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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2016978-0-86534-003-9Willard SpenceThe Potter's Odyssey
2007978-0-86534-007-7Jose Ortiz y Pino IIIDon Jose, The Last Patron
1985978-0-86534-011-4Lynn Irwin PerrigoHispanos: Historic Leaders of New Mexico (Historic Leaders in New Mexico)
2012978-0-86534-018-3Anne HillermanDone in the Sun: Solar Projects for Children
2016978-0-86534-031-2Marcia MuthKachinas: A Selected Bibliography
2012978-0-86534-034-3Jerome IowaAgeless Adobe, History and Preservation in Southwestern Architecture
2008978-0-86534-046-6Sheila MorandSanta Fe Then and Now
1984978-0-86534-054-1Dan ScottOn the Mountain
2007978-0-86534-055-8Robert BoissiereThe Hopi Way, An Odyssey
  ''978-0-86534-064-0Donald R. LavashSheriff William Brady: Tragic Hero of The Lincoln County War (Western Legacy Series)
1985978-0-86534-066-4Julie Behrend WeinbergGrowing Food In the High Desert Country
2016978-0-86534-069-5Anne TaylorSouthwestern Ornamentation & Design: The Architecture of John Gaw Meem
  ''978-0-86534-086-2Myrtle StedmanAdobe Remodeling & Fireplaces, A Comprehensive Guide to Expansion, Restoration and Maintenance of Adobe Homes
  ''978-0-86534-098-5Fern-Rae AbrahamTin Craft: A Workbook
  ''978-0-86534-104-3Helen AiryDoughnut Dollies: American Red Cross Girls During World War II: A Novel
2016978-0-86534-111-1Myrtle Stedman · Wilfred StedmanAdobe Architecture, A Simple Guide with Plans for Building with Earth
  ''978-0-86534-153-1Robert McGeaghJuan De Onate's Colony in the Wilderness: An Early History of the American Southwest
  ''978-0-86534-156-2Hazel HydeMaria Making Pottery: The Story Of Famous American Indian Potter Maria Martinez
2005978-0-86534-185-2Helen AiryWhatever Happened to Billy the Kid
2016978-0-86534-199-9Virginia Schroeder Burnham · William H. HamptonSince Time Began: The Truths and the Myths About Sexual Orientation
2005978-0-86534-215-6Ed Paschich · Paula HendricksThe Tire House Book
  ''978-0-86534-226-2Reynalda Ortiz y Pino DinkelSpanish Riddles & Colcha Designs / Adivinanzas españolas y diseños de colcha
2019978-0-86534-234-7Van Dorn HookerCenturies of Hands: An Architectural History of St. Francis of Assisi Church
2016978-0-86534-238-5Al ChapmanSantos of Spanish New Mexico, A Coloring Book: English and Spanish Text
1997978-0-86534-263-7Toni RollerIndian Pottery
1999978-0-86534-279-8Romain WilhelmsenBuckskin and Satin
2001978-0-86534-307-8   ''Buckskin and Satin
2000978-0-86534-308-5John A. TruettClay Allison: Legend of Cimarron
2001978-0-86534-320-7Laura Sanchez · Alex SanchezAdobe Houses for Today: Flexible Plans for Your Adobe Home
  ''978-0-86534-330-6Stephen ThompsonGenesis: A Portrait of Spinal Cord Injury
2002978-0-86534-344-3Tom V. WhatleyHe Ain't Dead (Reed Haddok Westerns)
2005978-0-86534-356-6Ernest Thompson SetonWestern Animal Heroes (Softcover)
2003978-0-86534-366-5Thomas D. ReesDaktari: A Surgeon's Adventures With the Flying Doctors of East Africa
2003978-0-86534-380-1Glen OnleySunset: A Historical Western Novel
2005978-0-86534-382-5David B. MoyerThe Tobacco Book
2004978-0-86534-400-6Phil T. Archuletta · Sharyl S. HoldenTraveling New Mexico: A Guide to the Historical and State Park Markers
2003978-0-86534-401-3Elizabeth FacklerBilly the Kid: The Legend of El Chivato
  ''978-0-86534-405-1Randall L. RasmussenHell's Belle
  ''978-0-86534-406-8Tom WhatleyGhost Runner (Reed Haddok Westerns)
