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1972978-0-87745-022-1Frederick CraneExtant Medieval Musical Instruments: A Provisional Catalogue by Types
1974978-0-87745-043-6Moltke S Gram · E. D. KlemkeThe ontological turn: studies in the philosophy of Gustav Bergmann
1975978-0-87745-054-2Milton M. ReigelmanThe Midland: A Venture in Literary Regionalism
1979978-0-87745-088-7Gerald P TysonJoseph Johnson, a liberal publisher
1980978-0-87745-094-8Wayne C. ThompsonIn the Eye of the Storm: Kurt Riezler and the Crises of Modern Germany
1986978-0-87745-134-1Robert BoswellDancing in the Movies (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
1987978-0-87745-172-3Jack AndersonChoreography Observed
1988978-0-87745-188-4Robert ColesTimes of Surrender: Selected Essays
  ''978-0-87745-192-1Peter J. RosendahlMore Han Ola Og Han Per: A Norwegian American Comic Strip (A Bur Oak book)
  ''978-0-87745-210-2Margaret N. KeyesOld Capitol: Portrait of an Iowa Landmark (Bur Oak Original)
  ''978-0-87745-217-1Michael Martone · David PlowdenA Place Of Sense: Essays In Search Of Midwest
1989978-0-87745-224-9John WoodThe Daguerreotype: A Sesquicentennial Celebration
  ''978-0-87745-238-6Thomas PostlewaitInterpreting The Theatrical Past: Historiography Of Performance (American University Studies. Series 7)
1989978-0-87745-248-5Alan Tormaid CampbellTo Square With Genesis: Casual Statements and Shamanic Ideas in Wayapi
  ''978-0-87745-250-8Paula M. NelsonAfter the West Was Won: Homesteaders and Town-Builders in Western South Dakota, 1900-1917
2005978-0-87745-252-2Charles Elmer FoxTales of an American Hobo (Singular Lives)
1989978-0-87745-255-3Bill KnottOutremer (The Iowa Poetry Prize)
  ''978-0-87745-257-7Cornelia F. MutelFragile Giants: A Natural History of the Loess Hills (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-258-4Robert ColesRumors of Separate Worlds
1990978-0-87745-278-2William M. LearyPilots' Directions: The Transcontinental Airway and Its History (American Land and Life Series)
  ''978-0-87745-296-6Marly SwickA Hole in the Language (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
1990978-0-87745-299-7LAWRENCE I. BERKOVEThe Fighting Horse of the Stanislaus: Stories and Essays by Dan De Quille
1991978-0-87745-312-3Lyell D. Jr. HenryZig-Zag-and-Swirl: Alfred W. Lawson's Quest for Greatness
2000978-0-87745-329-1Carrie YoungNothing to Do But Stay
1991978-0-87745-332-1Edwin Haviland MillerSalem Is My Dwelling Place: Life Of Nathaniel Hawthorne
  ''978-0-87745-334-5John WoodAmerica and the Daguerreotype
  ''978-0-87745-347-5Jean C. PriorLandforms of Iowa (Bur Oak Book)
1992978-0-87745-365-9John Glad · Daniel WeissbortTwentieth-Century Russian Poetry
  ''978-0-87745-369-7Jane Taylor Nelsen · Albert E. StoneA Prairie Populist: The Memoirs of Luna Kellie (Singular Lives)
  ''978-0-87745-377-2Marleen S. BarrFeminist Fabulation: Space/Postmodern Fiction
1992978-0-87745-390-1Paul BaenderA Hero Perished: The Diary and Selected Letters of Nile Kinnick
  ''978-0-87745-391-8Robin RidingtonTrail to Heaven: Knowledge And Narrative In A Northern Native Community
1993978-0-87745-397-0Jane BlumbergMary Shelley's Early Novels: 'This Child of Imagination and Misery'
  ''978-0-87745-399-4Enid ShomerImaginary Men (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
  ''978-0-87745-409-0Jay WoodruffA Piece Of Work: Five Writers Discuss Their Revisions
  ''978-0-87745-410-6Edward Kidder · David E. SchoonoverReceipts of Pastry and Cookery: For the Use of His Scholars (Iowa Szathmary Culinary Arts Series)
1993978-0-87745-413-7John Wood · Merry A. ForestaThe Art of the Autochrome: The Birth of Color Photography
  ''978-0-87745-414-4Kent C. RydenMapping the Invisible Landscape: Folklore, Writing, and the Sense of Place (American Land & Life)
