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1990978-0-86840-004-4Richard CashmanThe "Demon" Spofforth
1988978-0-86840-043-3Barbara TriggsThe Wombat: Common Wombats in Australia (Australian Natural History Series)
1990978-0-86840-044-0A WoodAustralian Mushrooms & Toadstools: How to Identify Them
1995978-0-86840-046-4Michael Augee · Brett Goodman · Anne MusserEchidnas of Australia and New Guinea (Australian Natural History)
1983978-0-86840-057-0A H WillisThe University of New South Wales: The Baxter Years
1992978-0-86840-061-7Malcolm BrownJustice and Nightmares: Successes and Failures of Forensic Science in Australia and New Zealand
1996978-0-86840-063-1D RentzGrasshopper Country: The Abundant Orthopteroid Insects of Australia
1994978-0-86840-078-5John A LongRise of Fishes Million Years Of
1995978-0-86840-103-4John Clare · Gail BrennanBodgie Dada & the Cult of Cool
1979978-0-86840-106-5J. B DArcySheep Management and Wool Technology
1987978-0-86840-138-6Carol PowellA River Revived The Parramatta
1991978-0-86840-140-9David BurkeRoad Through the Wilderness: The Story of the Transcontinental Railway
1995978-0-86840-143-0Tom GrantPlatypus (Australian Natural History Series)
  ''978-0-86840-151-5Charles BirchFeelings
1993978-0-86840-156-0John J PallettFlora of New South Wales
  ''978-0-86840-157-7David BurkeMoments of Terror: The Story of Antarctic Aviation
1996978-0-86840-159-1Krystyna A. Johnson · Margaret BurchettNative Australian Plants: Horticulture and Uses
1993978-0-86840-164-5Gwen J. HardenFlora of New South Wales
1995978-0-86840-167-6Roger SpencerHorticultural flora of south-eastern Australia: The identification of garden and cultivated plants
1993978-0-86840-172-0Gwen J. HardenFlora of New South Wales
1995978-0-86840-182-9John R. Paxton · W. EschmeyerEncyclopedia of Fishes
1990978-0-86840-188-1Gwen J. HardenFlora of New South Wales
1995978-0-86840-197-3Ray SumnerA Woman in the Wilderness: The Story of Amalie Dietrich in Australia
1996978-0-86840-207-9D T AndersonAtlas of Invertebrate Anatomy
1993978-0-86840-213-0Charles BirchRegaining Compassion for Humanity and Nature
1996978-0-86840-223-9University of New South WalesAnthropometrica
1992978-0-86840-225-3P O'FarrellCatholic Church and Community
1993978-0-86840-237-6G FischerMudrooroo/Muller Project
1996978-0-86840-263-5Barbara TriggsThe Wombat: Common Wombats in Australia (Australian Natural History Series)
  ''978-0-86840-279-6J WilliamsonVenomous and Poisonous Marine Animals: A Medical and Biological Handbook
1989978-0-86840-283-3Andrew MooreThe secret army and the premier: Conservative paramilitary organisations in New South Wales, 1930-32 (Modern history series)
2000978-0-86840-302-1Royal Botanic Gardens SydneyProteaceae of New South Wales
1990978-0-86840-307-6Jürgen TampkeAustralia, willkommen: A history of the Germans in Australia
1997978-0-86840-319-9Deidre SlatteryAustralian Alps: Kosciuszko, Alpine and Namadgi National Parks (National Parks Field Guide)
1995978-0-86840-349-6Colin Martin TatzObstacle Race: Aborigines in Sport
1988978-0-86840-354-0Anthony K. Lee · Roger MartinThe Koala: A Natural History (Australian Natural History Series)
1991978-0-86840-371-7Charles BirchOn Purpose
1999978-0-86840-383-0D MulliganEnvironmental Management in the Australian Minerals and Energy Industry
1997978-0-86840-391-5John HaskellSydney Architecture
2002978-0-86840-405-9Greg BartonAbdurrahman Wahid , Muslim democrat, Indonesian president: A view from the inside
2004978-0-86840-407-3Peter TimmsWhat's Wrong with Contemporary Art?
