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  ''978-0-87420-937-2Anne FrejGreen Office Buildings: A Practical Guide to Development
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2004978-0-87420-943-3Mary Beth CorriganTen Principles for Smart Growth on the Suburban Fringe
2005978-0-87420-944-0Nora LeeThe Mom Factor: What Really Drives Where We Shop, Eat, and Play
2005978-0-87420-947-1Mary Beth CorriganTen Principles for Successful Public/Private Partnerships
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2006978-0-87420-949-5Emerging Trends in Real Estate, Europe 2006
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2006978-0-87420-954-9Stan Ross · James CarberryThe Inside Track to Careers in Real Estate
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978-0-87420-978-5Ten Principles for Developing Affordable Housing
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2007978-0-87420-999-0Anthony DownsNiagara of Capital: How Global Capital Has Transformed Housing and Real Estate Markets