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1985978-0-86473-025-1David MackayIn the wake of Cook: Exploration, science & empire, 1780-1801
1990978-0-86473-089-3Patrick DayThe making of the New Zealand press: A study of the organizational and political concerns of New Zealand newspaper controllers, 1840-1880
1994978-0-86473-267-5David KernohanWellington's old buildings: A photographic guide to old buildings in central Wellington
1997978-0-86473-303-0Mary McIntyreConservation of the tuatara
  ''978-0-86473-308-5David GrantBulls, bears, and elephants: A history of the New Zealand Stock Exchange
2000978-0-86473-309-2Jonathan Dennis · Jan BieringaFilm in Aotearoa New Zealand
1998978-0-86473-328-3Angela BallaraIwi: The dynamics of Māori tribal organisation from c.1769 to c.1945
1999978-0-86473-356-6John O'SheaDon't let it get you: Memories, documents
2001978-0-86473-361-0Robert ChapmanNew Zealand Politics and Social Patterns
1999978-0-86473-365-8Alister McIntoshUnofficial channels: Letters between Alister McIntosh and Foss Shanahan, George Laking and Frank Corner 1946-1966
2000978-0-86473-404-4Left turn: The New Zealand general election of 1999
2002978-0-86473-414-3Stephanie de MontalkThe Unquiet World: The Life of Count Geoffrey Potocki de Montalk
2003978-0-86473-432-7Charles Ferrall · Rebecca EllisThe Trials of Eric Mareo
  ''978-0-86473-438-9Laurie GuyWorlds in Collision: The Gay Debate in New Zealand, 1960-1984
  ''978-0-86473-439-6Brigitte Boenisch-BrednichKeeping a Low Profile: An Ethnology of German Immigration to New Zealand
2007978-0-86473-457-0Geoff ParkTheatre Country: Essays on Landscapes and Whenua
2005978-0-86473-470-9Jenny NealeNo Friend Like a Sister: Exploring the Relationships between Sisters
978-0-86473-472-3Rosalie Gascoigne: Plain Air
2005978-0-86473-475-4Willam RenwickCreating A National Spirit
  ''978-0-86473-477-8Richard S. HillState Authority/Indigenous Autonomy: Crown-Maori Relations in New Zealand/Aotearoa 1900-1950
2005978-0-86473-478-5Warren FreerA Lifetime in Politics: The Memoirs of Warren Freer
2006978-0-86473-490-7Allan Bell · Ray Harlow · Donna StarksLanguages of New Zealand
  ''978-0-86473-491-4Paul MillarEast by South: China in the Australasian Imagination
  ''978-0-86473-494-5Ken DuncumPlays 1: Small Towns & Sea: Horseplay, Flipside, Trick of the Light (No. 1)
  ''978-0-86473-497-6Jacob Rajan · Justin LewisIndian Ink: Krishnan's Dairy, The Candlestickmaker, The Pickle King (New Zealand Playscripts)
  ''978-0-86473-498-3Barbara AndersonCollected Stories: Barbara Anderson
2006978-0-86473-499-0Stephanie de MontalkCover Stories
  ''978-0-86473-501-0Gregory O'BrienAfternoon of an Evening Train
  ''978-0-86473-502-7Anna SmaillThe Violinist in Spring
  ''978-0-86473-504-1Peter WhitefordVibrant with Words: The Letters of Ursula Bethell
  ''978-0-86473-505-8Jenny Bornholdt · Gregory O'BrienThe Colour of Distance: New Zealand Writers in France, French Writers in New Zealand
2006978-0-86473-506-5Simon NathanHarold Wellman: A Man Who Moved New Zealand
  ''978-0-86473-507-2Glynnis M. Cropp · Noel R. Watts · Roger D.J. D.J. Collins · K. R. HowePacific Journeys: Essays in Honour of John Dunmore
  ''978-0-86473-508-9Tim CorballisThe Fossil Pits
  ''978-0-86473-509-6Bill ManhireLifted
  ''978-0-86473-510-2Emily DobsonA Box of Bees
2006978-0-86473-511-9Kate CampBeauty Sleep
2007978-0-86473-514-0Paul Callaghan · Bill ManhireAre Angels OK?: The Parallel Universes of New Zealand Writers and Scientists
2006978-0-86473-515-7Damien WilkinsGreat Sporting Moments: The Best of Sport 1998-2004
  ''978-0-86473-516-4Elizabeth Hale · Sarah Fiona WintersMarvellous Codes: The Fiction of Margaret Mahy
  ''978-0-86473-517-1James H. Liu · Tim McCreanor · Tracey McIntosh · Teresia TeaiwaNew Zealand Identities: Departures and Destinations
  ''978-0-86473-518-8W. H. OliverPoems 1946-2005: W. H. Oliver
2005978-0-86473-519-5St. Institute of Southeast AsianSoutheast Asia and New Zealand: A History of Regional and Bilateral Relations
2006978-0-86473-520-1Te Miringa Hohaia · Gregory O'Brien · Lara StrongmanParihaka: The Art of Passive Resistance
2007978-0-86473-522-5Jane Stafford · Mark WilliamsMaoriland: New Zealand Literature 1872–1914
  ''978-0-86473-524-9James BrownThe Year of the Bicycle
