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1941978-0-87351-006-6Grace Lee NuteThe Voyageur's Highway: Minnesota's Border Lake Land
1955978-0-87351-012-7   ''The Voyageur
1974978-0-87351-090-5Donald E. Mattson · Louis D. WalzOld Fort Snelling (Minnesota Historic Sites Pamphlet Series)
1976978-0-87351-103-2Kenneth CarleyThe Sioux Uprising of 1862 (Publications of the Minnesota Historical Society)
  ''978-0-87351-109-4Lucy L. W. MorrisOld Rail Fence Corners: Frontier Tales Told by Minnesota Pioneers (Borealis Books)
1977978-0-87351-116-2R. Newell SearleSaving Quetico-Superior: A Land Set Apart (Publications of the Minnesota Historical Society)
1979978-0-87351-133-9Rhoda Gilman · Carolyn Gilman · Deborah M. StultzRed River Trails: Oxcart Routes Between St Paul and the Selkirk Settlement 1820-1870 (Publications of the Minnesota Historical Society.)
  ''978-0-87351-141-4James Taylor DunnThe St. Croix: Midwest Border River (Publications of the Minnesota Historical Society)
  ''978-0-87351-142-1Frances DensmoreChippewa Customs (Borealis Books)
  ''978-0-87351-145-2David Allan WalkerIron Frontier: The Discovery and Early Development of Minnesota's Three Ranges (Minnesota Historical Society Publications)
1980978-0-87351-147-6William E. LassMinnesota's Boundary With Canada: Its Evolution Since 1783 (Publications - Minnesota Historical Society, Public Affairs Center)
1968978-0-87351-152-0Eric SevereidCanoeing with the Cree (Publications of the Minnesota Historical Society)
1980978-0-87351-153-7William E. LassMinnesota's Boundary with Canada (Publications - Minnesota Historical Society, Public Affairs Center)
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1988978-0-87351-156-8Carolyn GilmanWhere Two Worlds Meet: The Great Lakes Fur Trade (Museum Exhibit Series)
1984978-0-87351-162-9William WarrenHistory of the Ojibway People (Borealis Books Reprint)
1983978-0-87351-167-4Ignatia BrokerNight Flying Woman: An Ojibway Narrative (Native Voices)
1985978-0-87351-172-8Johann Georg KohlKitchi-Gami: Life Among the Lake Superior Ojibway (Borealis Books)
1984978-0-87351-173-5Wanda GagGrowing Pains (Borealis Books)
1984978-0-87351-175-9Lois Phillips HudsonThe Bones Of Plenty (Borealis)
  ''978-0-87351-177-3   ''Reapers of the Dust (Borealis Books)
1985978-0-87351-181-0Larry MillettThe curve of the arch: The story of Louis Sullivan's Owatonna Bank
  ''978-0-87351-182-7Larry MillettCurve of the Arch: The Story of Louis Sullivan's Owatonna Bank
  ''978-0-87351-184-1O. E. RolvaagThe Boat of Longing (Borealis Books)
2002978-0-87351-185-8Federal Writer's ProjectThe WPA Guide to Minnesota: The Federal Writers' Project Guide to 1930s Minnesota (Borealis Book)
1986978-0-87351-193-3Samuel W. PondThe Dakota or Sioux in Minnesota as They Were in 1834 (Borealis Books)
  ''978-0-87351-195-7Frank B. MayerWith Pen and Pencil on the Frontier in 1851: The Diary and Sketches of Frank Blackwell Mayer (Borealis Books)
1986978-0-87351-196-4Gary Clayton AndersonLittle Crow: Spokesman for the Sioux
2003978-0-87351-198-8Anne Kaplan · Marjorie A. Hoover · Willard B. MooreThe Minnesota Ethnic Food Book
1986978-0-87351-199-5Edith E. KohlLand of The Burnt Thigh: A Lively Story of Women Homesteaders On The South Dakota Frontier (Borealis Books)
  ''978-0-87351-202-2Gordon ParksA Choice of Weapons
1987978-0-87351-205-3Lucille KaneFalls of St. Anthony
  ''978-0-87351-213-8Grace Lee NuteThe Voyageur
