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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-0-86372-054-3Bodour Osman Abu AffanIndustrial Policies and Industrialization in the Sudan (Graduate College Publications, University of Khartoum)
1988978-0-86372-085-7Alan JonesRomance Kharjas in Andalusian Arabic Muwassah Poetry (Oxford Oriental Institute Monograph)
1999978-0-86372-088-8Marilyn BoothBayram Al-Tunisi's Egypt: Social Criticism and Narrative Strategies (St.Antony's Middle East Monographs)
1991978-0-86372-135-9Uri DavisThe State of Palestine (Jerusalem Study Series)
  ''978-0-86372-145-8Alan JonesArabicus Felix: Luminosus Britannicus - Essays in Honour of A.F.L.Beeston (Oxford Oriental Institute Monograph)
1999978-0-86372-150-2Alan Jones · Richard HitchcockStudies on the Muwassah and the Kharja: Proceedings of the Exeter International Coloquium (Oxford Oriental Institute Monograph)
  ''978-0-86372-192-2Gerd Nonneman · Tim Niblock · Bogdan SzajkowskiMuslim Communities in the New Europe
1996978-0-86372-197-7Bruce InghamArabian Diversions: Studies on the Dialects of Arabia
1999978-0-86372-199-1Raghid El-SolhOman and the South-Eastern Shore of Arabia (Archive Documents on the History of the Arab World Series)
  ''978-0-86372-203-5Mai YamaniFeminism and Islam: Legal and Literary Perspectives
1996978-0-86372-212-7Nancy Elizabeth GallagherApproaches to the History of the Middle East: Interviews with Leading Middle East Historians (Ithaca Press Paperbacks)
  ''978-0-86372-215-8Mai YamaniFeminism and Islam: Legal and Literary Perspectives (Ithaca Press Paperbacks)
1999978-0-86372-218-9Uri DavisCitizenship and the State: A Comparative Study of Citizenship Legislation in Israel, Jordan, Palestine, Syria and Lebanon
1998978-0-86372-220-2Brynjar LiaThe Society of the Muslim Brothers in Egypt: The Rise of an Islamic Mass Movement, 1928-1942
1997978-0-86372-223-3Gerd Nonneman · Tim Niblock · Bogdan SzajkowskiMuslim Communities in the New Europe (Ithaca Press Paperbacks)
1997978-0-86372-226-4Ghada KarmiJerusalem Today: What Future for the Peace Process? (Ithaca Press Paperbacks)
1998978-0-86372-229-5Rosemarie Said ZahlanThe Making of the Modern Gulf States: Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman
  ''978-0-86372-233-2Ralph M. CouryThe Making of an Egyptian Arab Nationalist: Early Years of Azzam Pasha, 1893-1936
  ''978-0-86372-239-4Elizabeth MonroePhilby of Arabia: St.John Philby
1999978-0-86372-244-8Ghada Karmi · Eugene CotranThe Palestinian Exodus: 1948-1998
  ''978-0-86372-248-6Neill LocheryThe Difficult Road to Peace: Netanyahu, Israel and the Middle East Peace Process (International Politics of the Middle East) (International Politics of the Middle East S.)
