year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1971978-0-87614-013-0Samad BihrangiThe Little Black Fish. (English and Persian Edition)
2003978-0-87614-102-1Shannon ZemlickaFlorence Nightingale (On My Own Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-103-8Sally M. WalkerBessie Coleman: Daring to Fly (On My Own Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-104-5Ginger WadsworthBenjamin Banneker: Pioneering Scientist
  ''978-0-87614-107-6Candice RansomMartha Washington (On My Own Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-143-4Barbara Juster EsbensenSwing around the Sun (Picture Books)
1982978-0-87614-178-6Geoffrey ScottLabor Day (Carolrhoda on My Own Books)
1983978-0-87614-219-6Geoffrey ScottMemorial Day (Carolrhoda on My Own Books)
1986978-0-87614-243-1Gudrun Helgadottir · Illustraters Brian Pilkington and IdunnFlumbra: An Icelandic folktale
1984978-0-87614-260-8Ole Hertz · Tobi TobiasTobias Goes Ice Fishing (English and Danish Edition)
1988978-0-87614-285-1Caroline ArnoldWalk on the Great Barrier Reef (Nature Watch)
1986978-0-87614-289-9Barbara MitchellClick: A Story About George Eastman (Creative Minds Biography)
1986978-0-87614-291-2Barbara MitchellWe'll Race You, Henry!: A Story About Henry Ford (Creative Minds Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-292-9   ''A Pocketful of Goobers: A Story About George Washington Carver (Creative Minds Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-305-6Erica MagnusThe Boy and the Devil
1989978-0-87614-333-9Heiderose Fischer-Nagel · Andreas Fischer-NagelAn Ant Colony (Nature Watch) (English and German Edition)
2002978-0-87614-334-6Mia PosadaLadybugs: Red, Fiery, and Bright
1988978-0-87614-336-0Noboru BabaEleven Cats in a Bag (English and Japanese Edition)
1989978-0-87614-383-4Sven NordqvistMerry Christmas, Festus and Mercury
1991978-0-87614-412-1Norah DooleyEverybody Cooks Rice (Carolrhoda Picture Books)
1990978-0-87614-421-3Maryann N. WeidtMr. Blue Jeans: A Story About Levi Strauss (Creative Minds)
1992978-0-87614-422-0Stephen P. KramerAvalanche (Nature in Action)
1991978-0-87614-442-8Ann Fitzpatrick AlperForgotten Voyager: The Story of Amerigo Vespucci (Trailblazer Biographies)
  ''978-0-87614-443-5Jeri FerrisNative American Doctor: The Story of Susan Laflesche Picotte (Trailblazer Biographies)
  ''978-0-87614-444-2Vicki LiestmanColumbus Day (On My Own Books)
1991978-0-87614-445-9Barbara MitchellThe Wizard of Sound: A Story about Thomas Edison (Creative Minds Biographies)
1985978-0-87614-454-1Connie Roop · Peter RoopKeep the Lights Burning, Abbie (On My Own History)
2002978-0-87614-455-8Norah DooleyEverybody Brings Noodles (Picture Books)
  ''978-0-87614-456-5Michael Elsohn RossToy Lab (You Are the Scientist)
1986978-0-87614-472-5Barbara MitchellClick: A Story About George Eastman (Creative Minds Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-473-2   ''Shoes for Everyone: A Story about Jan Matzeliger (Creative Minds Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-474-9   ''A Pocketful of Goobers: A Story about George Washington Carver (Creative Minds Biographies)
  ''978-0-87614-476-3Connie Roop · Peter RoopButtons for General Washington (On My Own History)
1987978-0-87614-485-5Jim HaskinsCount Your Way through Japan
1988978-0-87614-486-2Jim HaskinsCount Your Way through China
1988978-0-87614-487-9James HaskinsCount Your Way Through the Arab World
  ''978-0-87614-488-6James HaskinsCount Your Way Through Russia
  ''978-0-87614-490-9Imbior KudrnaTo Bathe a Boa (Carolrhoda Picture Books)
  ''978-0-87614-504-3Jeri FerrisGo Free or Die: A Story about Harriet Tubman (Creative Minds Biographies)
  ''978-0-87614-505-0   ''Walking the Road to Freedom: A Story about Sojourner Truth (Creative Minds Biographies)
1989978-0-87614-507-4Jeri FerrisArctic Explorer: The Story of Matthew Henson (Trailblazer Biographies)
  ''978-0-87614-514-2James HaskinsCount Your Way Through Africa
  ''978-0-87614-515-9   ''Count Your Way Through Canada
