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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1981978-0-86264-006-4Martin Waddell · Philippe DupasquierThe Great Green Mouse Disaster
1982978-0-86264-021-7Ruth BrownIf at First You Do Not See
  ''978-0-86264-023-1Leo LionniLet's Make Rabbits
1983978-0-86264-024-8Ruth BrownThe Grizzly Revenge
  ''978-0-86264-038-5Leo LionniCornelius
1992978-0-86264-052-1Martin WaddellGoing West
1984978-0-86264-062-0Susan VarleyBadger's Parting Gifts: A picture book to help children deal with death
  ''978-0-86264-064-4Jacob Grimm · Wilhelm GrimmJorinda and Joringel
  ''978-0-86264-065-1Hazel TownsonThe Shrieking Face (Andersen Young Reader's Library)
1984978-0-86264-081-1Tomie De PaolaThe Magic Pasta Pot
  ''978-0-86264-082-8Hazel TownsonHaunted Ivy (Andersen Young Readers' Library)
1985978-0-86264-088-0Ruth BrownThe Big Sneeze
  ''978-0-86264-092-7Tomie De PaolaMary Had a Little Lamb
1987978-0-86264-103-0David McKeeSnow Woman
1985978-0-86264-122-1David McKeeTwo Monsters
1986978-0-86264-128-3Philippe DupasquierJack at Sea
  ''978-0-86264-140-5Leo LionniFrederick's Tales: Treasury of Favourite Stories
1985978-0-86264-143-6Chris Van AllsburgThe Polar Express
1987978-0-86264-145-0Ruth BrownOur Puppy's Holiday
1990978-0-86264-154-2David McKeeKing Rollo's Spring
  ''978-0-86264-155-9   ''King Rollo's Summer
1990978-0-86264-156-6David McKeeKing Rollo's Autumn
1986978-0-86264-157-3   ''King Rollo's Winter
1987978-0-86264-170-2Richard PevearMister Cat and a Half
  ''978-0-86264-172-6Leo LionniNicholas, Where Have You Been?
  ''978-0-86264-176-4Jo Furtado · Frederic JoosSorry, Miss Folio
1989978-0-86264-208-2David McKeeElmer: The Story of a Patchwork Elephant (Elmer Picture Books)
  ''978-0-86264-211-2Leo LionniSix Crows
  ''978-0-86264-237-2Tony RossI Want a Cat
1989978-0-86264-249-5Jeanne WillisDr. Xargle's Book of Earth Hounds
1990978-0-86264-250-1Terence Blacker · Pippa UnwinHoudini, the Disappearing Hamster
1989978-0-86264-255-6Hazel TownsonThrough the Witch's Window (Tigers: a read alone book)
1990978-0-86264-289-1Michael ForemanOne World
1991978-0-86264-300-3Julia EccleshareChildren's Books of the Year 1991
  ''978-0-86264-326-3David McKeeElmer Again
  ''978-0-86264-327-0Ruth BrownA Four-tongued Alphabet
1992978-0-86264-379-9Kara MayCat's Witch and the Monster (Tigers - Read Alone Fiction S.)
  ''978-0-86264-395-9Julia EccleshareChildren's Books of the Year 1992
1998978-0-86264-407-9Nigel GrayI'll Take You To Mrs Cole!
1993978-0-86264-427-7David McKeeElmer on Stilts
1994978-0-86264-451-2Jean WillsUpside-down Harry (Andersen Young Readers' Library)
1993978-0-86264-453-6Chris Van AllsburgThe Widow's Broom
  ''978-0-86264-457-4Michael ForemanGrandfather's Pencil and the Room of Stories
1993978-0-86264-471-0Kara MayCat's Witch and the Wizard (Tigers - Read Alone Fiction S.)
1994978-0-86264-472-7Ed YoungSeven Blind Mice
  ''978-0-86264-484-0Ralph SteadmanTeddy! Where are You?