  ''978-0-86372-256-1Ibrahimov Nematulla IbrahimovichThe Travels of Ibn Battuta to Central Asia
1999978-0-86372-259-2Dionisius A. AgiusIn the Wake of the Dhow: The Arabian Gulf and Oman
  ''978-0-86372-269-1Nadia Abu-ZahraThe Pure and Powerful: Studies in Contemporary Muslim Society
  ''978-0-86372-273-8Armando SalvatoreIslam and the Political Discourse of Modernity (International Politics of the Middle East)
  ''978-0-86372-277-6Osman Sayyid Ahmad Ismail Al-BiliPrelude to the Generals: A Study of Some Aspects of the Reign of the Eighth Abbasid Caliph Al-Mu'tasim Bi-allah (218-227 AH-833-842 AD)
2001978-0-86372-285-1Stephen HughesMorocco Under King Hassan
1999978-0-86372-286-8Maan Abu NowarThe Jordanian-Israeli War, 1948-1951: A History of the Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan
  ''978-0-86372-288-2Leslie J. McLoughlinIn a Sea of Knowledge: British Arabists in the 20th Century
2002978-0-86372-295-0Djavad Salehi-IsfahaniLabor and Human Capital in the Middle East: Studies of Markets and Household Behavior
2005978-0-86372-300-1Irene A. BiermanThe Experience of Islamic Art on the Margins of Islam
1999978-0-86372-302-5Muammar Al GathafiThe Green Book
2005978-0-86372-303-2Maan Abu NowarThe Development of Trans-Jordan 1929-1939: A History of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
2006978-0-86372-304-9Brynjar LiaA Police Force without a State: A History of the Palestinian Security Forces in the West Bank and Gaza
2006978-0-86372-305-6Brynjar LiaBuilding Arafat's Police: The Politics of International Police Assistance in the Palestinian Territories After the Oslo Agreement
  ''978-0-86372-307-0Abdul Salam A. Majali · Jawad A. Anani · Munther J. HaddadinPeacemaking: The Inside Story of the 1994 Jordanian-Israeli Treaty
2007978-0-86372-308-7Adel BesharaAntun Sa'adeh: The Man, His Thought: an Anthology
  ''978-0-86372-309-4Fadia BasrawiArabia's Hidden America: A Saudi Woman's Memoir
2006978-0-86372-311-7Henner FurtigIran's Rivalry with Saudi Arabia Between the Gulf Wars (Durham Middle East Monographs) (Durham Middle East Monographs)
  ''978-0-86372-314-8Lia BrynjarThe Society of the Muslim Brothers in Egypt: The Rise of an Islamic Mass Movement, 1928-1942
1999978-0-86372-315-5Kamal DibWarlords and Merchants: The Lebanese Business and Political Establishment
2007978-0-86372-321-6Steven WrightThe United States and Persian Gulf Security: The Foundations of the War on Terror
  ''978-0-86372-323-0Anoushiravan Ehteshami · Steven WrightReform in the Middle East Oil Monarchies (Durham Middle East Studies)
2008978-0-86372-324-7Anoushiravan Ehteshami · Mahjoob ZweiriIran's Foreign Policy: From Khatami to Admadinejad
2008978-0-86372-326-1Maha A.Z. YamaniPolygamy and Law in Contemporary Saudi Arabia (Exeter Arab and Islamic)
  ''978-0-86372-328-5Dalal Mukhlid Al-HarbiProminent Women from Central Arabia
2009978-0-86372-333-9Sam KubbaThe Iraqi Marshlands and the Marsh Arabs: The Ma'dan, Their Culture and the Environment
2008978-0-86372-334-6P.R. KumaraswamyCaught in Crossfire: Civilians in Conflicts in the Middle East (Durham Middle East Studies)
2009978-0-86372-337-7Hassan A. BarariIsraelism: Arab Scholarship on Israel, a Critical Assessment
  ''978-0-86372-339-1Laura GuazzoneThe Arab State and Neo-liberal Globalization: The Restructuring of State Power in the Middle East
  ''978-0-86372-340-7Reza MolaviOil and Gas Privatisation in Iran: An Assessment of the Political Will (Durham Middle East Monographs) (Durham Middle East Monographs S.)
  ''978-0-86372-341-4Dionisius A. AgiusIn the Wake of the Dhow: The Arabian Gulf and Oman
2010978-0-86372-342-1Maxine Kaufman-LacustaRefusing to be Enemies: Palestinian and Israeli Nonviolent Resistance to the Israeli Occupation
2010978-0-86372-348-3Adel BesharaOutright Assassination: The Trial and Execution of Antun Sa'adeh, 1949
2011978-0-86372-371-1Tugrul KeskinThe Sociology of Islam: Secularism, Economy and Politics
  ''978-0-86372-377-3Elzain ElgamriIslam in the British Broadsheets: The Impact of Orientalism on Representations of Islam in the British Press
2002978-0-86372-401-5Uwaidah M Al JuhanyNajd Before the Salafi Reform Movement: Social, Political and Religious Conditions During the Three Centuries Preceding the Rise of the Saudi State
2012978-0-86372-414-5Anoushirvan EhteshamiReform in The Middle East Oil Monarchies (Middle East Studies)