Kalmbach Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1976978-0-87116-100-0Marjorie HolmesWriting the creative article
1977978-0-87116-109-3Georges PoltiThe Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations
1978978-0-87116-113-0Sylvia E. KamermanBook Reviewing
1995978-0-87116-175-8James Cross GiblinWriting Books for Young People
2001978-0-87116-189-5Elfrieda AbbeWriter's Handbook 2002
2002978-0-87116-191-8Cynthia WhitcombThe Writer's Guide to Writing Your Screenplay: How to Write Great Screenplays for Movies and Television
  ''978-0-87116-192-5Cynthia WhitcombWriter's Guide to Selling Your Screenplay
  ''978-0-87116-195-6Philip MartinThe Writer's Guide to Fantasy Literature: From Dragon's Lair to Hero's Quest
2003978-0-87116-197-0Michael A. BanksHow to Become a Fulltime Freelance Writer: A Practical Guide to Setting Up a Successful Writing Business at Home
2000978-0-87116-198-7John GramsToy Train Memories
2003978-0-87116-199-4Kelly James-EngerReady, Aim, Specialize!: Create Your Own Writing Specialty and Make More Money
  ''978-0-87116-200-7Elfreida AbbeThe Writer's Handbook
  ''978-0-87116-201-4Jeff HermanJeff Herman's Guide to Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents: Who They Are! What They Want! and How to Win Them Over!
2003978-0-87116-202-1Roger CarpThe Art of Lionel Trains - Toy Trains and American Dreams
2004978-0-87116-204-5Rebecca VinyardThe Romance Writer's Handbook
  ''978-0-87116-205-2John Joseph BradyThe Interviewer's Handbook: A Guerilla Guide: Techniques & Tactics for Reporters & Writers
  ''978-0-87116-206-9Katharine SandsMaking the Perfect Pitch: How To Catch a Literary Agent's Eye
  ''978-0-87116-207-6Kalmbach Publishing Co · Kalmbach Publishing CompanyTourist Trains 2004: Empire State Railway Museum's 39th Annual Guide to Tourist Railroads and Museums
  ''978-0-87116-208-3Carl A. SwansonFACES OF RAILROADING: Portraits of America's greatest industry
2004978-0-87116-210-6Jeff HermanJeff Herman's Guide to Book Editors, Publishers, and Literary Agents 2005: Who They Are! What They Want! How to Win Them Over!
  ''978-0-87116-211-3John A. Grams · Terry D. ThompsonLegendary Lionel Trains
  ''978-0-87116-212-0Elfreida AbbeThe Writers Handbook 2005 (Writer's Handbooks (Writer Inc))
2005978-0-87116-214-4Empire State Railway MuseumEmpire's State Railway Museum's Tourist Trains 2005: 40th Annual Guide To Tourist Railroads And Museums (Tourist Trains Guidebook)
  ''978-0-87116-217-5Editors of BeadStyle MagazineEasy Beading: The Best Projects from the First Year of BeadStyle magazine
  ''978-0-87116-218-2Editors of Bead&Button MagazinePeyote Stitch: Beading Projects
2005978-0-87116-219-9Editors of Bead&Button MagazineGet Started Beading (Best of Bead & Button Magazine)
  ''978-0-87116-220-5Nana V. MizushimaMetal Clay Magic
2006978-0-87116-221-2Jeanne Rhodes-MoenSilver Threads: Making Wire Filigree Jewelry
  ''978-0-87116-224-3Empire State Railway MuseumEmpire State Railway Museum's Tourist Trains 2006: 41st Annual Guide To Tourist Railroads And Museums (Tourist Trains Guidebook)
  ''978-0-87116-225-0Editors of Bead&Button MagazineChic & Easy Beading, Volume 2: 70 Fast and Fun Fashion Jewelry Projects
  ''978-0-87116-226-7Julia GerlachEasy Beading, Volume 2: The Best Projects from the Second Year of BeadStyle Magazine
2006978-0-87116-228-1Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Beading
  ''978-0-87116-229-8Lesley WeissBest of Bead and Button: Beadwoven Jewelry (Best of Bead & Button Magazine)
  ''978-0-87116-231-1Julia Gerlach · Tea BerduhnBeaded Necklaces: The Best of Bead & Button Magazine
  ''978-0-87116-232-8Marc Horovitz · Pat HaywardGorgeous Garden Railways