1995978-0-86264-485-7Hazel TownsonTwo Weird Weeks
2000978-0-86264-492-5Melvin BurgessThe Ghost Behind the Wall
1994978-0-86264-493-2David McKeeElmer's Colours (Elmer Picture Books)
  ''978-0-86264-494-9   ''Elmer's Weather (Elmer Picture Books)
  ''978-0-86264-495-6   ''Elmer's Friends (Elmer Picture Books)
1994978-0-86264-496-3David McKeeElmer's Day (Elmer Picture Books)
  ''978-0-86264-497-0   ''Isabel's Noisy Tummy
  ''978-0-86264-511-3Hiawyn OramBadger's Bring Something Party
  ''978-0-86264-521-2Max VelthuijsFrog in Winter
1995978-0-86264-571-7Eleanor AtkinsonGreyfriars Bobby
  ''978-0-86264-582-3Malorie BlackmanMrs. Spoon's Family
1995978-0-86264-585-4Satoshi KitamuraSheep In Wolves' Clothing
  ''978-0-86264-615-8David McKeeElmer in the Snow
  ''978-0-86264-625-7Max VelthuijsFrog and the Stranger
1996978-0-86264-632-5Melvin BurgessJunk
  ''978-0-86264-669-1Satoshi KitamuraCat Is Sleepy (Satoshi Kitamura Board Books)
  ''978-0-86264-671-4   ''Dog is Thirsty (Satoshi Kitamura Board Books)
1996978-0-86264-683-7Melvin BurgessTiger, Tiger
  ''978-0-86264-691-2Sally GrindleyWhy Is the Sky Blue?
  ''978-0-86264-714-8Max VelthuijsFrog is Frightened
2001978-0-86264-719-3Paul StewartRabbit's Wish (Rabbit and Hedgehog)
1996978-0-86264-726-1David McKeeI Hate My Teddy Bear
2000978-0-86264-756-8Satoshi KitamuraWhat's Inside?: The Alphabet Book
2001978-0-86264-757-5Penny KendalChristina's Face
1997978-0-86264-759-9Tony BradmanMichael
  ''978-0-86264-760-5Ruth BrownIf at First You Do Not See
  ''978-0-86264-761-2Max VelthuijsFrog is a Hero
2001978-0-86264-770-4Melvin BurgessLady: My Life as a Bitch
2003978-0-86264-788-9   ''Doing It
1997978-0-86264-789-6Sandra GloverThe Nowhere Boy
1998978-0-86264-811-4Sarah GarlandSeeing Red
1998978-0-86264-812-1Max VelthuijsFrog is Frog
  ''978-0-86264-814-5Paul StewartA Little Piece of Winter
1997978-0-86264-821-3Peta CoplansFrightened Fred
1999978-0-86264-833-6Melvin BurgessBloodtide
1998978-0-86264-840-4Ruth BrownCrazy Charlie
2001978-0-86264-849-7   ''Ten Seeds
1999978-0-86264-852-7Rene DeetleefSong of Six Birds
  ''978-0-86264-863-3David McKeeElmer and the Lost Teddy
  ''978-0-86264-869-5Kate BanksAnd If the Moon Could Talk
  ''978-0-86264-872-5Max VelthuijsFrog in Love
1999978-0-86264-881-7Max VelthuijsFrog and Pig
  ''978-0-86264-892-3Paul StewartThe Birthday Presents (Rabbit & Hedgehog)
2001978-0-86264-895-4Anne FineRuggles
1999978-0-86264-908-1Max VelthuijsFrog and the Birdsong
  ''978-0-86264-911-1David McKeeElmer And Wilbur
  ''978-0-86264-943-2Max VelthuijsElephant and Crocodile
2000978-0-86264-949-4Ruth BrownSnail Trail
  ''978-0-86264-956-2Max VelthuijsFrog and the Wide World
2000978-0-86264-965-4Tony RossI Want My Potty! (Little Princess)
  ''978-0-86264-983-8David McKeeLook! There's Elmer
  ''978-0-86264-986-9Barbara MitchelhillDamian Drooth, Supersleuth: The Case of the Disappearing Daughter (Tigers: a Read Alone Book)
  ''978-0-86264-992-0Tony RossI Want My Dinner! (Little Princess)
  ''978-0-86264-993-7Robert DoddsThe Midnight Clowns (Andersen Paperbacks S.)
  ''978-0-86264-995-1Max VelthuijsFrog and Hare
  ''978-0-86264-998-2Paul StewartA Little Bit Of Winter (Rabbit and Hedgehog)