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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1976978-0-87788-816-1Clyde S. KilbyTolkien & The Silmarillion
2000978-0-87788-817-8Henry Van DykeTreasury of Christmas Stories
1994978-0-87788-818-5Charles B. Fulton Jr.Reflections on the Run: 100 Meditations on Faith, Growth, and Commitment
2000978-0-87788-819-2VariousTreasury of Christmas Classics
  ''978-0-87788-820-8Patricia St. JohnStories to Share
1978978-0-87788-821-5Flora LarssonI'm growing Lord!: Prayer conversations with God
2000978-0-87788-822-2Mirian MindemanSong of a Woman's Soul
  ''978-0-87788-823-9Lynn VanderzalmSpiritual Sunlight for the Weary Soul
  ''978-0-87788-824-6Bernard BangleyNear to the Heart of God: Meditations to Draw You Closer
2001978-0-87788-825-3Stephen Arterburn · Jack FeltonToxic Faith
2002978-0-87788-826-0James ReapsomeSong of Songs: A Dialogue of Intimacy (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
978-0-87788-834-5Maximum Friendship: Devotions for Students
1977978-0-87788-837-6David PawsonTell me the truth!
2000978-0-87788-838-3Donald P HustadTrue Worship: Reclaiming the Wonder & Majesty
1992978-0-87788-839-0John GilmoreToo Young to Be Old: Secrets from Bible Seniors on How to Live Long and Well
2000978-0-87788-840-6Elaine K. McEwanTen Traits of Highly Successful Schools
  ''978-0-87788-842-0Dale Larsen · Sandy LarsenUltimate Hope for Changing Times: 8 Studies for Individuals or Groups (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
1984978-0-87788-843-7Madeleine L'EngleThe Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas: An Austin Family Story
2000978-0-87788-844-4Stuart BriscoeGenuine People (Christianity in Practice Series)
2000978-0-87788-845-1Laura L. MainsWisdom from Proverbs (Pocketpac Books)
1995978-0-87788-846-8Dewayne KingI Heard It from the Coach: Energizers and Inspirations
2000978-0-87788-847-5Frank H. FreedBreaking Free When You're Feeling Trapped
  ''978-0-87788-848-2Alice Slaikeu Lawhead · Stephen LawheadThe Total Guide to College Life
  ''978-0-87788-849-9James S. EvansUncommon Gifts: Transforming Learning Disabilities Into Blessings
1991978-0-87788-850-5Joy P. GageA Waiting Legacy (Seventh Child Series/Joy Pennock Gage, Book 3)
2000978-0-87788-851-2Karen Scalf Linamen · Linda HollandWorking Women, Workable Lives
  ''978-0-87788-852-9David P. SeemuthWho Is God?: 12 Studies for Individuals or Groups (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
  ''978-0-87788-853-6Barbara H. Knuckles · Barbara J. Knuckles · David LaPlaca · Ruth E. Van RekenWho Is the Holy Spirit? (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
2000978-0-87788-854-3Stuart BriscoeWhat Works When Life Doesn't
2001978-0-87788-858-1Jeanie MileyWomen at Midlife: Embracing the Challenges (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
2000978-0-87788-859-8Jeanne ZornesWhen I Felt Like a Ragweed, God Saw a Rose
1976978-0-87788-860-4George MacDonaldCreation in Christ (Wheaton literary series)
1989978-0-87788-864-2Alice Lawhead · Steve LawheadThe Ultimate College Student Handbook
2001978-0-87788-865-9Ruth Haley BartonRuth: Relationships That Bring Life (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
1986978-0-87788-875-8J. I. PackerYour Father Loves You: Daily Insights for Knowing God
2000978-0-87788-876-5Carmen Internet Research and Marketing for Writers and Speakers
  ''978-0-87788-887-1David DamicoThe Influential Parent
  ''978-0-87788-888-8Ron WilsonChanging China (An Omf Book)
  ''978-0-87788-889-5Madeleine L'EngleA Winter's Love (Wheaton Literary Series)
1995978-0-87788-890-1Hugh StevensWycliffe in the Making: The Memoirs of W. Cameron Townsend 1920-1933
2000978-0-87788-891-8Hugh StevenDoorway to the World: The Mexico Years (The Memoirs of W. Cameron Townsend)
  ''978-0-87788-892-5Jeanne ZornesSpiritual Spandex for the Outstretched Soul
1980978-0-87788-898-7Carolyn NystromRomans: Christianity on trial: Student edition: 16 inductive studies for young adults (A young fisherman Bible studyguide)
2000978-0-87788-900-7Vinita Hampton Wright · Mary Horner CollinsWomen's Wisdom Through the Ages
1994978-0-87788-901-4Cliff SchimmelsWhere's the Chicken in Kiev?
