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1993978-0-87720-018-5Jerry Cohen · Anthony V Deutsch · SorrentinoAchieving Competence in Science
  ''978-0-87720-029-1Gail SteinFrench Is Fun: Lively Lessons for Advancing Students Book 2 (French Edition)
1994978-0-87720-041-3Eli Blume · Gail SteinFrench Three Years Workbook (R 588 W)
2002978-0-87720-045-1Paul S. Cohen · Jerry Deutsch · Anthony V. SorrentinoScience Proficiency Review: Preparing for Your Exit Level Test
  ''978-0-87720-049-9Carl M. RaabReviewing Biology: With Sample exminations
1998978-0-87720-071-0Thomas F. GreenMarine Science (451P)
2002978-0-87720-073-4Thomas F. GreenMarine Science
  ''978-0-87720-075-8Stefano Morel · Rosanne Pulvirenti Lazarus · Valery Punturo LevyPasso Avanti in Italiano (Italian Edition)
  ''978-0-87720-076-5   ''Passo Avanti in Italiano: A Communicative Second Course (Italian Edition)
2002978-0-87720-077-2Stefano Morel · Rosanne Pulvirenti Lazarus · Valerie Punturo LevyQuaderno Di Esercizi: Passo Avanti in Italiano (Italian Edition)
  ''978-0-87720-086-4Benicia BacinoItalian Comprehensive Practice and Testing (Italian Edition)
1997978-0-87720-089-5Joseph Tursi · Paul D. CininnatoItalian Two and Three Year Workbook
1998978-0-87720-093-2Joanne Perrotta Pauselli · Stefano MorelAvanti Con Iitaliano: A Communicative Course (Italian Edition)
  ''978-0-87720-095-6Joanne Perrotta PauselliAvanti Con L Italiano: Quaderno Desercizi (Italian Edition)
  ''978-0-87720-096-3Avanti Con L'italiano-teacher's Manual Second Edition
2001978-0-87720-097-0Maria Procopio-Demas · Mariastella CocchiaraUn Estate Tutta Diversa (Italian Edition)
2002978-0-87720-131-1Marvin Wasserman · Carol WassermanSusana Y Javier En Sudamerica (Spanish Edition)
1994978-0-87720-135-9Abby KanterLA Gran Aventura De Alejandro (Spanish Edition)
1996978-0-87720-139-7Nancy Levy-Konesky · Robert J. NassiSpanish: First Year (Spanish Edition)
1997978-0-87720-140-3Heywood WaldSpanish Is Fun: Book A (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-87720-142-7Robert J. NassiSpanish First Year: Review Text (New Edition) (Spanish Edition)
1997978-0-87720-144-1Heywood WaldSpanish Is Fun: Book A (Spanish Edition)
1989978-0-87720-166-3Charlotte A. Resnick · Gloria R. ResnickTo Your Good Health!
