year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-87127-014-6Mabel E. ToddThe Thinking Body
1976978-0-87127-015-3Ted ShawnEvery Little Movement: A Book About Delsarte
1994978-0-87127-019-1Lincoln KirsteinDance: A Short History of Classic Theatrical Dancing/Anniversary Edition
1970978-0-87127-028-3Irma DuncanThe Technique of Isadora Duncan
1972978-0-87127-032-0Franziska BoasThe Function of Dance in Human Society (Dance Horizons Series 32)
1987978-0-87127-037-5Thalia MaraLanguage of Ballet: A Dictionary (Dance Horizons Book)
1976978-0-87127-084-9Allison DelarueFanny Elssler in America: Comprising seven facsimiles of rare Americana--never before offered the public--depicting her astounding conquest of America ... sad tale of her impresario's courtship
1977978-0-87127-095-5Genevieve StebbinsDelsarte system of expression
1994978-0-87127-104-4Ludwig MinkusDon Quixote: Complete Score for Piano, 1871 St Petersburg Version
1983978-0-87127-133-4Lincoln KirsteinBallet: Bias and Belief
  ''978-0-87127-136-5Jennifer DunningL'Apres-Midi d'uN Faune, Vaslav Nijinsky, 1912 (English and French Edition)
1984978-0-87127-140-2Ivor Forbes GuestJules Perrot
  ''978-0-87127-141-9Ann Hutchinson GuestDance Notation
1991978-0-87127-146-4Daniel D. ArnheimDance Injuries: Their Prevention and Care (A Dance Horizons Book)
  ''978-0-87127-152-5Diane Lynch FraserPlaydancing: Discovering and Developing Creativity in Young Children
  ''978-0-87127-158-7Doris HumphreyThe Art of Making Dances
1992978-0-87127-164-8Ana Marie Forsythe · Cheryl Ball · Marjorie PerceDance Technique of Lester Horton
1992978-0-87127-166-2Erick HawkinsThe Body Is a Clear Place and Other Statements on Dance
1993978-0-87127-172-3Jack AndersonBallet and Modern Dance: A Concise History
1992978-0-87127-173-0Selma Jeanne Cohen · Katy MathesonDance As a Theatre Art: Source Readings in Dance History from 1581 to the Present
1988978-0-87127-178-5Hanya: Portrait of a Pioneer [VHS]
1993978-0-87127-179-2Lillian LoewenthalThe Search for Isadora: The Legend & Legacy of Isadora Duncan
1992978-0-87127-182-2Gus GiordanoJazz Dance Class: Beginning thru Advanced (Dance Horizons Book)
1994978-0-87127-191-4Valerie GriegInside Ballet Technique: Separating Anatomical Fact from Fiction in the Ballet Class
  ''978-0-87127-192-1Katherine TeckEar Training for the Body: A Dancer's Guide to Music
1995978-0-87127-199-0Anita FeldmanInside Tap: Technique and Improvisation for Today's Tap Dancer
1997978-0-87127-202-7Luigi · Lorraine Kriegel · Francis RoachLuigi's Jazz Warm Up: An Introduction to Jazz Style & Technique
1996978-0-87127-203-4Muriel TopazElementary Labanotation: A Study Guide
1997978-0-87127-204-1Sarah Schlesinger · Janice BarringerThe Pointe Book: Shoes, Training & Technique
1998978-0-87127-205-8Jean M. Brown · Naomi Mindlin · Charles Humphrey WoodfordThe Vision of Modern Dance: In the Words of Its Creators
1997978-0-87127-206-5Paul LoveModern Dance Terminology: The ABC's of Modern Dance as Defined by Its Originators
1998978-0-87127-207-2Joan Schlaich · Betty DuPontDance: The Art of Production: A Guide to Auditions, Music, Costuming, Lighting, Makeup, Programming, Management, Marketing, Fundraising
1999978-0-87127-208-9Mary Kent HarrisonHow to Dress Dancers: Costuming Techniques for Dance
  ''978-0-87127-209-6Daniel LewisThe Illustrated Dance Technique of José Limón
2000978-0-87127-211-9Joseph H. MazoPrime Movers: The Makers of Modern Dance in America
  ''978-0-87127-213-3Renata CelichowskaThe Erick Hawkins Modern Dance Technique
2001978-0-87127-240-9Yvone LenardLove in Provence: Romantic Adventures in the South of France