2000978-0-87788-902-1David L. McKennaWhen Our Parents Need Us Most: Loving Care in the Aging Years
1973978-0-87788-903-8Chuck ChristensenGetting right with God: Studies in Romans
1989978-0-87788-905-2Tom CarrWaiting Hearts: A Story of Extraordinary Love
1990978-0-87788-908-3John R. W. StottWhat Christ Thinks of the Church
1976978-0-87788-909-0Luci ShawThe Secret Trees: Poems
1990978-0-87788-910-6Martha G. StoutWithout Child: A Compassionate Look at Infertility
2001978-0-87788-911-3Larry SibleyWorship: Discovering What Scripture Says (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
2000978-0-87788-912-0Ann Alexander · Fay BlixThe Student Promise Pocketbook (Pocketpac Books)
2000978-0-87788-914-4Ruth E. Van RekenWho Is Jesus?: In His Own Words (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
1986978-0-87788-916-8David Brian Winter · Saint, Bishop of Hippo AugustineWalking into Light
2003978-0-87788-917-5Poppy SmithSpeaking Wisely: Exploring the Power of Words (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
2001978-0-87788-918-2Madeleine L'EngleWalking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art (Wheaton Literary Series)
1971978-0-87788-920-5John EddisonWho died why?
1984978-0-87788-923-6Paula D'ArcyWhere the wind begins
2000978-0-87788-924-3Ruth Ann ParishYour Child's Toddler Years (Parenting)
1984978-0-87788-925-0Paula D'ArcyWhere the Wind Begins
  ''978-0-87788-927-4Rosemary AttleeWilliams Story
1989978-0-87788-929-8Ron RhodesWhen Servants Suffer: Finding Purpose in Pain (Fisherman Bible Study Guides)
2000978-0-87788-931-1Madeleine L'EngleThe Weather of the Heart (Wheaton Literary)
1987978-0-87788-932-8Matthew FlodingWho am I?: A look in the mirror (A Young Fisherman Bible Studyguide)
2000978-0-87788-934-2Amy Harwell · Kristine TomasikWhen Your Friend Gets Cancer: How You Can Help
2001978-0-87788-935-9Grace Ketterman · Patricia HoltWhen You Feel Like Screaming: Help for Frustrated Mothers
  ''978-0-87788-936-6Winnie ChristensenWomen Who Believed God (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
  ''978-0-87788-937-3   ''Women Who Achieved for God (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
1987978-0-87788-938-0Mark R. LittletonWhen God Seems Far Away: Biblical Insight for Common Depression
1999978-0-87788-942-7Mark A. KellnerY2K: Apocalypse or Opportunity?
2001978-0-87788-943-4Ruth Haley BartonWomen Like Us: Wisdom for Today's Issues (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
1988978-0-87788-945-8Julia DuinWholly Single
2000978-0-87788-946-5Vinita Hampton Wright · Carol PlueddemannWorld Shapers
  ''978-0-87788-947-2George CareyWhy I Believe in a Personal God: The Credibility of Faith in a Doubting Culture
1992978-0-87788-948-9Gayle G. RoperWho Cares?: Cultivating the Fine Art of Loving One Another
1992978-0-87788-949-6Dale Larsen · Sandy LarsenWhile Creation Waits: A Christian Response to the Environmental Challenge
1973978-0-87788-969-4Mary KehleYou're Nearly There: Christian Sex Education for Ten-To-Teens
1984978-0-87788-972-4David C. K WatsonYou are my God: A pioneer of renewal recounts his pilgrimage in faith
2000978-0-87788-974-8Gladys HuntYou Can Start a Bible Study: Making Friends, Changing Lives (Fisherman Bible Studyguide Series)
1986978-0-87788-975-5James I. PackerYour Father Loves You: Daily Insights for Knowing God
1999978-0-87788-991-5J. I. PackerThe Collected Shorter Writings of J. I. Packer
1996978-0-87788-997-7Elaine McEwanTools for Parenting-20 Copy Prepak