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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-86593-431-3Gloria DominicFirst Woman and the Strawberries: A Cherokee Legend (Native American Lore and Legends)
  ''978-0-86593-432-0Gloria DominicRed Hawk and the Sky Sisters: A Shawnee Legend (Native American Lore and Legends)
1996978-0-86593-434-4John M., Jr. PattenNumbers and Measuring (Patten, J. M., Read All About Numbers,)
  ''978-0-86593-435-1   ''Numbers and Sports (Read All About Numbers)
  ''978-0-86593-436-8J. M. PattenNumbers and Speed (Read All About Numbers)
  ''978-0-86593-437-5   ''Numbers and Age (Read All About Numbers)
1996978-0-86593-438-2J. M. PattenNumbers and Counting (Read All About Numbers)
  ''978-0-86593-439-9   ''Numbers and Money (Read All About Numbers)
1997978-0-86593-441-2Lynn M. StoneSharks of the Seas (Read All About Sharks)
1996978-0-86593-442-9Lynn M. StoneDiving With Sharks (Read All About Sharks)
  ''978-0-86593-443-6   ''Giant Sharks (Read All About Sharks)
1996978-0-86593-444-3Lynn M. StoneThe Sharks' World (Read All About Sharks)
  ''978-0-86593-445-0   ''Shark Facts (Read All About Sharks)
  ''978-0-86593-446-7   ''Sharks and People (Read All About Sharks)
1997978-0-86593-448-1Jason CooperToothed Whales (Read All About Whales)
  ''978-0-86593-449-8Jason CooperThe Whales' World (Read All About Whales)
  ''978-0-86593-450-4   ''Baleen Whales (Read All About Whales)
1997978-0-86593-451-1Jason CooperWatching Whales (Read All About Whales)
1996978-0-86593-452-8   ''Whales and People (Read All about Whales)
1996978-0-86593-453-5Jason CooperWhales of the Seas (Read All about Whales)
  ''978-0-86593-454-2J. PattenRead All About Dogs
1997978-0-86593-455-9Barbara J. PattenCanine Companions (Read All About Dogs)
  ''978-0-86593-456-6   ''Dogs With a Job (Read All About Dogs)
  ''978-0-86593-457-3   ''The World's Smallest Dogs (Read All About Dogs)
  ''978-0-86593-458-0   ''The Terrier Breeds (Read All About Dogs)
1997978-0-86593-459-7Barbara J. PattenHounds on the Trail (Read All About Dogs)
  ''978-0-86593-460-3   ''Sporting Dogs (Read All About Dogs)
1998978-0-86593-461-0George TravisLets Go Fishing
1998978-0-86593-462-7George TravisLet's Go Fishing for a Living
  ''978-0-86593-463-4   ''Let's Go Fishing in the Ocean
  ''978-0-86593-464-1   ''Let's Go Fishing on the Ice
  ''978-0-86593-465-8   ''Let's Go Fishing in Streams, Rivers, and Lakes
  ''978-0-86593-466-5   ''Let's Go Fishing for Shellfish
1998978-0-86593-467-2George TravisLet's Go Fishing in a Tournament
1999978-0-86593-468-9Lynn M. StoneBackyard Birds (Discovery Library)
1999978-0-86593-469-6Lynn M. StoneFinches (Backyard Birds)
1998978-0-86593-470-2   ''Woodpeckers (Backyard Birds Series)
  ''978-0-86593-471-9   ''Hummingbirds (Backyard Birds Series)
  ''978-0-86593-472-6   ''Cardinals (Backyard Birds Series)
  ''978-0-86593-473-3   ''Jays (Backyard Birds)
1998978-0-86593-474-0Lynn M. StoneOrioles (Backyard Birds Series)
  ''978-0-86593-475-7Barbara BonneySoftball
978-0-86593-476-4Softball: Batting (Bonney, Barbara, Softball.)
978-0-86593-477-1Softball: Run, Throw, Catch (Bonney, Barbara, Softball.)
1998978-0-86593-478-8Barbara BonneySoftball: Pitching
978-0-86593-479-5Softball: Positions (Bonney, Barbara, Softball.)
