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1997978-0-87526-016-7Nathan R. SobelConfession Standards / Sobel [Hardcover]
1960978-0-87526-024-2Gould PublicationsCriminal Justice Code of New Jersey
1991978-0-87526-029-7Louis A. KassKass on Wills: Laws of New York State Including Legal Forms and Procedures
1968978-0-87526-038-9W. E. RingelIdentification and Police Line Ups
1964978-0-87526-058-7Nathan SobelCurrent Problems in the Law of Search and Seizure
1982978-0-87526-072-3T. ShusslerConstitutional Law
1971978-0-87526-084-6Kaplan · LoughreyIns and Outs of on Track and Off Track Horse Race Betting
1940978-0-87526-128-7Gould Editorial StaffBuilding Code of the City of New York
1985978-0-87526-129-4New YorkSurrogate's Court Procedure Act of the state of New York
1997978-0-87526-138-6GovernmentCriminal Procedure Law of NY [Softcover]
1985978-0-87526-140-9New YorkEstates, Powers & Trusts Law of the state of New York
1980978-0-87526-143-0Gould PublicationsNew York Family Law Handbook
1997978-0-87526-145-4Penal Law of the State of New York 2003
1980978-0-87526-155-3C P L R Civil Practice Law and Rulings of New York
1997978-0-87526-160-7Henry J. MulhearnPolice Science Fundamentals
  ''978-0-87526-166-9Theodore SchusslerTorts [Softcover]
1972978-0-87526-175-1Eugene R CanudoCanudo on evidence laws of New York
1983978-0-87526-179-9Gould PublicationsInsurance Laws of the United States
1989978-0-87526-180-5Eugene W SalisburyManual of procedure for New York courts
1984978-0-87526-182-9Eugene CanudeMarriage Divorce and Adoption Laws
1990978-0-87526-188-1FloridaCriminal Laws of Florida, 1990
1981978-0-87526-190-4Gould Editorial StaffAdministrative Law 1981
  ''978-0-87526-195-9SchusslerConflict of Laws
1983978-0-87526-196-6Business Corporations Laws of the U.S.
1974978-0-87526-198-0New YorkCorrectional law of New York and extracts of other New York laws for correction, probation, and parole officers
1998978-0-87526-199-7Criminal Law and Procedure Handbook of Illinois: 1998
1988978-0-87526-201-7Eugene CanudoCriminal Law of New York
1985978-0-87526-202-4OhioCriminal Code of Ohio, 1987
1988978-0-87526-205-5Dictionary of Legal Words and Phrases
1991978-0-87526-207-9United StatesFederal Rules of Evidence
1987978-0-87526-211-6Shorthand Guide to Legal Terminology
1978978-0-87526-214-7Joseph A. CliffordWorkmen's Compensation New York 1979
1974978-0-87526-216-1PennsylvaniaCrimes Code of Pennsylvania: With criminal procedure rules and controlled substances act
1976978-0-87526-217-8Henry MulhearnCrime Investigation
1997978-0-87526-221-5Henry J. MulhearnGraphing & Charting, Simplified: A Police Promotion Study Guide
1971978-0-87526-222-2Eugene R. CanudoMarriage, Divorce and Adoption: New York
1987978-0-87526-229-1ConnecticutConnecticut criminal laws: Including Title 53-Crimes, Title 53a-Penal code, Title 54-Criminal procedure, and Title 21a, chapter 420b-Dependency producing drugs
1988978-0-87526-230-7Penal Law of the State of New York
1998978-0-87526-231-4Gould PublicationsMotor Vehicle Laws of Massachusetts 2002 (ringbou ed)
1977978-0-87526-232-1New Jersey · GovernmentMotor vehicle and traffic laws of New Jersey: Title 39 of the revised statutes
1980978-0-87526-233-8Gould PublicationsVehicle Laws of Pennsylvania
1978978-0-87526-234-5New YorkNavigation law of New York
1977978-0-87526-235-2   ''New York banking law: Chapter 369, laws of 1914, constituting chapter 2 of the consolidated laws
1979978-0-87526-237-6PennsylvaniaCriminal law digest of Pennsylvania
