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1987978-0-87628-107-9Kathleen Pullan Watkins · Lucius, Jr. DurantPreschool Director's Staff Development Handbook
1992978-0-87628-110-9Sharon NeumayrAmerican Literature Activities Kit: Ready-To-Use Worksheets for Secondary Students
  ''978-0-87628-111-6Helen D. HumeArt History & Appreciation Activities Kit: Ready-To-Use Lessons, Slides, and Projects for Secondary Students/Book and Slides
1993978-0-87628-114-7John Wilson SwopeReady-To-Use Activities for Teaching Romeo & Juliet (Shakespeare Teacher's Activity Library)
1994978-0-87628-115-4   ''Ready-To-Use Activities for Teaching Macbeth (Shakespeare Teacher's Activities Library)
  ''978-0-87628-116-1   ''Ready-To-Use Activities for Teaching Hamlet (Shakespeare Teacher's Activities Library)
1993978-0-87628-117-8   ''Ready-To-Use Activities for Teaching Julius Caesar (Shakespeare Teacher's Activity Library)
1994978-0-87628-119-2Jean R. Feldman Ph.DComplete Handbook of Indoor and Outdoor Games and Activities for Young Children
1998978-0-87628-120-8Verna Stassevitch · Patricia Stemmler · Rita Shotwell · Marian WirthReady-to-Use Activities for Before and After School Programs
1994978-0-87628-123-9Susan S. PetresheneBrain Teasers!: Over 180 Quick Activities & Worksheets That Make Kids THINK
1996978-0-87628-125-3Jack UmstatterBrain Games!: Ready-to-Use Activities That Make Thinking Fun for Grades 6 - 12
1997978-0-87628-131-4Sonia M. HeltonElementary Math Teachers Book of Lists
1998978-0-87628-134-5George WatsonClassroom Discipline Problem Solver: Ready-to-Use Techniques & Materials for Managing All Kinds of Behavior Problems
1995978-0-87628-142-0James F. SilverReady-to-Use American History Activities for Grades 5-12
1998978-0-87628-144-4Grad L. FlickADD / ADHD Behavior-Change Resource Kit: Ready-to-Use Strategies and Activities for Helping Children with Attention Deficit Disorder
1986978-0-87628-149-9Claudia KrauseAlphabetivities: 175 Ready-To-Use Activities from A to Z
1990978-0-87628-238-0Mary A. Sobut · Bonnie Neuman BogenComplete Early Childhood Curriculum Resource: Success-Oriented Learning Experiences for All Children
  ''978-0-87628-240-3Arden DruceComplete Library Skills Activities Program: Ready-To-Use Lessons for Grades K-6
1985978-0-87628-248-9Randall S. SprickDiscipline in the Secondary Classroom: A Problem-by-Problem Survival Guide
1990978-0-87628-250-2Judy Galloway · Lynette Ivey · Gloria ValsterDaily Plans for Active Preschoolers: 80 Ready-To-Use Daily Activity Plans for Children Ages 3-5
1999978-0-87628-262-5Norman Herr · James CunninghamHands-On Chemistry Activities with Real-Life Applications: Easy-to-Use Labs and Demonstrations for Grades 8-12
1993978-0-87628-263-2Patricia Rizzo TonerConsumer Health and Safety Activities (Just for the Health of It!, Unit 1)
  ''978-0-87628-265-6Patricia Rizzo TonerDiet and Nutrition Activities: Just for the Health of It, Unit 2 (Health Curriculum Activities Library)
1995978-0-87628-268-7Abby Barry Bergman · William GreeneThe Complete School-Age Child Care Resource Kit: Practical Guidelines, Materials and Activities for Implementing a Quality Sacc Program
1997978-0-87628-275-5Wilma H. MillerComplete Reading Disabilities Handbook: Ready-to-Use Techniques for Teaching Reading Disabled Students
1995978-0-87628-279-3Joan M. HarwellReady-to-Use Information & Materials for Assessing Specific Learning Disabilities: Vol. 1
1995978-0-87628-280-9Joan M. HarwellReady To Use Tools & Materials for Remediating Specific Learning Disabilities (Complete Learning Disabilities Library, Vol. II)
1993978-0-87628-297-7Barbara Farley Bannister · Janice B. CarlileElementary School Librarian's Survival Guide: Ready-To-Use Tips, Techniques, and Materials to Help You Save Time and Work in Virtually Every Aspect
1992978-0-87628-303-5Ruth RiceEnglish Teacher's Book of Instant Word Games
