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1975978-0-87421-121-4Juanita BrooksEmma Lee
1986978-0-87421-128-3Elliott OringFolk Groups And Folklore Genres: An Introduction
1987978-0-87421-130-6F. Lamond TullisMormons in Mexico: The Dynamics of Faith and Culture
1988978-0-87421-132-0Dorothea LangeLife And Land: The Farm Security Administration Photographers in Utah, 1936-1941
  ''978-0-87421-139-9Patrick MullenI Heard The Old Fishermen Say
1989978-0-87421-140-5Elliott OringFolk Groups And Folklore Genres Reader: A Reader
  ''978-0-87421-142-9Richard Poll · Thomas G Alexander · Eugene E Campbell · David E MillerUtah's History
1991978-0-87421-150-4Stephen Stern · John Allan CicalaCreative Ethnicity
  ''978-0-87421-154-2Pearl BakerRobbers Roost Recollections (Western Experience)
  ''978-0-87421-155-9Theodore HumphreyWe Gather Together
1992978-0-87421-156-6Simon BronnerAmerican Material Culture And Folklife
1992978-0-87421-160-3Richard MeyerCemeteries and Gravemarkers: Voices of American Culture
  ''978-0-87421-161-0Allan PowellThe Next Time We Strike: Labor in Utah's Coal Fields, 1900-1933
  ''978-0-87421-162-7Juanita BrooksJohn Doyle Lee
  ''978-0-87421-163-4   ''Quicksand and Cactus
1994978-0-87421-164-1Richard SadlerWeber River Basin
1993978-0-87421-166-5Pete SinclairWe Aspired: The Last Innocent Americans
1995978-0-87421-170-2Richard J. ShawUtah Wildflowers: A Field Guide To Northern And Central Mountains And Valleys
1994978-0-87421-173-3Paul T. WaltonFrom Prospect to Prosperity: Wildcatting in Arabia and the Rockies (A McMurrin-Henriksen Book)
  ''978-0-87421-178-8J. Roderic Korns · Dale Lowell Morgan · Will Bagley · Harold SchindlerWest from Fort Bridger: The Pioneering of the Immigrant Trails Across Utah 1846-1850
1994978-0-87421-179-5Michiko Iwasaka · Barre ToelkenGhosts And The Japanese: Cultural Experience in Japanese Death Legends
1995978-0-87421-180-1Kenneth PhilpIndian Self Rule: First-Hand Accounts of Indian-White Relations from Roosevelt to Reagan
  ''978-0-87421-195-5William SchneiderWhen Our Words Return: Writing, Reading, and Remembering Oral Traditions from Alaska and the Yukon
  ''978-0-87421-196-2Barbara WalkerOut Of The Ordinary: Folklore and the Supernatural
1996978-0-87421-202-0William HillMormon Trail, The: Yesterday and Today
  ''978-0-87421-203-7Barre ToelkenDynamics Of Folklore
  ''978-0-87421-204-4Kristin JohnsonUnfortunate Emigrants
1996978-0-87421-207-5Maurine WardWinter Quarters (Life Writings Frontier Women)
  ''978-0-87421-208-2Kristin JohnsonUnfortunate Emigrants
  ''978-0-87421-214-3Newell BringhurstReconsidering No Man Knows My History
1997978-0-87421-215-0Norma RickettsMormon Battalion: United States Army of the West, 1846-1848
  ''978-0-87421-220-4Kathleen YanceySituating Portfolios
  ''978-0-87421-223-5Carol MadsenBattle For The Ballot
1997978-0-87421-224-2Wendy BishopTeaching Lives: Essays & Stories
  ''978-0-87421-226-6Tad TulejaUsable Pasts: Traditions and Group Expressions in North America
  ''978-0-87421-233-4Claudia BushmanMormon Sisters: Women In Early Utah
  ''978-0-87421-234-1Richard WestwoodWoman Of The River: Georgie White Clark, Whitewater Pioneer
  ''978-0-87421-235-8Matthew DespainFur Trappers Traders Of The Far Southwest
1998978-0-87421-238-9Kathleen YanceyReflection In The Writing Classroom
1998978-0-87421-241-9Laurel BlackBetween Talk And Teaching: Reconsidering the Writing Conference
  ''978-0-87421-244-0Michael KuhnsGuide To The Trees Of Utah
  ''978-0-87421-245-7David BiglerForgotten Kingdom: The Mormon Theocracy in the American West, 1847-1896