  ''978-0-87745-418-2Emilio F. MoranThrough Amazonian Eyes: The Human Ecology of Amazonian Populations
  ''978-0-87745-431-1Shelton StromquistSolidarity and Survival: An Oral History of Iowa Labor in the Twentieth Century
  ''978-0-87745-439-7Alan NadelMay All Your Fences Have Gates: Essays on the Drama of August Wilson
1994978-0-87745-448-9James S. MoyMarginal Sights: Staging the Chinese in America (Studies Theatre Hist & Culture)
1994978-0-87745-469-4Shirley ShirleyRestoring the Tallgrass Prairie: An Illustrated Manual for Iowa and the Upper Midwest (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-477-9Cornelia F. Mutel · Mary SwanderLand of the Fragile Giants: Landscapes, Environments, and Peoples of the Loess Hills (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-482-3Walter GrunzweigConstructing German Walt Whitman (Iowa Whitman Series)
  ''978-0-87745-483-0Wilbur ZelinskyExploring The Beloved Country: American Society And Culture (American Land and Life)
1995978-0-87745-489-2Tom PiazzaThe Guide to Classic Recorded Jazz
  ''978-0-87745-493-9Shirley Foster · Judy SimonsWhat Katy Read: Feminist Re-Readings of Classic Stories for Girls, 1850-1920
1995978-0-87745-500-4Carolyn Stewart Dyer · Nancy Tillman RomalovRediscovering Nancy Drew
  ''978-0-87745-501-1   ''Rediscovering Nancy Drew
  ''978-0-87745-503-5Sam HalpertRaymond Carver: An Oral Biography
  ''978-0-87745-510-3Ed RobersonVoices Cast Out to Talk Us In (Iowa Poetry Prize)
  ''978-0-87745-511-0John Wood · John R. StilgoeThe Scenic Daguerreotype: Romanticism and Early Photography
1995978-0-87745-517-2Joanne Trautmann BanksBetween the Heartbeats: Poetry and Prose by Nurses (Cambridge Language Education)
  ''978-0-87745-524-0Charles WyattListening to Mozart (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
  ''978-0-87745-527-1Jessie Carroll GrearsonSwaying: Essays on Intercultural Love
1996978-0-87745-528-8Gisli Palsson · E. Paul DurrenbergerImages of Contemporary Iceland: Everyday Lives and Global Contexts
  ''978-0-87745-543-1Richard V. Francaviglia · Wayne FranklinMain Street Revisited: Time, Space, and Image Building in Small-Town America (American Land & Life)
  ''978-0-87745-553-0Dale SalwakThe Literary Biography: Problems and Solutions
1996978-0-87745-554-7Osha Gray DavidsonBroken Heartland: The Rise of America's Rural Ghetto
  ''978-0-87745-556-1George EliotImpressions of Theophrastus Such
  ''978-0-87745-569-1Phil StongState Fair (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-571-4Isabelle MaynardChina Dreams: Growing Up Jewish in Tientsin (Singular Lives)
1997978-0-87745-579-0Hank DavisSmall-Town Heroes: Images of Minor League Baseball
  ''978-0-87745-584-4Veronica Lorson FowlerGardening in Iowa and Surrounding Areas (Bur Oak Book)
1997978-0-87745-591-2Roberta S. TritesWaking Sleeping Beauty: Feminist Voices in Children's Novels
  ''978-0-87745-593-6Jack AndersonChoreography Observed
  ''978-0-87745-594-3Professor Emeritus of English Carl H KlausWeathering Winter: A Gardener's Daybook (Bur Oak Original)
  ''978-0-87745-608-7Erika Fischer-LichteThe Show and the Gaze of Theatre: A European Perspective (Studies Theatre Hist & Culture)
  ''978-0-87745-609-4Richard V. Francaviglia · Wayne FranklinHard Places: Reading the Landscape of America's Historic Mining Districts (American Land & Life)
1998978-0-87745-628-5Ezra E.H. GriffithRace and Excellence: My Dialogue with Chester Pierce
1998978-0-87745-638-4Angela Belli · Jack CoulehanBlood and Bone: Poems by Physicians
  ''978-0-87745-639-1Wayne I. AndersonIowa'S Geological Past: Three Billion Years Of Change (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-640-7   ''Iowa'S Geological Past: Three Billion Years Of Change (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-642-1Mark BrazaitisThe River of Lost Voices: Stories from Guatemala (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
