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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-87440-000-7Brian WayAudience Participation: Theatre for Young People
1969978-0-87440-001-4Lucy BartonAppreciating Costume
1961978-0-87440-002-1   ''Historic Costume for the Stage
1942978-0-87440-003-8   ''Period Patterns
1976978-0-87440-004-5Roger Cornish · John OrlockShort Plays for the Long Living
1986978-0-87440-006-9Sawyer-YoungContemporary Scenes for Contemporary Kids
1989978-0-87440-007-6Joyce DevlinWomen's Scenes and Monologues: An Annotated Bibliography
  ''978-0-87440-008-3Marjorie Butler · Ingrid Sommichsen · Gary MaregTax Guide for Performers: Buy This Book, Its Deductible
1991978-0-87440-009-0Judith MartinI won't take a bath!: A revue for children
978-0-87440-010-6The Revenge of the Red Feather Ladies
1991978-0-87440-014-4Sudden theatre!: Monologues and scenes for today's teens
1940978-0-87440-017-5Louise HelliwellLight Competition (A Play)
1992978-0-87440-019-9Rick DesrochersClass acts: Classical monologues for contemporary women
1994978-0-87440-020-5Peter SklarWinning monologues from the Beginnings workshop
978-0-87440-021-2A Dickens' Christmas Carol: A Travelling Travesety in Two Tumultuous Acts
1996978-0-87440-022-9Jules TascaThe grand Christmas history of the Andy Landy Clan: A Christmas play
  ''978-0-87440-023-6Tim KellyThe Butler Did It, Again!
978-0-87440-025-0Jack NearyThe Little Match Girl
1996978-0-87440-026-7Don KuklaTurn Around (A Play)
  ''978-0-87440-029-8MoliereSganarelle-a farce in one act by Moliere
1998978-0-87440-030-4Kim Esop WylieAesop's (Oh So Slightly) Updated Fables (Baker's Plays)
978-0-87440-033-5Girls to the Rescue
978-0-87440-034-2Rutherford Wolf
978-0-87440-035-9The Phony Physician
1997978-0-87440-036-6Billy St. JohnSouthern fried murder: A dinner theater comedy/murder mystery
  ''978-0-87440-037-3Steph DeFerieOnce Upon A Wolf
1997978-0-87440-038-0Arupa ChiariniWaiting for Captain Ha Ha
978-0-87440-043-4A Midsummer Night's Dream: Adapted for the Modern Stage
1997978-0-87440-047-2Jerome McDonoughWilliam Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing
  ''978-0-87440-048-9Quiche Lloyd-KemblePerchance to Dream
  ''978-0-87440-049-6The American Car: The American Dream. A Play (Acting Edition)
2010978-0-87440-050-2Jeff GoodeThe Eight: Reindeer Monologues
1977978-0-87440-051-9   ''The Ubu Plays
1997978-0-87440-053-3Jim MooreActs & Contrition (Baker's Plays)
  ''978-0-87440-054-0Jennie Cohen · Catherine SpencerThe Broadway Cafe
1998978-0-87440-057-1Sally Oswald · Noa Gottlieb · April Rosenblum · Brian JacobsPlays from the Philadelphia Young Playwrights Festival
2011978-0-87440-061-8Colleen NeumanThe Princess Plays
978-0-87440-063-2Rivercide, P.I.: An Environmental Who-Dunnit
978-0-87440-064-9Puberty: The Game Show
1998978-0-87440-066-3Howard BurmanAn O. Henry Christmas
978-0-87440-067-0Postlude, a Play for the Moment
1998978-0-87440-068-7CYNTHIA MERCATIStrength of Our Spirit
978-0-87440-069-4Flying Colors
978-0-87440-072-4The Emperor's New Clothes, Or, A Costumer's Nightmare
2010978-0-87440-073-1Mark Landon SmithFaith County
1955978-0-87440-080-9GUERNSEY LePELLEYAbsolutely Murder: A Mystery Comedy in Three Acts
2011978-0-87440-081-6Terry OrtweinAct Three, Scene Five
  ''978-0-87440-089-2Dennis SneeAlice in America-Land or ...
