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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1980978-0-86188-022-5Danielle SteelGoing Home
  ''978-0-86188-046-1Graham MastertonRevenge of the Manitou
  ''978-0-86188-054-6Robin Moore · Stan Gebler DaviesOur Missile's Missing
1981978-0-86188-066-9Danielle SteelSummer's End
  ''978-0-86188-077-5   ''To Love Again
1993978-0-86188-085-0   ''Golden Moments
1981978-0-86188-106-2   ''Loving
1982978-0-86188-144-4Charles OsborneHow to Enjoy Opera
  ''978-0-86188-180-2Danielle SteelPalomino
1985978-0-86188-184-0   ''A Perfect Stranger
1982978-0-86188-197-0Virginia AndrewsMy Sweet Audrina
1983978-0-86188-236-6Danielle SteelOnce in a Lifetime
1983978-0-86188-248-9Danielle SteelThe Promise
  ''978-0-86188-259-5Eileen FowlerKeep Fit: Exercises for Everyone
  ''978-0-86188-272-4Danielle SteelThurston House
  ''978-0-86188-297-7Naomi JacobYoung Emmanuel (The Gollantz saga)
1984978-0-86188-299-1Carole JacksonColour Me Beautiful
1985978-0-86188-309-7Neil TravisMansions
  ''978-0-86188-339-4Isha MellorThe Little Tea Book
1985978-0-86188-366-0Isha MellorPurr-fect Cat Book
  ''978-0-86188-378-3Pat ChapmanCurry Club Indian Restaurant Cookbook: Over 150 restaurant-style recipes for you to make at home
1984978-0-86188-413-1Naomi JacobPrivate Gollantz (Fifth of the Gollantz saga)
1985978-0-86188-420-9Naomi JacobGollantz and Partners (The Gollantz saga)
1983978-0-86188-423-0Clive CusslerPacific Vortex!
1984978-0-86188-453-7Johanna LindseySo Speaks the Heart
1986978-0-86188-519-0Yan-Kit SoWok Cookbook
  ''978-0-86188-546-6Arlene Eisenberg · Heidi E. Murkoff · Sandee E. Hathaway · Arlene Eisenburg · Sandra EisenbiergWhat to Expect When You're Expecting
  ''978-0-86188-578-7Phyllis ShindlerMy Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Best and Funniest After-Dinner Stories from the Famous
  ''978-0-86188-582-4Phyllis ShindlerMy Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen: The Best and Funniest After-Dinner Stories from the Famous
1987978-0-86188-599-2Sarah ShearsAnnie Parsons
  ''978-0-86188-621-0William KayBattle for the High Street
1988978-0-86188-722-4Deborah GrabienWoman of Fire
1988978-0-86188-779-8Lindsay Wagner · Robert M. KleinThe 30-Day Natural Facelift Programme
  ''978-0-86188-798-9Julia R. Heiman · Joseph LoPiccolo · Leslie Lo PiccoloBecoming Orgasmic: A sexual and personal growth programme for women
  ''978-0-86188-803-0Julia R. Heiman · Leslie Lo Piccolo · Joseph LopiccoloBecoming Orgasmic: A Sexual and Personal Growth Programme for Women
1989978-0-86188-817-7Robert CraisThe Monkey's Raincoat
  ''978-0-86188-830-6Maggie JonesA Child by Any Means: Modern Treatments for Infertility and the Issues They Raise
1990978-0-86188-842-9Philippa DaviesYour Total Image: How to Communicate Success
1989978-0-86188-864-1Ralph C. MartinGolda Meir: The Romantic Years
  ''978-0-86188-868-9Pat ChapmanCurry Club Favourite Restaur
1989978-0-86188-869-6Susan NetterPaul Newman and Joanne Woodward: A Biography
  ''978-0-86188-872-6Carole JacksonColour Me Beautiful Make-Up Bk
  ''978-0-86188-884-9Michelle HubermanFashion Magic
  ''978-0-86188-886-3Laura Norman · Thomas CowanThe Reflexology Handbook: A complete guide
  ''978-0-86188-893-1Pat ChapmanThe Curry Club Middle Eastern Cook Book
1989978-0-86188-912-9Laura Norman · Thomas CowanThe Reflexology Handbook: A complete guide
  ''978-0-86188-914-3LaVyrle SpencerTHE Hummingbird
1990978-0-86188-954-9Soozi HolbecheThe Power Of Gems And Crystals: How They Can Transform Your Life
  ''978-0-86188-955-6Donna DawsonWomen's Cancers: The Treatment Options
  ''978-0-86188-966-2Donna DawsonWomen's Cancers: The Treatment Options
  ''978-0-86188-973-0Michael Gach · Michael Reed GachArthritis Rel At Your Fngertip: How to Use Acupressure Massage to Ease Your Aches and Pains