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1970978-0-87348-004-8George BreitmanLast Year of Malcolm X: The Evolution of a Revolutionary
2001978-0-87348-086-4Malcolm XMalcolm X Talks to Young People
1993978-0-87348-106-9Leon TrotskyFascism: What It Is and How to Fight It
1970978-0-87348-125-0W.E.B. Du Bois · Philip S. FonerW.E.B. Du Bois Speaks, 1890-1919
1971978-0-87348-128-1Rius (Eduardo del Rio)Cuba for Beginners
1970978-0-87348-129-8Frank KofskyBlack Nationalism and the Revolution in Music
1994978-0-87348-132-8Eugene V. DebsEugene V. Debs Speaks
1971978-0-87348-134-2Abram LeonThe Jewish Question: A Marxist Interpretation
1970978-0-87348-143-4Leon TrotskyMy Life: An Attempt at an Autobiography
  ''978-0-87348-144-1   ''My Life: An Attempt at an Autobiography
  ''978-0-87348-146-5Rosa LuxemburgRosa Luxemburg Speaks
  ''978-0-87348-150-2George BreitmanBy Any Means Necessary
1973978-0-87348-226-4Leon TrotskyThe Revolution Betrayed
1972978-0-87348-228-8   ''Writings of Leon Trotsky (1932-33)
1973978-0-87348-230-1George Novack Ernest MandelThe Marxist Theory of Alienation
1972978-0-87348-261-5Friedrich EngelsOrigin of the Family, Private Property and the State
  ''978-0-87348-263-9Art PreisLabor's Giant Step: The First Twenty Years of the CIO: 1936-55
1973978-0-87348-273-8Leon TrotskyThe Spanish Revolution (1931-39)
1972978-0-87348-280-6Linda JennessSocialism and Democracy
1976978-0-87348-292-9Dianne FeeleyWhy Women Need the Equal Rights Amendment
1973978-0-87348-303-2Rosa LuxemburgReform or Revolution
1973978-0-87348-313-1Leon TrotskyWritings of Leon Trotsky, 1939-1940
  ''978-0-87348-315-5Ernest MandelAn Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory
  ''978-0-87348-317-9James P. CannonSocialism on Trial
  ''978-0-87348-319-3Leon TrotskyTheir Morals and Ours
  ''978-0-87348-350-6   ''Writings of Leon Trotsky: 1930-31
1973978-0-87348-353-7James P. CannonFirst Ten Years of American Communism: Report of a Participant
1974978-0-87348-365-0Leon TrotskyWritings of Leon Trotsky, 1938-39
  ''978-0-87348-366-7   ''Writings of Leon Trotsky, 1938-39
1972978-0-87348-373-5Leon TrotskyLeon Trotsky on Literature and Art
1974978-0-87348-402-2Felix MorrowRevolution and Counter-Revolution in Spain
  ''978-0-87348-403-9Leon TrotskyWritings of Leon Trotsky, 1934-1935
  ''978-0-87348-412-1   ''Writings of Leon Trotsky, 1930
1975978-0-87348-413-8   ''Writings of Leon Trotsky: (1930)
2001978-0-87348-429-9Fred HalsteadWhat Working People Should Know About the Dangers of Nuclear Power
1982978-0-87348-448-0Mel MasonMel Mason: The Making of a Revolutionary
1975978-0-87348-450-3Leon TrotskyChallenge of the Left Opposition (1923-25)
  ''978-0-87348-458-9   ''Writings of Leon Trotsky, 1929
  ''978-0-87348-459-6   ''Writings of Leon Trotsky: (1929)
1976978-0-87348-465-7George NovackAmericas Revolutionary Heritage
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1976978-0-87348-469-5Leon TrotskyWritings of Leon Trotsky (1937-38)
1986978-0-87348-488-6Jack BarnesSudáfrica: La revolución en camino (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-87348-489-3Fred HalsteadThe 1985 - 1986 Hormel Meat Packers Strike in Austin, Minnesota
1977978-0-87348-501-2Leon TrotskyWritings of Leon Trotsky, 1935-36
  ''978-0-87348-502-9   ''Writings of Leon Trotsky (1935-36) (Writings of Trotsky, Leon)
1978978-0-87348-511-1   ''Writings of Leon Trotsky, 1936-37 (English and French Edition)
2002978-0-87348-512-8   ''Writings of Leon Trotsky (1936-37) (Writings of Trotsky, Leon)
