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2004978-0-87071-009-4Ana Maria SpagnaNow Go Home: Wilderness, Belonging, and the Crosscut Saw
  ''978-0-87071-010-0Michael SfragaBradford Washburn: A Life of Exploration
  ''978-0-87071-023-0Don BerryTrask
  ''978-0-87071-024-7Robert S. YeatsLiving with Earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest: A Survivor's Guide, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
1966978-0-87071-026-1Anton LungwitzA Textbook of Horseshoeing for Horseshoers and Veterinarians
2004978-0-87071-039-1Don BerryMoontrap
  ''978-0-87071-040-7   ''To Build a Ship
2004978-0-87071-047-6Richard TuckerNatural Enemy, Natural Ally: Toward An Environmental History of War
2005978-0-87071-049-0Terence R. Wahl · Bill Twiet · Steven G. MlodinowBirds of Washington: Status and Distribution
  ''978-0-87071-056-8Kathie DurbinTongass, Second Edition: Pulp Politics and the Fight for the Alaska Rain Forest
  ''978-0-87071-057-5Dawn J. Wright · Astrid J. Scholz · Sylvia A. EarlePlace Matters: Geospatial Tools for Marine Science, Conservation, and Management in the Pacific Northwest
  ''978-0-87071-058-2Robert G. LeeCommunities and Forests: Where People Meet the Land
  ''978-0-87071-059-9Luther CressmanSandal and the Cave, The: The Indians of Oregon
1975978-0-87071-076-6Bert WebberRetaliation: Japanese Attacks and Allied Countermeasures on the Pacific Coast in World War II (Oregon State Monographs: Studies in History)
2006978-0-87071-088-9Stephen Dow BeckhamOregon Indians: Voices from Two Centuries
2006978-0-87071-089-6Don BerryMajority of Scoundrels, A: An Informal History of the Rocky Mountain Fur Company
  ''978-0-87071-093-3Brian DoyleGrail, The: A year ambling & shambling through an Oregon vineyard in pursuit of the best pinot noir wine in the whole wild world
  ''978-0-87071-094-0Jon R. LuomaHidden Forest, The: The Biography of an Ecosystem
  ''978-0-87071-096-4Linus PaulingHow to Live Longer and Feel Better
  ''978-0-87071-097-1Kim StaffordDown in My Heart: Peace Witness in War Time (Northwest Reprints)
2005978-0-87071-114-5Robert DietscheJumptown: The Golden Years of Portland Jazz, 1942-1957
2005978-0-87071-116-9Bonnie B. Hall · James D. HallEver Blooming: The Art of Bonnie Hall
  ''978-0-87071-117-6Cheryl WilfongFollowing the Nez Perce Trail, 2nd ed: A Guide to the Nee-Me-Poo National Historic Trail with Eyewitness Accounts
  ''978-0-87071-118-3Jewel LansingPortland: People, Politics, and Power, 1851-2001
2006978-0-87071-180-0Alan L. ContrerasBirds of Lane County, Oregon
  ''978-0-87071-182-4David MarshallBirds of Oregon: A General Reference
2007978-0-87071-184-8Terry C. DanielPeople, Fire, and Forests: A Synthesis of Wildfire Social Science
  ''978-0-87071-185-5Margaret Herring · Sarah GreeneForest of Time: A Century of Science at Wind River Experimental Forest
2007978-0-87071-186-2Marcy HoulePrairie Keepers, The, 2nd ed: Secrets of the Zumwalt (Northwest Reprint)
  ''978-0-87071-187-9John C. Tappeiner IISilviculture and Ecology of Western U.S. Forests
  ''978-0-87071-188-6Roberta UlrichEmpty Nets, 2nd ed: Indians, Dams, and the Columbia River (Culture and Environment in the Pacific West)
  ''978-0-87071-191-6Bart KingAn Architectural Guidebook to Portland
  ''978-0-87071-192-3Judith L. LiTo Harvest, To Hunt: Stories of Resource Use in the American West
2007978-0-87071-194-7John C. JacksonChildren of the Fur Trade: Forgotten Metis of the Pacific Northwest (Northwest Reprints)
2008978-0-87071-196-1Liba TaubAetna and the Moon: Explaining Nature in Ancient Greece and Rome (OSU Press Horning Visiting Scholars Publication)
  ''978-0-87071-197-8Barbara L. Wilson · Richard Brainerd · Danna Lytjen · Bruce Newhouse · Nick OttingField Guide to the Sedges of the Pacific Northwest
  ''978-0-87071-198-5Charles GoodrichIn the Blast Zone: Catastrophe and Renewal on Mt. St. Helens