2000978-0-86840-410-3M PhillipsFrom Sidelines to Centre Field: A History of Sports Coaching in Australia
2006978-0-86840-413-4Luis M. ChiappeGlorified Dinosaurs: The Origin and Early Evolution of Birds
2007978-0-86840-415-8Tony KoslowThe Silent Deep: The Discovery, Ecology and Conservation of the Deep Sea
1999978-0-86840-417-2P O'FarrellUNSW: A Portrait University of New South Wales 1949-1999
2002978-0-86840-435-6John A. Long · Michael Archer · Tim FlanneryFossil Mammals of Australian and New Guinea: One Hundred Million Years of Evolution
2001978-0-86840-436-3Torbjörn LundmarkQuirky Qwerty: The Story of the Keyboard @ Your Fingertips
2002978-0-86840-437-0Kamali Kannangar · Burkhard Raguse · Michael WilsonNanotechnology: Basic Science and Emerging Technologies
2004978-0-86840-439-4Greg CravenConversations with the Constitution: Not Just a Piece of Paper (Law at Large)
1998978-0-86840-441-7John QuigginTaxing Times: A Guide to Australia's Tax Debate (Frontlines)
2000978-0-86840-443-1William S. LoganHanoi: Biography of a City
2004978-0-86840-447-9University of New South WalesMood Disorders: Recognition and Treatment
2002978-0-86840-448-6John LongThe Dinosaurs of Australia and New Zealand: And Other Animals of the Mesozoic
2001978-0-86840-452-3Nick RomanowskiSarracenia Gardening With Carnivores: Pitcher Plants in Cultivation and the Wild
2002978-0-86840-453-0L GranatoNewspaper Feature Writing
1998978-0-86840-456-1Dennis King · Brain Green · Brian GreenGoannas: The Biology of Varanid Lizards (Australian Natural History Series)
2003978-0-86840-463-9Brian WaltersSlapping on the Writs: Defamation, Developers and Community Activism (Briefings)
2002978-0-86840-482-0T MooreModernising Australia's Drug Policy (Frontlines)
  ''978-0-86840-490-5Alex Bevan · John De LaeterMeteorites: A Journey Through Space and Time
2005978-0-86840-495-0Barbara AlysenElectronic Reporter: Broadcast Journalism in Australia
2000978-0-86840-499-8G WallerInternet Companion: The Easy Australian Guide
1999978-0-86840-505-6K CoxDoctor and Patient: Exploring Clinical Thinking
1999978-0-86840-513-1Peter SpearrittSydney's Century
  ''978-0-86840-529-2David Evans Walter · Heather Coreen ProctorMites: Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
  ''978-0-86840-537-7Brian MorrisIn Favour of Circumcision
  ''978-0-86840-544-5Roger Martin · Kathrine HandasydeThe Koala: Natural History Conservation and Management (Australian Natural History Series)
2002978-0-86840-565-0S BarryEssential Mathematical Skills: For Engineering, Science and Applied Mathematics
2003978-0-86840-566-7Maureen HenningerThe Hidden Web: Finding Quality Information on the Net
2006978-0-86840-567-4Elizabeth KwanFlag and Nation: Australians and Their National Flags Since 1901
1999978-0-86840-570-4Brian CostarDeadlock or Democracy: The Future of the Senate (Frontline)
2003978-0-86840-572-8Bryan HorriganAdventures in Law and Justice: Exploring Big Legal Questions in Everyday Life (Law at Large)
2005978-0-86840-573-5Branko E. Gorenc · Ron Tinyou · Arun SyamSteel Designers' Handbook
  ''978-0-86840-574-2Peter J. EdwardsRisk Management In Project Organisations (Construction Management)
2005978-0-86840-575-9Anne O'BrienGod's Willing Workers: Women and Religion in Australia
2001978-0-86840-578-0Alan JamesLand of Discontent: The Dynamics of Change in Rural and Regional Australia
  ''978-0-86840-588-9Charles GreenThe Third Hand: Collaboration in Art from Conceptualism to Postmodernism