2003978-0-87720-188-5Amsco School Pubns IncReviewing Science
1972978-0-87720-220-2Isadore DresslerAlgebra 2 and Trigonometry
1997978-0-87720-230-1Isidore Dressler · Edward P. KeenanIntegrated Mathematics: Course 1
1989978-0-87720-253-0Edward P. Keenan · Ann Xavier GantertIntegrated Mathematics Course III
  ''978-0-87720-266-0Isidore Dressler · Edward KeenanIntegrated Mathematics Course, 1
1993978-0-87720-283-7Ann Xavier Ganert · Howard BrennerFoundations for Advanced Mathematics
1994978-0-87720-292-9Isadore Dressler · Mitchell Bernstein · Marilyn OcchiogrossoAlgebra I: An Integrated Approach (600H)
1995978-0-87720-295-0Marilyn OcchiogrossoIntegrated Mathematics: Introductory Course
1976978-0-87720-376-6Harold LevineVocabulary and Composition Through Pleasurable Reading
1983978-0-87720-447-3Harold LevineVocabulary for the College Bound Student (Second ed, R 573 H)
1981978-0-87720-453-4Eli BlumeFrench First Year (Workbook Edition)
1970978-0-87720-460-2   ''Cours Superieur De Francais (R 126P)
  ''978-0-87720-462-6   ''Cours Superieur De Francais (Workbook)
1973978-0-87720-468-8   ''Douzes Contes De Maupassant (French Edition)
1981978-0-87720-470-1Eli BlumeFrench Two Years
1985978-0-87720-476-3LubkeDictionnaire Scolaire Du Francais (French Edition)
1986978-0-87720-479-4Huguette ZahlerUn Ete Pas Comme Les Autres (French Edition)
1987978-0-87720-483-1ZahlerLe Vol De LA Jocande
1989978-0-87720-492-3Huguette ZahlerUne Mysterieuse Disparition (French Edition)
1991978-0-87720-496-1Gail Stein · Haywood WaldFrench Is Fun Book 1
1998978-0-87720-497-8Gail Stein · Heywood WaldFrench Is Fun: Lively Lessons for Beginners
2002978-0-87720-503-6Robert J. NassiWorkbook in Spanish First Year (Primer Libro)
1969978-0-87720-505-0   ''Review Text in Spanish Two Years (segundo libro) (Spanish and English Edition)
  ''978-0-87720-506-7Robert J. Nassi · Bernard BernsteinSegundo Libro: Workbook in Spanish Two Years, 2nd Edition
1966978-0-87720-509-8R. NassiWorkbook in Spanish Three Years (Revised Edition)
1973978-0-87720-519-7Robert J. NassiWorkbook in Spanish First Year
1984978-0-87720-525-8Emily BoydRealidad Y Fantasia (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-87720-526-5WassermanCurso Segundo (Spanish Edition)
1988978-0-87720-536-4Stephen L. Levy · Robert J. NassiThe Nassi/Levy Spanish Three Years Workbook
  ''978-0-87720-537-1Robert J. NassiSpanish Three Years Review Text
1989978-0-87720-539-5Heywood WaldSpanish is Fun: Book 2: Lively Lessons for Advancing Students (English and Spanish Edition)
1990978-0-87720-541-8Marvin Wasserman · Carol WassermanCurso Tercero (Spanish Edition)
1991978-0-87720-544-9Ph.D. Heywood WaldSpanish Is Fun: Book One (English and Spanish Edition)
1989978-0-87720-550-0John TraupmanLatin Is Fun, Book 1
1966978-0-87720-551-7Charles I. FreundlichReview Text in Latin First Year (Latin Edition)
1963978-0-87720-553-1Charles L. FreundlichWorkbook In Latin: First Year
1966978-0-87720-555-5Charles I. FreundlichReview Text in Latin Two Years (Latin Edition)
  ''978-0-87720-556-2   ''Workbook in Latin Two Years
1967978-0-87720-558-6   ''Review Text in Latin Three and Four Years (Latin Edition)
1994978-0-87720-561-6John TraupmanNew College Latin and English Dictionary
1995978-0-87720-563-0Elaine S. Robbins · Kathryn R. AshworthDiscovering Languages, Latin
1995978-0-87720-565-4John C. TraupmanLatin Is Fun: Book 2
  ''978-0-87720-567-8John C. TraupmanLatin Is Fun Book 2: Teacher's Manual with Answers
1994978-0-87720-577-7Harryf Reinert · Walter KleinmannGerman Second and Third Years
1981978-0-87720-584-5John C. TraupmanNew College German and English Dictionary