1997978-0-87526-245-1Federal Bankruptcy Handbook 1999 edition
1981978-0-87526-247-5Louis A. KassWills Laws of New York State
1997978-0-87526-250-5Eugene W. SalisburyForms for Courts in New York State
1982978-0-87526-251-2Uniform Commercial Code: Official Text With Comments
1996978-0-87526-252-9Gould PublicationsLaw Digest of the State of New York
1980978-0-87526-253-6MichiganMotor vehicle laws of Michigan: Chapter 257 of the Michigan compiled laws
2003978-0-87526-254-3MichiganPenal Code of Michigan 2003
1997978-0-87526-255-0Gould PublicationsNew York Environmental Conservation Law
2002978-0-87526-256-7Motor Vehicle Laws of Florida
1998978-0-87526-257-4Gould PublicationsMotor Vehicles Laws of Ohio
1987978-0-87526-258-1James B. GitlitzUncontested Divorces and Annulments in New York, 1998
1997978-0-87526-259-8IllinoisVehicle Code of Illinois
1981978-0-87526-260-4Criminal Procedure Law (N.Y. 1992-1993)
1992978-0-87526-262-8Gould PublicationsCriminal Procedure Law of New York: Annual Edition (Loose Leaf)
2000978-0-87526-264-2   ''Chicago Municipal Code Handbook
  ''978-0-87526-268-0Gould's Penal Code Handbook of California 2000 Edition
1987978-0-87526-269-7California · GovernmentVehicle Code of California
1981978-0-87526-270-3Criminal Law of Illinois/Slide Rule
1997978-0-87526-276-5GouldDictionary of Criminal Justice Terms
1990978-0-87526-278-9Gould PublicationsNew York City Housing Maintenance Code
1982978-0-87526-279-6Gould Editorial StaffIllinois Code of Civil Procedure
  ''978-0-87526-280-2FloridaMotor vehicle laws of Florida
1990978-0-87526-285-7Not AvailableNew York State Multiple Dwelling Law
1976978-0-87526-290-1PennsylvaniaVehicles law of Pennsylvania: Title 75 of the Pennsylvania consolidated statutes
1991978-0-87526-292-5Gould's Penal Code Handbook of California/1992
1983978-0-87526-293-2Pertinent commercial statutes
1983978-0-87526-295-6PennsylvaniaJudiciary & judicial procedure of Pennsylvania: Title 42 of the Pennsylvania consolidated statutes
1989978-0-87526-299-4Civil practice and court rules of New Jersey
1984978-0-87526-300-7PennsylvaniaCivil procedure rules of Pennsylvania: Title 231 of the Pennsylvania code, plus Title 204, chapter 81, rules of professional conduct
1998978-0-87526-301-4GovernmentFederal Civil Procedure Handbook
1991978-0-87526-302-1GouldNew York City Law Digest 1991
1984978-0-87526-303-8New YorkTown law of New York
1997978-0-87526-306-9MichiganProbate Code of Michigan, 1992-1993
1984978-0-87526-308-3New YorkVillage law of New York
2001978-0-87526-309-0Barry KaminsGould's Criminal Law Handbook of New York (SC)
1998978-0-87526-311-3Jeffrey GalletNew York Landlord and Tenant Handbook
1986978-0-87526-312-0Commercial law handbook
1985978-0-87526-313-7Penal law questions & answers of the state of New York
1995978-0-87526-314-4Gould PublicationsCriminal Procedure Law of New York: Questions & Answers: With Update
2003978-0-87526-315-1   ''Federal Criminal Law Handbook: 2003 Edition
1998978-0-87526-320-5MassachusettsCriminal Law and Procedure of Massachusetts 1998/With 1999 Update
1986978-0-87526-323-6Libby MowshowitzStraight Talk from a Rabbi's Wife
  ''978-0-87526-324-3CaliforniaFish & game code of California
2000978-0-87526-326-7Gould Editorial StaffPenal Law and Criminal Procedure Law of the State of New York: 2005
1997978-0-87526-327-4Small Claims Guide for Town & Village Courts
1988978-0-87526-329-8Traffic Rules of the City of New York
1997978-0-87526-330-4New YorkNew York Corporation Law Handbook
