Vol 2
1975978-0-87808-711-2Eugene Albert NidaMessage and mission: The communication of the Christian faith
1973978-0-87808-712-9J.W., Warnshuis, A.L., Singh, G.H., McGavran, D. A. PickettChurch growth and group conversion,
1975978-0-87808-722-8Jacob A. LoewenCulture and Human Values: Christian Intervention in Anthropological Perspective (Global Civilization)
1979978-0-87808-742-6Charles H. KraftCommunicating the Gospel God's Way
1984978-0-87808-745-7Edward E DanielsonMissionary kid, MK
1978978-0-87808-751-8George V WigramThe Word Study Concordance: A Modern, Improved, and Enlarged Version of both The Englishman's Greek Concordance and The New Englishman's Greek Concordance ... index, and the cross-reference headings
2013978-0-87808-764-8Beals PaulPeople For His Name*: A Church-Based Mission Strategy
  ''978-0-87808-771-6Gailyn Van RheenenCommunicating Christ In Animistic Contexts*
  ''978-0-87808-773-0KRAFT CHARLESCommunicating Jesus Way
2013978-0-87808-775-4David J. Hesselgrave · Edward RommenContextualization: Meanings, Methods, and Models
2000978-0-87808-777-8Jack DennisonCity Reaching: On the Road to Community Transformation
2013978-0-87808-780-8Kari Torjesen MalcolmWe Signed Away Our Lives: How One Family Gave Everything for the Gospel