August House

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1987978-0-87483-030-9John Robert StarrYellow Dogs and Dark Horses: Thirty Years on the Campaign Beat With John Robert Starr
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1955978-0-87483-060-6   ''Mexican-American folklore: Legends, songs, festivals, proverbs, crafts, tales of saints, of revolutionaries, and more (The American folklore series)
2006978-0-87483-068-2Simon J. BronnerAmerican Children's Folklore (American Folklore Series)
  ''978-0-87483-082-8W.C. JamesonBuried Treasures of the American Southwest
2005978-0-87483-087-3Loyal JonesThe Preacher Joke Book
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2006978-0-87483-106-1W.C. JamesonBuried Treasures of the Ozarks
2005978-0-87483-126-9   ''Buried Treasures of the Appalachians: Legends of Homesteads Caches, Indian Mines and Loot from Civil War Raids
  ''978-0-87483-127-6Jan BrennanTreasured Time with Your Toddler
2006978-0-87483-146-7BrummettRoping Can Be Hazardous to Your Health: Southwestern Humor
2005978-0-87483-151-1Joe McQThe Steps We Took
1991978-0-87483-169-6Curt BrummettSnake in the Bathtub and Other Stories
2006978-0-87483-178-8W. C. JamesonBuried Treasures of Texas: Legends of Outlaw Loot, Pirate Hoards, Buried Mines, Ingots in Lakes, and Santa Anna's Pack-Train Gold
2005978-0-87483-200-6Teresa PijoanWhite Wolf Woman and Other Native American Transformation Myths
  ''978-0-87483-235-8Donald DavisTelling Your Own Stories (American Storytelling)
2005978-0-87483-266-2Pleasant DeSpainThirty-Three Multicultural Tales to Tell (American Storytelling)
2006978-0-87483-272-3W.C. JamesonBuried Treasures of the Rocky Mountain West
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2006978-0-87483-286-0W. JamesonBuried Treasures of the South
2005978-0-87483-304-1Margaret Read MacDonaldStoryteller's Start-Up Book
2006978-0-87483-305-8Margaret Read MacDonaldThe Storyteller's Start-Up Book: Finding, Learning, Performing and Using Folktales
  ''978-0-87483-309-6Richard YoungAfrican-American Folktales (American Storytelling) (American Storytelling (Paperback))
  ''978-0-87483-379-9Donald DavisThirteen Miles From Suncrest
2005978-0-87483-381-2David Holt · Bill MooneyReady-To-Tell Tales: Sure-Fire Stories From America's Favorite Storytellers (Multicultural Resource: Stories & Tellers of Many Cultures)
  ''978-0-87483-382-9Richard YoungThe Scary Story Reader (American Storytelling)
  ''978-0-87483-387-4Josepha ShermanOnce Upon a Galaxy (American Storytelling)
1995978-0-87483-406-2W.C. JamesonBuried Treasures of California
2005978-0-87483-415-4Margaret Read MacDonaldThe Old Woman Who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle
1995978-0-87483-422-2Heather ForestWonder Tales from Around the World
2006978-0-87483-434-5Doug LipmanThe Storytelling Coach: How to Listen, Praise, and Bring Out People's Best (American Storytelling)
2006978-0-87483-435-2Doug LipmanStorytelling Coach: How to Listen, Praise, and Bring out People's Best (American Storytelling)
  ''978-0-87483-436-9Margaret Read MacDonaldGhost Stories from the Pacific Northwest (American Storytelling)
2005978-0-87483-437-6   ''Ghost Stories from the Pacific Northwest (American Storytelling)
2006978-0-87483-438-3W. C. JamesonBuried Treasures of the Pacific Northwest: Secret Indian Mines, Lost Outlaw Hoards, and Stolen Payroll Coins
1995978-0-87483-444-4Josepha Sherman · T. K. F. WeisskopfGreasy Grimy Gopher Guts: The Subversive Folklore of Childhood (American Storytelling)
2005978-0-87483-450-5Josepha ShermanTrickster Tales: Forty Folk Stories from Around the World (World Storytelling)
  ''978-0-87483-451-2Ramon Royal RossStoryteller (American Storytelling)
1997978-0-87483-456-7Donald DavisSee Rock City (American Storytelling (Paperback))
2005978-0-87483-458-1Pleasant DeSpainEleven Nature Tales: A Multicultural Journey (World Storytelling)
  ''978-0-87483-460-4Bill HarleySitting Down to Eat
  ''978-0-87483-479-6Heather ForestWisdom Tales from Around the World (World Storytelling)
2005978-0-87483-482-6Bill MooneyThe Storyteller's Guide (American Storytelling)
2006978-0-87483-484-0W.C. JamesonBuried Treasures of the Atlantic Coast
2005978-0-87483-485-7   ''Buried Treasures of New England
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2005978-0-87483-498-7Heather ForestStone Soup
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  ''978-0-87483-503-8Margaret MacDonaldThe Girl Who Wore Too Much (English and Thai Edition)
2006978-0-87483-506-9Donald DavisDr. York, Miss Winnie, and the Typhoid Shot