  ''978-0-87745-644-5James A. CliftonThe Prairie People: Continuity and Change in Potawatomi Indian Culture, 1665-1965
1998978-0-87745-646-9Osha Gray DavidsonUnder Fire: The Nra and the Battle for Gun Control
  ''978-0-87745-652-0Mary SwanderDriving the Body Back (Bur Oak Book)
1999978-0-87745-659-9Cole SwensenTry (Iowa Poetry Prize)
  ''978-0-87745-664-3Kathleen PeirceThe Oval Hour (Iowa Poetry Prize)
  ''978-0-87745-668-1Robert DanaA Community of Writers: Paul Engle and the Iowa Writers' Workshop
  ''978-0-87745-669-8David M. BergeronKing James and Letters of Homoerotic Desire
2003978-0-87745-671-1Clary IllianA Potter's Workbook
1999978-0-87745-673-5Susan A. NilesThe Shape of Inca History: Narrative and Architecture in an Andean Empire
1999978-0-87745-675-9John WoodAmerica and the Daguerreotype
  ''978-0-87745-676-6Drake HokansonThe Lincoln Highway: Main Street across America
2000978-0-87745-681-0Lynn M. AlexIowa's Archaeological Past (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-683-4Mark MullerPrairie in Your Pocket: A Guide to Plants of the Tallgrass Prairie (Bur Oak Guide)
1999978-0-87745-686-5Anat FeinbergEmbodied Memory: The Theatre of George Tabori (Studies Theatre Hist & Culture)
  ''978-0-87745-687-2Pamela Gemin · Paula SergiBoomer Girls: Poems by Women from the Baby Boom Generation
  ''978-0-87745-692-6Nancy ReismanHouse Fires (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
2000978-0-87745-700-8Gretchen M. Bataille · David Mayer Gradwohl · Charles L. P. SiletThe Worlds between Two Rivers: Perspectives on American Indians in Iowa
2000978-0-87745-702-2Liz WaldnerA Point Is That Which Has No Part (Iowa Poetry Prize)
  ''978-0-87745-704-6Larissa SzporlukIsolato (Iowa Poetry Prize)
  ''978-0-87745-706-0Johannes GillhoffLetters of a German American Farmer: Juernjakob Swehn Travels to America (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-707-7Carl H. KlausMy Vegetable Love: A Journal of a Growing Season (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-710-7Benjamin McArthurActors and American Culture 1880-1920 (Studies In Theatre History and Culture)
2000978-0-87745-713-8Wilson J. WarrenStruggling With Iowas Pride: Labor Relations, Unionism, and Politics in the Rural Midwest since 1877
  ''978-0-87745-717-6Carrie Young · Felicia YoungPrairie Cooks: Glorified Rice Three-Day Buns (Bur Oak Original)
  ''978-0-87745-718-3Carrie YoungThe Wedding Dress
  ''978-0-87745-719-0Johannes GillhoffLetters Of German American Farmer: Juernjakob Swehn Travels To America (Bur Oak Book)
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2000978-0-87745-723-7Frank P DonovanIowa Railroads: The Essays of Frank P. Donovan, Jr. (Bur Oak Books)
  ''978-0-87745-727-5John McNallyTroublemakers
  ''978-0-87745-737-4Freddie RokemPerforming History: Theatrical Representations of the Past in
2001978-0-87745-739-8Sheila Coghill · Thom TammaroVisiting Emily: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Emily Dickinson
  ''978-0-87745-740-4Jessie Carroll Grearson · Lauren B. SmithLove in a Global Village: A Celebration of Intercultural Families in the Midwest
2000978-0-87745-742-8Martha Moore DavisSarah's Seasons: An Amish Diary and Conversation
2001978-0-87745-745-9Carl KurtzA Practical Guide to Prairie Reconstruction
  ''978-0-87745-747-3Virgil Suarez · Ryan G. Van CleaveAmerican Diaspora: Poetry of Displacement
2001978-0-87745-750-3Wilbur ZelinskyThe Enigma of Ethnicity: Another American Dilemma
  ''978-0-87745-755-8Noah BlausteinMotion: American Sports Poems
  ''978-0-87745-757-2James Hearst · Scott Cawelti · Nancy PriceThe Complete Poetry of James Hearst
  ''978-0-87745-758-9Hugh H. GenowaysA Perfect Picture of Hell: Eyewitness Accounts by Civil War Prisoners from the 12th Iowa
  ''978-0-87745-761-9Mark A. HeberleA Trauma Artist: Tim O'Brien and the Fiction of Vietnam
