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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-0-87052-004-4Henryk SienkiewiczThe Deluge (2 Volumes)
  ''978-0-87052-013-6Steven Zaloga · Victor MadejThe Polish Campaign 1939
  ''978-0-87052-014-3Brent NosworthyThe Anatomy of Victory: Battle Tactics 1689-1763
  ''978-0-87052-067-9Robert Clarke · R ClarkeMastering Spanish (Hippocrene Master Series)
  ''978-0-87052-071-6James Francis HollanThe Catalog Handbook: How to Produce a Successful Mail Order Catalog
1991978-0-87052-110-2Davidovic MladenIrish-English English-Irish Dictionary & Phrasebook (Language Dictionaries Series)
1992978-0-87052-115-7Nina TrnkaSlovak-English/English-Slovak Concise Dictionary (Hippocrene Concise Dictionary)
1985978-0-87052-119-5Mark TwainA Tramp Abroad
  ''978-0-87052-128-7Brian JewellOver the Rhine: The Last Days of War in Europe
1986978-0-87052-135-5Bevin AlexanderKorea: The First War We Lost
  ''978-0-87052-139-3Branislav GrujicEnglish-Serbocroatian/English Serbocroatian Dictionary (English and Croatian Edition)
1992978-0-87052-145-4Ivan TchomakovBulgarian-English, English-Bulgarian Practical Dictionary (Hippocrene Practical Dictionary)
1985978-0-87052-150-8Liv Kjorsvik Schei · Gunnie MobergThe Orkney Story
  ''978-0-87052-218-5Christopher WrightPoussin Paintings: A Catalogue Raisonne
1991978-0-87052-221-5Jerzy R. KrzyanowskiThe Trilogy Companion: A Reader's Guide to the Trilogy of Henryk Sienkiewicz
1986978-0-87052-222-2Fritz NovaAlfred Rosenberg, Nazi Theorist of the Holocaust
  ''978-0-87052-291-8Hippocrene BooksEveryday Chinese Engl -Op/103
1989978-0-87052-336-6O. P. Benyuch · G. V. ChernovHippocrene Practical Dictionaries: Russian-English/English-Russian (English and Russian Edition)
1978978-0-87052-352-6Susan SontagAgainst Interpretation
1987978-0-87052-372-4Jozef GarlinskiPoland in the Second World War
1987978-0-87052-394-6Pawel Jasienica · Alexander JordanThe Commonwealth of Both Nations: The Silver Age (English and Polish Edition)
  ''978-0-87052-481-3Giovanni VergaI Malavoglia
1988978-0-87052-517-9Dimiter Mihailov · Pancho SmolenovSofia: A Guide
1989978-0-87052-560-5Nei͡a︡ Markovna Zorkai͡a︡The illustrated history of the Soviet cinema
1988978-0-87052-563-6Janusz Kazimierz ZawodnyDeath in the Forest: The Story of the Katyn Forest Massacre
1989978-0-87052-591-9Stefan KorbonskiThe Jews and the Poles in World War II
1991978-0-87052-620-6R. S. Deshpande · G. E. SalpekarTeach Yourself Marathi
1990978-0-87052-627-5Artyom BorovikA Russian in the U.S. Army
  ''978-0-87052-632-9Richard C. LukasForgotten Holocaust: The Poles Under German Occupation 1939-1944
1989978-0-87052-738-8Louis Leo SnyderHitler's Elite: Biographical Sketches of Nazis Who Shaped the Third Reich
  ''978-0-87052-745-6Wanda Potawska · Mary CraigAnd I Am Afraid of My Dreams
1990978-0-87052-786-9Monroe Rosenthal · Isaac MozesonWars of the Jews: A Military History from Biblical to Modern Times (Hippocrene Jewish history series)
1989978-0-87052-801-9Arnold TaylorIcelandic-English/English-Icelandic Concise Dictionary (Hippocrene Concise Dictionary)
1990978-0-87052-813-2Aino WuolleFinnish-English/English-Finnish Dictionary (Hippocrene Concise)
  ''978-0-87052-817-0August A. Koski · Ilona MihalyfyHungarian Basic Course (Hippocrene Language Studies) (English and Hungarian Edition)
1989978-0-87052-818-7Kem SosCambodian-English/English-Cambodian Dictionary (Hippocrene Language Studies)
1989978-0-87052-823-1Marianne HolmenDanish-English/English-Danish Dictionary (Hippocrene Practical Dictionary)
1990978-0-87052-877-4John W. WhitmanBataan: Our Last Ditch: The Bataan Campaign, 1942
  ''978-0-87052-882-8Iwo C. PogonowskiPolish-English, English-Polish Standard Dictionary
1991978-0-87052-892-7Christina HoffmanRomanian Grammar (Hippocrene Language Studies)
  ''978-0-87052-901-6Samuel KurinskyGlassmakers: An Odyssey of the Jews: The First Three Thousand Years
1990978-0-87052-910-8Editors of Hippocrene BooksDutch-English/English-Dutch Concise Dictionary (Hippocrene Concise Dictionary)
1991978-0-87052-922-1Jane Wightwick · Mahmoud GaafarMastering Arabic (Hippocrene Master Series) (Arabic Edition)
  ''978-0-87052-924-5Le-Ba-Khanh · Le-Ba-Kong · Ba Khanh LeVietnamese-English/English-Vietnamese Dictionary: With a Supplement of New Words, English-Vietnamese (Hippocrene Standard Dictionary)
  ''978-0-87052-928-3V. V. ShulginThe Years: The Last Decade of Imperial Russia
1991978-0-87052-931-3Mark TwainA Tramp Abroad
1990978-0-87052-932-0Rysia RysiaOld Warsaw Cookbook
1991978-0-87052-967-2Nina TrnkaCzech Phrasebook (Hippocrene Language Studies)
1990978-0-87052-973-3Charles M. ProvincePatton's Third Army: A Chronology of the Third Army Advance, August, 1944 to May, 1945
1991978-0-87052-974-0Henryk SienkiewiczWith Fire and Sword (The Trilogy, Book I)
  ''978-0-87052-977-1Anthony HerbertMilitary Manual of Self-Defense: A Complete Guide to Hand-To-Hand Combat
1990978-0-87052-981-8Nina TrnkaCzech-English / English-Czech Dictionary (English and Czech Edition)
1991978-0-87052-989-4Not AvailableOrders and Medals of the USSR
  ''978-0-87052-998-6Gene LindseySaudi Arabia