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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1948978-0-87516-000-9James AllenAs a Man Thinketh
1980978-0-87516-004-7Genevieve BehrendYour Invisible Power: The Mental Science of Thomas Troward
1988978-0-87516-027-6Robert HuffmanMany Wonderful Things: An Incredible Journey into Light
1969978-0-87516-030-6Clyde IrionProfit & Loss of Dying
2007978-0-87516-041-2H. Dowling Levi · Levi · Levi H. DowlingThe Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ: The Philosophic and Practical Basis of the Religion of the Aquarian Age of the World
1955978-0-87516-043-6Max F. LongGrowing into Light
1953978-0-87516-046-7Max Freedom LongThe Secret Science at Work: The Huna Method as a Way of Life
1948978-0-87516-047-4Max F. LongSecret Science Behind Miracles
1954978-0-87516-059-7Christine MercieSons of God
1963978-0-87516-069-6Ruby NelsonThe Door of Everything
1941978-0-87516-078-8Neville GoddardYour Faith Is Your Fortune
1950978-0-87516-084-9Baird T. SpaldingLife and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 1
1962978-0-87516-086-3Baird T. SpaldingLife and Teaching Of The Masters Of The Far East, Vol. 3
1979978-0-87516-087-0   ''Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 4
1972978-0-87516-089-4Annalee SkarinBeyond Mortal Boundaries
1962978-0-87516-090-0Annalee SkarinThe Celestial Song of Creation
1966978-0-87516-091-7   ''Man Triumphant
2010978-0-87516-093-1Analee SkarinTemple of God
1980978-0-87516-094-8Annalee SkarinTo God the Glory
2010978-0-87516-102-0Eva B. WerberIn His Presence
1984978-0-87516-103-7Eva Bell WerberJourney with the Master
1983978-0-87516-104-4Eva Bell WerberQuiet Talks with the Master
  ''978-0-87516-105-1   ''Voice of the Master
1972978-0-87516-124-2Frederick BailesHealing Power of Balanced Emotions
  ''978-0-87516-156-3Catherine PonderThe Dynamic Laws of Healing
1988978-0-87516-164-8Joseph BennerThe Way to the Kingdom
1986978-0-87516-166-2Frater AchadMelchizedek Truth Principles (Melchizedeck Series)
1982978-0-87516-168-6LeviThe Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ: The Philosophic and Practical Basis of the Religion of the Aquarian Age of the World and of the Church Universal
1978978-0-87516-175-4Stella T. MannHow to Analyze and Overcome Your Fears
1973978-0-87516-176-1Laurel Elizabeth KeyesToning: The Creative Power of the Voice
  ''978-0-87516-179-2Jack Ensign Addington · Cornelia AddingtonThe Perfect Power Within You
1979978-0-87516-180-8John ThieTouch for Health: A Practical Guide to Natural Health Using Acupressure Touch and Massage
1973978-0-87516-186-0Joseph MurphyHow to Use Your Healing Power
  ''978-0-87516-187-7Joseph MurphyLiving Without Strain
1972978-0-87516-188-4   ''Peace Within Yourself
1973978-0-87516-189-1Joseph MurphyPrayer Is the Answer
  ''978-0-87516-190-7   ''Pray Your Way Through It
1990978-0-87516-191-4Christian D. LarsonLeave It to God
1974978-0-87516-198-3Emma Curtis HopkinsHigh Mysticism
  ''978-0-87516-199-0Emma Curtis HopkinsScientific Christian Mental Practice
1979978-0-87516-201-0Frederick W. BailesYour Mind Can Heal You: A New Thought Healing Classic
1975978-0-87516-204-1Joseph MurphyHow to Attract Money
  ''978-0-87516-205-8Robert A RussellYou Too Can Be Prosperous
  ''978-0-87516-208-9G. Patrick FlanaganBeyond pyramid power
1975978-0-87516-209-6G. Pat FlanaganPyramid Power
1976978-0-87516-214-0Joseph MurphyGreat Bible Truths for Human Problems
  ''978-0-87516-215-7Catherine PonderThe Millionaires of Genesis: Their Prosperity Secrets for You! (The Millionaires of the Bible Series)
1991978-0-87516-216-4Ervin SealeThe Great Prayer: An Interpretation of the Lord's Prayer
1984978-0-87516-227-0Juno JordanNumerology: The Romance in Your Name
1977978-0-87516-232-4Catherine PonderMillionaire Moses (Millionaires of the Bible Series)