2007978-0-86473-525-6Lewis T. Evans · Richard B. MeadeAlternating Currents or Counter-Revolution?: Contemporary Electricity Reform in New Zealand
  ''978-0-86473-526-3Nigel CoxDirty Work
  ''978-0-86473-527-0Joanna Margaret PaulLike Love Poems: Selected Poems of Joanna Margaret Paul
  ''978-0-86473-528-7Dinah HawkenOne Shapely Thing: Poems and Journals
  ''978-0-86473-529-4David BeachAbandoned Novel
2006978-0-86473-530-0Damien WilkinsThe Fainter
2007978-0-86473-531-7Stephanie de MontalkThe Fountain of Tears
2007978-0-86473-533-1Richard ShallcrassFamily Silver
  ''978-0-86473-534-8W. J. McEldowneyGeoffrey Alley, Librarian: His Life and Work
  ''978-0-86473-535-5Tim BeagleholeA Life of J. C. Beaglehole: New Zealand Scholar
  ''978-0-86473-536-2Nicholas ReidJames Michael Liston: A Life
  ''978-0-86473-537-9Sarah GaitanosNola Millar: A Theatrical Life
2007978-0-86473-538-6Hugh PriceThe Plot to Subvert Wartime New Zealand
  ''978-0-86473-539-3Stephen Levine · Nigel RobertsThe Baubles of Office: The New Zealand General Election of 2005
  ''978-0-86473-540-9Malcolm TempletonStanding Upright Here: New Zealand in the Nuclear Age 1945-1990
  ''978-0-86473-541-6Airini BeautraisSecret Heart
  ''978-0-86473-542-3Michele AmasAfter the Dance
2007978-0-86473-543-0Anna SandersonBrainpark
  ''978-0-86473-544-7Nigel CoxThe Cowboy Dog
  ''978-0-86473-545-4Stephen LevineNew Zealand as It Might Have Been
2006978-0-86473-546-1Ralph E. Chapman and Jonathan Boston and Margot SchwassConfronting Climate Change: Critical Issues for New Zealand
2008978-0-86473-547-8Paul Morris · Mike GrimshawLloyd Geering Reader: Prophet of Modernity
  ''978-0-86473-556-0Laurence Aberhart · Gregory O'Brien · Justin PatonAberhart
  ''978-0-86473-561-4Richard BoastBuying the Land, Selling the Land: Govts & Maori Land in the North Island 1865-1921
978-0-86473-566-9A French Atlas of New Zealand
2009978-0-86473-573-7Andrew RossFiat Lux: 51 Photographs by Andrew Ross
2009978-0-86473-576-8Charlotte SimmondsThe World's Fastest Flower
978-0-86473-577-5The Vintner's Luck
2009978-0-86473-578-2Philip C. StenningThe Modern Prosecution Process in New Zealand
  ''978-0-86473-579-9Matthew S. R. PalmerThe Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand's Law and Constitution
  ''978-0-86473-580-5Jenny BornholdtThe Rocky Shore
  ''978-0-86473-583-6Cliff FellBeauty of the Badlands
  ''978-0-86473-584-3Hugh TempletonMr Ambassador: Memoirs of Sir Carl Berendsen
2009978-0-86473-585-0Ian WeddeChinese Opera
  ''978-0-86473-586-7John BarringtonSeparate but Equal?: Maori Schools and the Crown 1867-1969
  ''978-0-86473-588-1Marion McLeod · Bill ManhireSome Other Country: New Zealand's Best Short Stories
  ''978-0-86473-589-8Claudia Geiringer · Dean KnightSeeing the World Whole: Essays in Honour of Sir Kenneth Keith
  ''978-0-86473-590-4Barbara AndersonGetting There: An Autobiography
2010978-0-86473-591-1Brian TurnerJust This: Poems
2009978-0-86473-592-8Elizabeth KnoxThe Love School: Personal Essays
2009978-0-86473-593-5Tusiata AviaBloodclot
  ''978-0-86473-594-2Colin BullInnocents in the Dry Valleys: An Account of the Victoria Univesity of Wellington Antarctic Expedition, 1958-59
  ''978-0-86473-596-6Ray WattersJourneys Towards Progress: Essays of a Geographer on Development and Change in Oceania
2010978-0-86473-606-2Vincent O'SullivanFurther Convictions Pending: Poems 1998-2008
2011978-0-86473-609-3Joy TonksThe NZSO National Youth Orchestra Turns 50
2010978-0-86473-611-6Richard S. HillMaori and the State: Crown-Maori Relations in New Zealand/Aotearoa, 1950-2000
  ''978-0-86473-612-3Richard Boast · Richard S. HillRaupatu: The Confiscation of Maori Land
  ''978-0-86473-613-0Stephen Levine · Nigel S. RobertsKey to Victory: The New Zealand General Election of 2008
2010978-0-86473-616-1Damien WilkinsSomebody Loves Us All: A Novel
  ''978-0-86473-617-8Stephen LevinePacific Ways: Government and Politics in the Pacific Islands
  ''978-0-86473-618-5Louise WallaceSince June: Poems
  ''978-0-86473-629-1Tim WilsonTheir Faces Were Shining
2011978-0-86473-648-2Tim WilsonThe Desolation Angel
2012978-0-86473-659-8Peter BlackI Loved You the Moment I Saw You
2013978-0-86473-686-4Rodney GrapesThe Visitation: The Earthquakes of 1848 and the Destruction of Wellington