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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-0-87728-777-3Phillip CooperThe Magickian: A Study in Effective Magick
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1993978-0-87728-781-0Howard MurphetWalking the Path With Sai Baba
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1994978-0-87728-788-9Francesca RossettiPsycho Regression: A New System for Healing & Personal Growth
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1995978-0-87728-791-9Phyllis KrystalCutting the Ties That Bind: Growing Up and Moving On
1993978-0-87728-792-6Phyllis KrystalCUTTING MORE TIES THAT BIND: Letting Go of Fear, Anger, Guilt, and Jealousy so We Can Educate Our Children and Change Ourselves
1994978-0-87728-793-3   ''Taming Our Monkey Mind: Insight, Detachment, Identity
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1994978-0-87728-808-4Karen HamakerZondagFoundations of Personality: Combining Elements, Crosses, and Houses With Jungian Psychological Concepts in Horoscope Interpretation
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1991978-0-87728-816-9Z'Ev Ben Shimon HaleviIntroduction to the Cabala
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