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1956978-0-87049-087-3Stanley Fitzgerald HornThe Decisive Battle of Nashville
1969978-0-87049-102-3Peter Yakovlevich ChaadayevPhilosophical Letters & Apology of a Madman
1970978-0-87049-123-8Thomas McDowell Nelson LewisHiwassee Island: An Archaeological Account of Four Tennessee Indian Peoples
1973978-0-87049-131-3James H. O'DonnellSouthern Indians in the American Revolution
1975978-0-87049-160-3Edwin S. HallThe Eskimo Storyteller: Folktales from Noatak, Alaska
1977978-0-87049-169-6Norman B FerrisThe Trent Affair: A Diplomatic Crisis
1976978-0-87049-170-2Norman B. FerrisDesperate Diplomacy: William H. Seward's Foreign Policy, 1861
  ''978-0-87049-187-0Charles M. HudsonThe Southeastern Indians
1977978-0-87049-199-3James L. McDonoughShiloh: In Hell Before Night
1976978-0-87049-200-6James M. EdieRussian Philosophy, Vol. 1
  ''978-0-87049-203-7Horace KephartOur Southern Highlanders: Introduction By George Ellison
1977978-0-87049-206-8George F PutnamRussian alternatives to Marxism: Christian socialism and idealistic liberalism in twentieth-century Russia
1978978-0-87049-221-1Bruce Ingham GrangerAmerican essay serials from Franklin to Irving
1977978-0-87049-224-2Charles K. WolfeTennessee Strings: Story Country Music Tennessee (Tennessee Three Star Books)
1979978-0-87049-227-3Duane H. KingCherokee Indian Nation: A Troubled History
1978978-0-87049-229-7Richard C LukasThe Strange Allies: The United States and Poland, 1941-1945
1979978-0-87049-231-0Ronald N. SatzTennessee's Indian Peoples: from White Contact to Removal, 1540-1840
1977978-0-87049-232-7James Lee McdonoughShiloh--In Hell before Night
1976978-0-87049-248-8Charles HudsonSoutheastern Indians
  ''978-0-87049-268-6Henry GlassieFolk Housing Middle Virginia: Structural Analysis Historic Artifacts
1979978-0-87049-274-7Paul H. BergeronPaths Of Past: Tennessee 1770-1970 (Tennessee Three Star Books)
  ''978-0-87049-285-3Ronald N. SatzTennessee's Indian Peoples: From White Contact to Removal, 1540-1840
1982978-0-87049-290-7Samuel F. PickeringJohn Locke and Children's Books in 18th Century England
1980978-0-87049-297-6Evelyn ScottBackground in Tennessee (Tennesseana Editions)
1981978-0-87049-309-6Charles W. Johnson · Charles O. JacksonCity Behind A Fence: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1942-1946
1981978-0-87049-310-2Dickson D. Bruce Jr.And They All Sang Hallelujah: Plain-Folk Camp-Meeting Religion, 1800-1845
1982978-0-87049-326-3Hans L. TrefousseCarl Schurz: A Biography
1981978-0-87049-329-4Arthur H. Derosier Jr.The Removal of the Choctaw Indians
1982978-0-87049-341-6Ronald D. EllerMiners Millhands Mountaineers: Industrialization Appalachian South (Twentieth-Century America Series)
1983978-0-87049-363-8E Stanly Godbold Jr. · Robert H WoodyChristopher Gadsden and the American Revolution
  ''978-0-87049-373-7James Lee McDonoughStones River - Bloody Winter in Tennessee
  ''978-0-87049-387-4R. Serge DenisoffWaylon: A Biography
1984978-0-87049-397-3James Lee McdonoughFive Tragic Hours Battle Of Franklin
  ''978-0-87049-410-9John R. FingerEastern Band Of Cherokees: 1819-1900
  ''978-0-87049-418-5Linda Keller Brown · Kay MussellEthnic and Regional Foodways in the United States: The Performance of Group Identity