978-0-87440-090-8A Father's Secret
2011978-0-87440-095-3Tim Kelly · Ole KittlesonThe Amazing Adventures of Dan Daredevil
2017978-0-87440-096-0Lynn Stallings · Don StallingsBeneath the Surface
1999978-0-87440-101-1Bob Johnson · Anne Fliotsos · Edwin Wald · Cynthia JayOedipus! A New Musical Comedy
2000978-0-87440-103-5Earl A. PikeLove Is a Shining (A Play)
1999978-0-87440-104-2Rosanne ManfrediThe princess finds a way
2011978-0-87440-105-9Alan HaehnelMaking Nice
1999978-0-87440-107-3Colleen NeumanThe Ert plays
1999978-0-87440-108-0Thomas S HischakWillabella Witch's last spell: A comedy for children in one act
  ''978-0-87440-110-3Ray HambyAdventures of Ben Boy, Ben Dog, and Ben Cat
  ''978-0-87440-111-0Bloomsburg Theatre EnsembleLetters to the Editor
  ''978-0-87440-113-4David F. ElietThe Spirit of Life and Magda and Josef (A Play)
2010978-0-87440-118-9Edward MurchNo Name in the Street
2000978-0-87440-119-6David Valdes GreenwoodBrave navigator
  ''978-0-87440-123-3Zanne HallAn incredible journey to Chauyuan
2000978-0-87440-124-0KT CurranThe Tobacco Club
2017978-0-87440-125-7Steph DeFerieNick Tickle, Fairy Tale Detective
2000978-0-87440-127-1More Aesop's (Oh So Slightly) Updated Fables (A Play)
  ''978-0-87440-129-5Greg HowardA Thousand Words Winner of the 2000 Baker's Plays High School Playwriting Contest
  ''978-0-87440-130-1Derek Goldman · Jessica ThebusHaymarket Eight
  ''978-0-87440-131-8Thomas HischakCinderella, Inc
2017978-0-87440-134-9Ray PapeBoston Theater Marathon 1
2007978-0-87440-135-6Carlo GoldoniMistress Of The Inn (A Play)
2011978-0-87440-136-3Alan HaehnelChronicles of Jane, The, Book Seven
2001978-0-87440-138-7Mark Landon SmithDupont, Mississippi (A Play)
2010978-0-87440-140-0Dana ProulxFairy Tale Courtroom
2012978-0-87440-145-5Brian WayMr. Grump and the Clown
2001978-0-87440-147-9Cindy A. RichardThe Princess's Gift
  ''978-0-87440-154-7Boston Playwright's TheatreBoston Theater Marathon of Ten-Minute Plays BTM Every 10 Minutes (Volume 2)
2001978-0-87440-157-8Mindy MayerThe Cool Sequestr'd
2002978-0-87440-160-8The Return of the King
2000978-0-87440-162-2Laura GaryStarstruck!
  ''978-0-87440-163-9Joseph GeringerNear To Me
2002978-0-87440-164-6Thomas HischakCurst Be He That Moves My Bones (A Play)
  ''978-0-87440-165-3Prometheus Bound
  ''978-0-87440-166-0Don HodginsYou Better Watch Out (A Play)
  ''978-0-87440-167-7Frederick L SaurDo not fear the harvest and other plays: Four one-acts
2008978-0-87440-181-3Steph DeferieGhost Rider: The Final Journey on the Underground Railroad
2007978-0-87440-182-0Boston UniversityBoston Playwrights' Theatre at Boston University Presents Boston Theater Marathon of Ten-Minute Plays
2000978-0-87440-184-4Amanda ShankReservations for Two (A Play)
2011978-0-87440-186-8Kim Esop WylieMythtery & Mayhem
2008978-0-87440-187-5Mark Landon SmithThe Pirate Show
2008978-0-87440-188-2Pat CookKeepsakes
2009978-0-87440-190-5William Shakespeare · Jeff GoodeLear's Labor's Lost
2011978-0-87440-194-3Maureen UlrichSam Spud, Private Eye
2008978-0-87440-195-0George Cameron Grant4 X'Mas
2003978-0-87440-197-4Steph DeFerieAfter The Rain King (A Play)
1999978-0-87440-200-1Candice Cain · Candice CookThe Lovesick Cat (A Play)
2009978-0-87440-204-9Jeanine HarveyTwisted Tales of Terror
2011978-0-87440-205-6Natasha L. CederbergMystery at Whimbowly Manor
2005978-0-87440-207-0Peter FoxACTS OF GOD
2011978-0-87440-208-7Fred CarmichaelDear Millie
2010978-0-87440-211-7E. ThomalenThe Metamorphosis
2005978-0-87440-212-4Adrienne PerryThe White Garden
2009978-0-87440-214-8Colleen NeumanThreee (A Play)
2010978-0-87440-215-5Ron NicolBeware the Jabberwock
2000978-0-87440-216-2Ben Morss · Justin WarnerCinderella's Mice (A Play)
2011978-0-87440-217-9Trisha SugarekThe Exciting Exploits of an Effervescent Elf
2008978-0-87440-218-6E. ThomalenClara's Christmas Dreams
2003978-0-87440-219-3Jules TascaFour Way Split (A Play)
2011978-0-87440-220-9Diana R. JenkinsStalker Mom and Other Plays
2009978-0-87440-225-4Jack FrakesCalifornia Odyssey
978-0-87440-226-1Eyes Wide Open
2009978-0-87440-227-8Brad StephensCooley Girls
  ''978-0-87440-228-5Brad SlaightCopies
  ''978-0-87440-229-2R. Eugene JacksonThis Little Piggy...