  ''978-0-87516-241-6William Eisen · Richard ZenorAgasha, Master of Wisdom: His Philosophy and Teachings
1978978-0-87516-247-8Joseph MurphyWithin You Is the Power
  ''978-0-87516-253-9Catherine PonderThe Millionaire Joshua: His Prosperity Secrets for You! (Millionaires of the Bible)
  ''978-0-87516-257-7Florence Scovel ShinnThe Game of Life and How to Play It (Prosperity Classic)
1978978-0-87516-258-4Florence Scovel-ShinnThe Secret Door to Success
  ''978-0-87516-259-1Florence Scovel-Shinn · Florence Scovel ShinnYour Word is Your Wand: A Sequel to the Game of Life and How to Play It
1945978-0-87516-260-7Florence Scovel ShinnPower of the Spoken Word
1956978-0-87516-276-8Joseph MurphyQuiet Moments With God
1980978-0-87516-287-4Juno JordanYour Right Action Number
1979978-0-87516-292-8Jack AddingtonJoy of Meditation
1980978-0-87516-296-6Venice J. BloodworthKey to Yourself: Opening the Door to a Joyful Life From Within
1996978-0-87516-300-0Anonymous (author of The Impersonal Life)Brotherhood: An Impersonal Message
1941978-0-87516-301-7Joseph BennerThe Impersonal Life
1971978-0-87516-302-4Anonymous (author of The Impersonal Life)The Way Out: The Way Beyond - Wealth - The Teacher
1947978-0-87516-309-3Joel S. GoldsmithThe Infinite Way
1983978-0-87516-310-9Joel S. GoldsmithSpiritual Interpretation of Scripture
1992978-0-87516-323-9RHJIt Works: The Famous Little Red Book That Makes Your Dreams Come True!
1979978-0-87516-336-9Joseph MurphySpecial Meditations for Health, Wealth and Love
1964978-0-87516-363-5Baird T. SpaldingLife and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 1
1983978-0-87516-364-2   ''Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 2
1979978-0-87516-365-9   ''Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 3
1976978-0-87516-366-6   ''Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 4
1955978-0-87516-367-3Baird T. SpaldingLife and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 5
1979978-0-87516-370-3Catherine PonderThe Millionaire from Nazareth: His Prosperity Secrets for You! (Millionaires of the Bible Series)
1980978-0-87516-383-3Wallace G. RichardsonSpiritual Value of Gem Stones
1979978-0-87516-387-1Joseph MurphySongs of God: An Interpretation of My Favorite Psalms
1980978-0-87516-390-1William EisenThe English Cabalah, Vol. 1: The Mysteries of Pi
  ''978-0-87516-392-5David BrutonBaird T. Spalding, As I Knew Him
  ''978-0-87516-398-7Marcus BachThe World of Serendipity
1951978-0-87516-404-5Frederick BailesBasic Principles of the Science of Mind: Twelve Lesson Home Study Course
1983978-0-87516-419-9Catherine PonderSecret of Unlimited Prosperity
1982978-0-87516-422-9Florence CampbellYour Days Are Numbered: A Manual of Numerology for Everybody
1981978-0-87516-426-7Joseph MurphyHow to Use the Laws of the Mind
  ''978-0-87516-429-8Gina CerminaraMany Lives, Many Loves
1959978-0-87516-441-0Joel S. GoldsmithA Lesson to Sam
1981978-0-87516-454-0Paul BrennerLife Is a Shared Creation
1982978-0-87516-459-5William EisenThe English Cabalah: 002
  ''978-0-87516-460-1Alan YoungSpiritual Healing: Miracle or Mirage?
1982978-0-87516-473-1Richard JafollaSoul Surgery the Ultimate Self Healing
  ''978-0-87516-476-2Joseph MurphyThese Truths Can Change Your Life
  ''978-0-87516-483-0Dorothy Hulst · James AllenAs a Woman Thinketh
  ''978-0-87516-486-1Jack Ensign Addington · Cornelia AddingtonI Am the Way
1974978-0-87516-487-8Edith RandallSacred Symbols of the Ancients
1982978-0-87516-490-8Jack Addington · Cornelia AddingtonYour Needs Met: The Healing Nature of Spiritual Mind Treatment
1965978-0-87516-495-3Max F. LongHuna Code in Religions
1995978-0-87516-502-8Raymond C BarkerMoney Is God in Action
2010978-0-87516-506-6AnonymousChrist in You
1983978-0-87516-507-3Catherine PonderOpen Your Mind to Receive
  ''978-0-87516-510-3Max F. LongWhat Jesus Taught in Secret
1983978-0-87516-511-0Catherine PonderDare to Prosper!