  ''978-0-86534-412-9Bryant C. Blewett · Ellen MarshallYellow Bear Lodge
2005978-0-86534-423-5Nancy R. Bartlit · Everett M. RogersSilent Voices of World War II
2004978-0-86534-427-3Tom V. WhatleyThe Gatekeeper
  ''978-0-86534-430-3Judith S. BeattyLa Llorona: Encounters With the Weeping Woman
2004978-0-86534-436-5Donald L. LuceroA Nation of Shepherds
  ''978-0-86534-440-2William T. RasmussenCorroborating Evidence
2005978-0-86534-442-6Shirley Reeser McNallyWhen Husbands Die
2004978-0-86534-446-4Denise KuselOnly in Santa Fe
2005978-0-86534-448-8Anne HillermanChildren's Guide to Santa Fe (New and Revised)
  ''978-0-86534-449-5Gerald G. HotchkissMusic Makers: A Guide to Singing in a Chorus or Choir with a Short History of Choral Music
  ''978-0-86534-450-1M. Louise HeydtDivine Rainbow
  ''978-0-86534-457-0Mary Catherine Mathews · Kelsey Jane DalySanta Fe With Kids From A To Z
2005978-0-86534-458-7Jay MillerBilly the Kid Rides Again
  ''978-0-86534-460-0Teddy Jones · Sue Jane SullivanOne Hundred Doses
  ''978-0-86534-463-1Tom V. WhatleyTwice As Good (Reed Haddok Westerns)
  ''978-0-86534-464-8Don E. PostA Patriotic Nightmare
  ''978-0-86534-472-3Nancy R. Bartlit · Everett M. RogersSilent Voices of World War II (Softcover)
2005978-0-86534-475-4Ernest Thompson SetonWestern Animal Heroes
  ''978-0-86534-479-2Sallie BinghamCory's Feast
  ''978-0-86534-482-2Robin JohnsonStalking Yang Lu-chan
2006978-0-86534-490-7Yael Calhoun · Matthew R. CalhounCreate a Yoga Practice for Kids
2005978-0-86534-492-1William T. RasmussenCorroborating Evidence (Revised Edition)
2006978-0-86534-499-0Pat ShapiroYoga for Women at Midlife and Beyond
2005978-0-86534-500-3Marc SimmonsNew Mexico Mavericks (Hardcover)
2006978-0-86534-504-1Ray John De AragonThe Penitentes of New Mexico (English and Spanish Edition)
  ''978-0-86534-506-5Ray John De AragonPadre Martinez and Bishop Lamy
  ''978-0-86534-507-2Pedro SanchezRecollections of the Life of Don Antonio Jose Martinez
2008978-0-86534-515-7Johnny Neil SmithUnconquered, A Novel of the Post-Civil War
2007978-0-86534-518-8Phaedra GreenwoodBeside the Rio Hondo
2006978-0-86534-525-6Marc SimmonsStalking Billy the Kid
2007978-0-86534-531-7Richard MelzerBuried Treasures
2006978-0-86534-533-1Charles Angelo SiringoA Lone Star Cowboy (Southwest Heritage)
2006978-0-86534-536-2William T. RasmussenCorroborating Evidence II
  ''978-0-86534-547-8Miguel Antonio OteroThe Real Billy The Kid (Southwest Heritage Series)
  ''978-0-86534-550-8Phillip HuscherThe Santa Fe Opera: An American Pioneer
2007978-0-86534-560-7James S. PetersRobert Clay Allison
2006978-0-86534-568-3Kit CarsonKit Carson's Own Story of His Life (Southwest Heritage Series)
2007978-0-86534-572-0Pat Floyd GarrettThe Authentic Life of Billy The Kid
  ''978-0-86534-573-7Charles Angelo SiringoRiata and Spurs (Southwest Heritage)
2006978-0-86534-577-5Marc SimmonsStalking Billy the Kid
2011978-0-86534-583-6William T. RasmussenCorroborating Evidence III, New and Expanded Edition
2007978-0-86534-591-1Deborah Dozier PotterLet Buster Lead
  ''978-0-86534-593-5Mabel Dodge LuhanWinter in Taos (Southwest Heritage)
2007978-0-86534-594-2Mabel Dodge LuhanLorenzo in Taos (Southwest Heritage)
2008978-0-86534-596-6Tori Warner ShepardNow Silence, A Novel of World War II
2007978-0-86534-605-5Blanche Chloe GrantTaos Indians (Southwest Heritage)
  ''978-0-86534-612-3Marta WeigleBrothers of Light, Brothers of Blood