1993978-0-87628-304-2Michael L. RoaEnvironmental Science Activities Kit: Ready-To-Use Lessons, Labs, and Worksheets for Grades 7-12 (J-B Ed: Activities)
1990978-0-87628-305-9Elizabeth ClaireESL Teacher's Holiday Activities Kit
1996978-0-87628-384-4Gary Robert Muschla · Judith A. MuschlaHands-On Math Projects with Real Life Applications: Ready-to-Use Lessons and Materials for Grades 6-12 (J-B Ed: Hands On)
1998978-0-87628-386-8Frances McBroom Thompson Ed.D.Hands-On Algebra: Ready-To-Use Games & Activities for Grades 7-12
  ''978-0-87628-390-5Roberta Seckler Brown · Susan CareyHands-On Alphabet Activities for Young Children: A Whole Language Plus Phonics Approach to Reading
1996978-0-87628-399-8Sandra F. Rief · Julie A. HeimburgeHow To Reach & Teach All Students in the Inclusive Classroom: Ready-to-Use Strategies Lessons & Activities Teaching Students with Diverse Learning Needs (J-B Ed: Reach and Teach)
1993978-0-87628-413-1Sandra F. RiefHow to Reach and Teach ADD/ADHD Children: Practical Techniques, Strategies, and Interventions for Helping Children with Attention Problems and Hyperactivity (J-B Ed: Reach and Teach)
1996978-0-87628-417-9John H. ThompsonHooked on World History!: 101 Ready-To-Use Puzzle Activities Based on World History from Prehistoric Times to the Present
  ''978-0-87628-418-6John H. ThompsonHooked on American History!: 101 Crossword Puzzle Activities Based on U.S. History from Pre-Exploration to the 1990's
1998978-0-87628-434-6Julia G. ThompsonDiscipline Survival Kit for the Secondary Teacher (J-B Ed: Survival Guides)
  ''978-0-87628-473-5Ruth Weltmann BegunReady-to-Use Social Skills Lessons & Activities for Grades 1-3
  ''978-0-87628-474-2Ruth Weltmann BegunReady-to-Use Social Skills Lessons & Activities for Grades 4 - 6
1995978-0-87628-475-9   ''Ready-to-Use Social Skills Lessons & Activities for Grades 7-12
1999978-0-87628-482-7Jack UmstatterReady-to-Use Word Activities: Unit 1, Includes 90 Sequential Activities for Building Better Word Skills in Grades 6 through 12
1999978-0-87628-484-1Jack UmstatterReady-to-Use Paragraph Writing Activities, Unit 3 (Writing Skills Curriculum Library)
1991978-0-87628-505-3Carol A. PoppeLanguage Arts Learning Centers Prim Grds
1990978-0-87628-512-1Abby Barry BergmanLearning Center Activities for the Full-Day Kindergarten
1991978-0-87628-547-3Darlene MannixLife Skills Activities for Special Children
1997978-0-87628-554-1Judie L. H. StroufThe Literature Teacher's Book Of Lists (J-B Ed: Book of Lists)
  ''978-0-87628-565-7James RodgersPlay Director's Survival Kit
1998978-0-87628-566-4Judith A. Muschla · Gary Robert MuschlaMath Starters!: 5- To 10-Minute Activities That Make Kids Think, Grades 6-12
1991978-0-87628-574-9Carole CookMath Learning Centers for the Primary Grades
1985978-0-87628-583-1Susan S. PetresheneMind Joggers! 5- to 15- Minute Activities That Make Kids Think: 5- to 15- Minute Activities that Make Kids Think
1994978-0-87628-587-9Dwila Bloom · Vincent WalterMulticultural Art Activities Kit
1997978-0-87628-589-3Dwila BloomAmerica: Ready-To-Use Interdisciplinary Lessons & Activites for Grades 5-12 (Social Studies Curriculum Activities Library)
  ''978-0-87628-592-3Gary Robert MuschlaReading Workshop Survival Kit
1991978-0-87628-605-0Barbara Farley BannisterThe New Elementary School Librarian's Almanac
1987978-0-87628-721-7Ruth V. SnoddonReady-To-Use Library Skills Games: Reproducible Activities for Building Location and Literature Skills
1988978-0-87628-722-4Sue Jones ErlenbuschReading Activities for Every Month of the School Year
1987978-0-87628-743-9Debra Seabury · Susan PeeplesReady-To-Use Science Activities for the Elementary Classroom
1991978-0-87628-786-6Kenneth W. Hitchner · Anne Tifft-Hitchner · E. Andre ApostolSchool Counselor's Letter Book
1990978-0-87628-788-0Debra Seabury · Susan PeeplesReady-To-Use Social Studies Activities for the Elementary Classroom (de Gruyter Studies in Organization;18)
