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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1973978-0-87714-006-1John X. StrauzYour Vizsla (Your dog books)
1976978-0-87714-039-9Girard A. JacobiYour Cairn Terrier (Your Dog Books)
1977978-0-87714-058-0Inez Haynes IrwinThe Story of Alice Paul and the National Women's Party
1978978-0-87714-059-7Marie A. MooreMastiff (Your dog books)
1981978-0-87714-077-1Claire D. McLeanThe Bouvier Des Flandres
1992978-0-87714-173-0Herman Pierce · Thel Spencer · Jackie IsabellSheriff Takes the Stand
1994978-0-87714-180-8Thel SpencerMiss Muffins Lost: The Polly Guidorzi Story
1997978-0-87714-183-9Ena Tarrasch · Thel SpencerFarewell to Fear: The Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor
2001978-0-87714-203-4Seeleg LesterCobb's Choice
  ''978-0-87714-232-4Margrete Grey WolfDreamers
2004978-0-87714-328-4Dave EberhartSpore (Worse Case Scenario Series)
  ''978-0-87714-333-8Dave EberhartEnd Times (Worse Case Scenario Series)
  ''978-0-87714-336-9Harry GerstenekerWarehouse of Death
2005978-0-87714-343-7Norman S. GiddanFuture Imperfect
  ''978-0-87714-348-2Tim, Jr. LinehanDrums of Courage
2005978-0-87714-349-9Alan H. NeffBlauser's Building
2001978-0-87714-713-8Susan Hoag StophelFour Ingredients: Turn Up the Burn
2005978-0-87714-943-9Irene ZerebkoCricket and the Vicar's Stolen Pipe (Cricket Mystery Series)
  ''978-0-87714-945-3Bernard AlbertsonAngry Angel