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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2014978-0-86492-017-1Andrew HunterColville
1982978-0-86492-024-9Kim MaltmanThe Sicknesses of Hats
1987978-0-86492-063-8Peter (edited by) ThomasRed Jeep and Other Landscapes: a Collection in Honour of Douglas Lochhead
1985978-0-86492-066-9R. E. BalchA Mind's Eye
1988978-0-86492-071-3M. Travis LaneReckonings: Poems 1979-85
1986978-0-86492-072-0Douglas LochheadTiger in The Skull: New and Selected Poems, 1959-1985
1988978-0-86492-092-8Wayne CurtisCurrents in the Stream
1998978-0-86492-100-0Douglas LochheadUpper Cape Poems
1991978-0-86492-107-9Reg BalchCelebrations of Nature
  ''978-0-86492-115-4David FolsterChocolate Ganongs of St. Stephen
1992978-0-86492-125-3Douglas LochheadHomage to Henry Alline and Other Poems
1991978-0-86492-136-9Douglas GloverA Guide to Animal Behaviour
1993978-0-86492-148-2M. Travis LaneTemporary Shelter: Poems 1986-1990
1994978-0-86492-150-5Barbara MaryniakA Hiking Guide to the National Parks and Historic Sites of Newfoundland
1993978-0-86492-154-3Kent ThompsonBiking to Blissville: A Cycling Guide to the Maritimes and the Magdalen Islands
1995978-0-86492-161-1Michael BrislainBugging the Atlantic Salmon
1994978-0-86492-176-5Richard CumynThe Limit of Delta Y Over Delta X
1996978-0-86492-188-8Marianne Eiselt · H.A. EiseltA Hiking Guide to New Brunswick
  ''978-0-86492-200-7Philip LeeHome Pool: The Fight to Save the Atlantic Salmon
1997978-0-86492-203-8Timothy FindleyThe Piano Man's Daughter
  ''978-0-86492-206-9Walter LearningGifts to Last -OS
  ''978-0-86492-213-7Sheldon CurrieThe Glace Bay Miners' Museum
1997978-0-86492-228-1Douglas LochheadBreakfast at Mel’s: and Other Poems of Love and Places
1999978-0-86492-243-4Margaret Laurence · James W. NicholThe Stone Angel
2001978-0-86492-253-3Bill RichardsonBachelor Brothers' Bed & Breakfast
1998978-0-86492-262-5Shyam SelvaduraiFunny Boy
2000978-0-86492-265-6Patrick TonerIf I Could Turn and Meet Myself: The Life of Alden Nowlan
1999978-0-86492-273-1Shauna Singh BaldwinEnglish Lessons and Other Stories
2000978-0-86492-277-9W.O. MitchellWho Has Seen the Wind
2002978-0-86492-291-5Michael HaynesHiking Trails of Nova Scotia
2001978-0-86492-295-3Pamela MordecaiCertifiable
2000978-0-86492-304-2Joy KogawaObasan
  ''978-0-86492-314-1Douglas Glover16 Categories of Desire
2003978-0-86492-315-8   ''Elle: A Novel
2005978-0-86492-327-1Cara PifkoA Complicated Kindness
2001978-0-86492-334-9Laurie HamiltonThe Painted House of Maud Lewis: Conserving a Folk Art Treasure
2004978-0-86492-341-7Michael O'BrienThe Handmaid's Tale
2002978-0-86492-350-9Michael HaynesHiking Trails of Cape Breton
2003978-0-86492-351-6Linda LittleStrong Hollow
  ''978-0-86492-365-3Ron BuistTales from Under the Rim: The Marketing of Tim Hortons
  ''978-0-86492-368-4Kathryn KuitenbrouwerWay Up
  ''978-0-86492-371-4Robert DallisonHope Restored: The American Revolution and the Founding of New Brunswick
2003978-0-86492-374-5Daniel ColemanThe Scent of Eucalyptus: A Missionary Childhood in Ethiopia
2004978-0-86492-376-9Jacques PoitrasThe Right Fight: Bernard Lord and the Conservative Dilemma
  ''978-0-86492-377-6Chris HandThe Siege of Fort Beausejour, 1755
  ''978-0-86492-383-7Chris GudgeonGreetings from the Vodka Sea
  ''978-0-86492-393-6Margaret Laurence · James W. NicolThe Stone Angel