1988978-0-87351-216-9Gary Clayton Anderson · Alan R. WoolworthThrough Dakota Eyes: Narrative Accounts Of The Minnesota Indian War Of 1862
1987978-0-87351-219-0Gilbert L. WilsonBuffalo Bird Woman's Garden: Agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians (Borealis)
  ''978-0-87351-220-6Richard P. BissellA Stretch on the River (Borealis Books)
  ''978-0-87351-221-3   ''High Water (Borealis Books)
1988978-0-87351-223-7Elden JohnsonPrehistoric People's of Minnesota (Minnesota Prehistoric Archaeology Series)
1988978-0-87351-226-8Thomas VennumWild Rice and the Ojibway People
  ''978-0-87351-227-5Federal Writers ProjectWPA Guide to the Minnesota Arrowhead Country: Federal Writers Project Gt 1930S Minnesota (Borealis Books)
  ''978-0-87351-230-5Marvin O'ConnellJohn Ireland and the American Catholic Church
  ''978-0-87351-233-6D. Jerome TwetonNew Deal at the Grass Roots
1989978-0-87351-236-7Florence Page Jaques · Francis Lee JaquesSnowshoe Country (Borealis Books)
  ''978-0-87351-238-1Clifford ClarkMinnesota in a Century of Change
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1991978-0-87351-259-6Jane H. Hancock · Sheila Ffolliott · Thomas O'SullivanHomecoming: The Art Collection of James J. Hill
  ''978-0-87351-260-2Johan BojerEmigrants (Borealis Books)
  ''978-0-87351-261-9Albro MartinJames J. Hill & The Opening of the Northwest
  ''978-0-87351-262-6Martin RidgeIgnatius Donnelly (Borealis Books)
1991978-0-87351-264-0Carl H. ChrislockWatchdog of Loyalty: The Minnesota Commission of Public Safety During World War I
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  ''978-0-87351-267-1Rhoda R. GilmanThe Story of Minnesota's Past
1992978-0-87351-270-1Carolyn GilmanThe Grand Portage Story
  ''978-0-87351-271-8M Inez HilgerChippewa Child Life: and Its Cultural Background (Borealis Books)
  ''978-0-87351-273-2Larry MillettLost Twin Cities
1993978-0-87351-276-3Elden JohnsonJames J. Hill House (Minnesota Historic Site Pamphlets)
1993978-0-87351-278-7Janet D. SpectorWhat This Awl Means: Feminist Archaeology at a Wahpeton Dakota Village
1992978-0-87351-281-7Frederic BaragaA Dictionary of the Ojibway Language (Borealis Books)
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  ''978-0-87351-321-0   ''The Settlers: The Emigrant Novels: Book III
1995978-0-87351-322-7Vilhelm MobergThe Last Letter Home: The Emigrant Novels: Book IV
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  ''978-0-87351-327-2   ''Twin Cities Then and Now (Minnesota)
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  ''978-0-87351-337-1Linda M. SchloffAnd Prairie Dogs Weren't Kosher: Jewish Women in the Upper Midwest Since 1855
  ''978-0-87351-338-8   ''And Prairie Dogs Weren't Kosher: Jewish Women in the Upper Midwest Since 1855
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1998978-0-87351-360-9George Morrison · Margot Fortunato GaltTurning the Feather Around: My Life in Art (Midwest Reflections)
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  ''978-0-87351-404-0Anton TreuerLiving Our Language: Ojibwe Tales and Oral Histories (Native Voices)
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2001978-0-87351-406-4Richard MoeThe Last Full Measure: The Life and Death of the First Minnesota Volunteers
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2003978-0-87351-435-4Clarence JonkRiver Journey
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