  ''978-0-87614-516-6   ''Count Your Way Through Korea
  ''978-0-87614-517-3Jim HaskinsCount Your Way through Mexico
1988978-0-87614-521-0Jeri FerrisWhat Are You Figuring Now?: A Story about Benjamin Banneker (Creative Minds Biography)
1985978-0-87614-523-4Caroline ArnoldSaving the Peregrine Falcon (Nature Watch)
1991978-0-87614-525-8Katherine OrrMy Grandpa and the Sea (Carolrhoda Picture Books)
1990978-0-87614-532-6James HaskinsCount Your Way Through Germany
1997978-0-87614-534-0Thomas AmperBooker T. Washington (On My Own Biography)
2003978-0-87614-536-4Ian WhybrowLittle Wolf's Diary of Daring Deeds
1990978-0-87614-541-8Margaret K. WettererKate Shelley and the Midnight Express (On My Own History)
1992978-0-87614-546-3Anthony PorterJump at de Sun: The Story of Zora Neale Hurston (Trailblazer Biographies)
1990978-0-87614-558-6James HaskinsCount Your Way Through Israel
1991978-0-87614-565-4Joann Johansen BurchFine Print: A Story about Johann Gutenberg (Creative Minds Biographies)
1989978-0-87614-577-7James HaskinsCount Your Way Through India
1990978-0-87614-588-3Maryann N. WeidtMr. Blue Jeans: A Story about Levi Strauss (Creative Minds Biographies)
1991978-0-87614-591-3Norah DooleyEverybody Cooks Rice (Picture Books)
2002978-0-87614-599-9Sally M. WalkerJackie Robinson (On My Own Biographies)
978-0-87614-601-9Mexican Christmas, A
1993978-0-87614-605-7Marlene Targ BrillAllen Jay and the Underground Railroad (On My Own History)
1993978-0-87614-615-6Candice RansomListening to Crickets: A Story about Rachel Carson (Creative Minds Biographies)
1992978-0-87614-617-0Stephen KramerLightning (Nature in Action)
2002978-0-87614-625-5Michael Elsohn RossKitchen Lab (You Are the Scientist)
  ''978-0-87614-626-2   ''Junk Lab
1994978-0-87614-627-9Maryann N. WeidtOh the Places He Went A story About Dr. Seuss (Creative Minds Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-629-3D. M. SouzaNorthern Lights (Nature in Action)
  ''978-0-87614-635-4Frances R. BalkwillAmazing Schemes Within Your Genes (Cells and Things)
  ''978-0-87614-636-1Frances R. BalkwillCells Are Us (Cells and Things)
1994978-0-87614-637-8Frances R. BalkwillCell Wars (Cells and Things)
  ''978-0-87614-638-5   ''DNA Is Here to Stay (Cells and Things)
  ''978-0-87614-639-2Catherine A. WelchClouds of Terror (On My Own History)
  ''978-0-87614-641-5Betty M BurfordChocolate by Hershey: A Story about Milton S. Hershey (Creative Minds Biographies)
  ''978-0-87614-643-9Charlotte WilcoxMummies and Their Mysteries (Photo Book)
2003978-0-87614-646-0Liselotte Erdrich · Julie BuffaloheadSacagawea (Carter G Woodson Award Book (Awards))
1991978-0-87614-658-3Sven NordqvistFestus and Mercury: Wishing to Go Fishing
1992978-0-87614-659-0Stephen P. KramerLightning (Nature in Action)
1992978-0-87614-661-3D. M. SouzaPowerful Waves (Nature in Action)
1991978-0-87614-663-7Maryann N. WeidtStateswoman to the World: A Story About Eleanor Roosevelt (Creative Minds Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-678-1Sven NordqvistFestus and Mercury: Ruckus in the Garden
  ''978-0-87614-679-8Emily CroffordBorn in the Year of Courage
1992978-0-87614-682-8Joann Johansen BurchFine Print: A Story About Johann Gutenberg (Creative Minds Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-699-6Stephanie Sammartino McPhersonThe Workers' Detective: A Story About Dr. Alice Hamilton (Creative Minds Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-710-8D. M. SouzaRoaring Reptiles (Creatures All Around Us)
1992978-0-87614-711-5D. M. SouzaSlinky Snakes (Creatures All Around Us)
1993978-0-87614-727-6Candice RansomListening to Crickets: A Story about Rachel Carson (Creative Minds Biographies)
1992978-0-87614-741-2E. Sandy PowellA Chance to Grow
  ''978-0-87614-746-7Joanna Halpert KrausTall Boy's Journey (Middle-Grade Fiction)
1993978-0-87614-767-2Charlotte WilcoxMummies and Their Mysteries (Photo Book)
  ''978-0-87614-769-6Dee StuartThe Astonishing Armadillo (Nature Watch)