  ''978-0-87421-252-5S. George EllsworthHistory Of Louisa Barnes Pratt (Life Writings Frontier Women)
  ''978-0-87421-256-3Christine FarrisUnder Construction
1999978-0-87421-258-7Gail HawisherPassions Pedagogies and 21st Century Technologies
1998978-0-87421-259-4Brigham MadsenNorth To Montana
1999978-0-87421-270-9Scott ChristensenSagwitch: Shoshone Chieftan, Mormon Elder 1822-1887
1999978-0-87421-271-6Scott ChristensenSagwitch
  ''978-0-87421-272-3John Hallwas · Roger D. LauniusCultures In Conflict: A Documentary History of the Mormon War in Illinois
  ''978-0-87421-273-0Will BagleyScoundrel's Tale: The Samuel Brannan Papers
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2000978-0-87421-291-4Robert McphersonJourney Of Navajo Oshley: An Autobiography and Life History
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2000978-0-87421-400-0Margaret BradyMormon Healer Folk Poet: Mary Susannah Fowler's Life of 'Unselfish Usefulness'
  ''978-0-87421-403-1James M Aton · Robert McPhersonRiver Flowing From The Sunrise: An Environmental History of the Lower San Juan
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2001978-0-87421-414-7Frank FarmerSaying And Silence
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  ''978-0-87421-425-3Eilean AdamsHell Or High Water: James White's Disputed Passage through Grand Canyon, 1867
2001978-0-87421-426-0Eilean AdamsHell Or High Water: James White's Disputed Passage through Grand Canyon, 1867
2002978-0-87421-432-1Raye RingholzUranium Frenzy: Saga of the Nuclear West
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2004978-0-87421-444-4Faith ShearinOwl Question: Poems (Swenson Poetry Award)
2002978-0-87421-445-1Faith ShearinOwl Question (Swenson Poetry Award)
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  ''978-0-87421-555-7Barre ToelkenAnguish Of Snails (Folklife of the West)
  ''978-0-87421-556-4   ''Anguish Of Snails: Native American Folklore in the West (Folklife of the West)
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2003978-0-87421-561-8Wendy MeeWater Wise: Native Plants for Intermountain Landscapes
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  ''978-0-87421-570-0Michael PembertonCenter Will Hold
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2005978-0-87421-573-1Christian ProbascoHighway 12
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2004978-0-87421-583-0Jenifer FratzkeAlaska's Women Pilots
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2004978-0-87421-598-4Usu Special Collections SpecialCollected Leonard J Arrington Mormon History Lectures (Arrington Lecture Series)
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2005978-0-87421-603-5Roy WebbHigh Wide And Handsome: The River Journals of Norman D. Nevills
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  ''978-0-87421-605-9Will EvansAlong Navajo Trails
  ''978-0-87421-606-6Will EvansAlong Navajo Trails: Recollections of a Trader 1898-1948
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2005978-0-87421-608-0Robert S. Wicks · Fred R. FoisterJunius And Joseph: Presidential Politics and the Assassination of the First Mormon Prophet
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2005978-0-87421-620-2Brock DethierFirst Time Up: An Insider'S Guide For New Composition Teachers
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2015978-0-87421-998-2Jennifer Eastman AtteberyPole Raising and Speech Making: Modalities of Swedish American Summer Celebration (Ritual, Festival, and Celebration)