  ''978-0-87516-516-5   ''The Prospering Power of Prayer
1993978-0-87516-517-2Viola Petitt Neal · Shafica KaragullaThrough the Curtain
1983978-0-87516-520-2Regina Eveley Lorr · Robert Wall CraryThe Path of Light
  ''978-0-87516-523-3Marcus BachPower of Perception: What Do You See When You Look at a Rose?
1984978-0-87516-524-0William EisenThe Essence Of The Cabalah: Tarot, Hebrew, English
  ''978-0-87516-525-7Catherine PonderThe Prospering Power of Love
  ''978-0-87516-526-4Henrietta BernsteinCabalah Primer: Introduction to English/Hebrew Cabalah
1984978-0-87516-529-5Jacquelyn SmallTransformers: The Therapists of the Future
2008978-0-87516-530-1William WarchHow to Use Your 12 Gifts from God
1984978-0-87516-531-8Catherine PonderOpen Your Mind to Prosperity
  ''978-0-87516-532-5Neville GoddardThe Law and the Promise
1957978-0-87516-536-3Raymond C. BarkerThe Science of Successful Living: The Spiritual Formula for a Joyous Life
1986978-0-87516-538-7Baird T. SpaldingLife and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (6 Volume Set)
1985978-0-87516-547-9Hal StoneEmbracing Heaven and Earth
2000978-0-87516-550-9Catherine PonderHEALING SECRETS OF AGES
1985978-0-87516-551-6   ''The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity
  ''978-0-87516-553-0Hal Stone · Sidra WinkelmanEmbracing Our Selves: Voice Dialogue Manual
1956978-0-87516-557-8NevilleSeedtime & Harvest
1985978-0-87516-558-5Jack Ensign Addington · Cornelia AddingtonHow to Love and Be Loved: Drawing the Larger Circle
1986978-0-87516-563-9Helen S. BurmesterThe Seven Rays Made Visual: An Illustrated Introduction to the Teaching on the Seven Rays
  ''978-0-87516-567-7Catherine PonderProsperity Secrets of the Ages
  ''978-0-87516-576-9Raymond Charles BarkerYou Are Invisible
1986978-0-87516-577-6William EisenThe Cabalah of Astrology: The Language of Number
2001978-0-87516-578-3Raymond C. BarkerHow to Be Healthy, Wealthy, Happy (Mentors of New Thought Series)
1986978-0-87516-581-3Frederick BailesHealing the Incurable: And Other Classics in Mental Science (Mentors of New Thought Series)
1987978-0-87516-583-7Catherine PonderDynamic Laws of Prayer
  ''978-0-87516-585-1Roger G. LanphearUnified: A Course on Truth and Practical Guidance from Babaji
  ''978-0-87516-592-9Joseph MurphyCollected Essays of Joseph Murphy (Mentors of New Thought)
1988978-0-87516-598-1   ''Telepsychics: Tapping Your Hidden Subconscious Powers
  ''978-0-87516-600-1Phineas Parkhurst QuimbyThe Complete Writings: Vol 1
  ''978-0-87516-601-8Phineas Parkhurst QuimbyThe Complete Writings: Vol 2
1988978-0-87516-602-5Phineas Parkhurst QuimbyThe Complete Writings: Vol 3
1996978-0-87516-610-0Florence Scovel ShinnThe Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn (Includes The Shinn Biography): The Game of Life/ Your Word Is Your Wand/ The Power of the Spoken Word/ The Secret Door to Success
1989978-0-87516-613-1William EisenUniversal Language of Cabalah: The Master Key to the God Consciousness
2004978-0-87516-614-8Thomas TrowardEdinburgh and Dore Lectures on Mental Science
1989978-0-87516-615-5Linda L. MoffitThe Magic Mirror
  ''978-0-87516-617-9Florence Scovel-ShinnThe Game of Life Affirmation & Inspiration Cards
1990978-0-87516-623-0Ernest HolmesThe Basic Ideas of Science of Mind
2012978-0-87516-627-8Ernest HolmesLiving the Science of Mind
1991978-0-87516-632-2   ''Dictionary of New Thought Terms: The Words and Phrases Commonly Used in Metaphysics
1991978-0-87516-637-7Ernest HolmesThe Anatomy of Healing Prayer (The Holmes Papers, Vol 2)
  ''978-0-87516-640-7Thomas TrowardThe Creative Process in the Individual
1992978-0-87516-647-6   ''Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning
  ''978-0-87516-648-3Marcus BachI, Monty
1966978-0-87516-649-0Jack E. Addington · Jack Ensign AddingtonYour Miracle Book
1954978-0-87516-651-3Ervin SealeTen Words That Will Change Your Life
1992978-0-87516-652-0   ''Learn to Live: The Meaning of the Parables
1993978-0-87516-653-7Thomas TrowardThe Law and the Word
  ''978-0-87516-654-4Harry GazeAn Thomas Troward Intimate Memoir of the Teacher and the Man
1952978-0-87516-655-1Neville GoddardThe Power of Awareness: Move from Desire to Wishes Fulfilled
1954978-0-87516-656-8Neville · Neville GoddardAwakened Imagination (Includes "The Search")
1993978-0-87516-658-2Ervin SealeTake Off from Within
1994978-0-87516-663-6Barbara BernsteinLost and Found: A Closer Look at Dying
1993978-0-87516-665-0Eugene E. WhitworthNine Faces of Christ: Quest of the True Initiate
1994978-0-87516-669-8George P. BendallCollected Essays of George Bendall (Mentors of New Thought Series)
1996978-0-87516-670-4Joseph MurphyPsychic Perception: The Magic of Extrasensory Power (A miracles studies book)
1995978-0-87516-671-1Charlotte M. SavignacLetters to Jeannine: A Mother's Gift to Her Daughter
1994978-0-87516-673-5Jacquelyn SmallTransformers: The Artists of Self-Creation
1957978-0-87516-678-0Frederick W. BailesHidden Power for Human Problems
1996978-0-87516-693-3Joseph MurphyThe Cosmic Energizer: Miracle Power of the Universe
  ''978-0-87516-694-0   ''Infinite Power for Richer Living
1994978-0-87516-695-7Brent A. HaskellJourney Beyond Words (Miracles Studies Book)
1969978-0-87516-696-4Jack AddingtonThe Hidden Mystery of the Bible
1996978-0-87516-698-8Baird T. SpaldingLife and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 6
1968978-0-87516-699-5Raymond C. BarkerThe Power of Decision
1994978-0-87516-700-8Raymond Charles BarkerTreat Yourself to Life
1997978-0-87516-702-2Ernest HolmesThe Beverly Hills Lectures on Spiritual Science
1997978-0-87516-703-9Ervin SealeMingling Minds: Phineas Parkhurst Quimby's Science of Health & Happiness
  ''978-0-87516-704-6Jacquelyn Small · Mary YovinoRising to the Call: Healing Ourselves and Helping Others in the Coming Era: A Handbook for Evolving Souls
2000978-0-87516-712-1Reginald C Armor · Robin Llast · Arthur VergaraThat Was Ernest: The Story of Ernest Holmes and the Religious Science Movement
1998978-0-87516-713-8Joel S. GoldsmithSpiritual Power of Truth
  ''978-0-87516-715-2Brent HaskellThe Other Voice: A Companion to the Text of The Course Chapters 1-15 (Miracles Studies Book)
  ''978-0-87516-717-6Kathleen HawkinsSpirit Incorporated: How to Follow Your Spiritual Path from 9 to 5
1952978-0-87516-718-3Annalee SkarinYe Are Gods
1999978-0-87516-721-3Eric ButterworthPositrends or Negatrends: Dealing Positively With the Third Millennium
  ''978-0-87516-722-0Henrietta BernsteinThe Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail: Message for the New Millennium
1999978-0-87516-723-7Neville GoddardImmortal Man: A Treasury of Inspiration and Spiritual Comfort by One of America's Great New Thought Teachers
2000978-0-87516-734-3Patrice KarstThe Invisible String
1935978-0-87516-738-1Emmet FoxThe Seven Day Mental Diet: How to Change Your Life in a Week
1932978-0-87516-739-8Emmet FoxThe Lord's Prayer (#03)
1934978-0-87516-744-2   ''Be Still: A Treatment Against Fear (#10)