  ''978-0-87116-233-5Irina MiechMetal Clay for Beaders
2005978-0-87116-234-2Editors of Bead&Button MagazineGet Started with Wire Jewlery (Bead & Button Books)
2005978-0-87116-235-9Julia GerlachBasic Beadweaving: Herringbone Stitch (Bead & Button Books)
2006978-0-87116-236-6Bead&Button MagazinePolymer Pizzazz: 27 Great Polymer Clay Jewelry Pro (Best of Bead & Button Magazine)
2007978-0-87116-237-3staff of Trains MagazineTourist Trains Guidebook
2006978-0-87116-238-0Editors of Bead&Button MagazineSeed Bead Savvy (Best of Bead & Button Magazine)
  ''978-0-87116-239-7BeadStyle MagazineDiscover Beading
2007978-0-87116-240-3Monette Lassiter SatterfieldKnit and Crochet Combined
  ''978-0-87116-241-0Editors of Bead&Button MagazineEasy Beading Vol. 3
  ''978-0-87116-242-7Irina MiechMore Metal Clay for Beaders: 18 Innovative Projects
  ''978-0-87116-243-4Heidi Kummli · Sherry SerafiniThe Art of Bead Embroidery
2007978-0-87116-244-1Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Beading Vol. 2 (Bead & Button Books)
  ''978-0-87116-245-8Pam EastEnameling on Metal Clay
  ''978-0-87116-246-5Editors of Bead&Button MagazineBeading Inspiration
  ''978-0-87116-248-9Brenda SchwederJunk to Jewelry
  ''978-0-87116-249-6Heidi SchuellerEasy Scrapbook Embellishment
2008978-0-87116-250-2Carol A. BabineauMetal Clay Beyond the Basics
2007978-0-87116-251-9Mary Lynn MaloneyMemory Art: 30 ideas for shadowboxes and other keepsake displays
2007978-0-87116-252-6Beth StoneSeed Bead Stitching
  ''978-0-87116-254-0BeadStyle magazineComplete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry
2008978-0-87116-255-7Editors of Bead&Button MagazineEasy Birthstone Jewelry
  ''978-0-87116-256-4Cynthia B. WullerInspired Wire
  ''978-0-87116-258-8Irina MiechInventive Metal Clay for Beaders
  ''978-0-87116-261-8Editors of Bead&Button MagazineJewelry Just for You
2008978-0-87116-262-5Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Beading Vol. 3
  ''978-0-87116-263-2   ''Easy Beading Vol. 4
2009978-0-87116-264-9Irina MiechBeautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders: Creative Wirework Projects for All Levels
2008978-0-87116-266-3Brenda SchwederVintage Redux: Remake Classic and Collectible Jewelry
2009978-0-87116-271-7Monette SatterfieldLet's Knit!
  ''978-0-87116-272-4   ''Let's Crochet!
  ''978-0-87116-273-1magazine Editors of TrainsTourist Trains Guidebook
  ''978-0-87116-276-2Margert KruljacEnchanted Paper Journey: Paper Arts Beyond Scrapbooking
2009978-0-87116-277-9Editors of Bead&Button MagazineChic and Easy Beading, Vol. 3
2010978-0-87116-278-6Irina MiechMetal Clay Rings: Silver Jewelry Inspired by Nature
2009978-0-87116-280-9Karen LeonardoArt Bead Jewelry: Seasons in Glass
  ''978-0-87116-281-6Virginia JensenCube Bead Stitching: Contemporary Jewelry Designs You Can Make
  ''978-0-87116-282-3Gail RitcheyArtful Polymer Clay: Techniques for Stylish Jewelry and Decor
  ''978-0-87116-283-0Editors of BeadStyle and Bead&Button magazinesBeaded Ornaments for the Holidays and Beyond
2010978-0-87116-284-7Editors of Bead&Button MagazineYour Seed Bead Style: Accents, Embellishments, and Adornments
2009978-0-87116-285-4Katie Baum · Judi L. HendricksSilver Clay Keepsakes: Family-Friendly Projects
  ''978-0-87116-286-1BeadStyle magazineBig and Bold: How to make dramatic beaded jewelry
2009978-0-87116-288-5BeadStyle magazineEasy Beading Vol. 5
  ''978-0-87116-289-2Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Beading Vol. 4
  ''978-0-87116-290-8Beth StoneMore Seed Bead Stitching: Creative Variations on Traditional Techniques
2010978-0-87116-291-5BeadStyle magazineEasy Beading Vol. 6: Fast. Fashionable. Fun.