  ''978-0-87526-331-1Kevin Walsh sh · Geno DeAngeloDefense of Justification (Penal Law - Article 35 Review) [Softcover]
2000978-0-87526-333-5Vehicle and Traffic Law of New York Flip Code 2003
1987978-0-87526-335-9New York City fire law handbook: Title 15, Fire prevention and control, and Title 27, chapter 4, Fire Prevention Code (of the New York City administrative code)
1997978-0-87526-337-3New York Criminal Law Handbook: 1994
  ''978-0-87526-340-3Gould PublicationsNew York Real Property Law Handbook
  ''978-0-87526-342-7GovernmentEstates, Powers & Trusts Law -AND- Surrogate's Court Procedure Act of the State of New York
1989978-0-87526-343-4United States · GovernmentCustoms Law Handbook: Including Title 18-U.S. Code, Title 19-U.S. Code, Title 21 (Chapter 13-U.S. Code and Related Statutes and Rules)
1993978-0-87526-344-1J. B. & L. GouldN. Y. Consolidated Laws (Nycu), Set
978-0-87526-345-8N. Y. Consolidated Laws (Nycu)
1997978-0-87526-346-5GovernmentVol. 3 New York Consolidated Laws [Softcover]
978-0-87526-347-2N. Y. Consolidated Laws (Nycu)
1997978-0-87526-348-9GovernmentVol. 5 New York Consolidated Laws [Softcover]
1997978-0-87526-349-6GovernmentVol. 9 New York Consolidated Laws [Softcover]
  ''978-0-87526-350-2Not AvailableGould's Consolidated Laws of New York
  ''978-0-87526-351-9GovernmentVol. 8 New York Consolidated Laws [Softcover]
  ''978-0-87526-353-3Connecticut Law Enforcement Handbook
1988978-0-87526-354-0IllinoisIllinois Conservation Law
1989978-0-87526-355-7Larry E HoltzPennsylvania law enforcement handbook
1992978-0-87526-356-4Gould's Family Law Handbook of New York 1993
1993978-0-87526-359-5Gould PublicationsUnited States Code Unannotated
1989978-0-87526-361-8United States Marshals Service law handbook: Including Title 18--U.S. code, Title 21 (chapter 13)--U.S. code & related statutes and rules
2000978-0-87526-362-5Gould PublicationsLegal Forms and Procedures Handbook of New York 2000
1989978-0-87526-363-2New YorkCivil service law of the state of New York
2002978-0-87526-365-6Larry E. HoltzContemporary Criminal Procedure: Court Decisions for Law Enforcement
1993978-0-87526-366-3Indiana Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook 2004 Edition
1997978-0-87526-367-0LouisianaLouisiana Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook 2001
1991978-0-87526-368-7WyomingWyoming criminal law and motor vehicle handbook: Including crimes and offenses & motor vehicles and related statutes
2000978-0-87526-369-4New Jersey Law Enforcement Handbook, Vols. 1 and 2
978-0-87526-370-0Pennsylvania Law Enforcement Handbook
2000978-0-87526-371-7GovernmentNew Jersey Criminal Laws and Motor Vehicle Handbook
1997978-0-87526-372-4Larry E. HoltzInvestigative and Operational Report Writing
  ''978-0-87526-373-1Vehicle and Traffic Law of the State of New York 2001
1992978-0-87526-374-8GovernmentGould's Family Law Handbook of New York 1993
2003978-0-87526-375-5   ''Florida Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook
978-0-87526-377-9New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Law
1990978-0-87526-378-6Mario J. FerrariSupervision Handbook
1991978-0-87526-379-3Virginia Benmaman · Norma C. Connolly · Scott Robert LoosBilingual Dictionary of Criminal Justice Terms: English/Spanish (2nd Edition) (English and Spanish Edition)
2003978-0-87526-380-9Gould PublicationsGould's Worker's Compensation Law Handbook of New York 2003
1991978-0-87526-381-6D. Del Bagno · R. SpinaPromotional Test Questions
1992978-0-87526-382-3Gould PublicationsVirginia Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook
1991978-0-87526-383-0Barry KaminsNew York Search and Seizure, 1991
1992978-0-87526-385-4North Carolina Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook
1997978-0-87526-386-1Gould PublicationsOhio Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook, 2002
1991978-0-87526-388-5Pennsylvania Vehicle Laws: Annual Edition
1991978-0-87526-389-2Ellie M. MokChinese for Beginners and Advanced Beginners: A Complete Course of Spoken and Written Chinese
2003978-0-87526-390-8GovernmentNew York Practice Law & Rules Handbook
978-0-87526-391-5Connecticut Motor Vehicle Law: Annual Edition
1999978-0-87526-393-9Larry E. HoltzCriminal Evidence
978-0-87526-394-6Fire Problem & Its Solution
1998978-0-87526-395-3New York Law Enforcement Handbook 1998
1997978-0-87526-398-4Gary J. MillerDrugs and the Law: Detection, Recognition & Investigation
978-0-87526-402-8Indiana Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook (State Police Edition), 2003
1997978-0-87526-404-2Maureen E. O'Brien · Moureen E. ObrienBloom on Wills, Laws of New York State, Including Legal Form 1997
  ''978-0-87526-407-3DelbagnoCrime Investigation Quizzer: A Question and Answer Study Guide
1998978-0-87526-414-1GovernmentIllinois Criminal and Traffic Law Handbook
1993978-0-87526-415-8Larry E Holtz1993-1994 supplement to Contemporary criminal procedure (Second edition)
1998978-0-87526-420-2GOULD PUBLICATIONSFlorida Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook 1998 Edition
1997978-0-87526-421-9Rick A. FleschDefensive Tactics for Law Enforcement, Public Safety and Correction Officers
  ''978-0-87526-422-6R. A. FleschKnife Defense
  ''978-0-87526-423-3Barry KaminsPractical Tips for New York Law Enforcement [Softcover]
  ''978-0-87526-425-7Thomas Lenahan · Thomas A. BlanchfieldNew York Security Officer Training Manual
1996978-0-87526-426-4Gould PublicationsMassachusetts Environmental Law Handbook
1995978-0-87526-427-1Virginia BenmamanSpanish for Law Enforcement English/Spanish:
2000978-0-87526-428-8Donald J. Schroeder · Frank Lombardo · Jerry StrolloManagement and Supervision of Law Enforcement Personnel
1997978-0-87526-429-5Brian T. PageAssessment Center Handbook
978-0-87526-430-1New York Search and Seizure for Law Enforcement Officers
978-0-87526-432-5Florida Security Officer's Handbook
1997978-0-87526-438-7GovernmentDiskLaw(tm) - GA Criminal & Motor Vehicle Laws on Disk for Windows(R)
2001978-0-87526-446-2GovernmentPenal Law and Criminal Procedure Law of the State of New York: 2001
1997978-0-87526-451-6   ''DiskLaw(tm) - TX Criminal & Motor Vehicle Laws on Disk for Windows(R)
  ''978-0-87526-452-3   ''DiskLaw(tm) - VA Criminal & Motor Vehicle Laws on Disk for Windows(R)
  ''978-0-87526-454-7   ''U.S. Code Unannotated on CD-ROM
  ''978-0-87526-455-4   ''NY Consolidated Laws Unannotated (NYCU(tm)) on CD-ROM
1997978-0-87526-461-5GovernmentDiskLaw(tm) - MO Penal Code & Motor Vehicle Laws on Disk for Windows(R)
  ''978-0-87526-469-1   ''DiskLaw(tm) - Family Law of NY on Disk for Windows(R)
  ''978-0-87526-475-2   ''DiskLaw(tm) - Real P¿
  ''978-0-87526-498-1   ''NYC Police Dept. Patrol Guide [DiskLaw(tm)]
  ''978-0-87526-504-9   ''New Jersey Pocket Condensed Guide to Common Traffic Violations
1997978-0-87526-508-7GovernmentIllinois Insurance Laws [7" x 10" Softcover]
978-0-87526-510-0New York Law Enforcement Handbook
2004978-0-87526-511-7GovernmentBuilding Code of the City of New York
1997978-0-87526-513-1Eugene Smith · Anthony Celano · Eugene SmithBasic Security Investigation