  ''978-0-87071-293-7Kenn OberrechtOregon Coastal Access Guide, Second Edition: A Mile by Mile Guide to Scenic and Recreational Attractions (Oregon Sea Grant)
  ''978-0-87071-294-4Clifford MeadLinus Pauling: Scientist and Peacemaker
2008978-0-87071-297-5Eileen O'Keefe McVickerChild of Steens Mountain
  ''978-0-87071-299-9Bonnie HendersonStrand: An Odyssey of Pacific Ocean Debris
1992978-0-87071-367-5Stewart Hall HolbrookWildmen, Wobblies & Whistle Punks: Stewart Holbrook's Lowbrow Northwest (Northwest Reprints)
  ''978-0-87071-368-2Theodore SternChiefs & Chief Traders: Indian Relations at Fort Nez Perces, 1818-1855
1993978-0-87071-372-9Stephen BeckhamMany Faces: An Anthology of Oregon Autobiography (The Oregon Literature Series ; V. 2)
  ''978-0-87071-374-3Gordon DoddsVarieties of Hope: An Anthology of Oregon Prose (Oregon Literature Series)
  ''978-0-87071-376-7Primus St. JohnFrom Here We Speak: An Anthology of Oregon Poetry (Oregon Literature Series ; V. 4)
1994978-0-87071-377-4Shannon ApplegateTalking on Paper (Oregon Literature Series)
1994978-0-87071-378-1Shannon ApplegateTalking on Paper (Oregon Literature)
  ''978-0-87071-380-4Suzie JonesThe Stories We Tell: An Anthology of Oregon Folk Literature (Oregon Literature Series)
  ''978-0-87071-383-5Brian BoothWildmen, Wobblies & Whistle Punks: Stewart Holbrook's Lowbrow Northwest (Northwest Reprints)
1995978-0-87071-384-2Kathy Hogan · Klancy Clark De Nevers · Lucy HartCohassett Beach Chronicles: World War II in the Pacific Northwest
1996978-0-87071-389-7Theodore SternChiefs and Change in the Oregon Country: Indian Relations at Fort Nez Percés, 1818-1855, Volume 2
  ''978-0-87071-391-0Joseph ConeA Common Fate: Endangered Salmon and the People of the Pacific Northwest
1997978-0-87071-394-1Bruce McCune · Linda GeiserMacrolichens of the Pacific Northwest
  ''978-0-87071-397-2Edwin BinghamWood Works (Northwest Readers)
1995978-0-87071-398-9Klancy de Nevers · Lucy HartCohassett Beach Chronicles: World War II in the Pacific Northwest
2008978-0-87071-417-7Lauren KesslerStubborn Twig: Three Generations in the Life of a Japanese American Family (Oregon Reads)
2008978-0-87071-418-4Terry ToedtemeierWild Beauty: Photography of the Columbia River Gorge, 1867-1957 (Northwest Photography)
2009978-0-87071-419-1Jeff MapesPedaling Revolution: How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities
  ''978-0-87071-424-5James J. KoppEden Within Eden: Oregon's Utopian Heritage
1998978-0-87071-428-3Robin RosePropagation of Pacific Northwest Native Plants
  ''978-0-87071-436-8Kathleen M. WiederholdExploring Oregon's Historic Courthouses
  ''978-0-87071-438-2Chis MaserMammals of the Pacific Northwest: From the Coast to the High Cascades
  ''978-0-87071-455-9Barbara DrakePeace at Heart: An Oregon Country Life
1999978-0-87071-459-7Robert BoydIndians, Fire, and the Land in the Pacific Northwest
1999978-0-87071-460-3William AshworthThe Left Hand of Eden: Meditations on Nature and Human Nature
  ''978-0-87071-461-0Roger L. SheleyBiology and Management of Noxious Rangeland Weeds
  ''978-0-87071-463-4Robert E. ManningStudies in Outdoor Recreation: Search and Research for Satisfaction
  ''978-0-87071-464-1Gail WellsThe Tillamook: A Created Forest Comes of Age (Culture and Environment in the Pacific West)
  ''978-0-87071-465-8Craig WollnerA Richer Harvest: The Literature of Work in the Pacific Northwest (Northwest Readers)
1999978-0-87071-466-5Kathie DurbinTongass: Pulp Politics and the Fight for the Alaska Rain Forest
2000978-0-87071-473-3William R. SeaburgBadger and Coyote Were Neighbors: Melville Jacobs on Northwest Indian Myths and Tales (Northwest Readers)
  ''978-0-87071-474-0Jean M. Ward · Elaine A. MaveetyYours for Liberty: Selections from Abigail Scott Duniway's Suffrage Newspaper
  ''978-0-87071-479-5Patrick Murphy · Patrick D. MurphyA Place for Wayfaring: The Poetry and Prose of Gary Snyder