  ''978-0-87116-292-2Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Beading Vol. 5: The Best Projects from a Year of Bead&Button Magazine
  ''978-0-87116-293-9Melody MacDuffeeLacy Wire Jewelry
2010978-0-87116-294-6Patricia KimlePerfectly Paired: Designing Jewelry With Polymer and Metal Clays
  ''978-0-87116-295-3Anna Elizabeth DraegerCrystal Brilliance: Making Designer Jewelry with Crystal Beads
2009978-0-87116-296-0BeadStyle magazineA Year in Earrings: 365 Designs and Variations
2010978-0-87116-299-1Karin BuckinghamThe Absolute Beginners Guide: Stringing Beaded Jewelry
2011978-0-87116-400-1Sherry Serafini · Paulette Baron · Amy KatzBeading Across America: Jewelry Inspiration from Coast to Coast
2010978-0-87116-401-8Peggy Krzyzewski · Christine HansenMaking Mixed Media Art Charms and Jewelry
2011978-0-87116-402-5Irina MiechIrina's Inspirations for Jewelry: From the Exotic to the Everyday
2010978-0-87116-404-9Helen HarleCreate Colorful Aluminum Jewelry: Upcycle cans into vibrant necklaces, rings, earrings, pins, & bracelets
  ''978-0-87116-406-3Joe SilveraSoldering Made Simple: Easy techniques for the kitchen-table jeweler
  ''978-0-87116-407-0Sue RipschClassic Chain Mail Jewelry: A treasury of weaves
2011978-0-87116-409-4Julie PicarelloPatterns in Polymer: Imprint and Accent Bead Techniques
2010978-0-87116-410-0Roger Carp101 Classic Toy Trains: Best of the Postwar Years
  ''978-0-87116-412-4Lesley WeissThe Absolute Beginners Guide: Stitching Beaded Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started
2011978-0-87116-416-2Kim St. JeanMixed Metal Mania: Solder, rivet, hammer, and wire exceptional jewelry
2011978-0-87116-417-9Nancy ZellersBead Tube Jewelry: Peyote and brick stitch designs for 30+ necklaces, bracelets, and earrings
2010978-0-87116-418-6Irina MiechBeautiful Wire Jewelry for Beaders 2
2011978-0-87116-419-3Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Beading Vol. 6
  ''978-0-87116-420-9BeadStyle magazineEasy Beading Vol. 7
  ''978-0-87116-421-6Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Chain Mail Jewelry
  ''978-0-87116-422-3Aimee CarpenterEndless Sparkle: 12 Crystal Components - Unlimited Jewelry Designs
  ''978-0-87116-423-0Editors of Bead&Button MagazineStitch Workshop: Peyote Stitch: Basic Techniques, Advanced Results
2010978-0-87116-424-7   ''The Big Book of Beading Patterns: For Peyote Stitch, Square Stitch, Brick Stitch, and Loomwork Designs
2010978-0-87116-425-4BeadStyle magazineMaking Elegant Jewelry for Special Occasions
2011978-0-87116-426-1Editors of Art Jewelry magazine · Editors of Bead&Button MagazinePolymer Pizzazz 2: 25+ Beautiful Jewelry Projects to Make and Wear
  ''978-0-87116-427-8Nealay PatelJewelry for the New Romantic: Unexpected Techniques with Crystals and Beading Wire
  ''978-0-87116-428-5Heather PowersJewelry Designs from Nature: Woodlands, Gardens, Sea: Art Bead Jewelry Designs Inspired by Nature
  ''978-0-87116-429-2Maggie RoschykArtistic Seed Bead Jewelry: Ideas and Techniques for Original Designs