2003978-0-86840-598-8James SneddonThe Indonesian Language: Its History and Role in Modern Society
2004978-0-86840-599-5Michael LeachLives in Limbo: Voices of Refugees Under Temporary Protection
2002978-0-86840-609-1G HardenFlora of New South Wales Volume 2 (2)
1998978-0-86840-617-6Patrick O'FarrellUnsw a Portrait: The University of New South Wales 1949 - 1999
2001978-0-86840-618-3Barbara BairdWho Was That Woman?: The Australian Women's Weekly in the Post-War Years (European Business Law & Practice)
2004978-0-86840-622-0Peter Dunbar-Hall · Chris GibsonDeadly Sounds, Deadly Places: Contemporary Aboriginal Music in Australia
1998978-0-86840-640-4John JeremyCockatoo Island: Sydney's Historic Dockyard
2005978-0-86840-643-5Deborah HealeySport and the Law
  ''978-0-86840-647-3Peter KnappGenre, Text, Grammar: Technologies for Teaching and Assessing Writing
1999978-0-86840-657-2Neil L AndrewUnder Southern Seas: The Ecology of Australia's Rocky Reefs
2010978-0-86840-662-6Michelle ArrowFriday on Our Minds: Popular Culture in Australia Since 1945
1998978-0-86840-664-0Jeremy Philips · James HookeThe Sport of Debating: Winning Skills and Strategies
2003978-0-86840-670-1David Paul · Charles BirchLife and Work: Challenging Economic Man
1998978-0-86840-672-5K GriffithsNature Photography
2004978-0-86840-676-3Peter KingWest Papua and Indonesia Since Suharto: Independence, Autonomy or Chaos?
1999978-0-86840-680-0Graham SealThe Lingo: Listening to Australian English
  ''978-0-86840-682-4R FrancisEthics and Corporate Governance: An Australian Handbook
2005978-0-86840-687-9Wayne MartinoBeing Normal is the Only Way To Be: Adolescent Perspectives on Gender and School
2000978-0-86840-699-2Tara BrabazonTracking the Jack
2004978-0-86840-703-6Gwen GrayThe Politics of Medicare: Who Gets What, When and How (Briefings)
  ''978-0-86840-711-1Klaus NeumannRefuge Australia: Australia's Humanitarian Record (Briefings)
2002978-0-86840-717-3Gordon MclellandOn the Shoulders of Giants: A Course in Single Variable Calculus
2000978-0-86840-730-2B GenocchioSimeon Nelson Passages
2004978-0-86840-742-5Tony YoungA Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia
1999978-0-86840-745-6Ian TyrrellDeadly Enemies: Tobacco and Its Opponents in Australia
1999978-0-86840-753-1Tony FryNew Design Philosophy: An Introduction to Defuturing
2002978-0-86840-756-2John ConnorAustralian Frontier Wars, 1788-1838
2003978-0-86840-757-9Marilyn DodkinBob Carr: The Reluctant Leader
2005978-0-86840-759-3Greg BartonIndonesia's Struggle: Jemaah Islamiyah And the Soul of Islam (Briefings)
1998978-0-86840-768-5K CooperPublic Sector Accounting and Accountability in Australia
2000978-0-86840-771-5University of New South WalesManaging the Outsourcing Relationship (Strategic Resource Management Series)
2005978-0-86840-775-3   ''Community and Local Governance in Australia
2002978-0-86840-781-4Tara BrabazonDigital Hemlock: Internet Education and the Poisoning of Teaching
1999978-0-86840-785-2Charles BirchBiology and the Riddle of Life
2005978-0-86840-790-6Martin LyonsAustralia's History: Themes and Debates
2001978-0-86840-794-4Christopher SheilGlobalisation: Australian Impacts (State of Australia)
2004978-0-86840-798-2Deborah Bird RoseReports From a Wild Country: Ethics of Decolonisation
2007978-0-86840-814-9Philip HughesBuilding Stronger Communities
2005978-0-86840-817-0John JeremyCockatoo Island: Sydney's Historic Dockyard
2006978-0-86840-827-9Phillip HadlingtonTermites and Borers: A Home-Owner's Guide to their Detection, Prevention and Control