1984978-0-87049-419-2Linda Keller BrownEthnic Regional Foodways United States: Performance Of Group Identity
  ''978-0-87049-425-3James Lee McDonoughChattanooga: A Death Grip on the Confederacy
  ''978-0-87049-435-2V.O. KeySouthern Politics in State and Nation
1985978-0-87049-445-1Jonathan G. UtleyGoing to War With Japan, 1937-1941
1986978-0-87049-500-7Thomas Ward OsbornThe Fiery Trail: A Union Officer's Account of Sherman's Last Campaigns
1987978-0-87049-527-4Jo Ann RobinsonMontgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It: The Memoir of Jo Ann Gibson Robinson
  ''978-0-87049-530-4Theda PerdueSlavery and the Evolution of Cherokee Society, 1540-1866
  ''978-0-87049-535-9William Lynwood MontellGhosts Along the Cumberland: Deathlore in the Kentucky Foothills
1987978-0-87049-537-3Timothy MillerFollowing in His Steps: A Biography of Charles M. Sheldon
1988978-0-87049-538-0Benjamin Franklin CoolingForts Henry and Donelson: The Key to the Confederate Heartland
  ''978-0-87049-543-4Carol F. JoplingPuerto Rican Houses in Sociohistorical Perspective
1987978-0-87049-545-8Thomas O. OttHaitian Revolution 1789-1804
  ''978-0-87049-546-5Bennie C. KeelCherokee Archaeology: Study Appalachian Summit
1988978-0-87049-553-3Allen D. HertzkeRepresenting God in Washington: The Role of Religious Lobbies in the American Polity
  ''978-0-87049-556-4Horace KephartCamping and Woodcraft: A Handbook for Vacation Campers and for Travelers in the Wilderness (2 Volumes in 1)
  ''978-0-87049-559-5Durwood DunnCades Cove: The Life and Death of a Southern Appalachian Community 1818-1937
1988978-0-87049-568-7William S. WebbAdena People: Foreword By James B. Griffin
  ''978-0-87049-578-6William S. WardA Literary History of Kentucky
1989978-0-87049-595-3William DrakeSara Teasdale: Woman and Poet
  ''978-0-87049-596-0Pauli MurrayPauli Murray: The Autobiography of a Black Activist, Feminist, Lawyer, Priest, and Poet
  ''978-0-87049-606-6William DrakeSara Teasdale: Woman and Poet
1990978-0-87049-628-8John E. FerlingThe First of Men: A Life of George Washington
1991978-0-87049-629-5Rodger CunninghamApples On The Flood: Minority Discourse And Appalachia
1990978-0-87049-641-7Elizabeth RobertsonEarly English Devotional Prose and the Female Audience
  ''978-0-87049-651-6Frank John, Jr. SmistCongress Oversees the United States Intelligence Community, 1947-1989
1991978-0-87049-663-9Melvin LaneBlack Mountain College: Sprouted Seeds: An Anthology of Personal Accounts
1990978-0-87049-666-0Howard DorganGiving Glory To God Appalachia: Worship Practices Six Baptist Subdenominations
1990978-0-87049-667-7Carolyn E. FickThe Making of Haiti: Saint Domingue Revolution From Below
  ''978-0-87049-669-1J. N. LilesThe Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing: Traditional Recipes for Modern Use
  ''978-0-87049-670-7J.N. LilesThe Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing: Traditional Recipes for Modern Use
  ''978-0-87049-671-4Mark H. RoseInterstate: Express Highway Politics 1939-1989
1991978-0-87049-672-1Rachel Nash LawAppalachian White Oak Basketmaking: Handing Down Basket
  ''978-0-87049-677-6Howard Lawrence PrestonDirt Roads to Dixie: Accessibility and Modernization in the South, 1885-1935
1991978-0-87049-694-3Timothy MillerThe Hippies and American Values