  ''978-0-87116-430-8magazine Editors of TrainsTourist Trains Guidebook
2011978-0-87116-431-5Cindy Thomas PankopfThe Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Metal Clay Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started
2012978-0-87116-433-9Laura PoplinUnconventional Chain Mail Jewelry
  ''978-0-87116-435-3Martine CallaghanThe Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Wire Jewelry
  ''978-0-87116-436-0Virginia JensenContemporary Cube Bead Designs: Stitching with Herringbone, Peyote, Ladder Stitch, and More
2011978-0-87116-437-7Melissa CableSpotlight On Wire
2012978-0-87116-438-4Heidi KummliThe Spirit of Bead Embroidery
  ''978-0-87116-439-1Nikia AngelEasy Crystal Stitching, Sophisticated Jewelry
  ''978-0-87116-441-4Mary WohlgemuthMetal Clay and Color: Inventive Techniques from 20 Jewelry Designers
2013978-0-87116-443-8Melissa CableMetal Jewelry in Bloom: Learn Metalworking Techniques by Creating Lilies, Daffodils, Dahlias, and More
2011978-0-87116-444-5staff of AmtrakAmtrak: An American Story
2013978-0-87116-450-6Patricia KimleExploring Canework in Polymer Clay: Color, Pattern, Surface Design
2013978-0-87116-451-3BeadStyle magazineMultistrand Jewelry: Secrets for Success
2012978-0-87116-454-4Editors of Bead&Button MagazineStitch Workshop: Herringbone Stitch: Basic Techniques, Advanced Results
2011978-0-87116-455-1   ''Stitch Workshop: Right-Angle Weave
2012978-0-87116-456-8Kimberly Sciaraffa BerlinBuild Your Own Wire Pendants
  ''978-0-87116-457-5Irina MiechClassic Style, Fresh Look: Sixty Jewelry Designs to Make and Wear
2013978-0-87116-476-6Anna Elizabeth DraegerCrystal Play: Fun & Fabulous Designs for Stitched Jewelry
  ''978-0-87116-479-7Teresa MeisterCreative Seed Bead Connections: Using Wire, Jump Rings, and Chain
  ''978-0-87116-480-3Lauren AndersonThe Absolute Beginners Guide: Making Chain Mail Jewelry: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started
2012978-0-87116-481-0BeadStyle magazineEasy Beading Vol. 8
  ''978-0-87116-482-7Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Beading: The Best Projects from a Year of Bead&button Magazine: 7
2012978-0-87116-483-4Sue RipschClassic Chain Mail Jewelry With a Twist
2013978-0-87116-484-1Nancy ZellersMetallic Seed Bead Splendor: Stitch 29 Timeless Jewelry Pieces in Gold, Bronze, and Pewter
2012978-0-87116-493-3Kim St. JeanMetal Magic: Etch, Pierce, Enamel, and Set Striking Jewelry
  ''978-0-87116-495-7Anna Elizabeth DraegerGreat Designs for Shaped Beads: Tilas, Peanuts, and Daggers
2013978-0-87116-703-3Firor KaskaWeaving Freeform Wire Jewelry: Step-by-Step Techniques, 20 Versatile Designs
2012978-0-87116-711-8Jamie Hogsett · Sara OehlerShow Your Colors: 30 Flexible Beading Wire Jewelry Projects
2013978-0-87116-750-7Amee K. Sweet-McNamaraSoutache & Bead Embroidery
  ''978-0-87116-768-2Editors of Bead&Button MagazineCreative Beading: The Best Projects from a Year of Bead & Button Magazine: 8
  ''978-0-87116-784-2Irina MiechIrina's Metal Clay Collection for Beaders: A Master Instructor's Favorite Projects