2005978-0-87483-524-3Barbara McBride-SmithGreek Myths, Western Style: Toga Tales With An Attitude
2005978-0-87483-525-0David Holt · Bill MooneySpiders in the Hairdo: Modern Urban Legends
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2006978-0-87483-531-1W.C. JamesonBuried Treasures of the Mid-Atlantic States
2005978-0-87483-533-5Frances M. Malpezzi · William M. ClementsItalian-American Folklore (American Folklore Series)
  ''978-0-87483-551-9DeSpainEmerald Lizard (World Storytelling)
  ''978-0-87483-552-6Pleasant DeSpainEmerald Lizard (World Storytelling)
  ''978-0-87483-553-3Hiroko FujitaStories To Play With
2005978-0-87483-561-8Martha Hamilton · Mitch WeissHow & Why Stories (World Storytelling from August House)
  ''978-0-87483-562-5Martha Hamilton · Mitch WeissHow & Why Stories (World Storytelling from August House)
  ''978-0-87483-563-2Richard Young · Judy Dockrey YoungFavorite Scary Stories of American Children
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2005978-0-87483-603-5Bill HarleySitting Down to Eat
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  ''978-0-87483-606-6   ''Ride the Butterflies
2006978-0-87483-608-0   ''Listening for the Crack of Dawn (American Storytelling (Audio))
  ''978-0-87483-610-3   ''Father Was a Wise Old Man (American Storytelling (Audio))
  ''978-0-87483-612-7   ''That's What Mamas Do (American Storytelling (Audio))
2005978-0-87483-616-5Margaret Read MacDonaldFat Cat: A Danish Folktale
2005978-0-87483-625-7Martha Hamilton · Mitch WeissThrough the Grapevine
2006978-0-87483-626-4Kathryn WindhamGrits (What Makes Us Southerners)
  ''978-0-87483-627-1Kathryn Tucker WindhamGrits (What Makes Us Southerners)
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2006978-0-87483-629-5Kathryn Tucker WindhamBarbershop Education (What Makes Us Southerners)
2005978-0-87483-650-9Barbara McBride-SmithTell It Together
2006978-0-87483-654-7Joe McQCarry This Message
2005978-0-87483-655-4Barbara McBride-SmithTell It Together
2006978-0-87483-658-5Kathryn Tucker WindhamFront-Porch Rocking Chairs (What Makes Us Southerners, Volume 3)
  ''978-0-87483-660-8   ''Old-Fashioned Words (What Makes Us Southerners)
  ''978-0-87483-662-2   ''God Was Just Practicing When He Made Men (What Makes Us Southerners)
2005978-0-87483-672-1Grace HalworthSing Me a Story
  ''978-0-87483-675-2Dee BrownWondrous Times on the Frontier
2006978-0-87483-687-5Donald DavisMama Learns to Drive
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2006978-0-87483-692-9Kathryn Tucker WindhamAt Home With My Daddy's Stories
  ''978-0-87483-699-8Willy ClaflinMaynard Moose Tales
  ''978-0-87483-701-8Willy ClaflinUglified Ducky: Traditional And Original Stories
  ''978-0-87483-705-6   ''Wolf Under the Bed
2005978-0-87483-715-5David Holt · Bill MooneyThe Exploding Toilet
2006978-0-87483-717-9Donald DavisMiss Daisy
  ''978-0-87483-718-6   ''Dr. York, Miss Winnie, and the Typhoid Shot (American Storytelling (Audio))
2005978-0-87483-729-2Margaret Read MacDonaldThree-Minute Tales
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2005978-0-87483-741-4Sherry ShahanSpicy Hot Colors: Colores Picantes
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  ''978-0-87483-752-0   ''Grandma's Lap Stories
2005978-0-87483-754-4David HoltThe Exploding Toilet
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2006978-0-87483-762-9Barbara McBride-SmithButton Box
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2005978-0-87483-764-3Robert D. San SouciZigzag
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2006978-0-87483-771-1Donald DavisSee Rock City
  ''978-0-87483-773-5   ''Big-Screen Drive In Theater
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2007978-0-87483-781-0   ''Five Minute Tales: More Stories to Read and Tell When Time is Short
  ''978-0-87483-782-7   ''Five Minute Tales: More Stories to Read and Tell When Time is Short
2006978-0-87483-783-4   ''Peace Tales
2009978-0-87483-784-1   ''Earth Care
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2007978-0-87483-804-6Naomi BaltuckStorytime Stretchers: Tongue Twisters, Choruses, Games, and Charades
  ''978-0-87483-805-3Naomi BaltuckStorytime Stretchers: Tongue Twisters, Choruses, Games, and Charades
2006978-0-87483-806-0Uma KrishnaswamiThe Broken Tusk: Stories of the Hindu God Ganesha
2007978-0-87483-808-4Margaret Read MacDonaldThe Great Smelly, Slobbery, Small-Tooth Dog: A Folktale from Great Britain
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2008978-0-87483-880-0   ''The Well of Truth: A Folktale from Egypt (Story Cove)
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