2011978-0-87440-231-5Greg CummingsKiss, Then Tell
2010978-0-87440-232-2Steph DeferieThe Further Adventures of Nick Tickle, Fairytale Detective
  ''978-0-87440-233-9John McTavishMouse's Discovery: Chancel Plays for Young and Old
  ''978-0-87440-234-6Jennifer Kirkeby · Shirley MierHarriet and Walt
2010978-0-87440-235-3Catherine PeloneroAwesome Ghosts of Ontario
  ''978-0-87440-236-0George Cameron GrantEpitaph
  ''978-0-87440-238-4Jean BattloBusiness as Usual
  ''978-0-87440-239-1Trisha SugarekStanley the Stalwart Dragon
  ''978-0-87440-242-1Laignee Barron · Samuel French · Paxton Grey FarrarDramatic Debuts Volume 2
2010978-0-87440-244-5Kristin Walter · Larisa BryskiThe Selfish Giant
  ''978-0-87440-245-2Megan OrrMashed Potatoes and Davey
2009978-0-87440-247-6Stuart PatersonGranny and the Gorilla
2008978-0-87440-248-3Mindy Mayer · Allie MayerSheltered Friends (A Play)
2006978-0-87440-251-3Jonathan Caws-elwittThe Can Of Yams
2010978-0-87440-254-4Elaine Friedlander · Therese MarlinCindyrella
2006978-0-87440-255-1Barbara Pease WeberHogwash! A comedy
2011978-0-87440-257-5Mark WestonBeckwourth
2010978-0-87440-258-2Kristin WalterThe Last of the Dragons
  ''978-0-87440-260-5Michael TesterThe Pirate Musical!
2011978-0-87440-262-9Mark Weston101 Winning Monologues for Young Performers
2010978-0-87440-263-6S. Daly SweeneyHorseman
  ''978-0-87440-264-3Maureen UlrichThe Banes of Darkwood
978-0-87440-267-4Boston Playwrights' Theatre at Boston University Presents Boston Theater Marathon of Ten-Minute Plays
1999978-0-87440-268-1Marie Agnes FoleyHeidi (A Play)
2010978-0-87440-269-8Kristin WalterHansel and Gretel
  ''978-0-87440-270-4Dorothy Hopkins Kirkland · Rehn ScarboroughPractical Workouts for the School Theatre
978-0-87440-274-2Mark Twain Again
978-0-87440-275-9Spells: 3 One-Act Comedies
2010978-0-87440-276-6Kristin WalterRapunzel
2011978-0-87440-277-3Charles JeffriesThe School for Scandal
2008978-0-87440-279-7Frank HigginsMiracles
2008978-0-87440-280-3William Shakespeare · Jeff GoodeRomeo and Julius [Caesar]
2011978-0-87440-282-7Bradley HaywardHigh School for Dummies
978-0-87440-283-4Seven Santas
2000978-0-87440-285-8Robert C. YohHear Them Hillbilly Wedding Belles (A Play)
2010978-0-87440-291-9Jeff GoodeYour Swash Is Unbuckled
2008978-0-87440-292-6Merritt IerleyEleanor for President
2011978-0-87440-293-3Maureen Brady JohnsonShoes Along the Highway
2008978-0-87440-295-7Brad SlaightMiddle Class
2007978-0-87440-296-4Judy Elliot McDonaldIn Juliet's Garden (A Play)
2008978-0-87440-297-1Daniel Elihu KramerCoyote Tales
2011978-0-87440-299-5Ross Mihalko · Donna Swift · Linda BergBeanstalk! the Musical!