  ''978-0-87526-531-5J & B GouldGould's Penal Code Handbook Of California 1997
1999978-0-87526-532-2Peter PranzoStress Management for Law Enforcement: (Behind the Shield: Combating Trauma)
2001978-0-87526-533-9Miriam HibelNew York identification law: The Wade hearing, the trial
1997978-0-87526-534-6Larry E. HoltzLaw Enforcement Handbook of NJ on Disk for Windows(R)
  ''978-0-87526-537-7Rex, III Stevenson · Rex Stevenson IIIGeorgia Security Officer's Handbook
  ''978-0-87526-539-1N. Y. Insurance Law
1998978-0-87526-540-7Norma C. Connolly · Norma ConnollyBilingual Dictionary of Domestic Relations and Juvenile Terms: (English/Spanish) (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-87526-541-4Norma ConnollyBilingual Dictionary of Immigration Terms: English - Spanish (English and Spanish Edition)
1997978-0-87526-542-1Sheila A. Bolin · Richard A. Flesch · Fanchon F. FunkDisabled Offenders: (Stop, Search and Arrest)
1997978-0-87526-543-8Steven L. KesslerN.Y. Criminal and Civil Forfeitures [Softcover]
2004978-0-87526-545-2GovernmentVehicle and Traffic Law of the State of New York 2004 (Vehicle and Traffic Law of New York)
  ''978-0-87526-546-9Larry E. HoltzNew Jersey Law Enforcement Handbook Vol. II: Also Known As New Jersey Contemporary Criminal Procedure
2001978-0-87526-548-3Penal Code of California (Abridged Edition) 2002 Edition
978-0-87526-552-0Florida Criminal Jury Instructions Handbook: Includes Elements and Defenses
1999978-0-87526-553-7Sheila A. Bolin · Fanchon F. Funk · Richard A. Flesch · William G. OsborneSchool violence: law enforcement use of force (reasonable and deadly)
2004978-0-87526-557-5Michigan Penal Code and Motor Vehicle Law Handbook with Related Statutes including Legal Guidelines with Case Annotations (2004 Edition)
2001978-0-87526-558-2State of Utah · Department of Public SafetyUtah Criminal and Traffice Code (2001 Edition)
1999978-0-87526-559-9Pennsylvania Crimes Code & Vehicle Law Handbook 2001 Edition
2000978-0-87526-577-3Tom WalkerFort Apache Bronx, NY
  ''978-0-87526-578-0Tom WalkerDeath of a Bronx Cop
2001978-0-87526-579-7David Coffey · Tom DempseyLaw Enforcement for the Twenty-First Century: An Entry-Level Guide
  ''978-0-87526-580-3Gould Publications Inc.Immigration Law Handbook 2004 Edition
2004978-0-87526-585-8Gould PublishingWashington Criminal, Crimes and Punishment, Vehicles and Related Statutes: 2005 Edition
  ''978-0-87526-593-3Arizona Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook
2001978-0-87526-595-7John J BrunettiNew York confessions
2003978-0-87526-598-8Gould PublicationsMassachusetts Criminal Law and Motor Vehicle Handbook (2003 Edition)
2001978-0-87526-600-8Frank Lombardo & Donald J. SchroederBullets for Law Enforcement Promotion (a question & answer study guide)
2002978-0-87526-602-2Roger FultonPractical law enforcement management
2001978-0-87526-603-9Gould PublicationsEmergency Response Handbook for Law Enforcement and Crisis Mangement Personnel
2002978-0-87526-607-7Howard A MontaSurvive low morale, stress and burnout in law enforcement: (identify & manage the eight elements of job burnout)
2004978-0-87526-625-1Government InstitutionsFederal Natural Resources Law Handbook
2004978-0-87526-634-3Gould's Career Guide Homeland Security and Federal Law Enforcement w/CD ROM with Web links
2000978-0-87526-639-8Commissioner Anthony J. SchembriLeadership for the Soul: Thank God Its Monday
2004978-0-87526-643-5Editorial StaffTexas Parks & Wildlife, 2004 Edition