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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-87509-152-5John A. MacMillanAuthority of the Believer
1987978-0-87509-155-6The Wonders of Prophecy
1980978-0-87509-163-1A. W. TozerGems from Tozer
1982978-0-87509-223-2A. W TozerThe pursuit of God
1977978-0-87509-233-1Keith M. BaileyDivine Healing: The Children's Bread
1980978-0-87509-292-8A. W. TozerRenewed Day by Day: A Daily Devotional
1984978-0-87509-347-5A B. SimpsonFourfold Gospel
1982978-0-87509-366-6Aiden W. TozerThe Pursuit of God
1985978-0-87509-367-3A. W. TozerWhatever Happened to Worship: A Call To True Worship
1986978-0-87509-375-8   ''Root of the Righteous
  ''978-0-87509-377-2A. W. Tozer · Gerald B. SmithMen Who Met God
  ''978-0-87509-383-3Robert L. NiklausAll for Jesus: God at Work in the Christian and Missionary Alliance over One Hundred Years
1988978-0-87509-390-1A. W. TozerJesus Our Man in Glory
1911978-0-87509-406-9   ''Jesus Author of Our Faith
1988978-0-87509-407-6   ''We Travel an Appointed Way
  ''978-0-87509-408-3Albert B. SimpsonLarger Christian Life
1996978-0-87509-415-1Aiden TozerMan: The Dwelling Place of God
1989978-0-87509-418-2A. W. Tozer · Gerald B. SmithJesus Is Victor
  ''978-0-87509-420-5A. W. TozerThis World: Playground or Battleground?
1990978-0-87509-424-3A. W. Tozer · Gerald B. SmithTragedy in the Church: The Missing Gifts
1989978-0-87509-425-0A. W. TozerFaith Beyond Reason
1990978-0-87509-427-4A. E. TozerLet My People Go: The Life of Robert a Jaffray (The Jaffery Collection of Missionary Portraits)
1978978-0-87509-430-4Richard M. SipleyUnderstanding Divine Healing
1991978-0-87509-447-2A. W. TozerThe Price of Neglect
1991978-0-87509-455-7A. B. SimpsonWholly Sanctified: Living a Life Empowered by the Holy Spirit
1979978-0-87509-458-8W. WiersbeBest of A.W. Tozer, Book 1
1991978-0-87509-459-5A. W. TozerI Call It Heresy and Other Timely Topics From First Peter
  ''978-0-87509-472-4   ''Christ the Eternal Son
1992978-0-87509-473-1Thomas StebbinsEvangelism by the Book: Thirteen Biblical Methods
  ''978-0-87509-474-8A. W. Tozer · James L. SnyderRut, Rot or Revival: The Condition of the Church
  ''978-0-87509-493-9Samuel J. StoeszSanctification: An Alliance Distinctive
  ''978-0-87509-497-7A. W. TozerThe Size of the Soul: Principles of Revival and Spiritual Growth
1992978-0-87509-508-0A. W. TozerGod Tells the Man Who Cares
1994978-0-87509-522-6A. W. TozerThe Pursuit of God
  ''978-0-87509-527-1A. B. SimpsonThe Cross of Christ
1993978-0-87509-536-3A. W. TozerThe Counselor: Straight Talk About the Holy Spirit from a 20th Century Prophet
2000978-0-87509-537-0   ''Success and the Christian: The Cost and Criteria of Spiritual Maturity
1993978-0-87509-545-5   ''The Warfare of the Spirit: Developing Spiritual Maturity
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  ''978-0-87509-564-6   ''Supernatural: Making Room for the Power of God
1981978-0-87509-566-0A. W. TozerEchoes from Eden: The Voices of God Calling Man
1994978-0-87509-572-1   ''The Tozer Pulpit: Selections from His Pulpit Ministry, Vol 1 and 2
1995978-0-87509-594-3A. W. TozerThe Best of A. W. Tozer, Book 2
978-0-87509-597-4The Old Cross & the New
1995978-0-87509-600-1A. TozerOf God and Men
1996978-0-87509-615-5A. W. TozerThe Pursuit of God: A 31-Day Experience
1995978-0-87509-618-6   ''The Pursuit of God
1998978-0-87509-636-0John A. MacMillanThe Authority of the Believer
1996978-0-87509-680-3Robert L. Niklaus · John S. Sawin · Samuel J. StoeszAll For Jesus: God at Work in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Over One Hundred Years
1993978-0-87509-701-5A. W. TozerThe Pursuit of God
1998978-0-87509-704-6   ''The Pursuit of Man
  ''978-0-87509-705-3   ''The Attributes of God Journal: A Six Month Devotional Journey into the Father's Heart
  ''978-0-87509-708-4   ''The Attributes of God: A Journey into the Father's Heart
1998978-0-87509-710-7A. W. TozerThe Early Tozer: A Word in Season
1997978-0-87509-712-1   ''The Pursuit of God
1998978-0-87509-747-3   ''Tozer Speaks to Students: Chapel Messages Preached at Wheaton College
1964978-0-87509-749-7Strauss LehmanWhen Loved Ones are Taken in Death - Comfort for the Grieving (Classic Christian Living Series)
1998978-0-87509-767-1David ThompsonBeyond the Mist: The Story of Donald and Dorothy Fairley (Jaffray Collection of Missionary Portraits)
  ''978-0-87509-773-2A. W. TozerThe Pursuit of God: With Study Guide
  ''978-0-87509-801-2Michael D. NoelChurch-Planting Voices
1999978-0-87509-838-8A. W. Tozer · Ron EggertThe Tozer Topical Reader
1993978-0-87509-858-6A. W TozerThe pursuit of God ;: The pursuit of man
1999978-0-87509-866-1A. W. TozerPursuit of God/the Pursuit of Man
2000978-0-87509-901-9Arnold L. CookHistorical Drift: Must My Church Die?
2001978-0-87509-902-6A. W. TozerTozer on Christian Leadership: A 366-Day Devotional
1995978-0-87509-923-1   ''LA Busqueda De Dios (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-87509-924-8A. W. Tozer · R. Mable FrancisHow to Be Filled With the Holy Spirit: Including Filled With the Spirit...Then What?
2004978-0-87509-956-9Richard A. BurrPraying Your Prodigal Home: Unleashing God's Power to Set Your Loved Ones Free
2003978-0-87509-957-6A. W. Tozer · David E. FessendenThe Attributes of God: A Journey into the Father's Heart
2002978-0-87509-963-7A. W. TozerThe Pursuit of God/The Pursuit of Man: Devotional Readings
2004978-0-87509-972-9   ''Tozer on the Almighty God: A 366-day Devotional (Tozer for Today)
2003978-0-87509-973-6Fred A. Hartley · Armin R. GessweinEverything by Prayer: Armin Gesswein's Keys to Spirit-Filled Living
2002978-0-87509-975-0Richard AbanesFantasy and Your Family: Exploring The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Modern Magick
2004978-0-87509-986-6Welby O'BrienGood-Bye for Now: Practical Help and Personal Hope for Those Who Grieve
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  ''978-0-87509-989-7The Pastor's Handbook, King James Version
2005978-0-87509-997-2Martin SandersThe Power Of Mentoring: Shaping People Who Will Shape The World