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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-87110-041-2Daniel SpoerriThe Mythological Travels of a modern Sir John Mandeville, being an account of the Magic, Meatballs, and other Monkey Business Peculiar to the Sojourn ... together with divers speculations thereon
1971978-0-87110-062-7Jackson Mac LowStanzas for Iris Lezak
  ''978-0-87110-076-4Bern PorterI've left;: A manifesto and a testament of SCIence and-ART (SCIART),
1972978-0-87110-078-8Peter FinchTypewriter Poems
  ''978-0-87110-079-5Bern PorterFound poems,
  ''978-0-87110-081-8Dick HigginsA book about love & war & death,
  ''978-0-87110-083-2Toby MacLennan1 Walked Out of 2 and Forgot It
1972978-0-87110-085-6Gertrude SteinMatisse Picasso and Gertrude Stein With Two Shorter Stories
1973978-0-87110-087-0Richard KostelanetzBreakthrough fictioneers;: An anthology
  ''978-0-87110-092-4Gertrude SteinA Book Concluding With As a Wife Has a Cow: A Love Story
  ''978-0-87110-093-1Charles McIlvaineToadstools, mushrooms, fungi: Edible and poisonous; one thousand American fungi; how to select and cook the edible; how to distinguish and avoid the poisonous, with full botanic descriptions,
  ''978-0-87110-095-5Gertrude SteinHow to Write
  ''978-0-87110-098-6Geoffrey HendricksRing piece;: The journal of a twelve hour silent meditation
1973978-0-87110-100-6John GiornoCancer in my left ball;: Poems, 1970-1972
  ''978-0-87110-103-7Cary ScherThe ten week garden
  ''978-0-87110-105-1Brion Gysin · William S. Burroughs · Ian SommervilleBrion Gysin Let the Mice In
  ''978-0-87110-107-5Emmett WilliamsValentine for Noel: Four Variations on a Scheme