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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1974978-0-87243-054-9Anthony BloomLiving Prayer
  ''978-0-87243-062-4Simon TugwellPRAYER IN PRACTICE.
1978978-0-87243-081-5Daniel BerriganThe Words Our Savior Gave Us
1979978-0-87243-086-0William PaulsellLetters From A Hermit
1986978-0-87243-098-3Simon TugwellThe Beatitudes: Soundings in Christian Traditions
1974978-0-87243-099-0   ''Prayer in Practice
1975978-0-87243-100-3   ''Prayer: Living With God
1982978-0-87243-105-8Bede GriffithsMarriage of East and West: A Sequel to The Golden String
  ''978-0-87243-112-6Bede GriffithsReturn to the Center
1983978-0-87243-115-7H. A. WilliamsTrue Resurrection
1980978-0-87243-118-8William RoperLife of Sir Thomas More
1983978-0-87243-119-5Bede GriffithsThe Cosmic Revelation: The Hindu Way to God
1997978-0-87243-121-8Ronald KnoxJust for Today
1984978-0-87243-134-8Bede GriffithsChrist in India
1985978-0-87243-139-3John Richard Humpidge MoormanThe Anglican Spiritual Tradition
1986978-0-87243-141-6Gordon Charles ZahnIn Solitary Witness
  ''978-0-87243-155-3Danny SmithWallenberg Lost Hero
1980978-0-87243-163-8Bede GriffithsThe Golden String: An Autobiography
1985978-0-87243-164-5Simon TugwellWays of Imperfection: An Exploration of Christian Spirituality
1988978-0-87243-173-7St Isaac of SyriaDaily Readings with St. Isaac of Syria
1990978-0-87243-176-8Ursula FlemingMeister Eckhart: The Man from Whom God Nothing Hid
  ''978-0-87243-180-5Bede GriffithsA New Vision of Reality: Western Science, Eastern Mysticism and Christian Faith
1991978-0-87243-181-2Simon TugwellHuman Immortality and the Redemption of Death
1990978-0-87243-187-4Saunders LewisSaunders Lewis: A Presentation of His Work
1991978-0-87243-190-4Herbert McCabeGod Matters
1993978-0-87243-194-2Joseph ImbachThree Faces of Jesus: How Jews, Christians and Muslims See Him
1992978-0-87243-195-9H. A. WilliamsThe Joy of God
1992978-0-87243-196-6H. A. WilliamsTensions: Necessary Conflicts in Life and Love
  ''978-0-87243-198-0Dietrich BonhoefferDietrich Bonhoeffer (Modern Spirituality Series)
1993978-0-87243-199-7Bede GriffithsBede Griffiths (Modern Spirituality Series)
  ''978-0-87243-202-4James AlisonKnowing Jesus
1982978-0-87243-204-8Margaret Quigley · Michael GarveyThe Dorothy Day Book
1994978-0-87243-209-3Bede GriffithsThe New Creation in Christ: Christian Meditation and Community
1995978-0-87243-210-9David CoomlerThe Icon Handbook: A Guide to Understanding Icons and the Liturgy Symbols and Practices of the Russian Orthodox Church
  ''978-0-87243-211-6Soren Kierkegaard · Robert Van De WeyerDaily Readings With Soren Kierkegaard (Daily Readings Series)
1997978-0-87243-223-9Julia De BeausobreFlame in the Snow: A Life of St. Serafim of Sarov
  ''978-0-87243-229-1Ronald KnoxThe New Testament
1998978-0-87243-234-5Hilaire BellocHilaire Belloc's Cautionary Verses
2000978-0-87243-245-1Mary KennyGoodbye to Catholic Ireland
1999978-0-87243-247-5Timothy RadcliffeSing a New Song: The Christian Vocation
2001978-0-87243-253-6Bede GriffithsRiver Of Compassion
2001978-0-87243-254-3Bede Griffiths · Bruno BarnhartOne Light: Bede Griffiths' Principle Writings
2003978-0-87243-258-1David B. CohenWhere Did That Child Come From?: Why Some of Our Children Turn Out So Different from Us & What the Answers Reveal About Our Parenting and Ourselves
2004978-0-87243-259-8Herminie Templeton KavanaghBelow Sleive-na-mon: Tales of Darby O'Gill and the Good People
2003978-0-87243-264-2Susanne BatzdorffAunt Edith: The Jewish Heritage of a Catholic Saint
2010978-0-87243-273-4S.T. GeorgiouThe Way of the Dreamcatcher: Spirit Lessons with Robert Lax