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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1971978-0-87179-127-6William E SimkinMediation and the dynamics of collective bargaining,
1972978-0-87179-156-6Julius G GetmanMyths and assumptions in labor law: The role of empirical research (Labor relations and social problems)
1973978-0-87179-191-7Michael H. GranofHow to Cost Your Labor Contract
1980978-0-87179-336-2Marvin HillEvidence in arbitration
1983978-0-87179-403-1The Developing labor law: The board, the courts, and the National Labor Relations Act
  ''978-0-87179-405-5Charles J. MorrisDeveloping Labor Law: The Board, the Courts, and the National Labor Relations Act
1985978-0-87179-451-2William F. PatryThe Fair Use Privilege in Copyright Law
  ''978-0-87179-470-3Frank Elkouri · Edna Asper ElkouriHow Arbitration Works (Series on arbitration)
1987978-0-87179-532-8Charles J. MorrisAmerican Labor Policy: A Critical Appraisal of the National Labor Relations Act
1990978-0-87179-635-6Max Zimny · William F. DolsonLabor Arbitration: A Practical Guide for Advocates
1991978-0-87179-658-5Marvin, Jr. Hill · Anthony V. SinicropiRemedies in Arbitration (Bna Books Arbitration Series)
  ''978-0-87179-682-0J. Thomas McCarthyMcCarthy's Desk Encyclopedia of Intellectual Property
1992978-0-87179-741-4Frederick BlosserPrimer on Occupational Safety and Health
1994978-0-87179-777-3Joyce Najita · Harold S. RobertsRoberts' Dictionary Of Industrial Relations
1997978-0-87179-790-2Frank Elkouri · Edna Asper ElkouriHow Arbitration Works: Elkouri & Elkouri
1993978-0-87179-803-9Maurice B. BetterContract Bargaining Handbook for Local Union Leaders
1994978-0-87179-806-0Linda G. KahnPrimer of Labor Relations
2000978-0-87179-815-2Douglas L. LeslieThe Railway Labor Act
1994978-0-87179-819-0Gladys W. GruenbergArbitration 1993: Arbitration and the Changing World of Work: Proceedings of the Forty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the National Academy of Arbitrators ... OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ARBITRATORS)
  ''978-0-87179-821-3Michael N. MellerInternational Patent Litigation Guide, 1994: Supplement
1995978-0-87179-854-1William F. PatryCopyright Law and Practice
1995978-0-87179-873-2Gladys W. GruenbergArbitration 1994: Controversy and Continuity Proceedings of the Forty-Seventh Annual Meetin G National Academy of Arbitrators Minneapolis, Minnes ... OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ARBITRATORS)
  ''978-0-87179-884-8Matthew M. FranckiewiczWinning at the NLRB
1996978-0-87179-887-9Charles S. LoughranHow to Prepare and Present a Labor Arbitration Case: Strategy and Tactics for Advocates
1995978-0-87179-889-3James G. FriersonEmployer's Guide to the Americans With Disabilities Act
1988978-0-87179-997-5David Jackson · Randy AuerbachCustody Jurisdiction Flowchart