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1970978-0-87068-014-4Irving Greenberg, Jules Harlow, Max J. Routtenberg, Dore Schary, Micahel Wyschogrod Eugene BorowitzImage of the Jews
1966978-0-87068-060-1Christian GinsburgIntroduction to the Massoretico-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible
1971978-0-87068-069-4Pseudo-PhiloThe Biblical Antiquities of Philo
1973978-0-87068-093-9Hugo Odeberg3 Enoch;: Or, The Hebrew Book of Enoch (The Library of Biblical studies) (English and Hebrew Edition)
1971978-0-87068-146-2Meyer Kayserling · J.S. da Silva RosaBiblioteca española-portugueza-judaica and other studies in Ibero-Jewish bibliography (Studia Sephardica) (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew Edition)
  ''978-0-87068-147-9Baruch BraunsteinChuetas of Majorca: Conversos and the Inquisition of Majorca (Studia Sephardica)
1974978-0-87068-164-6Shnayer Z LeimanThe Canon and Masorah of the Hebrew Bible: An introductory reader (The Library of Biblical studies)
1971978-0-87068-174-5Joseph L. BlauStory of Jewish Philosophy
1972978-0-87068-190-5Joshua A FishmanStudies in Modern Jewish Social History
1973978-0-87068-191-2Joseph L BlauReform Judaism: a historical perspective;: Essays from the Yearbook of the Central Conference of American Rabbis
1972978-0-87068-192-9Bernard GrossfeldA Bibliography of Targum Literature (V. 1-2: Bibliographica Judaica, No. 2 I.E. 3 8)
1973978-0-87068-193-6Eliezer BerkovitsFaith after the Holocaust
1978978-0-87068-208-7Solomon ZeitlinSolomon Zeitlin's Studies in the Early History of Judaism (4 Volumes)
1988978-0-87068-240-7Israel ZinbergItalian Jewry in the Renaissance Era
1975978-0-87068-250-6Gersion AppelPhilosophy of Mizvot: The Religious Ethical Concepts of Judaism, Their Roots in Biblical Law and the Oral Tradition
1984978-0-87068-258-2Sol Scharfstein · Sara SchachterAll About Israel
1975978-0-87068-264-3Eliezer BerkovitsMajor Themes in Modern Philosophies of Judaism
  ''978-0-87068-270-4Zosa SzajkowskiJews and the French Foreign Legion
  ''978-0-87068-272-8Naomi Wiener CohenAmerican Jews and the Zionist Idea
1993978-0-87068-275-9J. David BleichContemporary Halakhic Problems, Vol. 2 (Library of Jewish Law and Ethics)
1975978-0-87068-284-1Frank E. TalmageDisputation and Dialogue: Readings in the Jewish-Christian Encounter
1976978-0-87068-296-4Irving J. RosenbaumHolocaust and Halakhah (The Library of Jewish law and ethics)
1978978-0-87068-298-8Gersion AppelThe Concise Code of Jewish Law: Compiled from Kitzur Shulhan Aruch and traditional sources, Daily Prayers And Religious Observances in the Life-Cycle of the Jew, Vol. 1
  ''978-0-87068-329-9M. MeiselmanJewish Woman in Jewish Law
1978978-0-87068-338-1Abraham P. BlochThe Biblical and Historical Background of the Jewish Holy Days
1977978-0-87068-341-1Shlomo SimonsohnHistory of the Jews in the Duchy of Mantua (Publications of the Diaspora Research Institute)
1973978-0-87068-356-5Ruth SamuelsBible Stories for Jewish Children: From Creation to Joshua
1980978-0-87068-392-3Edythe ScharfsteinAll about Chanukah
1974978-0-87068-397-8Ord MatekThe Bible Through Stamps.
1980978-0-87068-432-6Haim Hermann CohnThe Trial and Death of Jesus
1977978-0-87068-448-7Jack ed. BemporadA Rational faith: Essays in honor of Levi A. Olan
1976978-0-87068-450-0J. David BleichContemporary Halakhic Problems, Vol. 1 (Library of Jewish Law and Ethics)
1983978-0-87068-451-7   ''Contemporary Halakhic Problems: 2 (Library of Jewish Law and Ethics)
1975978-0-87068-456-2Diane K. Roskies · David G. RoskiesThe Shtetl Book
  ''978-0-87068-465-4Israel ZinbergOld Yiddish Literature from Its Origins to the Haskalah Period (His A history of Jewish literature)
  ''978-0-87068-483-8R. Travers HerfordChristianity in Talmud and Midrash
1977978-0-87068-499-9Eva FleischnerAuschwitz: Beginning of a New Era? Reflections on the Holocaust: Papers Given at the International Symposium on the Holocaust, Held at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, New York City
1956978-0-87068-526-2Sol ScharfsteinLeshone Hakriah Shaar, Part 1: Beginner Hebrew Reader (Vols. 3-4 illustrated by Ben Einhorn) (Hebrew Edition)
  ''978-0-87068-527-9Sol Scharfstein · Elias PerskyLeshonee Hakriah Shaar, Part 2: Beginner Hebrew Reader (Hebrew Edition)
1980978-0-87068-656-6Ellen Norman SternDreamer in the Desert: A Profile of Nelson Glueck
  ''978-0-87068-658-0Abraham P. BlochThe Biblical and Historical Background of Jewish Customs and Ceremonies
1982978-0-87068-676-4Jacob NeusnerThere We Sat Down: Talmudic Judaism in The Making
1979978-0-87068-702-0Aaron LevineFree Enterprise and Jewish Law: Aspects of Jewish Business Ethics (The Library of Jewish Law and Ethics ; V. 8)
1980978-0-87068-703-7Moshe Halevi SperoJudaism and Psychology: Halakhic Perspectives (The Library of Jewish law and ethics ; v. 7)
1983978-0-87068-727-3Shubert SperoMorality, Halakha and the Jewish Tradition (Library of Jewish Law & Ethics)
1982978-0-87068-782-2Rachel Anne RabbinowiczPassover Haggadah: The Feast of Freedom (English and Hebrew Edition)
1981978-0-87068-886-7Gerald SigalThe Jew and the Christian Missionary: A Jewish Response to Missionary Christianity
1981978-0-87068-891-1J. David BleichJudaism and Healing: Halakhic Perspectives
1983978-0-87068-894-2Reuven P. BulkaDimensions of Orthodox Judaism

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