  ''978-0-87614-792-4Stephanie Sammartino McPhersonPeace and Bread: The Story of Jane Adams (Trailblazer Biographies)
  ''978-0-87614-799-3D. M. SouzaNorthern Lights (Nature in Action)
1993978-0-87614-802-0Sven NordqvistFestus and Mercury Go Camping
1994978-0-87614-807-5Barbara O'ConnorBarefoot Dancer: The Story of Isadora Duncan (Trailblazer Biographies)
  ''978-0-87614-810-5Thomas StreissguthSay It With Music: A Story About Irving Berlin (Creative Minds Biography)
2002978-0-87614-815-0Candice RansomRescue on the Outer Banks (On My Own History)
  ''978-0-87614-845-7Jeri Chase FerrisWith Open Hands: A Story about Biddy Mason (Creative Minds Biographies)
1994978-0-87614-848-8Jules HermesThe Children of India (The World's Children)
1995978-0-87614-862-4Michael Elsohn RossRolypolyology (Backyard Buddies)
  ''978-0-87614-863-1Thomas StreissguthRocket Man: The Story of Robert Goddard (Trailblazer Biographies)
  ''978-0-87614-864-8Norah Dooley · Peter J. ThorntonEverybody Bakes Bread (Carolrhoda Picture Books)
2002978-0-87614-869-3Nancy L. CarlsonSmile a Lot! (Nancy Carlson's Neighborhood)
1995978-0-87614-871-6Andy Russell BowenA World of Knowing: A Story About Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (A Carolrhoda Creative Minds Book)
1996978-0-87614-873-0James Haskins · Kathleen BensonCount Your Way Through Brazil
1996978-0-87614-876-1Andy Russell BowenA Head Full of Notions: A Story About Robert Fulton (Creative Minds Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-891-4Margaret K. Wetterer · Charles M. WettererThe Snow Walker (On My Own History)
1995978-0-87614-895-2Norah DooleyEverybody Bakes Bread (Carolrhoda Picture Books)
  ''978-0-87614-896-9Stephen KramerCaves (Nature in Action)
1996978-0-87614-900-3Michael Elsohn RossCricketology (Backyard Buddies)
2002978-0-87614-902-7Ian WhybrowDear Little Wolf
  ''978-0-87614-903-4Jane Sutcliffe · Elaine VerstraeteHelen Keller (On My Own Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-904-1Sally M. WalkerJackie Robinson (On My Own Biography)
2002978-0-87614-905-8Shannon Zemlicka · Shannon Knudsen · Craig OrbackNathan Hale: Patriot Spy (On My Own Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-906-5Shannon ZemlickaPocahontas (On My Own Biography)
  ''978-0-87614-912-6June SwansonI Pledge Allegiance, 2nd Edition (On My Own History)
2003978-0-87614-914-0Linda Lowery · Linda Lowery KeepDay of the Dead (On My Own Holidays)
  ''978-0-87614-918-8Candice F. Ransom · Karen RitzMartha Washington (On My Own Biography)
2002978-0-87614-922-5Margaret MayoEmergency! (Picture Books)
2003978-0-87614-924-9Brian P. ClearyDearly, Nearly, Insincerely: What Is an Adverb? (Words Are CATegorical ®)
2002978-0-87614-926-3Nancy CarlsonHarriet's Halloween Candy, 2nd Edition (Nancy Carlson's Neighborhood)
  ''978-0-87614-927-0Ian WhybrowLittle Wolf's Handy Book of Poems
2003978-0-87614-929-4Elaine Marie AlphinGerm Hunter: A Story about Louis Pasteur (Creative Minds Biographies)
2003978-0-87614-931-7Gwenyth SwainFreedom Seeker: A Story About William Penn (Creative Minds Biographies)
1996978-0-87614-937-9Michael Elsohn RossWormology (Backyard Buddies)
1993978-0-87614-951-5Katherine OrrStory of a Dolphin (Carolrhoda Picture Books)
1995978-0-87614-954-6Andy Russell BowenA World of Knowing: A Story about Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet (Creative Minds Biographies)
1996978-0-87614-959-1Margaret K. Wetterer · Charles M. WettererThe Snow Walker (On My Own History)
1997978-0-87614-960-7Kent Ross · Alice RossThe Copper Lady (On My Own History)
1994978-0-87614-965-2Joanna HarrisonDear Bear
1996978-0-87614-973-7James Haskins · Kathleen BensonCount Your Way Through Greece
  ''978-0-87614-978-2Philip S. Hart · Barbara O'ConnorUp in the Air: The Story of Bessie Coleman (Trailblazer Biographies)
  ''978-0-87614-985-0Michael Elsohn Ross · Michael ElsohnCricketology (Backyard Buddies)

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