2007978-0-86840-829-3Tanya HaThe Australian Green Consumer Guide: Choosing Products for a Healthier Home, Planet and Bank Balance
2005978-0-86840-832-3University of New South WalesHorticultural Flora of South-Eastern Australia Volume 5: Flowering Plants - Monocotyledons
2006978-0-86840-835-4Nick RomanowskiSustainable Freshwater Aquacultures: The Complete Guide from Backyard to Investor
2005978-0-86840-842-2George Burchett · Nick ShimminMemoirs of a Rebel Journalist: The Autobiography of Wilfred Burchett
  ''978-0-86840-848-4Haig PatapanWestminster Legacies: Democracy and Responsible Government in Asia and the Pacific
2007978-0-86840-855-2Maureen HenningerThe Hidden Web: Quality Information on the Net
2006978-0-86840-857-6Sharon BederEnvironmental Principles and Policies
2005978-0-86840-858-3David M. FarrellThe Australian Electoral System: Origins, Variations and Consequences
2008978-0-86840-863-7Anna ClarkHistory's Children: History Wars in the Classroom
2005978-0-86840-864-4Graeme TurnerEnding the Affair: The Decline of Television Current Affairs in Australia
2006978-0-86840-866-8Evan McHugh1606: An Epic Adventure (New South Books)
2007978-0-86840-870-5John FitzgeraldBig White Lie: Chinese Australians in White Australia
2005978-0-86840-880-4Michael HoganThe First New South Wales Labor Government 1910-1916; Two Memoirs: William Holman and John Osborne
  ''978-0-86840-888-0Joy DamousiFreud in the Antipodes: A Cultural History of Psychoanalysis in Australia
2006978-0-86840-892-7H ReynoldsThe Other Side of the Frontier: Aboriginal Resistance to the European Invasion of Australia
978-0-86840-904-7Getting Away with Genocide?: Elusive Justice and the Khmer Rouge Tribunal
2006978-0-86840-908-5Paul AshtonSutherland Shire: A History
2004978-0-86840-912-2R Quentin GraftonUnderstanding the Environment: Bridging the Disciplinary Divides
2006978-0-86840-915-3Sean O'TooleThe History of Australian Corrections
2008978-0-86840-919-1Mark TredinnickThe Little Green Grammar Book
2006978-0-86840-922-1Greg SheridanThe Partnership: The Inside Story of the US-Australian Alliance Under Howard and Bush
2007978-0-86840-931-3Scott DrakeThe Third Skin: Architecture Technology & Environment
2004978-0-86840-936-8Shane MaloneyA Win and a Prayer: Scenes From the 2004 Australian Election (Briefings)
2007978-0-86840-937-5William MaleyRescuing Afghanistan (Briefings)
2006978-0-86840-938-2University of New South WalesTalking About Sydney: Population, Community and Culture in Contemporary Sydney
2005978-0-86840-944-3Bruce PennayMaking a City in the Country: A History of the Albury-Wodonga National Growth Centre Project
  ''978-0-86840-945-0Andy ButfoyDisarming Proposals: Controlling Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons (Briefings)
2006978-0-86840-954-2Ravi De CostaA Higher Authority: Indigenous Transnationalism and Australia
2007978-0-86840-955-9Jane DixonThe Seven Deadly Sins of Obesity: How the Modern World is Making Us Fat
2008978-0-86840-958-0Charles BirchScience & Soul
2005978-0-86840-969-6Alison BartlettBreastwork: Rethinking Breastfeeding
  ''978-0-86840-970-2John LangmoreDealing with America: The UN, the US and Australia (Briefings)
2007978-0-86840-973-3Mark DiesendorfGreenhouse Solutions with Sustainable Energy
2005978-0-86840-977-1Robin Prior · Trevor WilsonThe Somme
2007978-0-86840-990-0Ranulf RaynerThe Story of the America's Cup 1851-2003
2006978-0-86840-995-5Martin CrottyThe Great Mistakes of Australian History