2005978-0-86492-395-0Ian FergusonVillage of the Small Houses: A Memoir of Sorts
  ''978-0-86492-396-7Frank Parker Day · Richard DonatRockbound
2006978-0-86492-397-4Wilkie Collins · Beverley CooperThe Woman in White
2005978-0-86492-398-1Alice MunroLives of Girls and Women
2005978-0-86492-401-8Margaret Atwood · Michael O&#146BrienThe Blind Assassin
2004978-0-86492-405-6Antonine Maillet · Philip StratfordPélagie: The Return to Acadie
  ''978-0-86492-406-3Henry Wadsworth LongfellowEvangeline: A Tale of Acadie
  ''978-0-86492-412-4James Robert JohnstonRiding Into War: The Memoir of a Horse Transport Driver, 1916-1919
2005978-0-86492-414-8Douglas GloverPrecious
2007978-0-86492-415-5Antonine MailletLa Sagouine
2005978-0-86492-422-3Kathryn KuitenbrouwerThe Nettle Spinner
  ''978-0-86492-426-1Gary CampbellThe Road to Canada: The Grand Communications Route from Saint John to Quebec
  ''978-0-86492-427-8George SiposAnything but the Moon
2005978-0-86492-428-5Gail CrawfordStudio Ceramics in Canada
  ''978-0-86492-430-8Linda JohnsBirds of a Feather: Tales of a Wild Bird Haven
  ''978-0-86492-436-0Lynn DaviesWhere Sound Pools
  ''978-0-86492-437-7W.O. MitchellThe Kite
  ''978-0-86492-438-4Colleen CurranGuests of Chance
2005978-0-86492-439-1Bernie LuchtIdeas: Brilliant Thinkers Speak Their Minds
2006978-0-86492-441-4M. Brook TaylorA Camera on the Banks: Frederick William Wallace and the Fishermen of Nova Scotia
2005978-0-86492-442-1Faye KertTrimming Yankee Sails: Pirates and Privateers of New Brunswick
  ''978-0-86492-443-8Lorna Drew · Leo FerrariDifferent Minds: Living with Alzheimer Disease
  ''978-0-86492-446-9Sheldon ZitnerThe Hunt on the Lagoon
2014978-0-86492-447-6John R. GrodzinskiThe 104th (New Brunswick) Regiment of Foot in the War of 1812
2006978-0-86492-448-3Alan CumynThe Famished Lover
  ''978-0-86492-451-3Daniel MacMillanWar on the Home Front: The Farm Diaries of Daniel MacMillan, 1914-1927
  ''978-0-86492-453-7Rebecca LeamanHurricanes: What You Need to Know
2006978-0-86492-454-4Antonine MailletOn the Eighth Day
2007978-0-86492-455-1Marianne Eiselt · H.A. EiseltHiking Trails of New Brunswick, 3rd Edition
2006978-0-86492-461-2Robert DallisonTurning Back the Fenians: New Brunswick's Last Colonial Campaign
  ''978-0-86492-464-3Miriam ToewsA Boy of Good Breeding
  ''978-0-86492-465-0GooselaneCanada Reads 2006 Winner
  ''978-0-86492-467-4Carol ShieldsLarry’s Party
  ''978-0-86492-468-1Carol ShieldsThe Stone Diaries
2010978-0-86492-484-1Michael HaynesHiking Trails of Ottawa, the National Capital Region, and Beyond
2007978-0-86492-488-9Shauna Singh BaldwinWe Are Not in Pakistan
2007978-0-86492-489-6Marc MilnerD-Day to Carpiquet: The North Shore Regiment and the Liberation of Europe
  ''978-0-86492-492-6Douglas GloverElle
  ''978-0-86492-493-3Lesley ChoyceThe Republic of Nothing: Reader's Guide Edition
  ''978-0-86492-497-1Jacques PoitrasBeaverbrook: A Shattered Legacy
  ''978-0-86492-500-8Bob MersereauThe Top 100 Canadian Albums
2007978-0-86492-501-5Eleanor WachtelRandom Illuminations: Conversations With Carol Shields
2008978-0-86492-505-3Simon Sykes · Tom SykesNo Such Thing as a Free Ride?: A Collection of Hitchhiking Tales, North American Edition
  ''978-0-86492-510-7Shauna Singh BaldwinEnglish Lessons and Other Stories
  ''978-0-86492-512-1Joan ThomasReading by Lightning
  ''978-0-86492-519-0Melynda JarrattCaptured Hearts: New Brunswick's War Brides