  ''978-0-86534-613-0Marta WeigleA Penitente Bibliography
  ''978-0-86534-616-1Lois Palken RudnickIntimate Memories, The Autobiography of Mabel Dodge Luhan (Abridged) (Southwest Heritage)
2008978-0-86534-622-2William A. KeleherViolence in Lincoln County, 1869-1881 (Southwest Heritage)
2009978-0-86534-634-5Sylvia RodriguezThe Matachines Dance, A Ritual Dance of the Indian Pueblos and Mexicano/Hispano Communities (Southwest Heritage)
2008978-0-86534-639-0Marc SimmonsCharles F. Lummis (Hardcover)
  ''978-0-86534-650-5Marta Weigle · Kyle FioreSanta Fe and Taos: The Writer's Era, 1916-1941 (Southwest Heritage Series)
2009978-0-86534-653-6Fray Angelico ChavezChavez, A Distinctive American Clan of New Mexico (Southwest Heritage)
2008978-0-86534-660-4Nat EekDiscovering a New Audience for Theatre, Vol. I
2016978-0-86534-661-1Alessandra CominiThe Changing Image of Beethoven: A Study in Mythmaking
2008978-0-86534-662-8Laura Sanchez · Alex SanchezAdobe Houses for Today: Flexible Plans for Your Adobe Home
2008978-0-86534-663-5David Stinebeck · Scannell GillA Civil General
  ''978-0-86534-665-9Teddy JonesLeft Early, Arrived Late: Scenes from the Life of Marcia Muth, Memory Painter
2009978-0-86534-669-7Donald L. LuceroThe Adobe Kingdom, New Mexico 1598-1958
2008978-0-86534-686-4Yael Calhoun · Matthew R. Calhoun · Nicole M. HamoryYoga for Kids to Teens: Themes, Relaxation Techniques, Games, and an Introduction to SOLA Stikk Yoga
  ''978-0-86534-701-4Marie Romero CashSantos, A Coloring Book of New Mexico Saints
2009978-0-86534-714-4Julia Keleher · Elsie Ruth ChantThe Padre of Isleta, The Story of Father Anton Docher (Southwest Heritage)
  ''978-0-86534-719-9Martie MacdougallMessage of the Spirit Orbs: A Gifted Psychic Brings a Message of Hope and Love from the Spirit World as Revealed to Martie Macdougall
  ''978-0-86534-721-2Frederick W. NolanThe Lincoln County War, a Documentary History:
2009978-0-86534-726-7Mike TedescoCity Boy: Urban Planning, Municipal Politics, and Guerrilla Warfare
  ''978-0-86534-727-4Richard S. WheelerSun Mountain, A Comstock Memoir
  ''978-0-86534-745-8Jim H. AinsworthHome Light Burning, A Novel Based on Actual Facts and Events
2010978-0-86534-748-9Merrill BrockwaySurprise Was My Teacher, Memories of a Television Producer/Director Who Came of Age During Television's Adolescence
  ''978-0-86534-754-0Jim H. AinsworthBiscuits Across the Brazos, Recollections of a Memorable Horseback and Covered Wagon Journey
  ''978-0-86534-765-6Barry S. BrownThe Unpleasantness at Parkerton Manor (Mrs. Hudson of Baker Street)
2010978-0-86534-780-9David S. TurkBlackwater Draw: Three Lives, Billy the Kid and the Murders that Started the Lincoln County War
  ''978-0-86534-787-8F. Richard SanchezWhite Shell Water Place, An Anthology of Native American Reflections on the 400th Anniversary of the Founding of Santa Fe, New Mexico
  ''978-0-86534-788-5Gary BeeneThe Seeds We Sow, Kindness That Fed A Hungry World
2011978-0-86534-811-0Carl MillerThe Sport of Olympic-Style Weightlifting, Training for the Connoisseur
2013978-0-86534-837-0Dirk Van HartOld Forty-Four, A Historical and Geological Excursion Over New Mexico's Old Route 44
  ''978-0-86534-880-6Phil T. Archuletta · Rosanne Roberts ArchulettaWomen Marked for History, New Mexico Roadside Markers Honor Women Leaders
  ''978-0-86534-910-0Alma Hillman · David GoldschmittOld Ivory & Ohme Porcelain, A Comprehensive Identification Guide