2001978-0-87745-763-3Sherrie A. InnessDinner Roles: American Women and Culinary Culture
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  ''978-0-87745-775-6Cole SwensenSuch Rich Hour (Kuhl House Poets)
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2001978-0-87745-789-3Rebecca ConardBenjamin Shambaugh and the Intellectual Foundations of Public Hisory
2002978-0-87745-793-0Mark MullerWoodland in Your Pocket: A Guide to Common Woodland Plants of the Midwest (Bur Oak Guide)
  ''978-0-87745-795-4Charles Harper WebbStand Up Poetry: An Expanded Anthology
2000978-0-87745-797-8Catherine JulienReading Inca History
1969978-0-87745-799-2Todd L. SavittMedical Readers' Theater: A Guide and Scripts
2002978-0-87745-803-6Steven RosendaleThe Greening Of Literary Scholarship: Literature, Theory, and he Environment
  ''978-0-87745-807-4Karen VolkmanSpar (Iowa Poetry Prize)
  ''978-0-87745-812-8Marilyn Arnold · Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill · Kristen TracyA Chorus for Peace: A Global Anthology of Poetry by Women
  ''978-0-87745-813-5Leslie A. LovelessA Bountiful Harvest: The Midwestern Farm Photographs of Pete Wettach, 1925-1965 (Bur Oak Book)
2002978-0-87745-816-6Helaine SilvermanAncient Nasca Settlement
  ''978-0-87745-820-3Robyn SchiffWorth (Kuhl House Poets)
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2003978-0-87745-834-0Michael P. Harker · Jim HeynenHarker's Barns: Visions of an American Icon (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-836-4Elisabeth A. FrostThe Feminist Avant-Garde In American Poetry
2003978-0-87745-843-2Steve & Diane Hendrix & DebinskiButterflies in Your Pocket: A Guide to the Butterflies of the Upper Midwest (Bur Oak Guide)
  ''978-0-87745-845-6David LazarThe Body of Brooklyn (Sightline Books)
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2003978-0-87745-852-4Dorothy Schweider · Joseph Hraba · Elmer SchwiederBuxton: A Black Utopia in the Heartland, An Expanded Edition (Bur Oak Book)
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2004978-0-87745-857-9Roberta S. TritesDisturbing the Universe: Power and Repression in Adolescent Literature
  ''978-0-87745-861-6John MadsonWhere The Sky Began: Land of the Tallgrass Prairie (Bur Oak Book)
2003978-0-87745-864-7Norman E WhittenMillennial Ecuador: Critical Essays Cultural Transformations
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2003978-0-87745-869-2Ryan HartyBring Me Your Saddest Arizona (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
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2004978-0-87745-873-9Linda A. KinnahanLyric Interventions: Feminism, Experimental Poetry, and Contemporary Discourse
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2004978-0-87745-888-3Donald M. And Lois H. Huffman & TiffanyMushrooms in Your Pocket: A Guide to the Mushrooms of Iowa, 10 Pack P.O.P Display (Bur Oak Guide)
2004978-0-87745-890-6John A. & Keith A. Jakle & SculleSigns in America's Auto Age: Signatures of Landscape and Place (American Land & Life)
  ''978-0-87745-894-4Ellen Fitzsimmons SteinbergIrma: A Chicago Woman's Story, 1871-1966
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2004978-0-87745-904-0Marilyn AbildskovThe Men in My Country (Sightline Books)
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2004978-0-87745-913-2Leslie A. LovelessChildren on the Farm: A Postcard Book of Photographs by Pete Wettach (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-914-9   ''From the Heartland: A Postcard Book of Photographs by Pete Wettach (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-916-3Elayne ZornWeaving a Future: Tourism, Cloth, and Culture on an Andean Island
2005978-0-87745-920-0Frieda E. KnoblochBotanical Companions: A Memoir of Plants and Place (American Land & Life)
