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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1983978-0-87074-191-3Ingmar BergmanTalking with Ingmar Bergman
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1989978-0-87074-277-4Lonnie D. KlieverDax's Case: Essays in Medical Ethics and Human Meaning
  ''978-0-87074-278-1Lonnie D. (Edited by) KlieverDax's Case Essays in Medical Ethics and Human Meaning
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  ''978-0-87074-328-3   ''Is There Only One True Religion or Are There Many?
  ''978-0-87074-330-6   ''On Theology
  ''978-0-87074-331-3   ''The Point of Christology
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  ''978-0-87074-357-3Ronald L. DavisThe Glamour Factory: Inside Hollywood's Big Studio System
  ''978-0-87074-358-0Ronald L. DavisThe Glamour Factory: Inside Hollywood's Big Studio System
1995978-0-87074-386-3Peter BakewellSilver and Entrepreneurship in Seventeenth-Century Potosí: The Life and Times of Antonio López de Quiroga
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  ''978-0-87074-437-2Whitney HarrisTyranny on Trial: The Trial of the Major German War Criminals at the End of the World War II at Nuremberg Germany 1945-1946 (Revised Edition)
1998978-0-87074-438-9Cary Smith HendersonPartial View An Alzheimer's Journal
1999978-0-87074-441-9Liza WielandYou Can Sleep While I Drive
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