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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-0-86505-241-3Greg NicklesFrance - the land
  ''978-0-86505-243-7Greg NicklesFrance: The culture
  ''978-0-86505-248-2Anne RosenberrgNigeria - the people
1999978-0-86505-308-3Sierra AdareGreece: The Culture
2000978-0-86505-313-7Arlene MoscovitchEgypt: The people
  ''978-0-86505-318-2Greg NicklesRussia - the land
  ''978-0-86505-319-9   ''Russia: The people
2000978-0-86505-320-5Greg NicklesRussia - the culture
  ''978-0-86505-321-2   ''France: The land
  ''978-0-86505-322-9   ''France the People
  ''978-0-86505-324-3   ''Argentina - the land
2000978-0-86505-325-0Greg NicklesArgentina - the people
  ''978-0-86505-326-7   ''Argentina - the culture
  ''978-0-86505-327-4Anne RosenberrgNigeria - the land
  ''978-0-86505-328-1   ''Nigeria - the people
  ''978-0-86505-329-8   ''Nigeria - the culture
1997978-0-86505-404-2Bobbie Kalman · Niki WalkerCommunity Helpers from A to Z
1997978-0-86505-406-6Bobbie KalmanPioneer Life from A to Z
  ''978-0-86505-408-0   ''Musical Instruments from A to Z
1998978-0-86505-409-7Bobbie KalmanThe computer from A to Z
1999978-0-86505-411-0Bobbie Kalman · Niki WalkerCanada from A to Z
  ''978-0-86505-412-7Bobbie Lewis KalmanMexico from A to Z
  ''978-0-86505-414-1Bobbie KalmanWhat is a Community? from A to Z
  ''978-0-86505-420-2Bobbie Kalman · Jane LewisPioneer Dictionary
2000978-0-86505-439-4Bobbie Kalman · John CrossinghamColonial Home
  ''978-0-86505-442-4Bobbie Kalman · Kate CalderTravel in the Early Days
1996978-0-86505-460-8Bobbie Kalman · Barbara BedellVictorian Christmas
2004978-0-86505-461-5Bobbie KalmanVictiorian Home, The
1996978-0-86505-462-2   ''The General Store
1996978-0-86505-464-6Bobbie Kalman19th Century Girls and Women
  ''978-0-86505-465-3Bobbie Kalman · Barbara BedellLife on a Plantation
2000978-0-86505-468-4Bobbie Kalman · Lynda HalePioneer Recipes
  ''978-0-86505-469-1Bobbie Kalman · John CrossinghamColonial Home
  ''978-0-86505-470-7Bobbie Kalman · Heather LevigneClassroom Games
  ''978-0-86505-471-4Bobbie Kalman · Heather LevigneSchoolyard Games
1995978-0-86505-480-6David SchimpkyChildren's clothing of the 1800s
1993978-0-86505-484-4Bobbie KalmanThe Kitchen
1990978-0-86505-486-8   ''The Gristmill
1991978-0-86505-488-2   ''Tools and Gadgets
1992978-0-86505-490-5Bobbie Kalman · Antoinette DeBiasiColonial Crafts
1992978-0-86505-491-2Bobbie KalmanColonial Life
1993978-0-86505-504-9   ''The Kitchen
1993978-0-86505-505-6Bobbie KalmanHome Crafts
  ''978-0-86505-507-0   ''Visiting a Village
1992978-0-86505-508-7Bobbie Kalman · Antoinette DeBiasiTools and Gadgets
  ''978-0-86505-509-4   ''A Colonial Town: Williamsburg
  ''978-0-86505-510-0   ''Colonial Crafts
  ''978-0-86505-511-7Bobbie KalmanColonial Life
1993978-0-86505-512-4Bobbie Kalman · Antoinette DeBiasi18th Century Clothing
1993978-0-86505-513-1Bobbie Kalman · Antoinette DeBiasi19th Century Clothing
  ''978-0-86505-514-8Bobbie Kalman · Tammy EvertsA Child's Day
1994978-0-86505-517-9Bobbie Kalman · Antoinette DeBiasiA One-Room School
1995978-0-86505-519-3Bobbie Kalman · David SchimpkyChildren's Clothing of the 1800s
  ''978-0-86505-520-9   ''Old-Time Toys
  ''978-0-86505-521-6Bobbie Kalman · Barbara BedellGames from Long Ago
1997978-0-86505-650-3Bobbie KalmanHooray for dairy farming!
1997978-0-86505-664-0Bobbie KalmanHooray for dairy farming!
1994978-0-86505-709-8   ''Homes Around the World
  ''978-0-86505-714-2Bobbie Kalman · Tammy EvertsButterflies and Moths
  ''978-0-86505-715-9   ''Frogs and Toads
1997978-0-86505-728-9Bobbie KalmanHow a Plant Grows
  ''978-0-86505-733-3Bobbie Nickles KalmanPirates (Crabapples)
  ''978-0-86505-739-5Hannelore Sotzek · Bobbie KalmanA Koala is Not a Bear!
1997978-0-86505-740-1Bobbie KalmanCelebrating the Powwow
  ''978-0-86505-741-8Bobbie Kalman · Greg NicklesGiraffes
  ''978-0-86505-819-4Carlotta HackerGreat African Americans in history
1995978-0-86505-838-5Neil MorrisVolcanoes
  ''978-0-86505-840-8Neil MorrisOceans
  ''978-0-86505-842-2   ''Caves
1998978-0-86505-843-9   ''Hurricanes and Tornadoes
1998978-0-86505-847-7Neil MorrisRocks and Minerals
  ''978-0-86505-886-6Bobbie Kalman · Jacqueline LangilleWhat is a Life Cycle?
1997978-0-86505-887-3Bobbie KalmanWhat is a Biome?
1998978-0-86505-888-0Bobbie Kalman · Jacqueline LangilleWhat are Food Chains and Webs?
1997978-0-86505-889-7Bobbie KalmanWhat is the Animal Kingdom?
1997978-0-86505-890-3Bobbie KalmanWhat Is a Mammal? (Science of Living Things)
1998978-0-86505-891-0   ''What is a Living Thing?
  ''978-0-86505-892-7   ''What is a Bird?
  ''978-0-86505-893-4   ''What is a Reptile?
  ''978-0-86505-894-1Bobbie Kalman · Allison LarinWhat is a Fish?
  ''978-0-86505-895-8Bobbie Kalman · Heather LevigneWhat is a Bat?
1999978-0-86505-950-4   ''What is a Primate?
1999978-0-86505-951-1Bobbie Kalman · Jacqueline LangilleWhat is a rodent?
1999978-0-86505-952-8Bobbie Kalman · Jacqueline LangilleWhat is an Amphibian?
2000978-0-86505-957-3Bobbie Kalman · Niki WalkerHow do Animals Adapt?
  ''978-0-86505-958-0   ''How Do Animals Move?
  ''978-0-86505-959-7Bobbie KalmanWhat is a Plant?
  ''978-0-86505-962-7Bobbie Kalman · John CrossinghamWhat are Camouflage and Mimicry?
2001978-0-86505-964-1John Crossingham · Bobbie KalmanWhat is Hibernation?
  ''978-0-86505-965-8   ''What is Migration?
2002978-0-86505-968-9Bobbie KalmanWhat is an Arthropod?
2002978-0-86505-970-2Bobbie Kalman · Amanda BishopWhat are Wetlands?
1997978-0-86505-987-0John CrossinghamWhat is hibernation?