1998978-0-86593-480-1Barbara BonneySoftball: Field & Equipment (Play It Like a Pro)
978-0-86593-481-8Softball: Rules of the Game
1998978-0-86593-482-5Jason Georges · Tracy Irons-GeorgesRourke's World of Science Encyclopedia
  ''978-0-86593-483-2Lynn M. StoneReptiles (Animals in Disguise)
  ''978-0-86593-484-9   ''Animals in Disguise
  ''978-0-86593-485-6   ''Mammals (Animals in Disguise)
1998978-0-86593-486-3Lynn M. StoneBirds (Animals in Disguise)
  ''978-0-86593-487-0   ''Amphibians (Animals in Disguise)
  ''978-0-86593-488-7   ''Fish (Animals in Disguise)
1998978-0-86593-489-4Lynn M. StoneInvertebrates (Animals in Disguise)
  ''978-0-86593-490-0Patricia M. MoritzDropping in on: Set III
  ''978-0-86593-491-7   ''Argentina (Dropping in on)
  ''978-0-86593-492-4   ''Puerto Rico (Dropping in on)
  ''978-0-86593-493-1   ''South Africa (Dropping in on)
1998978-0-86593-494-8Patricia M. MoritzSaudi Arabia (Dropping in on)
  ''978-0-86593-495-5   ''Costa Rica (Dropping in on)
1998978-0-86593-496-2Patricia M. MoritzColombia (Dropping in on)
  ''978-0-86593-501-3Zachary A. KellyCompete Like a Champion: Volleyball
  ''978-0-86593-502-0   ''Volleyball: Advanced Skills and Strategies
  ''978-0-86593-503-7Zachary A KellyVolleyball--Attacking to Win
  ''978-0-86593-504-4Zachary A. Kelly · David ArmentroutVolleyball: Basics of the Game (Compete Like a Champion)
1998978-0-86593-505-1Zachary A. KellyVolleyball: Fitness and Training
  ''978-0-86593-506-8   ''Volleyball: Defending Your Court
  ''978-0-86593-507-5   ''Volleyball: The Serve (Compete Like a Champion)
  ''978-0-86593-509-9Lynn M. StoneRead All About: Horses
  ''978-0-86593-510-5   ''Appaloosas (Horses)
1998978-0-86593-511-2Lynn M. StoneClydesdales (Horses)
1998978-0-86593-512-9Lynn M. StoneLipizzans (Horses)
  ''978-0-86593-514-3   ''Quarter Horses
1999978-0-86593-515-0   ''Thoroughbreds (Horses)
  ''978-0-86593-516-7   ''Trains Discovery Library
  ''978-0-86593-517-4   ''Freight Trains
1999978-0-86593-518-1Lynn M. StonePassenger Trains
  ''978-0-86593-519-8   ''America's Railroads (Trains)
  ''978-0-86593-520-4   ''Steam Locomotives (Trains)
  ''978-0-86593-521-1   ''Diesel Locomotives (Trains)
  ''978-0-86593-522-8   ''Freight Yards (Trains)
1999978-0-86593-524-2Harry BeckettLake Michigan (Great Lakes of North America)
1999978-0-86593-525-9Harry BeckettLake Huron (Great Lakes of North America)
  ''978-0-86593-526-6   ''Lake Ontario (Great Lakes of North America)
  ''978-0-86593-527-3   ''Lake Erie (Great Lakes of North America)
  ''978-0-86593-528-0   ''Lake Superior (Great Lakes of North America)
  ''978-0-86593-529-7   ''Waterways to the Great Lakes (Great Lakes of North America)
2001978-0-86593-530-3David Armentrout · Patricia ArmentroutSounds of Music: Discovery Library
1999978-0-86593-531-0David Armentrout · Patricia ArmentroutRap (Sounds of Music)
1999978-0-86593-532-7David Armentrout ArmentroutFolk (Sounds of Music)
  ''978-0-86593-533-4David Armentrout · Patricia ArmentroutJazz and Blues (Sounds of Music)
