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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1996978-0-87441-074-7Milton Steinberg · Chaim PotokAs a Driven Leaf
1973978-0-87441-093-8Seymour RosselWhen a Jew Prays (A Jewish Value Series)
1996978-0-87441-103-4Milton SteinbergAs a Driven Leaf
1976978-0-87441-120-1David BridgerThe New Jewish Encyclopedia
2001978-0-87441-130-0Terry KayeHineni: The New Hebrew Through Prayer, Vol. 1
2002978-0-87441-131-7   ''Hineni 2: The New Hebrew Through Prayer
2003978-0-87441-132-4   ''Hineni 3: The New Hebrew Through Prayer
2008978-0-87441-136-2   ''Hineni 1 Workbook (Hebrew Edition)
2002978-0-87441-137-9Behrman HouseHineni 2 - Workbook (Hebrew Edition)
2010978-0-87441-140-9Milton Steinberg · Ari L. Goldman · Harold S. Kushner · Norma RosenThe Prophet's Wife
1995978-0-87441-157-7Joseph H. HertzSayings of the Fathers (Hebrew and English Edition)
2004978-0-87441-188-1Ulpan Alef Interactive CD
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1972978-0-87441-206-2Isadore TwerskyA Maimonides Reader (Library of Jewish Studies)
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1977978-0-87441-271-0Eugene B BorowitzReform Judaism today
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1980978-0-87441-327-4Jacob NeusnerMeet Our Sages
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1981978-0-87441-355-7Seymour RosselShabbat
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1984978-0-87441-360-1Ora BandHebrew: A Language Course Level 2
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1979978-0-87441-470-7   ''More Wise Men of Helm and Their Merry Tales
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  ''978-0-87441-693-0Pearl G TarnorShalom Alef Bet
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  ''978-0-87441-780-7   ''History of the Jews in America: The Twentieth Century And Beyond (Challenge and Change: History of Jews in America)
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2010978-0-87441-876-7Julie Schwartz Wohl · Rabbi Lauren KurlandSiddur Mah Tov: A Family Shabbat Prayer Book
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