  ''978-0-87745-926-2John TullochShakespeare and Chekhov in Production and Reception: Theatrical Events and Their Audiences (Studies Theatre Hist & Culture)
  ''978-0-87745-927-9Susan WheelerLedger (Iowa Poetry Prize)
2005978-0-87745-929-3Elisabeth A. FrostThe Feminist Avant-Garde in American Poetry
  ''978-0-87745-930-9Paula M NelsonThe Prairie Winnows Out Its Own: The West River Country of South Dakota in the Years of Depression and Dust
  ''978-0-87745-931-6Gordon F. McEwanPikillacta: The Wari Empire in Cuzco
  ''978-0-87745-934-7W. C. HarrisE Pluribus Unum: Nineteenth-Century American Literature and the Constitutional Paradox
  ''978-0-87745-935-4Mark MullerWetlands in Your Pocket: A Guide to Common Plants and Animals of Midwestern Wetlands (Bur Oak Guide)
2005978-0-87745-938-5Daniel ShealyAlcott in Her Own Time: A Biographical Chronicle of Her LIfe, Drawn from Recollections, Interviews, and Memoirs by Family, Friends, and Associates (Writers in Their Own Time)
  ''978-0-87745-939-2David Starkey · Paul J. WillisIn a Fine Frenzy: Poets Respond to Shakespeare
  ''978-0-87745-940-8David Starkey · Paul J. WillisIn a Fine Frenzy: Poets Respond to Shakespeare
  ''978-0-87745-941-5Charlotte M. CanningThe Most American Thing in America: Circuit Chautauqua as Performance (Studies Theatre Hist & Culture)
  ''978-0-87745-943-9M. Emilia RockwellA Home in the West: Or, Emigration and Its Consequences (Bur Oak Book)
2005978-0-87745-946-0Cole SwensenThe Book of a Hundred Hands (Kuhl House Poets)
  ''978-0-87745-947-7Valentina Polukhina · Daniel WeissbortAn Anthology of Contemporary Russian Women Poets
  ''978-0-87745-949-1William A. SundayThe Sawdust Trail: Billy Sunday in His Own Words (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-950-7Douglas TrevorThe Thin Tear In The Fabric Of Space (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
  ''978-0-87745-955-2J. Scott BrysonThe West Side of Any Mountain: Place, Space, and Ecopoetry
2005978-0-87745-957-6John C. Gerber · Carolyn B. Brown · James Kaufmann · James B. Lindberg Jr.A Pictorial History of the University of Iowa: An Expanded Edition (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-959-0W. A. FirstenbergerIn Rare Form: A Pictorial History of Baseball Evangelist Billy Sunday
  ''978-0-87745-962-0Sheila Coghill · Thom Tammaro · Jay PariniVisiting Frost: Poems Inspired by the Life and Work of Robert Frost
2006978-0-87745-964-4Jennifer Cognard-Black · Elizabeth MacLeod WallsKindred Hands: Letters on Writing by British and American Women Authors, 1865-1935
2005978-0-87745-968-2Pamela GeminSweeping Beauty: Contemporary Women Poets Do Housework
2006978-0-87745-971-2Carl H. KlausLetters to Kate: Life after Life (Sightline Books)
  ''978-0-87745-975-0Dana GardnerRaptors in Your Pocket: A Guide to Great Plains Birds of Prey (10-pack) (Bur Oak Guide)
  ''978-0-87745-976-7Timothy GrayGary Snyder and the Pacific Rim: Creating Countercultural Community (Contemp North American Poetry)
2006978-0-87745-979-8Donald A. ProulxA Sourcebook of Nasca Ceramic Iconography: Reading a Culture through Its Art
  ''978-0-87745-981-1Joshua Marie WilkinsonLug Your Careless Body out of the Careful Dusk: A Poem in Fragments (Iowa Poetry Prize)
  ''978-0-87745-988-0Craig Crist-Evans · Roger Weingarten · Kate FetherstonManthology: Poems on the Male Experience
  ''978-0-87745-989-7Claudia McGeheeA Woodland Counting Book (Bur Oak Book)
  ''978-0-87745-991-0Jim TomlinsonThings Kept, Things Left Behind (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
2006978-0-87745-992-7Kevin MoffettPermanent Visitors (Iowa Short Fiction Award)
2007978-0-87745-996-5Huston DiehlDream Not of Other Worlds: Teaching in a Segregated Elementary School,1970 (Sightline Books)
  ''978-0-87745-999-6Abigail FoerstnerJames Van Allen: The First Eight Billion Miles