1988978-0-87348-526-5Thomas SankaraThomas Sankara Speaks: The Burkina Faso Revolution, 1983-87 (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-87348-527-2Thomas SankaraThomas Sankara Speaks: The Burkina Faso Revolution, 1983-87 (English and French Edition)
  ''978-0-87348-529-6Margaret JaykoFBI on Trial: The Victory in the Socialist Workers Party Suit Against Government Spying
1994978-0-87348-539-5Fidel Castro · Mary-Alice WatersIn Defense of Socialism: Four Speeches on the 30th Anniversary of the Cuban Revolution (Fidel Castro Speeches, Vol. 4, 1988-89)
1989978-0-87348-543-2Malcolm XMalcolm X: The Last Speeches (Malcolm X Speeches & Writings)
1989978-0-87348-545-6Margaret JaykoThe Frame-Up of Mark Curtis: A Packinghouse Worker's Fight for Justice
  ''978-0-87348-546-3Malcolm XMalcolm X Speaks: Selected Speeches and Statements
1979978-0-87348-562-3Leon TrotskyWritings of Leon Trotsky: Supplement I, 1929-33
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1979978-0-87348-564-7Leon TrotskyWritings of Leon Trotsky: Supplement Ii, 1934-40
  ''978-0-87348-565-4   ''Writings of Leon Trotsky (Supplement 1934-40) (Writings of Trotsky, Leon)
  ''978-0-87348-570-8Joseph HansenThe Leninist Strategy of Party Building: The Debate on Guerrilla Warfare in Latin America
1989978-0-87348-577-7Ernesto Guevara · Fidel CastroSocialism and Man in Cuba
1990978-0-87348-585-2SankaraWomen's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle
  ''978-0-87348-592-0Malcolm XMalcolm X on Afro-American History (Malcolm X Speeches & Writings)
  ''978-0-87348-593-7Nelson MandelaThe Struggle Is My Life
1980978-0-87348-602-6Ernesto Che GuevaraChe Guevara Speaks: Selected Speeches and Writings
1981978-0-87348-609-5Fidel CastroFidel Castro Speeches: Cuba's Internationalist Foreign Policy, 1975-80 (v. 1) (English and Spanish Edition)
1983978-0-87348-612-5Bruce Marcus · Michael TaberMaurice Bishop Speaks: The Grenada Revolution and Its Overthrow 1979-83
1982978-0-87348-619-4Carlos Fonseca · Daniel Ortega · Tomás Borge · Humberto Ortega · Jaime WheelockSandinistas Speak: Speeches, Writings, and Interviews with Leaders of Nicaragua's Revolution
1990978-0-87348-625-5Fidel Castro · Ricardo AlarconEE.UU. fuera del oriente medio
1991978-0-87348-632-3George Breitman · Herman Porter · Baxter SmithThe Assassination of Malcolm X
1991978-0-87348-633-0Fidel Castro · Ernesto GuevaraTo Speak the Truth: Why Washington's 'Cold War' Against Cuba Doesn't End
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  ''978-0-87348-640-8   ''The Coming Revolution in South Africa (New International no. 5)
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2003978-0-87348-642-2Jack BarnesNew International no. 7: Opening Guns of World War III: Washington's Assault on Iraq
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1985978-0-87348-644-6Mary-Alice WaterLe gouvernement des travailleurs et des agriculteurs dans le monde, de 1945 à 1965 (Nouvelle Internationale, No. 1) (French Edition)
1986978-0-87348-645-3Jack BarnesNouvelle Internationale no 2 La révolution à venir en Afrique du Sud (French Edition)
1991978-0-87348-646-0Steve Clark · Fidel CastroNouvelle Internationale No. 3: Le deuxième assassinat de Maurice Bishop (French Edition)
  ''978-0-87348-647-7Jack BarnesNouvelle Internationale no 4: Les premières salves de la troisième guerre mondiale: la guerre contre l'Irak (French Edition)
  ''978-0-87348-648-4   ''Los cañonazos iniciales de la tercera guerra mundial: el ataque de Washington contra Iraq (Nueva Internacional No. 1) (Spanish Edition)