  ''978-0-87071-482-5James M. O'FallonNature's Justice: Writings of William O. Douglas (Northwest Readers)
  ''978-0-87071-485-6Evelyn GibbTwo Wheels North: Bicycling the West Coast in 1909
2000978-0-87071-486-3Dayton O. HydeSandy: The Sandhill Crane Who Joined Our Family (Northwest Reprints (Paperback))
  ''978-0-87071-487-0John F. ReigerAmerican Sportsmen and the Origins of Conservation, 3rd Ed
2001978-0-87071-488-7David H. JohnsonWildlife-Habitat Relationships in Oregon and Washington
  ''978-0-87071-489-4Clifford Mead · Thomas HagerLinus Pauling: Scientist and Peacemaker
  ''978-0-87071-491-7Kenn OberrechtOregon Coastal Access Guide: A Mile-By-Mile Guide to Scenic and Recreational Attractions
  ''978-0-87071-492-4William RobbinsThe Great Northwest: The Search for Regional Identity (Culture and Environment in the Pacific West)
2001978-0-87071-493-1Robert S. YeatsLiving with Earthquakes in California: A Survivor's Guide
  ''978-0-87071-494-8Ron StricklandRiver Pigs and Cayuses: Oral Histories from the Pacific Northwest (Northwest Reprints)
  ''978-0-87071-496-2Keith PetersenRiver of Life, Channel of Death: Fish and Dams on the Lower Snake
2003978-0-87071-498-6Kenneth M. VigilClean Water, 2nd ed: An Introduction to Water Quality and Water Pollution Control
  ''978-0-87071-499-3Robin Wall KimmererGathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses
1990978-0-87071-500-6Nard JonesOregon Detour (Northwest Reprints)
1991978-0-87071-512-9Stephen BeckhamTall Tales from Rogue River (Northwest Reprints)
  ''978-0-87071-513-6Susan Delano McKelveyBotanical Exploration of the Trans-Mississippi West (Northwest Reprints)
1993978-0-87071-515-0Roderick L. Haig-BrownTimber (Northwest Reprints)
1996978-0-87071-521-1Stephen BeckhamRequiem for a People: The Rogue Indians and the Frontiersmen (Northwest Reprints (Paperback))
1996978-0-87071-522-8Dayton HydeYamsi: A Year in the Life of a Wilderness Ranch (Northwest Reprints)
1999978-0-87071-524-2Theodora C. Stanwell-Fletcher · Wendell introduction by BerryDriftwood Valley: A Woman Naturalist in the Northern Wilderness (Northwest Reprints (Paperback))
2000978-0-87071-526-6William Sullivan · William L. SullivanListening for Coyote: A Walk Across Oregon's Wilderness
  ''978-0-87071-528-0Alexander Ross · William G. RobbinsAdventures of the First Settlers on the Oregon or Columbia River, 1810-1813 (Northwest Reprints)
2001978-0-87071-533-4George Poinar Jr.Lebanese Amber: The Oldest Insect Ecosystem in Fossilized Resin
  ''978-0-87071-534-1Robert W. HadlowElegant Arches, Soaring Spans: C.B. McCullough, Oregon's Master Bridge Builder
  ''978-0-87071-535-8Blair Csuti · Thomas A. O'Neil · Margaret M. Shaughnessy · Eleanor P. Gaines · John C. HakAtlas of Oregon Wildlife: Distribution, Habitat, and Natural History
2002978-0-87071-536-5Stephen HaycoxFrigid Embrace: Politics, Economics, and Environment in Alaska
  ''978-0-87071-537-2Rick HarmonCrater Lake National Park: A History
2002978-0-87071-538-9Peter LesicaFlora of Glacier National Park
  ''978-0-87071-539-6Kay AtwoodIllahee: The Story of Settlement in the Rogue River Canyon
  ''978-0-87071-540-2Susan Peter · Shirley Ewart · Barbara SchaffnerExploring the Tualatin River Basin
  ''978-0-87071-541-9David GroverThe Unforgiving Coast: Maritime Disasters of the Pacific Northwest
  ''978-0-87071-543-3Laurie RicouArbutus/Madrone Files, The: Reading the Pacific Northwest
2002978-0-87071-547-1Harvey ManningWalking the Beach to Bellingham (Northwest Reprints)
  ''978-0-87071-549-5Nathan DouthitUncertain Encounters: Indians and Whites at Peace and War in Southern Oregon, 1820s-1860s
2003978-0-87071-558-7David Peterson del MarOregon's Promise: An Interpretive History
  ''978-0-87071-559-4Jewel LansingPortland: People, Politics, and Power, 1851-2001
  ''978-0-87071-560-0Philip JacksonAtlas of the Pacific Northwest, 9th Ed
2009978-0-87071-565-5Bruce McCuneMacrolichens of the Pacific Northwest, Second Ed.