2002978-0-87516-781-7John F. Thie · Matthew ThieTouch for Health Pocketbook with Chinese 5 Element Metaphors
2003978-0-87516-782-4Florence Scovel-ShinnThe Game of Life for Women and How to Play It: An Unpdated Edition of the Prosperity Classic
  ''978-0-87516-783-1Florence Scovel ShinnThe Complete Writings of Florence Scovel Shinn for Women: Her Ageless Wisdom for Today
  ''978-0-87516-787-9Catherine PonderA Prosperity Love Story: Rags to Enrichment
2004978-0-87516-788-6Joseph MurphyThe Cosmic Power Within You: Discover Your Unlimited Creative Potential and Set It Free
  ''978-0-87516-795-4Jim RosemergyThe Prayer That God Prays
  ''978-0-87516-797-8Stephen AltschulerThe Mindful Hiker: On the Trail to Find the Path
2005978-0-87516-808-1Raymond HolliwellWorking With The Law
2005978-0-87516-809-8Caroline ReynoldsSpiritual Fitness: How To Live in Truth and Trust
  ''978-0-87516-811-1Neville Goddard · NevilleThe Neville Reader: A Collection of Spiritual Writings and Thoughts on Your Inner Power to Create an Abundant Life
  ''978-0-87516-812-8John Thie · Matthew ThieTouch for Health: A Practical Guide to Natural Health With Acupressure Touch
  ''978-0-87516-815-9Dianne EdlemanHow to Use Spiritual Mind Treatment: And What to Do When It Doesn't Seem to Work
  ''978-0-87516-816-6Greg TaylorThe Guide to Dan Brown's The Solomon Key
2005978-0-87516-817-3Florence Scovel ShinnThe Game of Life: And How to Play It
2007978-0-87516-818-0Baird T. SpaldingLife and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (Condensed Edition of Vols. 1-3)
2006978-0-87516-820-3Catherine PonderThe Prospering Power of Love
2007978-0-87516-825-8Neville GoddardResurrection
  ''978-0-87516-826-5David WalkerYou Are Enough: Always Have Been... Always Will Be
2009978-0-87516-827-2Patrice KarstThe Smile That Went Around the World
2007978-0-87516-828-9Catherine PonderOpen Your Mind to Receive - NEW & UPDATED
2008978-0-87516-830-2Jim RosemergyAttaining the Unattainable: The Will of God
  ''978-0-87516-831-9Laurel E. Keyes · Don CampbellToning: The Healing Power of the Voice
  ''978-0-87516-832-6Anonymous · Joseph BennerThe Way Out - includes: "The Way Beyond"; "Weath"; "The Teacher"
  ''978-0-87516-836-4Susan Smith Jones · Ph.D.Be Healthy - Stay Balanced
2008978-0-87516-837-1William A. WarchThe New Thought Christian: An Introduction to the Life-Changing Concepts of New Thought
  ''978-0-87516-839-5Susan HaywardA Guide for the Advanced Soul: A Book of Insight
2009978-0-87516-841-8Touch for Health DVD
2008978-0-87516-842-5John B. WaterhouseFive Steps to Freedom: An Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment
2010978-0-87516-858-6Dennis Merritt JonesHow to Speak Science of Mind: A Seeker's Guide to the Basic Concepts and Terms That Define this Practical Spiritual Lifestyle
2011978-0-87516-859-3Temple HayesHow to Speak Unity: A Seeker's Guide to the Basic Concepts and Terms that Define this Practical Spiritual Lifestyle
2012978-0-87516-862-3Eugene WhitworthNine Faces of Christ (revised edition)
2010978-0-87516-863-0Susan HaywardA Guide for the Advanced Soul: A Book of Insight
2014978-0-87516-869-2Kate Large · Florence Scovel ShinnThe Game of Life Workbook: Florence Scovel Shinn's Prosperity Classic -Newly Expanded with Life changing Exercises and Tools
2012978-0-87516-871-5John Thie · Matthew ThieTouch for Health - paperback edition
2014978-0-87516-878-4Raymond C. BarkerThe Science of Successful Living: The Spiritual Formula for a Joyous Life