1999978-0-87440-300-8Pat Cook · Michael LieboTenderfella (A Play)
2008978-0-87440-301-5William Shakespeare · Jeff GoodeHam/Thello: The Moor of Denmark
  ''978-0-87440-304-6Megan OrrTales from Anywhere
  ''978-0-87440-305-3Michael DruceThe Panic Broadcast of 1938
  ''978-0-87440-306-0Bob MaySnowmen, Elves and Nutcrackers
2009978-0-87440-307-7Scott Lynch-GiddingsArgonuts
2011978-0-87440-308-4Clint MillerOur Diamond
2008978-0-87440-309-1Jack KurtzChristmas, Aliens, Gargoyles and Everything-Just-Right
2011978-0-87440-310-7Maureen Brady JohnsonMoving on
2008978-0-87440-311-4Barabara Pease Weber · Barbara Pease WeberSeniors of the Sahara
  ''978-0-87440-312-1Edie ClaireSee You in Bells (Baker's Plays)
2009978-0-87440-313-8James FacosMountains in My Stride
2008978-0-87440-314-5Jeff Goode · Jonathan PriceRumpelstiltskin
2011978-0-87440-316-9Maxine HolmgrenMurder at the Grey's Hound Mansion
2010978-0-87440-317-6Kate SnodgrassBoston Theatre Marathon of Ten-Minute Plays - Volume V
2011978-0-87440-318-3Anne PhillipsThe Great Grey Ghost of Old Spook Lane
2011978-0-87440-320-6Mark Loewenstern · John GregorThe Nastiest Drink in the World
  ''978-0-87440-321-3Trisha SugarekThe Guyer Girls
2012978-0-87440-322-0Jan SilvermanJust So
2011978-0-87440-323-7Nicky Glossman · Andrea Costin · Naomi RawitzDramatic Debuts Volume 4
  ''978-0-87440-324-4Camille HarrisMuffin Man
2012978-0-87440-327-5Robin Seidman · Spencer StephensPaint!
  ''978-0-87440-328-2Greg EvansLuann: Scenes in a Teen's Life
  ''978-0-87440-331-2George Cameron GrantPush
2008978-0-87440-332-9Leon KayeMurder with Grace
2013978-0-87440-337-4Jim KnableHyper-Focus
2012978-0-87440-338-1Jules TascaChekhov's Ladies
2012978-0-87440-339-8Colleen NeumanStones
2010978-0-87440-377-0Tim Kelly · Ole KittlesonThe Butler Did It Singing
2012978-0-87440-380-0Barbara Pease WeberA Crock of Schnitzel
2010978-0-87440-392-3Nicolas HooverThe Red Merit Badge of Courage
  ''978-0-87440-407-4Scott HunterCandide
  ''978-0-87440-457-9Richard LortzVoices (Lortz)
2012978-0-87440-472-2Brian WayThe Wheel
1973978-0-87440-490-6Claude TownleyL. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz
1999978-0-87440-496-8Michael FlynnYou Didn't Say It Was Haunted (A Play)
2007978-0-87440-498-2Jules TascaBeginnings: 6 One Act Plays
2004978-0-87440-552-1J. M. SyngeRiders to the Sea
2010978-0-87440-558-3Larry BlamireRobin Hood
1999978-0-87440-562-0Tom ErhardA Rocket In His Pocket (A Play)
  ''978-0-87440-569-9Jeanne A. Davis · Jim FooteSanta's Spectacles (A Play)
2000978-0-87440-571-2John McTavishThe Scarecrow and Other Plays
2006978-0-87440-573-6Richard Brinsley SheridanSchool for Scandal
2005978-0-87440-576-7She Stoops to Conquer (Baker's Plays, Baker's Item 51-B)
1987978-0-87440-577-4Tim and music and lyrics by Jack Sharkey KellySherlock Holmes and the Giant Rat of Sumatra: Musical mystery (Acting Edition)
1999978-0-87440-584-2Anne K. GlasnerSituation Un-Sittable (A Play)
2011978-0-87440-591-0Tim KellyThe Soapy Murder Case
1999978-0-87440-599-6Sloane DraysonBeing a Great Guy (A Play)
2011978-0-87440-605-4Brian WayThe Storytellers
  ''978-0-87440-615-3Mark FitzgibbonsA Tale of Two Cities
2011978-0-87440-618-4Jules TascaTelling Wilde Tales ...