  ''978-0-87049-697-4Robert H. ZiegerOrganized Labor in the Twentieth-Century South
1994978-0-87049-711-7David A. EtnierFishes Of Tennessee
1992978-0-87049-712-4Hilldale Professor Emeritus of the History of Science and Medicine Ronald L NumbersProphetess of Health: Ellen G. White and the Origins of Seventh-Day Adventist Health Reform
  ''978-0-87049-713-1Ronald L. NumbersProphetess of Health: Ellen G. White and the Origins of Seventh-Day Adventist Health Reform
1976978-0-87049-715-5James M. EdieRussian Philosophy V2: Nihilists, Populists
  ''978-0-87049-716-2   ''Russian Philosophy, Vol. 3: Pre-Revolutionary Philosophy Theology, Philosophers in Exile, Marxists and Communists
1991978-0-87049-722-3Clarence E. WalkerDeromanticizing Black History: Critical Essays Reappraisals
1992978-0-87049-723-0Nicholas NatansonThe Black Image in the New Deal: The Politics of Fsa Photography
  ''978-0-87049-724-7   ''Black Image New Deal: Politics Fsa Photography
1992978-0-87049-726-1Florence Cope BushDorie: Woman Of The Mountains
  ''978-0-87049-728-5S. Elizabeth BirdFor Enquiring Minds: A Cultural Study of Supermarket Tabloids
  ''978-0-87049-729-2S. Elizabeth BirdFor Enquiring Minds: A Cultural Study Supermarket Tabloids
  ''978-0-87049-732-2Richard B. ShermanThe Case of Odell Waller and Virginia Justice, 1940-1942
  ''978-0-87049-736-0Shirley J. YeeBlack Women Abolitionists: Study In Activism, 1828-1860
1992978-0-87049-755-1Gary Alan FineManufacturing Tales: Sex Money Contemporary Legends (Publications of the American Folklore Society, New Series)
  ''978-0-87049-760-5Jon Michael SpencerBlack Hymnody: Hymnological History African-American Church
  ''978-0-87049-762-9Richard WestmacottAfrican-American Gardens: Yards In Rural South
  ''978-0-87049-763-6Carol JoplingPuerto Rican Houses: Sociohistorical Perspectives
  ''978-0-87049-771-1William H. Skelton · Lamar AlexanderWilderness Trails: Tennessees Cherokee National Forest (Outdoor Tennessee Series)
1993978-0-87049-776-6Alan DundesFolklore Matters
1993978-0-87049-780-3Rachel MadduxThe Green Kingdom (The Rachel Maddux Series, Vol 4)
  ''978-0-87049-788-9Thomas G BurtonSerpent Handling Believers
  ''978-0-87049-790-2Hannah RopesCivil War Nurse: The Diary and Letters of Hannah Ropes
  ''978-0-87049-792-6David C. MortonDeFord Bailey: A Black Star in Early Country Music
1994978-0-87049-806-0Michael FromeStrangers in High Places: The Story of the Great Smoky Mountains, Expanded Edition
  ''978-0-87049-813-8Jack SantinoHalloween and Other Festivals of Death and Life
1993978-0-87049-815-2Carlos C. CampbellBirth of a National Park: Great Smoky Mountains
1994978-0-87049-823-7David E. WhisnantModernizing Mountaineer: People, Power, Planning Appalachia
1993978-0-87049-824-4Michael L. KurtzCrime Of Century: Kennedy Assassination From
1994978-0-87049-832-9Harry L. MooreGeologic Trip Across Tennessee: Interstate 40 (Outdoor Tennessee Series)
1994978-0-87049-847-3James Lee McdonoughWar In Kentucky: Shiloh To Perryville
  ''978-0-87049-848-0Mark InabinettGrantland Rice and His Heroes: The Sportswriter As Mythmaker in the 1920s
  ''978-0-87049-849-7   ''Grantland Rice and His Heroes: The Sportswriter as Mythmaker in the 1920s (Literature and Theory)