  ''978-0-86492-521-3Simon FalconerCanada's Black Watch: An Illustrated History of the Regular Force Battalions, 1951-1970
2008978-0-86492-522-0Jacques PoitrasBeaverbrook: A Shattered Legacy
  ''978-0-86492-523-7W.O. MitchellJake and the Kid
  ''978-0-86492-524-4Herb CurtisThe Americans Are Coming
2009978-0-86492-528-2Greg Cochkanoff · Bob ChaulkSS Atlantic: The White Star Line's First Disaster at Sea
  ''978-0-86492-533-6Serge Patrice ThibodeauOne
  ''978-0-86492-543-5Nicholas GuitardWaterfalls of New Brunswick
2009978-0-86492-546-6Alden NowlanThe Wanton Troopers
2010978-0-86492-614-2Michael HaynesTrails of Halifax Regional Municipality, 2nd Edition
  ''978-0-86492-615-9Nicholas GuitardWaterfalls of New Brunswick: A Guide
  ''978-0-86492-616-6Keith OatleyTherefore Choose
  ''978-0-86492-617-3Lynn CoadyStrange Heaven
  ''978-0-86492-618-0Roger BurrowsBirding in New Brunswick
2012978-0-86492-622-7Noah RichlerWhat We Talk About When We Talk About War
2010978-0-86492-623-4John LerouxBuilding a University: The Architecture of UNB
2010978-0-86492-625-8Virginia Eichhorn · Adam Duncan Harris · Tom SmartGeorge McLean: The Living Landscape
  ''978-0-86492-632-6Marc Milner · Glenn LeonardNew Brunswick and the Navy: Four Hundred Years
  ''978-0-86492-633-3Shawna M. QuinnAgnes Warner and the Nursing Sisters of the Great War
2011978-0-86492-644-9Joshua M. SmithBattle for the Bay: The Naval War of 1812
2012978-0-86492-653-1Robert L. DallisonA Neighbourly War: New Brunswick and the War of 1812
  ''978-0-86492-669-2John BoykoBennett: The Rebel Who Challenged and Changed a Nation
  ''978-0-86492-670-8Michael HaynesHiking Trails of Cape Breton, 2nd Edition
2012978-0-86492-685-2Michael HaynesHiking Trails of Mainland Nova Scotia: 9th Edition
2013978-0-86492-687-6   ''Hiking Trails of Montréal and Beyond
2015978-0-86492-874-0Antony AndersonThe Diplomat: Lester Pearson and the Suez Crisis
  ''978-0-86492-879-5Curtis MainvilleTill the Boys Come Home: Life on the Home Front in Queens County, NB, 1914-1918
2016978-0-86492-892-4Roslyn RosenfeldLucy Jarvis: Even Stones Have Life
  ''978-0-86492-893-1Melynda JarrattLetters from Beauly: Pat Hennessy and the Canadian Forestry Corps in Scotland, 1940-1945
  ''978-0-86492-897-9Ray Cronin · Mireille Eagan · Sarah Fillmore · Catharine Mastin · Sarah Milroy · Caroline StoneMary Pratt
2013978-0-86492-907-5H. Reuben Cohen · Ken MacLeod · Arthur Dobson · Lourdes O'ReillyGreater Moncton Then and Now / Le Grand Moncton Hier et Aujourd'hui
  ''978-0-86492-908-2Jim Waddington · Sue WaddingtonIn the Footsteps of the Group of Seven
2018978-0-86492-923-5Brent WilsonA Family of Brothers: Soldiers of the 26th New Brunswick Battalion in the Great War
2017978-0-86492-965-5Roald Nasgaard · Gwendolyn OwensHigher States: Lawren Harris and His American Contemporaries
2017978-0-86492-966-2Michael KaanThe Water Beetles
  ''978-0-86492-969-3Robert ClarkDown Inside: Thirty Years in Canada's Prison Service
  ''978-0-86492-973-0Jacques HérouxAtlantic Salmon Flies / Mouches pour le saumon atlantique
  ''978-0-86492-977-8Roald Nasgaard · Gwendolyn OwensVers de Nouveaux Sommets: Lawren Harris et ses contemporains américains
  ''978-0-86492-997-6Susan Gibson Garvey · Andrea KunardMarlene Creates: Places, Paths, and Pauses
2017978-0-86492-998-3Susan Gibson Garvey · Andrea KunardMarlene Creates: Lieux, sentiers et pauses