1999978-0-86593-534-1David Armentrout · Patricia ArmentroutClassical (Sounds of Music)
  ''978-0-86593-535-8David Armentrout ArmentroutCountry (Sounds of Music)
  ''978-0-86593-536-5   ''Rock (Sounds of Music)
  ''978-0-86593-538-9Lynn M. StoneAlligator Farms (Funky Farms)
  ''978-0-86593-539-6   ''Ostrich Farms (Funky Farms)
1999978-0-86593-540-2Lynn M. StoneHoney Farms (Funky Farms)
  ''978-0-86593-541-9   ''Llama Farms (Funky Farms)
  ''978-0-86593-542-6   ''Bison Farms (Funky Farms)
  ''978-0-86593-544-0Jason CooperAmerican Landmarks Discovery Library
1998978-0-86593-545-7Jason CooperGettysburg (American Landmarks)
1999978-0-86593-546-4   ''Historic Boston (American Landmarks)
  ''978-0-86593-547-1   ''Valley Forge (American Landmarks (Hardcover))
  ''978-0-86593-548-8   ''Mount Vernon (American Landmarks)
  ''978-0-86593-550-1   ''U.S. Treasury (American Landmarks (Hardcover))
  ''978-0-86593-551-8Lynn M. StoneRead All About Cats
978-0-86593-552-5Ragdoll Cats (Stone, Lynn M. Cats.)
1999978-0-86593-553-2Maine Coons (Read All About Cats)
978-0-86593-554-9Bengal Cats
1999978-0-86593-555-6Lynn M. StoneSiamese Cats
978-0-86593-556-3Persian Cats (Stone, Lynn M. Cats.)
1999978-0-86593-557-0Lynn M. StoneAbyssinian Cats
2001978-0-86593-558-7Jason CooperBoats and Ships: Discovery Library
1999978-0-86593-559-4Jason CooperSailboats: Boats & Ships
  ''978-0-86593-560-0   ''Canoes & Kayaks (Boats)
  ''978-0-86593-561-7   ''Cargo Ships (Boats)
  ''978-0-86593-562-4   ''Fishing Boats
  ''978-0-86593-563-1   ''Cruise Ships (Boats)
1999978-0-86593-564-8Jason CooperPowerboats: Boats & Ships
2001978-0-86593-565-5Joanne MatternComplete Like a Champion: Instructional Guide to Gymnastics
1999978-0-86593-566-2Joanne MatternGymnastics: The Vault (Compete Like a Champion)
1999978-0-86593-567-9Joanne MatternGymnastics: Balance Beam and Floor Exercises (Compete Like a Champion)
  ''978-0-86593-568-6   ''Gymnastics: The Pommel Horse and the Rings (Compete Like a Champion)
  ''978-0-86593-569-3   ''Gymnastics: Uneven Parallel Bars (Compete Like a Champion)
  ''978-0-86593-571-6   ''Gymnastics: Training and Fitness (Compete Like a Champion)
2000978-0-86593-573-0Zachary A. KellyLaws (Law and Order)
1999978-0-86593-574-7   ''Law Enforcement (Law and Order)
1999978-0-86593-575-4Zachary A. KellyOur Court System (Law and Order)
  ''978-0-86593-576-1Zachary A KellyTrials and Sentences (Law and Order)
  ''978-0-86593-577-8Zachary A. KellyJudges and Lawyers (Law and Order)
  ''978-0-86593-578-5Zachary A KellyCorrectional Facilities (Law and Order)
  ''978-0-86593-579-2Bodyworks Discovery Library
1999978-0-86593-580-8Tracy MaurerBones (Bodyworks)
  ''978-0-86593-581-5   ''The Heart and Lungs (Bodyworks)
  ''978-0-86593-582-2   ''Skin (Bodyworks)
  ''978-0-86593-583-9   ''The Senses (Bodyworks)
  ''978-0-86593-584-6Tracy Nelson MaurerDigestion (Bodyworks)
1999978-0-86593-585-3Tracy MaurerThe Brain (Bodyworks)
  ''978-0-86593-586-0Joseph HincksDinosaur Dictionary