1985978-0-87348-652-1Tomas BorgeNicaragua: The Sandinista People's Revolution: Speeches by Sandinista Leaders (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-87348-653-8Daniel Ortega · Tomas BorgeNicaragua: The Sandinista People's Revolution (English and Spanish Edition)
1989978-0-87348-663-7Nelson MandelaStruggle is My Life
1987978-0-87348-666-8Marta HarneckerFidel Castro's Political Strategy from Moncada to Victory (English and Spanish Edition)
1999978-0-87348-684-2Mac WarrenIndependent Black Political Action: The Struggle to Break with the Democratic & Republican Parties
1992978-0-87348-700-9Fidel CastroSelected Speeches of Fidel Castro
1974978-0-87348-707-8Towards a History of the Fourth International (Pt. 3, v. 1)
2002978-0-87348-709-2Towards a History of the Fourth International (Pt. 3, v. 3)
1991978-0-87348-725-2Carlos Rafael Rodríguez · Ernesto Che Guevara · Carlos Tablada · Steve Clark · Mary-Alice Waters · Jack BarnesNueva Internacional No. 2: Che Guevara, Cuba y el camino al socialismo
978-0-87348-726-9Cuba and Angola: Response to the South African Escalation
1989978-0-87348-727-6Cuba Y Angola [DVD] [VHS] (Spanish)
1991978-0-87348-729-0Nelson Mandela · Fidel CastroHow Far We Slaves Have Come! South Africa and Cuba in Today's World (The Cuban Revolution in World Politics)
1972978-0-87348-738-2Leon TrotskyArt and Revolution: Writings on Literature, Politics, and Culture
1992978-0-87348-749-8Malcolm XFebruary 1965: The Final Speeches (Malcolm X Speeches & Writings)
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1993978-0-87348-753-5Malcolm XFebruary 1965: The Final Speeches Malxolm X (Malcolm X Speeches & Writings)
1992978-0-87348-754-2   ''By Any Means Necessary (Malcolm X Speeches and Writings) (Malcolm X Speeches & Writings)
1992978-0-87348-760-3Mary-Alice WatersChe Guevara and the Fight for Socialism Today: Cuba Confronts the World Crisis of the '90s
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2009978-0-87348-773-3Jack BarnesNew International no. 10: Imperialism's March Toward Fascism and War
1994978-0-87348-781-8Martin KoppelPeru's 'Shining Path' Evolution of a Stalinist Sect
1995978-0-87348-795-5Jack Barnes · Leon Trotsky · Mary-Alice WatersLa marcha del imperialismo hacia el fascismo y la guerra, Nueva Internacional no. 4 (Spanish Edition)
1998978-0-87348-796-2Jack BarnesNew International No.11: U.S. Imperialism Has Lost the Cold War
2007978-0-87348-797-9Jack BarnesOpening Guns of World War III (Farsi edition)
1995978-0-87348-799-3Leon TrotskyStalin (Russian Edition)
  ''978-0-87348-803-7Jack BarnesNouvelle Internationale no 5. La marche de l’impérialisme vers le fascisme et la guerre
  ''978-0-87348-806-8Naomi CraineWhy Is Mark Curtis Still in Prison?: The Political Frame-Up of a Unionist and Socialist and the Campaign to Free Him
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1996978-0-87348-823-5Ernesto GuevaraEpisodes of the Cuban Revolutionary War, 1956-58
  ''978-0-87348-824-2   ''Episodes of the Cuban Revolutionary War, 1956-58 (The Cuban Revolution in World Politics)
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1980978-0-87348-829-7Leon TrotskyHistory of the Russian Revolution
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1997978-0-87348-831-0   ''First Five Years Years of the Communist International, Vol. 2
1997978-0-87348-833-4Harry VillegasPombo: A Man of Che's Guerrilla, With Che Guevara in Bolivia 1966-68
