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1982978-0-86861-051-1Richard BroomeAboriginal Australians (Australian Experience)
1980978-0-86861-058-0David MarrBarwick
1982978-0-86861-076-4D. M. HornerHigh Command: Australia and Allied Strategy, Nineteen Hundred and Thirty-Nine Thru Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Five
1981978-0-86861-090-0Ed DavisTeachers as curriculum evaluators (Classroom and curriculum in Australia)
1985978-0-86861-111-2L. R OatesPopulist nationalism in prewar Japan: A biography of Nakano Seigō (East Asia series)
1981978-0-86861-218-8Geoffrey Curgenven BoltonSpoils and spoilers: Australians make their environment, 1788-1980 (The Australian experience)
1984978-0-86861-238-6Christopher CunneenKings' Men: Australian Governors--General from Hopetown to Isaacs
  ''978-0-86861-247-8R. K. I QuestedSino-Russian relations: A short history
1981978-0-86861-259-1David Scott"Don't mourn for me, organize ...": The social & political uses of voluntary organizations
1982978-0-86861-284-3Timothy HallHmas Melbourne
1983978-0-86861-285-0Eric FryRebels and radicals
1981978-0-86861-306-2Hugh SaddlerEnergy in Australia: Politics and economics
1985978-0-86861-407-6M. A JonesOasis in the west: Strathfield's first hundred years
1986978-0-86861-463-2John David LeggeSukarno: A Political Biography
1983978-0-86861-464-9Diane BellDaughters of the dreaming
  ''978-0-86861-472-4Diane BellDaughters of the dreaming
1984978-0-86861-480-9Jennifer AldredIndustrial Confrontation
1985978-0-86861-520-2Diane J. AustinAustralian Sociologies
  ''978-0-86861-562-2Marilyn WaringWomen, politics, & power: Essays
1984978-0-86861-572-1F. Sionil JoseMass, a Novel
  ''978-0-86861-596-7Peter ThompsonBob Brown of the Franklin River
1985978-0-86861-600-1Benjamin A. BatsonThe End of the Absolute Monarchy in Siam (Southeast Asia Publications Series)
1985978-0-86861-623-0D.A. De VausSurveys in Social Research (Studies in Society)
  ''978-0-86861-633-9Milton OsbornBefore Kampuchea: Preludes to Tragedy
  ''978-0-86861-645-2Jocelynne A. ScuttPoor nation of the Pacific?: Australia's future? (Australian Institute of Political Science Publications)
  ''978-0-86861-660-5Peter CorrisMake Me Rich
1986978-0-86861-661-2Francis G. CastlesWorking Class and Welfare: Reflections of the Political Development and the Welfare State in Australia and New Zealand, 1890-1980
1984978-0-86861-664-3David G Green · Lawrence CromwellMutual Aid or Welfare State: Australia's Friendly Societies
1985978-0-86861-716-9Brian Costar · Dennis WoodwardCountry to national: Australian rural politics and beyond
1992978-0-86861-759-6Maureen MinchinFood for Thought: A Parent's Guide to Food Intolerance
1986978-0-86861-765-7Richard Walker · Helen WalkerCurtin's Cowboys: Australia's Secret Bush Commandos
  ''978-0-86861-819-7Jim DavidsonThe Sydney-Melbourne book
1987978-0-86861-882-1A. B. LodgeFall of General Gordon Bennett
1987978-0-86861-906-4James MinchinNo Man Is an Island: A Study of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew
  ''978-0-86861-913-2Paul A. RuleK'Ung-Tzu or Confucius?: The Jesuit Interpretation of Confucianism (East Asia series)
  ''978-0-86861-915-6Harry Seidler · Janis Wilton · Judith WinternitzInternment: The Diaries of Harry Seidler May 1940-October 1941
1986978-0-86861-939-2Cherry RussellWhere It Hurts: An Introduction to Sociology for Health Workers (Studies in Society)

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