1990978-0-87440-624-5Lucile McIntyreThese Wonderful Years (Baker's Plays)
2010978-0-87440-625-2Billy St John13 Past Midnight
1981978-0-87440-626-9Dick DottererThis Site Unsuitable for Dragons (A Play)
1999978-0-87440-629-0Doris EstradaThree on a Bench (A Play)
2010978-0-87440-638-2Susan GlaspellTrifles
2011978-0-87440-652-8Guernsey Le PelleyNobody Sleeps
2010978-0-87440-659-7Jerrod BogardJack and the Soy Beanstalk
1980978-0-87440-661-0Karen Boettcher-TateOnce Upon a Brutebeast (A Play)
2011978-0-87440-667-2Mark Landon SmithChristmas Carol High School
2013978-0-87440-669-6Jack MoulthropJack, the Prince of Ireland
2010978-0-87440-672-6John NashBackwoods Romeo
  ''978-0-87440-677-1Brian WayPinocchio
2011978-0-87440-680-1VariousPlays for Holly Days
1991978-0-87440-682-5Poe's Midnight Dreary
2000978-0-87440-684-9Edward MarshA Present for the Prince (A Play)
2010978-0-87440-685-6James PH.D. BrockThe Prince Who Wouldn't Talk
2006978-0-87440-686-3Sylvia AshbyThe Princess Who Became King (A Play)
2011978-0-87440-700-6Isabel McReynolds GrayA Mad Breakfast
  ''978-0-87440-713-6Gabrielle Hoyt-Disick · Michael Bontatibus · Zoe WilsonDramatic Debuts Volume 3
2010978-0-87440-715-0Rae ShirleyA Merry Regiment of Women
1994978-0-87440-716-7Henry ThomasA Midsummer's Night Dream
2011978-0-87440-718-1Brian WayThe Mirrorman
2010978-0-87440-726-6Nathan MetcalfMasterpiece
  ''978-0-87440-730-3Kristin WalterThe Elves and the Shoemaker
2011978-0-87440-733-4John R. CarrollMurder Well Rehearsed
2010978-0-87440-734-1Maxine HolmgrenThe Red Feather Ladies Get Their Man
2011978-0-87440-735-8Tracey PowerThe Jungle Book
2010978-0-87440-739-6Candice CainThe Tortoise and the Hare
2011978-0-87440-740-2L. Don SwartzA Night of Dark Intent
1999978-0-87440-750-1Doris DarganInvisible Thread (A Play)
2011978-0-87440-752-5Tim KellyIt Was a Dark and Stormy Night
  ''978-0-87440-764-8Thomas HischakOn the Boardwalk
2011978-0-87440-766-2Terry Ortwein · Brian WayThe Ladder
2000978-0-87440-771-6Anne WatersLast Night's Paper
2012978-0-87440-794-5Howard Voland · Keith McGregorMurder Inn
  ''978-0-87440-795-2Todd McGinnisStage Fright, or Laugh? I Thought I'd Die!
  ''978-0-87440-799-0Marsha Lee SheinessBest All 'Round
  ''978-0-87440-802-7Jack Hilton CunninghamWomen and War: A One Act Play
2013978-0-87440-803-4Joann LeonardAll the World's a Stage: Volume III
2011978-0-87440-817-1Tim KellyHide and Shriek
2010978-0-87440-840-9Peter ColleyI'll Be Back Before Midnight!
1999978-0-87440-841-6David F. ElietThree Japanese Ghost Stories (A Play)
2011978-0-87440-842-3Oscar WildeImportance of Being Earnest, the (One-Act)
2000978-0-87440-851-5Thomas HischakTwice the Usual Number of Suspects (A Play)
2011978-0-87440-876-8Paul McCuskerThe First Church of Pete's Garage
1995978-0-87440-877-5Jack NearyFirst Night
2010978-0-87440-882-9Michael ScanlanFortress: A One Act Play
1993978-0-87440-887-4Steve FriedmanFreedom Days (A Play Anthology)
2012978-0-87440-894-2Steve FrancoIn-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People (That Should Be Shot)
2011978-0-87440-899-7Michael ScanlanGive and Take
  ''978-0-87440-908-6Brad SlaightClass Action
1983978-0-87440-909-3V. Glasgow KosteThe Cinderella Syndrome
2010978-0-87440-919-2Scott TobinCotton Girls
1995978-0-87440-928-4Peter FilichiaA Danish Soap or The Danes of Our Lives (A Play)
2010978-0-87440-950-5Lucy Maud Montgomery · L. M. MontgomeryAnne of Green Gables (Non-Musical)
2011978-0-87440-951-2C. B. GilfordAny Body for Tea?
2005978-0-87440-971-0Douglas FarrBeyond the Door (A Play)
2010978-0-87440-978-9C. B. GilfordBull in a China Shop
2011978-0-87440-983-3Aurand Harris · George Bernard ShawCandida (Harris)
1946978-0-87440-999-4Frederick GarrigusA Christmas Calol (A Play)