2002978-0-87127-243-0Noa Spector-FlockGet Stronger by Stretching With Thera-Band
  ''978-0-87127-247-8Beverly FletcherTapworks: A Tap Dictionary and Reference Manual
2002978-0-87127-248-5Eric FranklinRelax Your Neck, Liberate Your Shoulders: The Ultimate Exercise Program for Tension Relief
  ''978-0-87127-249-2Harriet R. LihsAppreciating Dance: A Guide to the World's Liveliest Art
  ''978-0-87127-250-8Isa Partsch-Bergsohn · Harold BergsohnThe Makers of Modern Dance in Germany: Rudolf Laban, Mary Wigman, Kurt Jooss
2003978-0-87127-251-5Myron Howard Nadel · Marc Raymond StraussThe Dance Experience: Insights into History, Culture and Creativity
2002978-0-87127-252-2Teressa AsenciaPlayful Family Yoga: For Kids, Parents and Grandparents
2003978-0-87127-257-7Angela Whitehill · William NobleThe Parents Book of Ballet: Answers to Critical Questions About the Care and Development of the Young Dancer
  ''978-0-87127-258-4Francis J. Rella NREMT-PManhattan Medics: The Gripping Story of the Men and Women of Emergency Medical Services Who Make the Streets of the City Their Career
  ''978-0-87127-259-1Eric FranklinPelvic Power: Mind/Body Exercises for Strength, Flexibility, Posture, and Balance for Men and Women
2003978-0-87127-260-7Francis J. Rella NREMT-PManhattan Medics: The Gripping Story of the Men and Women of Emergency Medical Services Who Make the Streets of the City Their Career
2004978-0-87127-261-4Janice Barringer · Sarah SchlesingerThe Pointe Book: Shoes, Training & Technique Second Edition
  ''978-0-87127-262-1Thalia MaraSteps in Ballet: Basic Exercises at the Barre, Basic Center Exercises, Basic Allegro Steps
  ''978-0-87127-264-5Angela Whitehill · William NobleThe Nutcracker Backstage: The Story and the Magic
2005978-0-87127-267-6Thalia Mara · Janice BarringerOn Pointe: Basic Pointe Work Beginner-Low Intermediate and a Look at the USA International Ballet Competition
  ''978-0-87127-268-3James D. Long · Robert L. WilliamsMaking It Till Friday: Your Guide to Effective Classroom Management
2006978-0-87127-285-0Anne DunkinDancing in Your School: A Guide for Preschool and Elementary School Teachers (School Physical Activity)
  ''978-0-87127-286-7Teressa AsenciaYoga in Your School: Exercises for Classroom, Gym, and Playground
2006978-0-87127-287-4Mary McAuliffeParis Discovered: Explorations in the City of Light
  ''978-0-87127-288-1Eric FranklinInner Focus, Outer Strength: Using Imagery and Exercise for Health, Strength and Beauty
2008978-0-87127-289-8Rosemary BorossBallet Beginnings for Children: Pre-School Movement Fundamentals for Ages 3 and 4 (Bk. 1)
2009978-0-87127-309-3Eric FranklinBeautiful Body, Beautiful Mind: The Power of Positive Imagery: Over 80 Exercises and a 10-Day Beauty Program
2008978-0-87127-313-0Isadora Duncan Masterworks 1905-1923
  ''978-0-87127-314-7Water Study - The Doris Humphrey Legacy
2009978-0-87127-318-5Harriet LihsAppreciating Dance: A Guide to the World's Liveliest Art
2010978-0-87127-319-2Zena Rommett · Lisa Jo SagollaZena Rommett: The Art of Floor-Barre: Ballet Class on the Floor: A Conditioning Program for Dancers, Athletes, the Injured, and the Elderly
2011978-0-87127-325-3Joshua LeggIntroduction to Modern Dance Techniques
2010978-0-87127-338-3Air for the G String: Coaching, Analysis & Performance
  ''978-0-87127-339-0Two Ecstatic Themes: Coaching, Analysis & Performance
2011978-0-87127-353-6Judith R. PetersonDance Medicine: Head to Toe: A Dancer's Guide to Health
2012978-0-87127-354-3Marc Raymond Strauss · Myron Howard NadelLooking at Contemporary Dance: A Guide for the Internet Age

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