1991978-0-87628-794-1Shirleen S. WaitReading Learning Centers for the Primary Grades
1990978-0-87628-798-9Helen D. HumeSurvival Kit for the Secondary School Art Teacher
1985978-0-87628-799-6Hilda K. Weisburg · Ruth ToorTeacher's Portfolio of Library Skills Lessons & Activities
1991978-0-87628-806-1Suni PetersonSchool Crisis Survival Guide
1992978-0-87628-808-5Elizabeth Crosby StullSecond Grade Teacher's Month-By-Month Activities Program
1994978-0-87628-845-0James Cunningham · Norman HerrHands-On Physics Activities with Real-Life Applications: Easy-to-Use Labs and Demonstrations for Grades 8 - 12
1993978-0-87628-847-4Patricia Rizzo TonerRelationships and Communication Activities: Includes 90 Ready-To-Use Worksheets for Grades 7-12 (Just for the Health of It!, Unit 3)
1993978-0-87628-851-1Patricia Rizzo TonerSex Education Activities (Just for the Health of It!, Unit 4)
1994978-0-87628-854-2Gary Robert MuschlaEnglish Teacher's Great Books Activities Kit: 60 Ready-to-Use Activity Packets Featuring Classic, Popular & Current Literature
  ''978-0-87628-855-9Barbara Farley Bannister · Janice B. CarlileReady-To-Use Thematic Activities for Grades 4-8
  ''978-0-87628-857-3Diane DavisReaching Out to Children With Fas/Fae: A Handbook for Teachers, Counselors, and Parents Who Live and Work With Children Affected by Fetal Alcohol Sy
1993978-0-87628-868-9Darlene MannixSocial Skills Activities for Special Children
  ''978-0-87628-874-0Patricia Rizzo TonerStress-Management and Self-Esteem Activities (Just for the Health of It!, Unit 5)
1996978-0-87628-877-1Grad L. FlickPower Parenting for Children with ADD/ADHD: A Practical Parent's Guide for Managing Difficult Behaviors
1993978-0-87628-879-5Patricia Rizzo TonerSubstance Abuse Prevention Activities (Unit 6 of Just For The Health Of It! Series) (Just for the Health of It!, Unit 6)
1991978-0-87628-884-9Jean R. FeldmanA Survival Guide for the Preschool Teacher
1997978-0-87628-886-3Jean R. FeldmanReady-to-Use Self Esteem Activities for Young Children
2005978-0-87628-893-1Roger Pierangelo · George Giuliani J.D. Psy.D.Special Educator's Complete Guide to 109 Diagnostic Tests
1997978-0-87628-895-5Ellen K. HasbrouckLibrary Story Hour From A to Z: Ready-to-Use Alphabet Activities for Young Learners
1995978-0-87628-909-9Ronald L. PartinClassroom Teachers Survival Guide: Practical Strategies, Management Techniques, and Reproducibles for New and Experienced Teachers (J-B Ed: Survival Guides)
1996978-0-87628-914-3John Wilson SwopeReady-To-Use Activities for Teaching Much Ado About Nothing (Shakespeare Teacher's Activities Library)
  ''978-0-87628-915-0   ''Ready-To-Use Activities for Teaching a Midsummer Night's Dream (Shakespeare Teacher's Activities Library)
1998978-0-87628-917-4Ruth Weltmann Begun · Frank J. HumlReady-to-Use Violence Prevention Skills Lessons and Activities for Secondary Students (J-B Ed: Ready-to-Use Activities)
1997978-0-87628-938-9Mary Ellen LedbetterWriting Portfolio Activities Kit: Ready-to-Use Management Techniques and Writing Activities for Grades 7-12 (J-B Ed: Activities)
1992978-0-87628-945-7James F. SilverReady-To-Use World Geography Activities for Grades 5-12
1990978-0-87628-968-6Mary Lou BrandvikWriting Process Activities Kit: 75 Ready-To-Use Lessons and Worksheets for Grades 7-12
1986978-0-87628-981-5Anthony J. Coletta · Kathleen Coletta · Margie Tuohy JordanYear Round Activities for Two-Year-Old Children (Preschool Curriculum Activities Library, Unit I)
1986978-0-87628-982-2Anthony J. Coletta · Kathleen ColettaYear Round Activities for Three Year Old Children (Preschool Curriculum Activities Library)
  ''978-0-87628-983-9Anthony J. ColettaYear 'Round Activities for Four-Year-Old Children (Preschool Curriculum Activities Library)

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