  ''978-0-87071-566-2Char MillerWater in the 21st-Century West: A High Country News Reader
2009978-0-87071-567-9Adam M. SowardsThe Environmental Justice: William O. Douglas and American Conservation
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  ''978-0-87071-574-7Char MillerRiver Basins of the American West: A High Country News Reader
2010978-0-87071-581-5Evelyn Searle HessTo the Woods: Sinking Roots, Living Lightly, and Finding True Home
  ''978-0-87071-584-6Erlinda Gonzales-BerryMexicanos in Oregon: Their Stories, Their Lives
  ''978-0-87071-585-3Brian DoyleMink River
2011978-0-87071-589-1Cary Kerst · Steve GordonDragonflies and Damselflies of Oregon: A Field Guide
2010978-0-87071-590-7Robert E. ManningStudies in Outdoor Recreation, 3rd ed.: Search and Research for Satisfaction
2011978-0-87071-591-4Ana Maria SpagnaPotluck: Community on the Edge of Wilderness
2010978-0-87071-592-1Ellen WaterstonWhere the Crooked River Rises: A High Desert Home
2015978-0-87071-597-6Melinda Marie JettéAt the Hearth of the Crossed Races: A French-Indian Community in Nineteenth-Century Oregon, 1812-1859 (First Peoples: New Directions in Indigenous Studies)
2011978-0-87071-603-4Ron StricklandPathfinder: Blazing a New Wilderness Trail in Modern America
2011978-0-87071-604-1Avel Louise Gordly · Patricia A. Schechter · Melody RoseRemembering the Power of Words: The Life of an Oregon Activist, Legislator, and Community Leader (Women and Politics in the Pacific Northwest)
  ''978-0-87071-605-8Katherine ColeVoodoo Vintners: Oregon's Astonishing Biodynamic Winegrowers
  ''978-0-87071-606-5Melvin C. Aikens · Thomas J. Connolly · Dennis L. JenkinsOregon Archaeology
  ''978-0-87071-612-6Michael C. HouckWild in the City: Exploring the Intertwine: The Portland-Vancouver Region's Network of Parks, Trails, and Natural Areas
  ''978-0-87071-613-3Carl AbbottPortland in Three Centuries: The Place and the People
2013978-0-87071-625-6Steve McQuiddyHere on the Edge: How a Small Group of World War II Conscientious Objectors Took Art and Peace from the Margins to the Mainstream
2011978-0-87071-626-3David G. James · David NunnalleeLife Histories of Cascadia Butterflies
2014978-0-87071-627-0Tim PalmerField Guide to Oregon Rivers
2012978-0-87071-651-5Sy AdlerOregon Plans: The Making of an Unquiet Land Use Revolution (Culture and Environment in the Pacific West)
2012978-0-87071-681-2Elizabeth L. Orr · William N. OrrOregon Geology
2013978-0-87071-698-0Mina CarsonAva Helen Pauling: Partner, Activist, Visionary
  ''978-0-87071-712-3R. Gregory NokesBreaking Chains: Slavery on Trial in the Oregon Territory
2014978-0-87071-728-4Barbara L. WilsonField Guide to the Sedges of the Pacific Northwest: Second Edition
  ''978-0-87071-750-5Mark PomeroyThe Brightwood Stillness
2017978-0-87071-893-9Edward P. Weber · Denise Lach · Brent S. SteelNew Strategies for Wicked Problems: Science and Solutions in the 21st Century
  ''978-0-87071-898-4William RobbinsThe People's School: A History of Oregon State University
  ''978-0-87071-906-6Thomas Graham Jr.The Alternate Route
2017978-0-87071-907-3Thomas Graham Jr.The Alternate Route: Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones
2018978-0-87071-916-5James V. Hillegas-EltingSpeaking for the River: Confronting Pollution on the Willamette, 1920s-1970s
  ''978-0-87071-928-8John DodgeA Deadly Wind: The 1962 Columbus Day Storm
  ''978-0-87071-939-4Heather MayerBeyond the Rebel Girl: Women and the Industrial Workers of the World in the Pacific Northwest, 1905-1924
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  ''978-0-87071-947-9Theresa MaySalmon is Everything: Community-Based Theatre in the Klamath Watershed
2018978-0-87071-949-3Peter WalkerSagebrush Collaboration: How Harney County Defeated the Takeover of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge