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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1971978-0-87795-023-3Fred Mustard StewartLady Darlington a Novel
1972978-0-87795-025-7Martin CaidinCyborg: A Novel
1975978-0-87795-036-3Jill EmersonA Week as Andrea Benstock
1973978-0-87795-041-7Martin CaidinOperation Nuke
  ''978-0-87795-058-5Mary Westmacott · Agatha ChristieGiants' Bread: A Novel of Romance and Suspense
  ''978-0-87795-072-1Peter BogdanovichPieces of Time: Peter Bogdanovich On the Movies
1974978-0-87795-079-0Martin CaidinHigh Crystal
1975978-0-87795-100-1Jill EmersonA week as Andrea Benstock: A novel
  ''978-0-87795-109-4Frances RickettAn affair of doctors
1976978-0-87795-119-3Sloan WilsonWhat Shall We Wear to This Party?: The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit, Twenty Years Before & After
1975978-0-87795-124-7James PurdyIn a shallow grave
1977978-0-87795-145-2David KopayThe David Kopay Story: An Extraordinary Self-Revelation
  ''978-0-87795-155-1Robert LaguardiaMonty: A Biography of Montgomery Clift
1978978-0-87795-179-7Fred KleinBisexual Option: A Concept of One-Hundred Percent Intimacy
1978978-0-87795-186-5Ken FollettEYE OF NEEDLE
1979978-0-87795-203-9Beverly LinetLadd: The Life, The Legend, The Legacy of Alan Ladd: A Biography
  ''978-0-87795-212-1Tim Heald and Mayo MohsH.R.H.; The Man Who Will Be King
  ''978-0-87795-223-7Ken FollettTriple
  ''978-0-87795-240-4David ViscottThe Making of a Psychiatrist
  ''978-0-87795-244-2Fred KleinThe Bisexual Option: A Concept of One Hundred Percent Intimacy
1980978-0-87795-245-9Margaret TrumanMurder in the White House: A Novel
1980978-0-87795-264-0Herbert GoldHe/She
  ''978-0-87795-282-4Elmore LeonardCity Primeval
1981978-0-87795-287-9Jack CadyThe Well
  ''978-0-87795-299-2Ernest K. GannAviator
  ''978-0-87795-300-5Daoma WinstonMira
  ''978-0-87795-309-8Bill Pronzini · Barry Malzberg · Martin H. Greenberg · Stephen KingThe Arbor House Treasury of Horror and the Supernatural
1981978-0-87795-312-8Margaret TrumanMurder on Capitol Hill: A Novel
  ''978-0-87795-313-5   ''Letters from Father: The Truman Family's Personal Correspondence
  ''978-0-87795-319-7Bill PronziniArbor House Treasury of Horror and the Supernatural
1982978-0-87795-333-3Sloan WilsonPacific Interlude
1981978-0-87795-344-9Michael & Gillen, Bob BartlettThe Tennis book
  ''978-0-87795-346-3Justin ScottNormandie Triangle
1982978-0-87795-349-4Bill Pronzini · Barry N. Malzberg · Martin H. GreenbergThe Arbor House Treasury of Mystery and Suspense
1981978-0-87795-354-8Elmore LeonardSplit Images
1982978-0-87795-358-6Robert SilverbergMajipoor Chronicles
  ''978-0-87795-359-3Robert SilverbergMajipoor Chronicles (Majipoor Cycle, Bk. 2)
1982978-0-87795-367-8Daniel L. Araoz · Robert T., Ph.D. BleckHypnosex: Sexual Joy Through Self-Hypnosis
1983978-0-87795-371-5C. Terry ClineThe Attorney Conspiracy
1982978-0-87795-373-9Martin Harry GreenbergArbor House Celebrity Book of Horror Stories
  ''978-0-87795-384-5Margaret TrumanMurder in the Supreme Court
1985978-0-87795-410-1Bill Pronzini · Martin Harry GreenbergThe Arbor House Treasury of Great Western Stories
  ''978-0-87795-413-2Gerald A. Browne19 Purchase Street
1983978-0-87795-415-6Menahem MeirMy Mother Golda Meir: A Son's Evocation of Life With Golda Meir
1982978-0-87795-417-0Robert SilverbergWorld of a Thousand Colors
1985978-0-87795-436-1Elmore LeonardStick
1984978-0-87795-437-8Irwin ShawAcceptable Losses
1983978-0-87795-442-2David BrennerSoft Pretzels With Mustard
  ''978-0-87795-457-6Don (Editor) CongdonCombat WWII: European Theater of Operations
  ''978-0-87795-462-0Phillip MannThe Eye of the Queen
1983978-0-87795-463-7Dick Cavett · Christopher PorterfieldEye on Cavett
  ''978-0-87795-465-1Ernest K. GannGentlemen of Adventure
  ''978-0-87795-466-8Daniel L. Araoz · Robert T. BleckHypnosex: Sexual Joy Through Self-Hypnosis
1984978-0-87795-474-3Sloan WilsonMan in the Gray Flannel Suit II
1983978-0-87795-475-0Margaret TrumanMurder in the Smithsonian: A Novel
  ''978-0-87795-482-8Robert LaguardiaSoap World
  ''978-0-87795-484-2Jo Durden-Smith · Diane DesimoneSex and the Brain
1983978-0-87795-488-0Dakin Williams · Shepherd MeadTennessee Williams: An Intimate Biography
  ''978-0-87795-491-0Michael, Jr. Todd · S. T. McCarthyA Valuable Property: The Life Story of Michael Todd
  ''978-0-87795-504-7Allan SloanThree Plus One Equals Billions: The Bendix-Martin Marietta War
  ''978-0-87795-517-7Lawrence BlockThe Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian
1984978-0-87795-533-7Gerald PetievichTo Live and Die in L.A.
1986978-0-87795-539-9Gerald A. BrowneStone 588
1983978-0-87795-544-3Robert SilverbergValentine Pontifex
1984978-0-87795-570-2Evan HunterLizzie
  ''978-0-87795-581-8Ed McBainLightning: An 87th Precinct Novel
1984978-0-87795-594-8Margaret TrumanMurder on Embassy Row
  ''978-0-87795-599-3Robert SilverbergGilgamesh the King
  ''978-0-87795-600-6Evan HunterThe Blackboard Jungle (Arbor House library of contemporary Americana)
1985978-0-87795-609-9Anne Rampling · Anne RiceExit to Eden
  ''978-0-87795-619-8Gerald PetievichThe Quality of the Informant
  ''978-0-87795-620-4Bob Cepican · Waleed AliYesterday...Came Suddenly: The Definitive History of the Beatles (Timbre books)
1986978-0-87795-622-8Bill Pronzini · Marcia Muller1001 Midnights: The Aficionado's Guide to Mystery and Detective Fiction
1985978-0-87795-624-2James FarmerLay Bare the Heart: An Autobiography of the Civil Rights Movement
1984978-0-87795-625-9Dan KileyThe Wendy Dilemma: When Women Stop Mothering Their Men
1985978-0-87795-627-3Stanley EllinVery Old Money
1985978-0-87795-645-7Bruce SterlingSchismatrix
1984978-0-87795-647-1William MarchCompany K (The Arbor House library of contemporary Americana)
  ''978-0-87795-655-6David BrennerRevenge is the best exercise
  ''978-0-87795-667-9Alan McKenzieThe Harrison Ford Story
1985978-0-87795-668-6Richard NixonNo More Vietnams
  ''978-0-87795-672-3E. P SteinFlight of the Vin Fiz
  ''978-0-87795-680-8Margaret TrumanMurder at the FBI
1985978-0-87795-681-5Ed McBainEight Black Horses
  ''978-0-87795-718-8Roger ZelaznyTrumps of Doom
  ''978-0-87795-720-1Greg BearBlood Music
1989978-0-87795-722-5Sydney Biddle BarrowsMayflower Madam: The Secret Life of Sydney Biddle Barrows
1985978-0-87795-724-9Michael BishopAncient of Days
1986978-0-87795-730-0David BrennerNobody Ever Sees You Eat Tuna Fish
1985978-0-87795-739-3Arnošt LustigThe Unloved: From the Diary of Perla S.
  ''978-0-87795-745-4George OrwellOrwell: The Lost Writings
  ''978-0-87795-753-9Anthony BurgessThe Kingdom of the Wicked
1985978-0-87795-756-0Robert Lewis TaylorThe travels of Jaimie McPheeters (The Arbor House library of contemporary Americana)
  ''978-0-87795-760-7Guy Gavriel KayThe Summer Tree (The Fionavar Tapestry Book One)
  ''978-0-87795-761-4Robert HoldstockMythago Wood
  ''978-0-87795-762-1Philip K. DickRadio Free Albemuth
1986978-0-87795-763-8Joan SlonczewskiA Door into Ocean
  ''978-0-87795-774-4Lawrence BlockWhen the Sacred Ginmill Closes
1986978-0-87795-777-5Suzy McKee CharnasDorothea Dreams
1987978-0-87795-781-2Ken GrimwoodReplay
1986978-0-87795-783-6Dayton O. HydeDon Coyote: The Good Times and the Bad Times of a Much Maligned American Original
  ''978-0-87795-785-0Guy Gavriel KayThe Wandering Fire (The Fionavar Tapestry, Book 2)
1987978-0-87795-787-4Ed McBainPoison: An 87th Precinct Novel
1986978-0-87795-796-6Nick ToschesPower on Earth
  ''978-0-87795-797-3Margaret TrumanMurder in Georgetown
  ''978-0-87795-800-0Paul WilliamsOnly Apparently Real/the World of Philip K. Dick
  ''978-0-87795-804-8Elmore LeonardElmore Leonard's Double Dutch Treat: Three Novels - Moonshine War, Gold Coast, City Primeval
1986978-0-87795-810-9Jacques MaximinThe Cuisine of Jacques Maximin
  ''978-0-87795-813-0Terry BissonTalking Man
  ''978-0-87795-822-2Guy Gavriel KayThe Darkest Road (Fionavar Tapestry, Book 3)
  ''978-0-87795-823-9Helen SimpsonThe London Ritz Book of Afternoon Tea
  ''978-0-87795-825-3Alan RabinowitzJaguar: Struggle and Triumph in the Jungles of Belize
1986978-0-87795-826-0Anne RiceBelinda
1989978-0-87795-828-4Manuel J. SmithYes, I Can Say No: A Parents Guide to Assertiveness Training for Children
1986978-0-87795-829-1Roger ZelaznyBlood of Amber
  ''978-0-87795-832-1Anthony BurgessThe Pianoplayers
1987978-0-87795-841-3Elmore LeonardBandits
  ''978-0-87795-850-5Philip K. DickMary and the Giant
  ''978-0-87795-851-2George Alec EffingerWhen Gravity Fails
  ''978-0-87795-853-6Mark GallagherExplosion!: Mickey Mantle's legendary home runs
1987978-0-87795-861-1Paul ParkSoldiers of Paradise (Starbridge Chronicles)
  ''978-0-87795-866-6John SharnikInside the Cold War: An Oral History
1986978-0-87795-868-0Bruce SterlingMirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology
1987978-0-87795-870-3Michael SwanwickVacuum Flowers
  ''978-0-87795-881-9Ralph KinerKiner's Korner
  ''978-0-87795-887-1Faye KellermanSacred and Profane
  ''978-0-87795-891-8Isaac Asimov · Greg Bear · Gregory Benford · Martin Gardner · Douglas Hofstadter · Norman Kagan · Larry Niven · Frederik PohlMathenauts: Tales of mathematical wonder
1988978-0-87795-892-5Linda Lay ShulerShe Who Remembers
1987978-0-87795-894-9Orson Scott CardWyrms
1987978-0-87795-900-7Michael Yessis · Michael Yessis · Richard TruboSecrets of Soviet Sports Fitness and Training
1988978-0-87795-902-1Eleanor Cooney · Daniel AltieriThe Court of the Lion: A Novel of the T'Ang Dynasty
1987978-0-87795-905-2Elmore LeonardTouch
  ''978-0-87795-914-4Dudley MooreDudley Moore Off-Beat: My World of Music
  ''978-0-87795-917-5Fred J. SchneiderFred Schneider and Other Unrelated Works
  ''978-0-87795-918-2Gerald R. FordHumor and the Presidency
  ''978-0-87795-921-2Kathryn Cramer · Peter D. PautzThe Architecture of Fear
1987978-0-87795-923-6Ellen KushnerSwordspoint: A Novel
  ''978-0-87795-926-7Roger ZelaznySign of Chaos: The New Amber Novel
  ''978-0-87795-927-4Ed McBainTricks
  ''978-0-87795-928-1James McNairJames McNair's Breakfast
  ''978-0-87795-929-8Ernest K. GannThe Bad Angel
1987978-0-87795-931-1Samuel R DelanyThe Bridge of Lost Desire
1988978-0-87795-937-3Jonathan CarrollBones of the Moon
  ''978-0-87795-938-0Cheryl Crane · Cliff JahrDetour: A Hollywood Story
  ''978-0-87795-945-8Brad LinaweaverMoon of Ice
  ''978-0-87795-947-2Samuel R. DelanyThe Motion of Light in Water: Sex and Science Fiction Writing in the East Village, 1957-1965
  ''978-0-87795-952-6Bruce SterlingIslands in the Net
1988978-0-87795-953-3Michael BishopUnicorn Mountain
  ''978-0-87795-957-1Christine McGuire · Carla NortonPerfect Victim
  ''978-0-87795-959-5Robert Edwin HerzsteinWaldheim: The Missing Years
  ''978-0-87795-960-1Peter C. Whybrow · Robert BahrThe Hibernation Response: Why You Fell Fat, Miserable and Depressed from October Through March, and How You Can Cheer Up Through Those Dark Days of W
1989978-0-87795-965-6Gerald A. BrowneHot Siberian
1988978-0-87795-975-5Elmore LeonardFreaky Deaky
1990978-0-87795-984-7Mike ShatzkinThe Ballplayers: Baseball's Ultimate Biographical Reference
1989978-0-87795-989-2Ted MorganAn Uncertain Hour: The French, the Germans, the Jews, the Klaus Barbie Trial, and the City of Lyon, 1940-1945
  ''978-0-87795-994-6Ed McBainLullaby (An 87th Precinct Novel)