1979978-0-87720-590-6Angelo GimondoItalian First Year (English and Italian Edition)
2002978-0-87720-593-7   ''Italian First Year (Italian Edition)
1988978-0-87720-597-5Concetta Guiliano · Heywood WaldItalian Is Fun: Lively Lessons for Beginners, Book 1 (English and Italian Edition)
1990978-0-87720-604-0Irving L. GordonWorld History Review Text
1986978-0-87720-606-4Irving L. GordonReview Text in American History
1977978-0-87720-620-0Henry Abraham · Irwin PfefferEnjoying World History
1990978-0-87720-624-8Irving L. GordonWorld History
1995978-0-87720-634-7Henry Abraham · Irwin PfefferEnjoying American History
1986978-0-87720-642-2Paul M. Roberts · Paula Angle FranklinComprehensive United States History
1990978-0-87720-662-0LuvineVocabulary for Enjoyment, Book 1
  ''978-0-87720-663-7   ''Vocabulary for Enjoyment, Book 2
1987978-0-87720-666-8Joan D. Berbrich13 Steps to Better Writing
1990978-0-87720-670-5LuvineVocabulary for Enjoyment, Book 3
1969978-0-87720-711-5Jane AustenPride and Prejudice (Amsco Literature Series Gr 7-12)
  ''978-0-87720-719-1Henry David ThoreauWalden
1970978-0-87720-729-0Walter, Sir ScottIvanhoe
1976978-0-87720-735-1Frank NorrisPit: A Story of Chicago
2002978-0-87720-762-7Harold LevineVocabulary for the College Bound Student (Item #12-2378)
1992978-0-87720-768-9Harold Levine · Norman Levine · Robert T. LevineVocabulary for the College Bound Student
  ''978-0-87720-769-6Harold LevineVocabulary and Composition Through Pleasurable Reading 1
  ''978-0-87720-770-2Harold Levine · Norman LevineVocabulary and Composition Through Pleasurable Reading, Book II
1988978-0-87720-775-7Henry I. Christ · Jerome ShostakShort Stories
1989978-0-87720-778-8Henry I. ChristBuilding Power in Reading and Writing
1989978-0-87720-782-5Harold LevineVocabulary for the High School Student: Book A
2002978-0-87720-783-2Henry I ChristMyths and Folklore
1990978-0-87720-786-3John MarcatentTales from World Epics
1991978-0-87720-793-1Harold Levine · Robert Levine · Norman T. LevineVocabulary for the High School Student Book B
1975978-0-87720-800-6Charles DickensCharles Dickens: Great Expectations With Readers Guide
1970978-0-87720-801-3William ShakespeareHamlet: With Reader's Guide
  ''978-0-87720-802-0William ShakespeareJulius Caesar With Reader's Guide
1972978-0-87720-803-7   ''Macbeth with Readers Guide
1970978-0-87720-808-2Nathaniel HawthorneThe Scarlet Letter: With Reader's Guide
1971978-0-87720-813-6Charles Dickens · Henry I. ChristA Tale of Two Cities (Amsco Literature Program)
1972978-0-87720-816-7Mark TwainAdventures of Huckleberry Finn With Reader's Guide (Amsco Literature Program Series Grade 7-12)
1974978-0-87720-821-1William ShakespeareRomeo and Juliet with Reader's Guide
  ''978-0-87720-828-0   ''Romeo and Juliet With Reader's Guide
1970978-0-87720-833-4   ''Hamlet With Readers Guide
2002978-0-87720-835-8William ShakespeareMacbeth: With Readers Guide
1988978-0-87720-845-7HomerThe Odyssey
1989978-0-87720-847-1Jane AustenPride and Prejudice
  ''978-0-87720-852-5Irving L. GordonAmerican History
1999978-0-87720-854-9Milton FinkelsteinGlobal Geography
1998978-0-87720-855-6Henry BrunGlobal Studies: Civilizations of the Past and Present
  ''978-0-87720-857-0Paul M. RobertsReview Text in United States History
1995978-0-87720-862-4Steven L. JantzenGovernment for Everybody
  ''978-0-87720-884-6William Sanford · Carl R. GreenPsychology: A Way to Grow (Item #12-6519)
1996978-0-87720-890-7Henry Abraham · Irwin PfefferEnjoying Global History
1992978-0-87720-936-2Jane Eyre
2004978-0-87720-938-6Thomas F. GreenMarine Science
  ''978-0-87720-939-3   ''Marine Science