year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1960978-0-87484-053-7Donald J. BorrorDictionary of Word Roots and Combining Forms
1970978-0-87484-146-6Joseph LuftGroup processes;: An introduction to group dynamics
1971978-0-87484-193-0John RalstonCoaching today's athlete;: A football textbook,
1972978-0-87484-203-6Lynne Fauley EmeryBlack dance in the United States from 1619 to 1970
1974978-0-87484-229-6Trudi SchoopWon't you join the dance?: A dancer's essay into the treatment of psychosis
1973978-0-87484-268-5Mary JoyceFirst Steps in Teaching Creative Dance: A Handbook for Teachers of Children, Kindergarten through Sixth Grade
1977978-0-87484-338-5Thomas C. EmmelGlobal Perspectives on Ecology
1978978-0-87484-362-0Shirley LindenbaumKuru Sorcery: Disease and Danger in the New Guinea Highlands (Explorations in World Ethnology)
  ''978-0-87484-408-5Robert CohenActing Power
1980978-0-87484-510-5Mary JoyceFirst Steps in Teaching Creative Dance to Children
1982978-0-87484-522-8Sandra Noll HammondBallet: Beyond The Basics
1981978-0-87484-530-3David G. Danskin · Mark A. CrowBiofeedback: An Introduction and Guide
1984978-0-87484-542-6Joseph LuftGroup Processes: An Introduction to Group Dynamics
1982978-0-87484-548-8Ernest W MaglischoSwimming Faster
1983978-0-87484-581-5Mary JoyceDance Technique for Children
1985978-0-87484-696-6Stephen L. HarrisUnderstanding the Bible: A Reader's Introduction
  ''978-0-87484-720-8Dick GouldTennis, anyone?
  ''978-0-87484-738-3OswaltLife Cycles & Lifeways Im
1989978-0-87484-760-4Louis E. CatronThe Director's Vision: Play Direction from Analysis to Production
1986978-0-87484-766-6Brooke Noel Moore · Richard ParkerThe Logical accessory: To Critical thinking: evaluating claims and arguments in everyday life
1990978-0-87484-769-7Brooke Noel Moore · Kenneth BruderPhilosophy: The Power of Ideas
1987978-0-87484-786-4John H. BodleyTribal Peoples and Development Issues: A Global Overview
  ''978-0-87484-791-8M. RingBeginning With the Pre Socratics
1989978-0-87484-800-7R. P. CuzzortUsing Social Thought: The Nuclear Issue and Other Concerns
1989978-0-87484-838-0Gerald Bakker · Len ClarkExplanation: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Science
  ''978-0-87484-840-3Christopher BiffleA Guided Tour of Five Works by Plato: With Complete Translations of Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo (Death Scene, and Allegory of the Cave)
1988978-0-87484-850-2Robert CohenEight Plays For Theatre
1989978-0-87484-879-3Janet Gonzalez-Mena · Dianne Widmeyer EyerInfants, Toddlers, and Caregiver
1990978-0-87484-895-3Christopher BiffleA Guided Tour of Selections from Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics
  ''978-0-87484-925-7Eleanor ReynoldsGuiding Young Children: A Child-Centered Approach
1991978-0-87484-956-1Douglass SeatonIdeas and Styles in the Western Musical Tradition
1992978-0-87484-958-5Robert BartonStyle For Actors

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