  ''978-0-87348-834-1Pombo · Harry VillegasPombo: A Man of Che's Guerrilla: With Che Guevara in Bolivia, 1966-68
1976978-0-87348-835-8Leon TrotskyLeon Trotsky on China
1994978-0-87348-845-7Farrell DobbsTeamster Rebellion
2008978-0-87348-847-1Leon TrotskyNot Guilty: Findings of the 1937 Commission Chaired by John Dewey Investigating the Charges Against Leon Trotsky in the Moscow Trials
1973978-0-87348-854-9   ''Problems of Everyday Life: Creating the Foundations for a New Society in Revolutionary Russia
1997978-0-87348-855-6Harry VillegasAt the Side of Che Guevara: Interviews With Harry Villegas (Pombo) (The Cuban Revolution in World Politics)
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1998978-0-87348-859-4Frank KofskyBlack Music, White Business: Illuminating the History and Political Economy of Jazz
1975978-0-87348-862-4Farrell DobbsTeamster Politics
2002978-0-87348-863-1   ''Teamster Bureaucracy
1973978-0-87348-866-2Maxime RodinsonIsrael: A Colonial-Settler State? (English and French Edition)
2006978-0-87348-868-6Leon TrotskyThe Case of Leon Trotsky. Report of Hearings on the Charges Made against Him in the Moscow Trials
2007978-0-87348-869-3documents--edited by Mary-Alice WatersThe First and Second Declarations of Havana: Manifestos of revolutionary struggle in the Americas adopted by the Cuban people (The Cuban Revolution in World Politics)
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1988978-0-87348-877-8Nelson BlackstockCointelpro: The FBI's Secret War on Political Freedom
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1973978-0-87348-884-6Victor SergeFrom Lenin to Stalin
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2000978-0-87348-910-2Ernesto GuevaraChe Guevara Speaks: Selected Speeches and Writings
2002978-0-87348-911-9Ernesto Guevara · Mary-Alice WatersChe Guevara Talks to Young People (The Cuban Revolution in World Politics)
2001978-0-87348-913-3Ernesto GuevaraChe Guevara habla a la juventud (Che Guevara Speaks to Youth) (Spanish Edition)
2002978-0-87348-916-4James Patrick CannonThe Left Opposition in U.S.: Writings and Speeches, 1928-31
2001978-0-87348-923-2Rodolfo Saldaña · Mary-Alice WatersFertile Ground: Che Guevara and Bolivia, A First-Hand Account by Rodolfo Saldaña
  ''978-0-87348-924-9Rodolfo SaldanaFertile Ground-Che Guevara and Bolivia: A Firsthand Account by Rodolfo Saldana
  ''978-0-87348-925-6Fidel Castro · Jose Ramon FernandezPlaya Girón/Bay of Pigs: Washington's First Military Defeat in the Americas
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  ''978-0-87348-938-6Thomas SankaraL' Emancipation DES Femmes Et La Lutte De Liberation De L'Afrique
1973978-0-87348-939-3James KutcherThe Case of the Legless Veteran
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2002978-0-87348-946-1Thomas SankaraWe Are Heirs of the World's Revolutions: Speeches from the Burkina Faso Revolution, 1983-87
  ''978-0-87348-947-8Víctor Dreke · Mary-Alice WatersFrom the Escambray to the Congo: In the Whirlwind of the Cuban Revolution
2002978-0-87348-948-5Mary-Alice WatersFrom the Escambray to the Congo: In the Whirlwind of the Cuban Revolution
  ''978-0-87348-950-8James P. CannonThe Communist League of America. Writings and Speeches, 1932-34 (James P. Cannon Writings & Speeches)
  ''978-0-87348-954-6James P CannonThe History of American Trotskyism, 1928-38: Report of a Participant
2003978-0-87348-957-7Tete PueblaMarianas in Combat: Tete Puebla and the Mariana Grajales Women's Platoon in Cuba's Revolutionary War 1956-58
