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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2007978-0-86587-154-0John PichtelFundamentals of Site Remediation: for Metal- and Hydrocarbon-Contaminated Soils
  ''978-0-86587-155-7Ron MckinnonChanging Safety's Paradigms
  ''978-0-86587-161-8Edward E. SheaLead Regulation Handbook
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  ''978-0-86587-169-4Christopher A. JanicakApplied Statistics in Occupational Safety and Health
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2007978-0-86587-174-8William A. Wilcox Jr.The Modern Military and the Environment: The Laws of Peace and War
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  ''978-0-86587-176-2Daniel Della-GiustinaSafety and Environmental Management
2008978-0-86587-177-9Frank R. SpellmanFood Supply Protection and Homeland Security
2007978-0-86587-178-6   ''Transportation of Hazardous Materials Post-9/11
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2007978-0-86587-199-1Joe KausekOHSAS 18001: Designing and Implementing an Effective Health and Safety Management System
2007978-0-86587-418-3Frank R. SpellmanWater Infrastructure Protection and Homeland Security
2010978-0-86587-419-0Lance K. EricksonSpace Flight: History, Technology, and Operations
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1996978-0-86587-536-4Andre R. CooperESAs Made Easy: A Checklist Approach to Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
1998978-0-86587-557-9Ruth MusgraveFederal Wildlife Laws Handbook with Related Laws
1997978-0-86587-590-6Dan O. Nwaelele C.S.Your Company Safety and Health Manual: Programs, Policies, & Procedures for Preventing Accidents & Injuries in the Workplace
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2000978-0-86587-690-3William H. StringfieldEmergency Planning and Management: Ensuring Your Company's Survival in the Event of a Disaster
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1999978-0-86587-707-8U.S. Environmental Protection AgencyFederal Facility Environmental Compliance and Enforcement Guide
2002978-0-86587-708-5U.S. Environmental Protection Agency & Department of EnergyFederal Facility Environmental Management Systems: A Primer and Implementation Guide
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2002978-0-86587-910-2U. S. Department of TransportationHazardous Materials Transportation Training: Instructor's Manual
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