  ''978-0-87049-855-8Jessica H. Foy · Thomas J. SchlerethAmerican Home Life, 1880-1930: A Social History of Spaces and Services
  ''978-0-87049-856-5Barbara J. Garrity-BlakeThe Fish Factory: Work and Meaning for Black and White Fishermen of the American Menhaden Industry
1995978-0-87049-866-4W.K. McneilAppalachian Images: Folk Popular Culture
1995978-0-87049-872-5Elizabeth Collins CromleyGender, Class, and Shelter: Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture V (Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture)
  ''978-0-87049-874-9Robert J. HiggsAppalachia Inside Out V1: Conflict Change (Vol 1, Conflict and Change)
  ''978-0-87049-876-3Robert J. HiggsAppalachia Inside Out V2: Culture Custom (Vol. 2, Culture and Custom)
  ''978-0-87049-878-7Edward D. IvesThe Tape-Recorded Interview: A Manual for Field Workers in Folklore and Oral History
  ''978-0-87049-881-7Carroll Van WestTennessees Historic Landscapes: Travelers Guide
1995978-0-87049-885-5Crandall A. ShifflettCoal Towns: Life Work Culture Company Towns
  ''978-0-87049-890-9Katharine YoungBodylore
  ''978-0-87049-892-3James E. GillCutting Edges: Postmodern Critical Essays on Eighteenth-Century Satire (Tennessee Studies in Literature)
  ''978-0-87049-893-0Cecelia ConwayAfrican Banjo Echoes In Appalachia: Study Folk Traditions (PUBLICATIONS OF THE AMERICAN FOLKLORE SOCIETY NEW SERIES)
1996978-0-87049-918-0Bruce J. EvensonWhen Dempsey Fought Tunney: Heroes Hokum Storytelling Jazz Age
  ''978-0-87049-928-9John M. GlenHighlander: No Ordinary School Second Edition
1996978-0-87049-933-3John C. InscoeMountain Masters: Slavery Sectional Crisis Western North Carolina
2017978-0-87049-934-0Robert C. Jr. KochersbergerMore Than A Muckraker: Ida Tarbell's Lifetime Journalism
1996978-0-87049-935-7James Lee McdonoughWar In Kentucky: Shiloh Perryville
1997978-0-87049-940-1Steven M. NeuseDavid E. Lilienthal: Journey American Liberal
1996978-0-87049-948-7David MaddenSharpshooter: Novel Civil War
1997978-0-87049-949-4Benjamin Franklin CoolingFort Donelson's Legacy: War and Society in Kentucky and Tennessee, 1862-1863
1996978-0-87049-952-4Jack SantinoNew Old Fashioned Ways: Holidays Popular Culture
  ''978-0-87049-955-5Norman H. MurdochOrigins Of Salvation Army
1997978-0-87049-956-2Mira Ryczke KimmelmanEchoes from the Holocaust: A Memoir (Special Studies; 29)
  ''978-0-87049-960-9Elizabeth Atwood LawrenceHunting The Wren: Transformation Bird Symbol
  ''978-0-87049-962-3Howard DorganIn the Hands of a Happy God: The "No-Hellers" of Central Appalachia
  ''978-0-87049-964-7Durwood DunnAn Abolitionist in the Appalachian South: Ezekiel Birdseye on Slavery, Capitalism, and Separate Statehood in East Tennessee, 1841-1846
1997978-0-87049-975-3Howard KesterRevolt Among The Sharecroppers
  ''978-0-87049-983-8Sally McmurryExploring Everyday Landscapes: Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture VII (Perspectives in Vernacular Architecture)
1998978-0-87049-984-5Edward Caudill PH.D.Darwinian Myths: The Legends and Misuses of a Theory
  ''978-0-87049-987-6Charles P NicholsonAtlas of the Breeding Birds of Tennessee
1997978-0-87049-988-3Michael I. NimanPeople of the Rainbow: A Nomadic Utopia
  ''978-0-87049-989-0   ''People Of The Rainbow: Nomadic Utopia
  ''978-0-87049-990-6Robert H. ZiegerSouthern Labor In Transition: 1940-1995