2002978-0-87348-958-4Jack Barnes · Steve ClarkThe Changing Face of U.S. Politics: Working-Class Politics and the Trade Unions
  ''978-0-87348-962-1Malcolm XMalcolm X Talks to Young People: Speeches in the United States, Britain, and Africa
2005978-0-87348-967-6Jack BarnesCapitalism's Long Hot Winter Has Begun, New International, No.12, 2005. (New International Series)
2004978-0-87348-968-3Armando Hart DavalosAldabonazo: Inside the Cuban Revolutionary Underground, 1952-58: A Participant's Account
  ''978-0-87348-969-0Armando HartAldabonazo: En la Clandestinidad Revolucionaria Cubana, 1952-58 (Spanish Edition)
2005978-0-87348-970-6Jack BarnesNueva Internacional no. 6: Ha comenzado el invierno largo y caliente del capitalismo (Spanish Edition)
2005978-0-87348-971-3Jack Barnes · Leon TrotskyNouvelle Internationale no 7: Le long hiver chaud du capitalisme a commencé (French Edition)
2004978-0-87348-972-0Farrell DobbsRebelión Teamster (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-87348-973-7   ''Teamster Rebellion
2005978-0-87348-975-1Jack Barnes · et alOur Politics Start with the World (New International No. 13)
  ''978-0-87348-976-8Jack BarnesNueva Internacional no. 7: Nuestra política empieza con el mundo (Spanish Edition)
2008978-0-87348-977-5Frederick EngelsSocialism: Utopian and Scientific
2006978-0-87348-978-2Armando Choy · Gustavo Chui · Moises Sio WongOur History Is Still Being Written: The Story of Three Chinese-Cuban Generals in the Cuban Revolution
  ''978-0-87348-979-9Armando Choy · Gustavo Chui · Moisés Sío WongNuestra historia aún se está escribiendo La historia de tres generales cubano-chinos en la Revolución Cubana (Spanish Edition)
2004978-0-87348-981-2Jack BarnesLe visage changeant de la politique aux États-Unis La politique ouvrière et les syndicats (French Edition)
2005978-0-87348-982-9   ''Nouvelle Internationale no 8: Notre politique commence avec le monde (French Edition)
2007978-0-87348-986-7Thomas SankaraThomas Sankara Speaks: The Burkina Faso Revolution 1983–87
2007978-0-87348-987-4Thomas SankaraThomas Sankara parle: La révolution au Burkina Faso, 1983-1987 (French Edition)
  ''978-0-87348-988-1   ''Women's Liberation and the African Freedom Struggle
  ''978-0-87348-989-8   ''We Are the Heirs of the World's Revolutions: Speeches from the Burkina Faso Revolution 1983-87, 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-87348-990-4Jack BarnesCuba and the Coming American Revolution (The Cuban Revolution in World Politics)
  ''978-0-87348-991-1Thomas SankaraLa emancipación de la mujer y la lucha africana por la libertad (Spanish Edition)
2007978-0-87348-992-8Thomas SankaraSomos herederos de las revoluciones del mundo. Discursos de la revolución de Burkina Faso, 1983-87 (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-87348-993-5Jack BarnesCuba y la revolución norteamericana que viene
2008978-0-87348-994-2Thomas SankaraL’émancipation des femmes et la lutte de libération de l’Afrique (French Edition)
  ''978-0-87348-995-9   ''Nous sommes les héritiers des révolutions du monde (French Edition)
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  ''978-0-87348-997-3Fidel CastroPremiere et Deuxieme Declarations de la Havane: Manifestes de la lutte révolutionnaire dans les Amériques adoptés par le peuple de Cuba ... (La Revolución Cubana en la Política Mundial)
2008978-0-87348-998-0Farrell DobbsPoder Teamster (Spanish Edition) (Serie Sobre El Sindicato Teamsters)
  ''978-0-87348-999-7   ''Teamster Power